Everything You Need To Know About The Blue Fawn Pitbull

Pitbulls were initially bred as a cross between Bulldogs and Terriers and were often kept as fighting dogs.

However, with proper training, this dog can make an excellent guard dog and loyal family companion. 

Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy lying down on a lawn
A Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy getting some vitamin D – Image source

The Blue Fawn Pitbull, in particular, is blessed with the most beautiful coat color, making him cute and appealing.

They are very popular with their attractive silver-blue coats and unique red noses.

Discover exactly what the Blue Fawn Pitbull looks like in this article, as well as interesting facts about his temperament, exercise, and nutritional needs, and where to get your own puppy.

What is a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull is a fawn-colored Blue Pitbull. They are a variety of canines that look stunning with their silvery-blue coats, red noses, and lips.

Added to their unique looks, they are also very loyal guard dogs and can be good family dogs with proper training. 

Meet an adorable Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy in this video: 

What breed is a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

The Blue Fawn Pitbull is of the Pitbull breed and is simply a color variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier and not a separate breed.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes them as American Staffordshire Terriers.

The History of Blue Fawn Pitbull

A Blue Fawn Pitbull sitting outdoors
Meet Coco, a Blue Fawn Pitbull pup who likes being outdoors – Image source

The Blue Fawn Pitbull’s history started when Old English Terriers were initially crossed with Old English Bulldogs to create Pitbulls.

In the UK, they were used for blood sports, like bull-and-bear baiting. Later on, they were used for dog fighting.

In the late 19th century, they were brought to the United States, and in 1976 dogfighting was outlawed in all states. The AKC recognized them in 1936.

Do Kennel Clubs Recognize the Blue Fawn Pitbull?

Yes, the AKC, The United Kennel Club (UKC), and the American Dog Breeders Association recognize this particular color of the Pitbull Terrier dog breed.

This color is not considered a fault and is thus highly sought-after.

Appearance: What Does the Blue Fawn Pitbull Look Like?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull sticking its tongue out
Cleo, a Blue Fawn Pitbull, says, “suns out, tongues out!” – Image source

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs. These dogs have short legs compared to the rest of their bodies, which makes them look even more muscular and strong.

They possess smooth, short coats in this exquisite blue fawn color. 

The Blue Fawn Pitbull, belonging to the red nose Pitbull type, has a pinkish or pale red color on its points.

This means that the color of their eyes, lips, rims, and paw pads are also affected by the same genes responsible for the red nose.

The red nose and other pink highlights, in combination with the blue eyes, make them look amazingly stunning.

How big do Blue Fawn Pitbulls get when fully grown?

Male Blue Fawn Pitbulls weigh between 55 and 70 pounds (25 and 32kg), while female dogs may reach about 40 and 55 pounds (18 and 25kg).

These dogs can stand between 18 and 19 inches (45 and 48 cm). Blue Fawn Pitbulls vary in stature, depending on the genes they inherited from their parents. 

What is the coat style of Blue Fawn Pitbulls?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls have short, smooth coats. They are low-maintenance but do need to be brushed regularly.

If you want to restore luster to his shiny coat, be sure to brush your furry friend on a daily bases with a special rubber brush.

The dog’s natural oils can be distributed if you use circular motions, and blood circulation will also be stimulated.

What are the differences between a Blue Fawn Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull?

A Blue Nose Pitbull
Meet Trigger, a Blue Nose Pitbull who loves hiking – Image source

While the Blue Fawn Pitbull has a red or blue nose, the Blue Nose Pitbull, on the other hand, only has a blue, somewhat greyish nose. They also tend to be a little darker and grayer. 

There can also be a slight difference in the temperament of the Blue Fawn Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull, although this is mainly due to socialization and training.

The Blue Fawn Pitbull is friendly, affectionate, and has balanced temperaments. They don’t tend to jump on people. 

Respecting everyone’s privacy, they won’t invade your space, although being with you still holds priority.

The Blue Nose Pitbull has a more mellow temperament. They are loving and calm and love being with their family.

