Double Doodle Dog Breed: Pictures, Colors, Bark, Characteristics, and Diet

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Double Doodle is an intelligent dog with a great personality and gorgeous appearance. Medium-to-large, these dogs are friendly, affectionate, and devoted to their owners.

They are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because they are hybrid or mixed breeds. 

Double Doodle sitting on the walkway
Double Doodle dog sitting on the school walkway with lots of flowers – Image source

The Double Doodle dog mixes Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Poodle. They are also called Golden Labradoodle, Double Doodlepoo, and the North American Retriever.

Double Doodles are generally bred by mixing a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle) and Labradoodle (Labrador and Poodle).

Known as a loving and family-oriented pooch, the Double Doodle is a good friend of dogs and animals alike. While they may bark at strangers, they are not known to bite anyone without reason.

These dogs are trainable and make great rescue dogs for search and rescue, hunting, and narcotics detection.

Male Double Doodles stand between 24 to 29 inches (61 to 74 cm) tall and weigh around 30 to 80 lbs (13.6 to 36.3 kg) while female Double Doodles are slightly smaller with a height of 20 to 23 inches (51 to 58 cm) and weight of 30 to 65 lbs (13.6 to 29.5 kg).

Specifically bred to be healthy dogs, Double Doodle will have a long life, about 12 to 15 years. 

Known as omnivore dogs, this breed can eat both meat and vegetables. They need high-quality food appropriate for their age, health, size, and lifestyle.

Considering their size, it’s recommended to feed them with 3 cups of dog food twice a day. 

Double Doodles are well-loved by people not only due to their cool temperament but also because of their adorable appearance.

These dogs have dark button eyes, floppy ears, and black noses. They have a long, dense coat that can be straight, wavy, curly, or wiry in various colors including black, brown, white, golden, and cream.

If you plan to have a Double Doodle sooner than later, read on to know about their health, temperament, lifestyle, and more!

What is a Double Doodle?

A Double Doodle dog underneath the Sakura tree
A white Double Doodle dog underneath the Cherry Blossoms – Image source

The Double Doodle dogs are hybrid dogs with three kinds of breeds in their lineage: The Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Standard Poodle.

They are usually created by crossbreeding two-hybrid or mixed breeds such as the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.

This breed is developed to produce a healthier dog with the unique attributes of its purebred parents. The Double Doodle is the healthy and gentle version of their parents. 

It is important to note that not all Double Doodle breeds are a combination of the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.

Also, not all Double Doodles are 50% Goldendoodle and 50% Labradoodle but can be multigenerational crosses. However, we will focus on the Double Doodle that has F1 Goldendoodle and F1 Labradoodle parents.

Why are They Called Double Doodle Dogs?

Double Doodle Dogs owe their name to their parents, the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. When F1 Goldendoodle and F1 Labradoodle are mixed, the resulting breed is the Double Doodle dog.

Obviously, this breed has two Poodle breeds in their lineage, hence the name.

Where Did the Double Doodle Come From?

Unfortunately, the place of origin of the Double Doodle dogs is still mysterious up to this day. Besides the consensus that this breed was developed during the designer dog craze, no clever breeders bragged that Double Doodle is their brainchild.

When Did the Double Doodle Originate?

Golden Labradoodle on top of the car
A Golden Labradoodle dog on top of the car with a Sakura tree in the background – Image source

Since Double Doodles are relatively new hybrid dogs, there is very little information about their history. However, they reportedly emerged only in the past decades, around the 1970s.

Their parents, the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle, are also not a very old breed considering they were only developed in 1969 and 1988, respectively. Hence, the Double Doodles came to being only a decade later.

How Many Double Doodles are There in the World?

Presently, there is no data available about the population of Double Doodles. Their place of origin is also unknown, and they have a short history so far.

These dogs have only been famous in the past decades, and few people know about their existence. For this reason, the Double Doodle has a small population for sure.

What are the Variants of Double Doodle Dogs?

Double Doodle dogs have three variants: the Mini Double Doodle, Medium Double Doodle, and Standard Double Doodle. Their sizes vary because their parents are also of various breeds. 

These variants are categorized by size. They have the same appearance and temperament but of different sizes.

Mini Double Doodle

Mini Double Doodle dog in an overlooking view
A Mini Double Doodle dog in an overlooking view – Image source

Usually bred by crossbreeding a Mini Goldendoodle and a Mini Labradoodle, the Mini Double Doodle is around 30 lbs and about 16 to 18 inches.

