The 12 Best Dog Crates Your Large Dog Will Love

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A dog crate has multiple uses. They can be used when transporting your pet, housebreaking a new puppy, or simply as a kennel for your dog to rest and relax. 

If you have a large dog, you’ll want a robust and sturdy crate that can hold their weight while providing enough room for them to feel comfortable inside.

A Tibetan Mastiff dog lying on its stomach
The magnificent Tibetan Mastiff

Here are some of our top choices of large crates for dogs:

Top 3 Picks for Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs

  Dog Crates for Large Dogs Our Rating
Best Overall Crate for Large Dogs

Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro

  • Features a front door as well as a side door, with both featuring two slide-bolt latches
  • Rubber feet protect your floor 
  • This crate is easily foldable and can be easily transported
Best Budget Crate for Large Dogs

Precision Pet Two-Door Wire Crate

  • Features a double door design to give you more flexibility for placement
  • Includes a slide-out plastic pan for cleaning and a divider 
  • Both doors feature slide bolt safety latches
Best Extra Large Dog Crate

Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate

  • Built for the biggest canines
  • Features two doors, one in front and one on the side
  • Each entry is secured with three heavy-duty latches

Best 12 Dog Crates for Large Dogs

Crates come in a variety of styles and price points. You may opt for a collapsible wire crate, a sturdy steel option, a plastic pet carrier, or a soft-sided cozy crate. Let’s take a closer look at the best options in each category: 

Best Metal / Steel Dog Crates for Large Dogs

A Great Dane dog sitting inside an open wire dog crate
Archie, a Great Dane, plays inside his crate – Image source

Metal or wire crates typically are the most common crates, providing plenty of options from which to choose. They also offer many benefits being easy to clean, solid and secure, and sometimes collapsible.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Walnest Double Door Dog Crate

A Golden Retriever dog lying inside a Walnest Double Door Dog Crate

Our rating: 4
Material: Metal
Size: 48.2 x 33 x 32.5 inches
Weight: 91.26 pounds

A super heavy-duty dog crate designed to keep even the strongest dogs contained. This escape-proof dog crate is made of rust and corrosion-resistant steel, sitting on four heavy-duty casters which can easily be locked into place.

The crate also comes with a removable pan to make cleaning easy.


  • Two doors, one on the front and one on top, allow easy access
  • The crate is available in three different sizes and three colors, namely silver, black and brown


  • This is one of the most expensive crates on the market, costing nearly double other brands


2. Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro

A cream-color dog standing inside a Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Metal
Size: 49 x 30.5 x 34.25 inches
Weight: 56.9 pounds

A durable folding metal dog crate that is designed to keep escape artists contained. This crate comes in different sizes to keep your large or extra-large dog contained.

The crate features a front door and a side door, with both featuring two slide-bolt latches. Rubber feet protect your floor while a one-year warranty gives you peace of mind.


  • This crate is easily foldable and can be easily transported with the carrying handle
  • It comes with a plastic pan as well as a removable divider so the crate size can be adjusted as your dog grows


  • Some dog owners complained about the door hinges being flimsy and easy to bend


3. Frisco Heavy Duty Large Dog Crate

A red Golden Retriever inside a Frisco Heavy Duty Large Dog Crate

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Coated Metal
Size: 42.13 x 30.71 x 40.94 inches
Weight: 102.63 pounds

A heavy-duty metal dog crate constructed from thick 22-gauge steel. The crate sits on wheels to easily be moved around, while brakes also allow you to lock it into place at home.

A removable bottom tray makes it a cinch to clean, while dual locks prevent your pup from escaping.


  • The construction features 1/2-inch diameter steel tubing and welding at all stress points to keep your pup secure
  • The steel is powder-coated to protect against rust, corrosion, scuffs, and scratches


  • This hefty crate requires two people to assemble


4. Precision Pet Products Two-Door Wire Crate

A black-and-tan dog inside a Precision Pet Products Two-Door Wire Crate

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Coated Metal, Plastic
Size: 42 x 28 x 30 inches
Weight: 34.4 pounds

This wire crate comes in various sizes to suit your dog, from small to extra large. Made from heavy-duty wire, the crate features a double door design to give you more flexibility for placement.