Blue Fawn Pitbull Genetics: How Did Blue Fawn Pitbulls Develop Blue Fawn Coat?

A recessive dilution gene called MLPH is responsible for the unique coat color of the Blue Fawn Pitbull.

This gene’s work is transporting and fixing cells that contain melanin. Cell distribution is affected when the gene mutates.

The diluted coat color then emerges, giving this dog his unique coloring. 

Because black pups are more prone to be affected, the Blue Pitbull comes to be.

A dog from two of these brown-coated parents, which were also carriers of two copies, turns into a Blue Fawn Pitbull, exhibiting this silvery-blue coat color.

What are the Colors of a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls come in different colors.

These include the Blue Fawn Red Nose Pitbull, Blue Fawn Blue Nose Pitbull, Blue Fawn, and White Pitbull, Blue Fawn Tri Color Pitbull, Blue Fawn Brindle Pitbull, and Blue Fawn Merle Pitbull.

Blue Fawn Red Nose Pitbull

A Blue Fawn Red Nose Pitbull
Meet Apollo, a Blue Fawn Red Nose Pitbull – Image source

The Blue Fawn Red Nose Pitbull has a pale red or pinkish nose color and pink eye rims, lips, and paw pads.

They look unique with the combination of a red nose and black eyes.

It is said that there is a slight difference in temperament between the Red and Blue Nose Pitbulls.

These friendly, calm dogs are very respectful.

Blue Fawn Blue Nose Pitbull

A Blue Fawn Blue Nose Pitbull puppy
Meet Stella, a Blue Fawn Blue Nose Pitbull pup – Image source

The Blue Fawn Blue Nose Pitbull is easily recognized by their blue or greyish nose. They are altogether a bit darker than the Red Nose Pitbull.

These dogs were rarely used for dog fighting or weight pull. Actually, they were only bred for their good outward appearance. 

They are primarily bred to be family members rather than guard dogs.

They still need extensive socialization and training from a young age, for their history still provides a strong prey drive.

Blue Fawn and White Pitbull

A Blue Fawn and White Pitbull
Nova, a Blue Fawn and White Pitbull, loves chilling at the park – Image source

Blue Fawn and White Pitbulls are the variety most commonly seen. These Pitbulls come with white markings on their chest, feet, and tummy.

Some dogs may have a white stripe on their muzzle or even a white mask. The white markings, however, should never dominate the color of their coats. 

Too much white in the dog may be seen as faulty, and a predominantly white dog may also be prone to inherited health problems. 

Blue Fawn Tri Color Pitbull

Blue Fawn Tri-Color Pitbull
A Blue Fawn Tri-Color Pitbull – Image source

The Blue Fawn Tri-color Pitbull is rare and, therefore, the most sought-after Pitbull dog. This coat color can cause a Pitbull to be mistaken for a tough Rottweiler mix.

Most of these dogs possess a blue base coat and white markings on their chest, feet, and muzzle.

Tan markings will also be present on their cheeks, above their eyes, and on their chest and legs.

Because the tan shades are often not very noticeable as they are similar to the blue fawn color, recognizing the dog as a tri-color might be difficult.

The tan may cause people to take them for crossbreeds with Rottweilers. 

Blue Fawn Brindle Pitbull

A Blue Fawn Brindle Pitbull
Meet Indie, a Blue Fawn Brindle Pitbull – Image source

This breed is only a Blue Fawn Pitbull with brindle markings on its coat, which are like tiger stripes.

Because the dilution gene affects all black pigment on the dog, the stripes will not be so very prominent on the Blue Fawn Pitbull.

That is why they will have stripes in a darker blue shade. 

On these dogs, the brindle markings might just give a dusty appearance until you look closer. However, white markings will always be there, at least on the dog’s chest.

Blue Fawn Merle Pitbull

Blue Fawn Merle Pitbull
The beautiful Blue Fawn Merle Pitbull – Image source

As the merle represents a specific pattern, on the Blue Fawn Pitbull, it can be observed as white markings and irregular spots of a darker shade on the diluted base color.