Generally speaking, there’s no standard size for the mini Double Doodles. It’s only a rule of thumb that professional breeders consider a 30-lb Double-Doodle as “Mini.”

Medium Double Doodle

Medium Double Doodle dog with a morning coffee
Medium Double Doodle dog waiting in the coffee room – Image source

This variant is usually around 20 to 45 lbs and about 18 to 21 inches. The Medium Double Doodles are perfect for active owners who love to do physical and outdoor activities. 

Standard Double Doodle

Standard Double Doodle strolling outdoors
Portrait of a Standard white Double Doodle dog – Image source

The standard Double Doodle is the most significant variant of Double Doodles. They are about 20 to 29 inches and usually weigh more than 45 lbs. 

What are the Characteristics of Double Doodles?

A Double Doodle dog enjoying outdoor
Joyful Double Doodle dog running through the wild flowers – Image source

There are many reasons to love a Double Doodle. Besides their beautiful appearance, they have a cool temperament that makes them great family pets. Here are some notable characteristics of this breed: 

  • Sociable: Double Doodles love humans in general. They like to spend time with a lot of people. These dogs are friendly and will develop a strong bond with their human pack.
  • Affectionate: Even though they are pretty big dogs, they will never hesitate to cuddle and sit on your lap. These are one of their ways of expressing their love to their loved ones.
  • Obedient: Double Doodles are obedient to their masters. So when they have training sessions, their owners should be around. It will be easier to teach them this way.
  • Intelligent: The parents of Double Doodles are known to be intelligent dogs. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that these dogs are intelligent too. They can quickly learn lessons and retain them as well.
  • Energetic: Double Doodles are active dogs. They never ran out of energy. They must exercise regularly to not become more mellow throughout the day. 

To get to know them personally, please refer to the table below:

Double Doodle
Relation with Family 5
Good with Children 4
Friendly with Strangers 5
Friendly with Other Dogs 5
Easy to Train 5
Energy Level 5
Barking Level 3
Mental Stimulation Needs 5

What Does a Double Doodle Look Like?

Double Doodle dog enjoys the sunny weather at L.A.
A Double Doodle dog loves the sunny weather at Los Angeles Hollywood landmark – Image source

Double Doodle dogs have a charming appearance, no wonder why many people dream to make their companion pets. They have dark button-like eyes, floppy ears, and dark noses.

On the other hand, their legs are long, robust, and proportionate to their size.

Most colors of Double Doodle dogs feature a black, white, brown, golden, and cream. Their coat is also long, dense, wiry, and may be straight, wavy, or curly. Overall, it is their coat that makes them more fluffy and cute.

How big is the Double Doodle?

Male Double Doodles are slightly bigger than female Double Doodles. They stand between 24 and 29 inches (61 to 74 cm) tall while females stand between 20 and 23 inches (51 to 58 cm).

Both are tall and big enough to be reliable dogs at home.

Check out the table below for their physical stature:

Double Doodle
Physical Features
Male Female
Height 24 to 29 inches 
(61 to 74 cm)
20 to 23 inches 
(51 to 58 cm)
Weight 30 to 80 lbs 
(13.6 to 36.3 kg)
30 to 65 lbs 
(13.6 to 29.5 kg)

How long does a Double Doodle dog grow?

Double Doodle dogs will achieve their full-grown size once they reach 15 to 18 months old. This growth is normal for medium-to-large dogs like them.

However, even if they gain their maximum height at this age, it does not mean that their weight size will cease to increase.

What is the average weight of Double Doodle dogs?

The average weight of male Double Doodles is about 30 to 80 lbs (13.6 to 36.3 kg) while female’s average weight is about 30 to 65 lbs (13.6 to 29.5 kg).

They are a medium-to-large-sized breed that needs a balanced diet to prevent becoming obese. After all, Double Doodles tend to become overweight because they are heavy eaters.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of Double Doodles?

The average life expectancy of Double Doodles is around 12 to 15 years. However, these figures are only estimates considering the lifespan of their parent dogs.

In reality, there is no available data for the exact lifespan of Double Doodles. But for sure, they will live a long life because they are not prone to severe sickness.