A slide-out plastic pan for cleaning and a divider that allows you to adjust the size of the crate is also included.


  • Both doors feature slide bolt safety latches to keep your pet secure
  • The doors feature rounded edges to prevent any injury


  • Some pet owners complained that this crate was too flimsy for their big dog


5. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

A white dog sitting inside a SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Steel
Size: 38 x 26 x 32 inches
Weight: 50 pounds

An indestructible dog crate made from reinforced steel is welded at all stress points to prevent even the most muscular and most aggressive dogs from escaping.

The crate has been treated with a hammertone finish to avoid scuffs and scratches and stand up to rust and corrosion, whether used indoors or outdoors.


  • The door features two patent locks with safety buckles
  • Four wheels and a removable plastic pan is included


  • Some dogs with severe separation anxiety managed to bust out of this crate by bending the bars or chewing the locks


6. Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate

A large tan dog inside a Midwest Homes Ginormous Dog Crate

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Metal, Plastic
Size: 54 x 37 x 45 inches
Weight: 50.25 pounds

This XXL dog crate is one of the biggest on the market. This crate is built for the biggest canines include Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and Mastiffs.

Along with providing plenty of space for your dog, this crate features two doors, one in front and one on the side, each of which is secured with three heavy-duty latches.


  • L-bars prevent the sides from bowing out in this super large crate
  • A removable pan is included to make cleaning easy


  • Due to the size and weight of this crate, it is too big to assemble by yourself


Best Plastic Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs

A Weimaraner dog outdoors
A Weimaraner – Image source

Plastic crates are most commonly used for pets on the move. They provide a safe space for your pet, whether on the plane or at home. Here are some of the best plastic crates for large dogs:

7. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Blend
Size: 48 x 32 x 35 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds

Designed to comply with the requirements of most airlines, this pet carrier can be used at home, or when on the road, or in the sky. Made from solid plastic, it also creates a dark, cave-like space for nervous dogs.

A four-way vault door provides extra security to prevent your dog from escaping during travel. The two-piece design can be separated for storage purposes.


  • Ventilated openings on all sides of the crate provide 360-degree airflow
  • This crate comes complete with a host of nifty travel accessories, including two ‘live animal’ stickers and clip-on bowls


  • Some pet owners experienced problems with the carrying handle of this crate


8. SportPet Designs Rolling Kennel

SportPet Designs Rolling Kennel

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Plastic
Size: 39 x 27 x 30 inches
Weight: 26.25 pounds

A plastic pet kennel designed to comply with airline requirements, this pet carrier offers maximum portability thanks to the included removable swiveling wheels.

It is also easy to store when not in use, thanks to the two-piece, take-down design. The sides and back panel provide plenty of ventilation through metal-wire windows.


  • A clip-on water dish and live animal stickers are included
  • The gutter floor design means the center part of the floor sits higher than the edges to keep your dog try from any spills or accidents


  • Some pet owners complained that the handles and wheels broke easily


9. Petmate Ruff Maxx Dog Kennel 

A tan-and-white dog standing inside a Petmate Ruff Maxx Dog Kennel

Our rating: 4
Material: Plastic, Steel
Size: 40 x 27 x 30 inches
Weight: 31 pounds

Suitable for use at home and while on the go, this dog kennel is made from sturdy plastic and can hold dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds (41 kg).

The holes on all sides allow for 360-degree ventilation for your pet. The steel door with a squeeze latch ensures your pet remains secure inside wherever you go!