The merle genes cause the partial and irregular dilution of the dog’s pigment to produce the specific pattern. 

Merle dogs can have two different colored or bright blue eyes.

Although the Blue Fawn Merle Pitbull will have a blue fawn base color, white markings and black spots will still be recognizable.

What are the differences between Blue Fawn and Champagne Pitbull?

A Champagne Pitbull puppy
Meet Roti, a Champagne Pitbull pup – Image source

At first glance, Blue Fawn and Champagne Pitbulls look the same; however, the dog’s genetics will bring out the most significant difference.

Although Champagne comes from diluted red coat color, the gene causing this is different from the one causing the Blue Fawn coat color.

Champagne Pitbulls don’t have traces of blue on them, except in rare cases when blue eyes might be seen.

The coat color of Champagne Pitbulls will always appear much brighter compared to Blue Fawn Pitbulls.

Mostly their eyes will be golden or almond. Both will have white markings. 

To see if you have a Champagne Pitbull or Blue Fawn, look for any blue in the coat and shine of the coat.

Is a Blue Fawn Pitbull Rare?

Yes, Blue Fawn Pitbulls are rare because of the color of their coats. The color is brought about by a gene of dilution.

Because of this, they are not so easy to find, and specific breeding is required from skillful breeders to achieve this color.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls Make Good Family Dogs?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull lying down on the grass
Meet Zeus, the joyful Blue Fawn Pitbull – Image source

The Blue Fawn Pitbull makes an excellent family dog. They are so gentle and adorable, always trying to please their owners. When they are properly trained, they are mild-mannered. 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are very devoted, loving, and energetic, and they love to accomplish tasks given to them.

Training comes easy to them, for they like to follow commands and are exceptionally perceptive in shadowing the traits of their owners.

They are very social but can be a bit emotional. 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are confident and courageous and are counted as one of the best guard dogs out there.

With all these lovely positive traits mentioned, Blue Fawn Pitbulls will still benefit from early training to alleviate the possibility of aggression.

Are Pitbulls emotional dogs?

Yes, Pitbulls can display rather a wide variety of emotions. On the positive side, this could be an asset in bonding with their owners and also with other dogs.

Eventually, they may also display some not-so-good and complex behaviors. So, starting their training as young as possible is crucial.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls loyal?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are fiercely loyal companions. They adore their families and always try to please them.

Because they are powerful and come with a history as fighters, they have it in them to guard their owners with their own lives.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls make good family pets?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are fantastic family dogs. They enjoy cuddling up with the kids on the sofa or on a bed. They love running around and playing with their human family.

Be sure to teach young kids how to interact with animals and always supervise when playing with your Pitbull.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls great companions for kids?

Pitbulls, if socialized and trained from a young age, can be surprisingly great with children.

Although they have a very harsh reputation, they have the most tender-hearted approach to kids and can just be a pure sweetheart and wonderful companion for them.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls friendly?

A smiling Blue Fawn Pitbull
Cleo, the Blue Fawn Pitbull, gives a smile to everyone she sees – Image source

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are very energetic, playful, and friendly dogs. They enjoy life and can be their owner’s ideal companion and best friend.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls get along with other pets?

Besides being a people-orientated dog, the Blue Fawn Pitbull is also a lover of other animals.

If properly trained in obedience and socializing, the Blue Fawn Pitbull may love every other animal or person they meet.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls aggressive?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls can be aggressive due to their history as fighting dogs.

They may become intolerant of other dogs, especially if they do not have sufficient training from a young age.

But with the proper training, Blue Fawn Pitbulls are very friendly, affectionate, and loyal watchdogs.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls often discriminated against?

All Pitbulls are often associated with attacking people (even their owners as well), dog fighting, and serving as guard or protection dogs.

Rumors have it that the bite of a Pitbull is considered more dangerous than other dogs. Legislation has even been passed in some cities against owning Pitbulls. 

Despite all the discrimination against them, Blue Fawn Pitbulls have proved to be trusted if adequately trained and that they can be wonderful family dogs.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Intelligent?