Hybrid dogs, in general, are healthy dogs. Most of them are developed to be the healthiest version of their purebred parents. Even so, it’s still crucial for this adorable canine to have regular visits with their vet.

What Coat Type Do Double Doodles Have?

A Golden Labradoodle during the morning walk
A Golden Labradoodle dog resting a bit during the morning walk – Image source

The coat of Double Doodles is long, a bit wiry, and ranges from straight to curly. It is also very dense and thick.

Thus, their coat needs consistent weekly brushing to prevent tangles and matting. It will also keep their coat healthy and silky. 

What is the Double Doodle dog’s coat like?

Double Doodles have a coat that is usually wiry and can be straight, wavy, or curly. Considering they usually have dense and curly hair, it may look messy when not brushed.

It is also prone to hair tangling because of its length. Their coats usually come in black, white, brown, golden, and cream. 

How long is the Double Doodle’s coat?

Double Doodles have a long coat. Their coat is usually wiry and curly, and the lengthiness is more prominent. The good thing is that their coat is low-maintenance as they shed a little and are very easy to brush. 

What is the Double Doodle’s coat density?

Double Doodles have an extremely dense coat. They are very thick, which is good because they will protect them in cold and humid weather.

The lack of shedding issues makes them an excellent option for those who are allergic to a dog’s coat.

Do Double Doodles shed much?

No, Double Doodles don’t shed much. These dogs are hypoallergenic, making them great dogs for allergy sufferers. This breed is exceptionally bred to produce dogs that shed minimally and with less dander. 

Can Double Doodles Live in Hot Weather?

White Double Doodlepoo dog selfie during the trail
White Double Doodlepoo dog posing on the nice view while on the trail – Image source

Double Doodle can live in hot or tropical countries but does not do well in frigid ones. They fit best in places with moderate temperatures. 

Owners should take note that Double Doodle is usually not double-coated. So, they don’t have an extra coat to insulate them from the scorching heat.

These dogs can only tolerate a weather temperature around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do Double Doodles Love Water?

If you like swimming activities, the Double Doodle dog can tag along with you. These dogs like swimming activities more than any other dog breed.

Their Poodle parentage is a water dog, and their Labradoodle and Goldendoodle like swimming.

What Colors are Double Doodles?

Black Double Doodle during the morning sun beating
A Black Double Doodle dog loves to stay under the sun during morning – Image source

Double Doodle usually comes in solid black, white, brown, golden, and cream coloration. They can also come in tan and silver. They got their color variations from their parents. 

What Markings Do Double Doodles Have?

Since Double Doodles are not a recognized breed by International Kennel Clubs, they don’t have official marking standards. However, Double Doodle dogs tend to inherit the markings of the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.

Are Double Doodles Friendly and Good Family Dogs? 

Adorable Double Doodle resting during Saturday outing
Gorgeous Double Doodle dog resting during the Saturday walk – Image source

Double Doodles are considered the premier hybrid dogs for families. With their friendly and jolly vibe, they can easily win the hearts of any family who decides to have them.

With fur that resembles a teddy bear, adorable cute ears, and expressive and loving eyes, there’s no doubt that you will get attached to these dogs. 

These dogs are family-oriented and obedient toward their human pack. They have average watchdog and guard dog abilities. This will protect you and your family from intruders.

To better judge whether they are suitable for your family, here is more detailed information about their overall temperament:

Double Doodle’s Temperament Rating
Adaptability 3
Friendliness 5
Mouthiness 4
Playfulness 5
Family-Oriented 5
Stranger Tolerance 5

Are Double Doodles good with other dogs?

Generally, they can get along with other pets with proper and early training. These dogs are naturally sociable, so it would be easy to live or deal with dogs, cats, and other animals.

Moreover, an untrained Double Doodle may have retrieving instincts. 

Are Double Doodles friendly with other people?

Double Doodles are sociable dogs, so they love to bond with other people. They are easy-going around people who are fond of them. These dogs will be at their happiest once when there are many people they are mingling with.

Can Double Doodle dogs get along well with strangers?

Double dogs may get along with strangers. This breed is considered a stranger-friendly dog. So long as a stranger does not act suspiciously, Double Doodle will treat them well.

These dogs love being surrounded by people, whether they know or don’t know them.

How do Double Doodles get along with young children?

Since they have the genes of a Golden Retriever, expect a Double Doodle to be friendly and child-like. These dogs are also one big happy children fond of playing with kids. 