  • This extremely portable crate meets all IATA and USDA air travel requirements
  • The plastic shell features rounded edges to protect your pet as well as your vehicle, furniture, and floors
  • There are two storage compartments on the top for storing your pet’s accessories


  • Some dogs managed to bust the door of this crate


Best Soft Dog Crates for Large Dogs

A Saint Bernard dog lying on its stomach on a bed
Mr. Moose, a Saint Bernard, delights in his rest – Image source

Soft dog crates provide a warm and cozy environment for calm doggies. They are also lightweight and typically collapsible, making them an excellent option for mobile owners.

10. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Crate

A black-and-tan dog inside an EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Crate

Our rating: 4.5
Material: Nylon, Mesh
Size: 36 x 24 x 28 inches
Weight: 13 pounds

This sturdy soft-sided dog crate features three zippered doors to allow plenty of access options for your dog as well as heaps of ventilation and visibility.

This lightweight crate is easy to set up and fold down for pet owners on the move with no tools required.


  • The cover and mat are both removable and washable to keep your pet’s crate looking and smelling great
  • The doors feature locking zippers for extra security
  • It comes with a free carrying case and fleece dog bed 


  • Anxiety-driven dogs or chewers will be able to rip through the fabric of this crate easily


11. Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

A red dog inside a Petnation Crate

Our rating: 4
Material: Steel, Mesh
Size: 28 x 16.77 x 7.216 inches
Weight: 10.93 pounds

This soft dog crate is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. It provides a warm and peaceful space for your pet to relax while the tight weave mesh on the steel frame holds up to scratches and regular use.

It is also lightweight and easy to assemble, making it a good choice for dogs who travel a lot.


  • The material is water-resistant for quick cleaning but can also be machine washed when in need of a deep clean
  • The rounded corners are designed to protect your car and home interior


  • While the sides feature cute bone-shaped windows, they are pretty small


Best Wooden Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs

A black-and-white Old English Sheepdog sitting
Molly, an Old English Sheepdog, enjoys play time – Image source

The most stylish crates, wooden furniture-style crates look great in the home and can also double as an end table. Here is our top wooden style crate for your large dog:

12. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate

A tan-and-white dog inside a Merry Pet Configurable Pet Crate

Our rating: 4
Material: Wood
Size: 39.8 x 27.91 x 31.5 inches
Weight: 56.22 pounds

A functional piece of home decor and a pet crate in one, this option is made from an attractive wood veneer. Available in two sizes, this crate features a flat solid top so that it can double as a bedside table or coffee table.

The swinging single door is located on one side of the crate and can be secured with a metal lock.


  • A plastic tray is included for cleaning up messes
  • The sides can also be folded out to create a nifty gate for blocking off certain rooms or spaces in your home


  • Some dogs managed to bust out of this crate or chew through the wood


Is a Crate Suitable for Your Large Dog?

A harlequin Great Dane inside a wire dog crate
Lulu, a Great Dane, loves her homey crate – Image source

Crates are highly versatile, and the chances are that at some stage in your dog’s life, they will need to be in a crate, either at the vet or the groomer or while traveling.

Crates are helpful not only to keep your dog contained and in dog training but also when looking to provide a safe space for your pup. No matter the size of your pet, they can benefit from a crate.

Why do you need a crate for your large dog?

Crates are valuable for several reasons. Firstly they provide a space to confine your dog when you are away.

This can prevent your dog from becoming destructive when you are not at home, keeping your shoes in one piece and your dog out of the garbage can.

You can also use a crate to reign in your dog’s energy when strangers enter your home.

The crate also gives your dog a safe space where he can hang out. Dogs like to den, and a cave-like space where they can hide can make even the most anxious dogs feel secure.

Crates are also known to be an excellent tool to use when trying to potty train your dog.

Dogs don’t like to urinate or defecate where they sleep, and the confined space of the crate makes it easier to teach your dog not to go in the house. 

Travel-friendly crates also make transporting your dog easier and give your dog a space that is his own no matter where you go. 

Which Breeds Need a Big Boy Dog Crate?

