Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s disease in dogs is a rare but potentially fatal disorder in which the adrenal glands do not secrete enough gluco- and mineralo-corticoids.

3 Types of Service Dogs

Service dogs are entitled to freely access buildings and transportation (buses, trains, planes). Proof or certification is not required.

Breeding Your Dog: What You Should Know

You may be wondering whether or not you should breed your dog. If you want to do it right, and get healthy and happy puppies, it is very expensive and a lot of work.

Top 6 Dog Behavior Myths

So many people think #4 is true, but it’s not. Check out all 6 myths about dog behaviors, which we have debunked with detailed explanations.

How to House-Train an Older Dog

You house-train an older dog exactly as you would a puppy, with the big difference that they will catch on much more quickly as adults. Here are some tips.