However, younger children need supervision when dealing with a Double Doodle due to their massive size. The energy of these dogs is quite overwhelming, and younger children may be knocked over.

Can Double Doodles Adapt Easily?

Golden Labradoodle selfie with the flowers
Golden Labradoodle selfie with the beautiful flowers – Image source

Double Doodles can adapt quickly to a new environment, people, and other pets, especially when introduced to them at a young age.

However, they may not significantly thrive in apartment living because of their size and playful temperament.

While Double Doodles can tolerate warm and cold weather, it is advisable that they live in places with moderate temperatures.

Are Double Doodles Aggressive?

No, Double Doodles are not aggressive. They are friendly, gentle, and sweet-natured dogs. You will never see them treating people, strangers, or other animals aggressively.

If anything, these dogs are more inclined to lick strangers or enemies to death than to show their aggressive behavior. 

Are Double Doodles Dangerous?

Double Doodles are not aggressive or dangerous. Even with their enormous size, people easily fall in love with them because of their beautiful physical attributes. They look like teddy bears that most people would love to cuddle. 

If you observe any aggression or abusive behavior in these dogs, they may be stressed or have encountered traumatic events in their lives. Thus, the need to seek medical intervention. 

Do Double Doodle Dogs Bite?

A Golden Labradoodle playing with her human buddy
Meet Bibi, a Golden Labradoodle dog bonding with her owner – Image source

There is no such thing as dogs that don’t bite. Hence, like other dogs, Double Doodle can bite too. However, these dogs have a low potential to bite somebody. Approximately, they have a biting force of around 200 to 400 PSI. 

Are Double Doodle Dogs Protective?

Although Double Doodles are calm, gentle, and kind, these dogs will not tolerate mistreatment. They are protective of themselves, especially their loved ones.

Their size, muscular build, and physical capabilities from their parents can be used as threatening guard dogs.

Are Double Doodles Affectionate?

Yes, Double Doodles are affectionate dogs. This breed and its parents are renowned for being sweet and gentle.

As such, people and other animals enjoy being with them. These dogs are calm and patient, which makes them excellent family pets.

Are Double Doodles Loyal?

New haircut Double Doodle dog
Innocent looks of Double Doodle dog with the new haircut – Image source

Being loyal is easy for Double Doodles. These dogs are very loyal and trustworthy. They are also very trusting toward their family and the people they are used to mingling with.

Double Doodle is devoted family members, so they don’t want any of their family to leave them even for a short while.

Do Double Doodles Like to Cuddle?

If you are primarily looking for a pet that you want to cuddle with, the Double Doodle is a perfect choice.

This breed is so adorable that cuddling them is very irresistible. They love teddy bears that won’t turn down a cuddle time with their master.

Does the Double Doodle Love Freedom?

Double Doodle love freedom but not all the time. There are times that they like to be on their own, but they would not love to be alone forever. They still need their human pack taking care of them.

Are Double Doodle Dogs Easy to Train?

A 9-month-old Double Doodlepoo dog
A 9-month-old Double Doodlepoo dog with the new haircut – Image source

Double Doodles are intelligent dogs and are very eager to please. However, it doesn’t mean that training them is always a breeze. These dogs can be stubborn.

They need to be trained with a firm and experienced trainer at a young age. Positive reinforcement will surely do wonders when training them.

How Smart is the Double Doodle?

Double Doodles are highly intelligent dogs. They are very teachable and considered good students because they can easily pick up training lessons. These dogs will need a few repetitions to master a trick or command.

Can Double Doodle dogs be used as working dogs?

Double Doodles have a very strong working ancestry. Poodles were duck hunting dogs, Labradors were duck retrievers and can work as game-hunting companions, and Golden Retrievers were bred to hunt waterfowl.

The hybrid’s intelligence, hardworking and friendly nature make him an average watchdog and guard dog.

Do Double Doodle Dogs Bark a Lot?

A Golden Labradoodle in a park
Smiling Golden Labradoodle dog in the Norbury Park – Image source

Double Doodles dogs don’t bark a lot. They are average barkers, which means they are not too vocal or quiet.

Most of the time, these dogs will only bark to alert their owners of potential threats or strangers. They will also bark out of the excitement of seeing you after leaving them for a while. 

How does a Double Doodle bark?