A GSD puppy lying inside a wire dog crate
Bear, a GSD puppy, plays inside his crate – Image source

Does your dog stand between 23 and 26 inches (58 and 66 cm) tall and weigh between 71 and 90 pounds (32 to 40 kg)? If so, your pet is in the large size category and will need a crate of around 42 inches (107cm)

Extra-large breeds, however, can benefit from crates that are around 48 inches (122 cm). These crates are made for dogs that stand between 26 and 28 inches (66 and 71 cm) tall and weigh between 91 and 110 pounds (41 to 49 kg)

Some of the most common large dog breeds include Airedale Terriers, Boxers, Ibizan Hounds, American Bulldogs, Irish Setters, Australian Shepherds, Bearded Collies, Dalmatians.

Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Belgian Sheepdogs, German Shepherds, Salukis, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Border Collies, and Standard Poodles join the list. 

Popular extra-large breeds include Afghan Hounds, Bullmastiffs, Old English Sheepdogs, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Doberman Pinschers, and Pointers.

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, Greyhounds, Bouvier Des Flandres, Komondors , Great Danes and Weimaraners are considered extra-large, too.

Complete Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs Buyer’s Guide 

A brindle Greyhound inside a wire dog crate
Nina, a Greyhound, playfully lies inside her crate – Image source

Large dogs need big crates, but you need to consider factors other than size when buying a crate for your pooch. 

Decide on what type of dog crate you want

There are a variety of different styles and materials of dog crates. Each material, be it wood, metal, or plastic, has its pros and cons, so you’ll need to consider which one best works for your dog and your lifestyle.

  • Wire metal crates: Metal crates work wonderfully for strong dogs who tend to like to chew. However, steel crates can be hard to move and are not easy for travel.
  • Plastic crates: Ideal for use in cars and owners on the go, plastic crates are lightweight and easily portable. On the negative side, plastic dog crates offer less ventilation and visibility than other materials.
  • Soft-sided crates: Soft crates typically feature nylon or mesh fabric sides supported by a thin steel frame, much like a camping tent. They are great for traveling and providing a calm dog a place to sleep, but they aren’t made to contain boisterous or rambunctious pets.
  • Fashion crates: Wood or wicker furniture-style crates look the most attractive in your home but aren’t suitable for travel, aren’t collapsible, and can be destroyed by dogs that like to chew. 
  • Heavy-duty crates: Heavy-duty crates are like wire crates, but they are typically made from thicker steel tubing. These crates stand up to even the most muscular dogs but can be cumbersome to move around.

What to consider when choosing the best large dog crate

No matter how big your dog is, there are some key things to consider when looking for the perfect crate.

1. The Physical

Before you start shopping for a crate, you need to know your pet’s measurements, namely height, length, width, and weight. Generally, you want to add 4 to 6 inches to your dog’s size when buying a crate.

The perfect crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up without hitting his head, turn around comfortably and stretch out while lying down.

You don’t, however, want the crate to be too big, especially when using it for crate training. As crates differ in size from one manufacturer to the next, be sure to double-check any measurements before purchase. 

Don’t try and squeeze your large dog into too small a crate like this poor pup: 

2. The Climate

No matter the crate you choose, you need to ensure your dog has plenty of ventilation. Some dogs like to see out their crate when it comes to visibility, while others need visual stressors removed and prefer to retreat to a dark space. 

You also want to consider the climate where you live. Some crates provide better insulation in cold temperatures, while others, like wire crates, allow the breeze to pass through hot areas.

3. Quality

A crate that boasts excellent quality and more heavy-duty materials will provide better longevity and durability but will come with a higher price tag.

Don’t skimp too much on quality, as a crate that can be easily destroyed can pose a danger to your pet.

Poor-quality crates often have sharp edges on the plastic cutouts or welding points which could injure your dog or scratch your floor.

4. Ease of Assembly

When it comes to large dog crates, assembly is something you want to bear in mind. Some crates are easily set up and taken down, while more robust, thicker crates may need a few people to assemble.