Yes, Blue Fawn Pitbulls are very intelligent and devoted dogs. They train so easily and take commands like a champ.

Because they love to please, they go out of their way to do the jobs required of them. 

As they also pick up traits of their owners, it is essential that you watch yourself around your dog. Always be gentle and calm and offer positive reinforcement.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls good guard dogs?

Yes, as much as they love playing and running around, your Blue Fawn Pitbull is also an exceptionally good watchdog and alert watchdog.

They are also very loyal and will look after your kids as if they are their own pups.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Easy to Train?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy training
Milo, a Blue Fawn Pitbull pup, trains every day – Image source

Because Blue Fawn Pitbulls love to please their owners, they take very easily to training.

Early training is desirable to avoid aggression towards other dogs and be an obedient part of the family.

Treats and head scratches could be positive reinforcement during training to keep them motivated in following commands.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls suitable for first-time dog owners?

The Blue Fawn Pitbull will not be recommended for first-time dog owners. They are very powerful and could be aggressive if they are not well trained and socialized.

They might be a problem to control. Usually, their aggression is more towards other animals than toward humans.

What are the Exercise Needs of a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

Because Blue Fawn Pitbulls are high-energy dogs, they need a lot of exercise. They love running, playing, and jumping.

If you are not a very active person, they might not be the right breed for you, as they need to be exercised every day, not just for their physical needs but also mentally.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Adaptable Dogs?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull with another Pitbull
Cleo (right), the Blue Fawn Pitbull, introduces her brother Kaipo – Image source

Blue Fawn Pitbulls tend to be very adaptable as they can have good relationships with their human family as well as other pets.

As they were bred to depend highly on their owners, they are very affectionate and loveable, and they have even been used as nanny dogs.

When they are left alone for a prolonged period of time, they are prone to separation anxiety. 

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls tend to overheat easily?

Yes, because of their short coats, the Blue Fawn Pitbull can’t tolerate high temperatures.

They are also prone to heat stroke because they have a short muzzle and so can’t get a lot of air into their mouth and nose to cool themselves down.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls need a home with a secure fence?

Because Blue Fawn Pitbulls are powerful and prey-driven, they need a home with a solid fence to keep them inside.

This is not only for their protection but the protection of others should they escape.

What are the Grooming Needs of a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls have short, smooth coats, so they are low-maintenance.

However, weekly brushing is recommended to remove excess fur, dirt, and debris, to keep their coat shiny and healthy. They do need a bath about once in two months.

Their teeth also need to be brushed 3 to 4 times a week. Grooming must also include nail trimming and cleaning of the ears.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls shed?

Yes, the Blue Fawn Pitbulls shed a lot. They need to be brushed at least once a week to keep excess shedding under control.

They shed throughout the whole year, but during the winter and late fall, the shedding is even worse due to the changing seasons.

Lifespan and Common Health Issues: Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Healthy Dogs?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy sitting on a table
A Blue Fawn Pitbull pup at the vet – Image source

The lifespan of a Blue Fawn Pitbull is between 8 and 15 years. They are prone to allergies and can be affected by ticks and mites. Ear problems can also occur.

Also, be aware of their tendency to become obese. The correct amount of nutritional food can keep them in shape. 

Hip dysplasia, kneecap problems, degenerative myelopathy, congenital heart defects, and Demodex Mange may occur, and Pitbulls also have immunodeficiency toward parvovirus.

Do Blue Fawn Merle Pitbulls have health problems?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls can be as healthy as any other dog.

However, when your dog is a double merle by inheriting a merle gene from both his parents, this is where issues can start.

These dogs will be pure white with blue eyes. The problem is that the dog’s eyes, ears, bones, and even heart can be negatively affected.

What’s the Best Diet for the Blue Fawn Pitbull?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy eating a treat
Nova, a Blue Fawn Pitbull pup, enjoys her treat – Image source

Proper nutrition is essential to keep your Blue Fawn Pitbull healthy and happy. They are traditionally carnivores, so protein is very important.