While Double Doodle is not a frequent barker, when they finally do, their barks are high-pitched. A bark that is higher in pitch is an indicator that they are startled.

While it may sound like a whine, it is an indication that they need extra attention.

However, these dogs may also have a low-pitched bark, which implies negative emotions like sadness, irritation, and stress. If you feel like they are barking excessively, kindly consult your vet. 

Do Double Doodles Have High Energy Levels?

Yes, Double Doodles have high energy levels. They need at least 1 hour of regular exercise like a walk in the park to burn off their energy.

In this way, they will be less destructive, and most of all, they will be physically and mentally healthy.

Are Double Doodles Active?

A Double Doodlepoo dog during the spring trail
A Double Doodlepoo dog loves to go out during the spring season – Image source

Double Doodles are incredibly active dogs. No wonder, though, because it runs in their parents’ blood. They like both physical and mental stimulation. Their active lifestyle may not suit apartment living because of their active lifestyle.

Are Double Doodles Playful?

Known for their high energy and active lifestyle, it’s inherent for Double Doodles to be playful. They like to play with their family, children, or fellow dogs.

Their owner should always plan regular activities like agility training, swimming, fetch, and the like.

Does the Double Doodle Drool a Lot?

The Double Doodle is a perfect example of less slobbery dogs. This breed has a low tendency to drool. If you dislike covering your clothes with slobber spots, then Double Doodles are suitable for you.

Should you observe excessive drooling on this canine, consult their vet immediately.

What Does the Family Life of Double Doodle Dogs Like?

Funny Golden Labradoodle playing a ball
A Golden Labradoodle dog looks funny while chewing the ball – Image source

Double Doodle will surely have a happy family with this pooch living with them. These dogs are protective, kind-hearted, and very loving. They indeed have the best temperament for children or the entire family. 

How Much are Double Doodles Worth?

The price of Double Doodles is around $1,000 to $5,000. Even though they are hybrid dogs, they are relatively expensive dogs because of the popularity of their parents.

It is also possible for these dogs to join in dog shows due to their physical abilities. Plus, they are relatively new and rare.

What Kind of Food Should Double Doodles Eat?

Double Doodles are omnivore dogs. With their energy and activity levels, they need a well-balanced diet that would meet their omnivore needs.

This breed is a food-motivated pooch. They love to eat and tend to eat whenever they can or steal food that is not meant for them.

Since Double Doodles are medium-to-large sized dogs, they need to be served 3 cups of high-quality food. It is important to note that they are voracious eaters and will quickly snarf down their meals.

What are the Best Dog Foods for Double Doodles? 

Double Doodle dog eating strawberry
Lovely white Double Doodle dog eating a strawberry – Image source

The best dog food for Double Doodles is those suitable for their health, age, size, and activity level. Same with other dogs, there’s no specific manual about their diet.

Hence, if you want to ensure that they get the proper nutrition, you need to consult with their vet.

However, their food must be served twice daily to ensure that they won’t become obese. It’s also best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to prevent indigestion. Here are the best dog foods for Double Doodles:

For Double Doodle puppies:

For adult Double Doodles:

What Other Dog Breeds Look Like the Double Doodle?

Cavapoo puppy laying on the grass
A cute young Cavapoo puppy laying on the grass – Image source

The Double Doodle has similarities to their parental lineage: the Poodle, Labrador Retriever, and Golden Retriever. They are also usually mistaken for their hybrid relatives, such as the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.

But besides these breeds, Double Doodles are likewise similar to the following breeds of dogs:

The Bottom Line: Are You Ready to Have a Double Doodle in Your Life?

The Double Doodle temperament, whichever variant you have, will make your life happy and less stressed. These dogs are adorable, loving, and very affectionate.

Their master is the center of their life, and they always want to brighten up their day.

Double Doodles are dutiful canine breeds with their trusting and gentle nature. Whether close to them or not, their love for people is plain to see.

They come from a long line of trusted dog breeds. Thus they would truly take a space in your heart if you are ready to let them in.

This breed is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people who have dog allergies. Also, they have an attentive and kind temperament, making them one of the friendliest breeds out there.

So, if you are ready to keep a Double Doodle in your life, prepare to experience a lot of love from this fluffy breed of dogs.

Do you have a Double Doodle dog? What do you love most about them? Let us know in the comments!

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