More expensive crates also typically come partially or wholly assembled, while more budget offerings may require more time and effort on your part.

5. Dog Crate’s Design and Use

You’ll need to consider how you plan to use your crate. Do you want to travel by car on a plane with your dog, or is the crate just for home use? Will it need to withstand the elements outdoors or be folded away when not in use?

These are all things to consider when picking a crate for your dog.

6. The Dog’s Age

Consider your dog’s life stage when buying a crate. If you want to start crating your puppy, you can save money by choosing a larger crate that comes with a divider panel.

Also, remember puppies love to chew, so wooden or fabric crates might not be the best option for young dogs.

7. Temperament and Behavior of your pet

If you have a destructive dog that likes to chew or dig or is dead set on escaping, then you’ll need to take extra care when selecting a crate that can stand up to your dog. 

Don’t forget the features: Critical criteria you should seek in any crate

It’s the little things that set a good crate apart from a truly great one. Here are some additional factors to consider:

8. The Door Must Close Securely

A crate is pretty pointless and dangerous if your pet can escape easily. Look for a crate that has high-quality latches and at least two latches per door.

Dogs quickly learn how to manipulate latches, so you want them to be hidden out of the way or behind bars where your pet can’t reach.

9. Two Doors Are Better than One

Multiple doors give your dog more options for entering and exiting his crate, but they also give you enhanced flexibility when it comes to where you’ll place your crate.

10. Removable Pans Make Accident-Cleanup Easier

Accidents are inevitable, so you want a crate that is easy to clean. Those that come with a removable plastic or metal plan make cleaning up messes easy. You don’t even have to take your pet out of the crate to clean it!

Other features you need in a large dog crate

Large dogs need oversized crates, so there are some features you’ll also want to look for that people with toy-sized pooches wouldn’t consider as necessary:

  • Wheels Are Important: Large dog crates are heavy! If you want a crate that is easy to move around, you’ll want to look for one that has wheels so you can simply slide it along.
  • Collapsible Crates Are Convenient: If you don’t plan on using your crate all the time or want to transport it between work and home quickly, then one that can be collapsed and folded flat will be easier to move and store. You’ll also save money on shipping when buying a collapsible crate.
  • Dividers Are Important for Puppies: As a crate is an expensive investment, you want it to last your dog’s entire life. Dividers allow you to buy a crate that will work for your dog when they are of adult size but give you the flexibility to make the crate smaller when your puppy is still small.
  • Large Crates Require Thicker Wire: While the standard wire dog crates you see at the vet might be fine for small dogs, large dogs typically require something a bit more substantial. Big dogs also have stronger jaws and teeth and can easily cut through flimsy wire crates.
  • Large Crates Require Sturdier Hardware: Big crates need to have heavy-duty hardware, particularly if your dog suffers from separation anxiety and tries to break out of his crate.

Which Crate is Best for Your Large Dog?

Whether you have a Pit Bull, a German Shepherd, or a Great Dane, there is bound to be a crate on the above list that fits your needs.

The right crate for your dog will depend on various factors, including the size of your dog, your pet’s personality, your preferred style, and of course, your budget.

An Australian Shepherd lying inside an open wire dog crate
An Aussie Shepherd comfortably lies in a crate – Image source

We highly recommend Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro if you’re looking for a crate that your dog will use for years to come.

It comes with a divider panel so you can adjust the length of the crate as your pup grows. It’s easy to clean, assemble and it’s reasonably priced. 

If you have a super-sized pet, the Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate is ideal, while the EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Crate is a wonderful option for calm dogs in need of a cozy bed.

Several crates did not make it to our list.

Still, they might be suitable for your dog, including the Carlson Single-Door Dog Crate, the MidWest iCrate, the Casual Home Modern Lattice Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate, or the AmazonBasics Soft Dog Travel Crate.

Is your furry friend on the large size? What crate do you use for him? We would love to know in the comments below.

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