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If your company is looking to promote a dog-related product or service, one of the best ways to do that is with a natural-looking sponsored post on a pets website.

K9 Web is one of the oldest dog websites in the world, serving as a source of information for pet parents for more than 26 years and counting.

Sponsored Posts on K9 Web

  • For just $199, we will write a high-quality, professionally edited sponsored post for our dog website that discusses (or reviews) your product or service, and provides an overview of your company and values.
  • The sponsored post will remain on our website permanently. The post will be labeled “sponsored,” and all links will be given the “nofollow” attribute, per FTC and Google guidelines.
  • Plus, we will expand your sponsored post’s audience by having our partner site, Petful, share a link to the post from Petful’s Facebook page (30,000+ followers) and Twitter feed (6,000+ followers).

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