There are a variety of dog foods with all the nutrients needed. You can go for dry, canned, and homemade foods and even raw meaty diets. 

High-quality dog food twice a day is necessary to maintain their muscular build. Pay close attention to their calorie intake to prevent obesity.

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls prone to being overweight?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are prone to easily becoming obese. This is why it is important for them to get sufficient exercise.

It is also essential to keep a close eye on their intake so that their weight is always intact.

To keep your dog stimulated and fit physically and mentally, be prepared to provide them with enough exercise every day.

How Much is a Blue Fawn Pitbull Puppy Worth?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy sticking its tongue out
Meet Ana, a happy Blue Fawn Pitbull pup – Image source

Because a Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy is regarded as rare, they tend to cost much more than standard Pitbulls. They are scarce and highly sought after.

Buying from reputable breeders, one can expect to pay up to $5000.

Although other than their coat color, there might be more things to further influence the price, such as location and breeder reputation. 

Breeders for Blue Fawn Pitbulls

Many Pitbull breeders can be found on the internet. The ones that register their dogs are a good choice.

Visit local dog shows or contact Pitbull clubs that host shows to find out if any Pitbulls are competing.

Get professional referrals from vets, trainers, groomers, and even kennels or doggie daycare owners. 

Here are some breeders that advertise Blue Fawn Pitbulls.

  1. Trevinos Pitbulls, Arkansas
  2. Finest Pitbulls Made, Tennesse
  3. Manmade Kennels, Nationwide

Rescues and shelters for Blue Fawn Pitbulls

To find rescues and shelters for Blue Fawn Pitbulls, you can research online, ask for referrals, and visit dog shelters, although finding one of these dogs up for adoption can be scarce.

The best place to start your search would be at a breed-specific rescue center like the ones listed below.

  1. Pit Bull Rescue Central, Nationwide
  2. Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary, Spotsylvania, VA
  3. Out of the Ashes Pitbull Rescue, Arkansas

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Blue Fawn Pitbull

A Blue Fawn Pitbull Bully
Meet Luna, a Blue Fawn Pitbull Bully – Image source

Is there a difference between male and female Blue Fawn Pitbulls?

Male Blue Fawn Pitbulls are significantly larger and heavier than females. They are also sold at a higher price than the females.

The males can be more aggressive because they are very territorial.

What is a Blue Fawn Pitbull Bully?

American Bullies are a new type of Pitbull. The breed dates from the 2000s when they became popular.

They are more muscular and tough-looking as they are built with a wider chest and shorter stature and generally appear to be bigger than standard Pitbulls. 

These dogs are friendly, high-energy, intelligent dogs, bred to be loyal companions. Training comes very easily, and because they are so adaptable, they make lovely family pets.

What is a Blue Fawn Razor Edge Pitbull?

Razor Edge Pitbulls are not purebred Pitbulls, as this Pitbull is a mix with various other dog breeds in order to shape an official bloodline, which is greatly sought after.

Although Razor Edge Pitbulls are laid back and much friendlier than standard Pitbulls, they look very dangerous and strong. 

They come in just a few colors, though a few breeders specialize in different rarer colors, with blue fawn being one of them.

Should I get a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

If you are not a first-time dog owner, a Blue Fawn Pitbull could be a good choice for you.

These dogs have to be trained and socialized as early as possible, but they make loyal companions that can provide great joy and satisfaction. 

They will guard you, and if they have been trained and socialized at a young age, you will enjoy this energetic, intelligent dog as a lifelong friend.

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are very intelligent and are fantastic family dogs. They can be trained easily and love to please their owners.

As they are such alert guard dogs, they will always have their eyes on their people and protect them with all that is in them.

Pitbull dogs bought from good and reputable breeders will bring so much joy and pleasure without exhibiting bad behavioral problems.

However, they can play rough and might hurt kids in the process – so be careful.

Do you have a Blue Fawn Pitbull at home? We would love to hear all about your dog in the comments below.

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