English Boodle: Your Guide to Bulldog Poodle Mix Dog

The English Boodle, also known as Bulldog Poodle mix, is a cross between the English Bulldog and the Poodle.

It’s a small-to-medium-sized dog breed at about 12 to 15 inches tall, weighing between 15 to 55 pounds.

An English Boodle sitting in front of a sign
Molly, an English Boodle, thinks the shoe fits – Image source

The overall appearance of the English Boodle depends on which parent they take after or may inherit a good balance of their features.

Typically, English Boodles have round heads, long muzzles, and floppy ears. Their one-layered coats are usually medium, wavy, or curly.

They may come in various colors, including white, black, and red.

Boodles are bred to produce a mixed breed that combines the intelligence and friendly personality of the Poodle and the sweet disposition of the English Bulldog.

This is why English Boodles are patient, gentle, and affectionate dogs. They always like to be around their loved ones. 

While English Boodles are friendly dogs, they won’t hesitate to bark at anyone if they find the person a threat.

They are alert and protective family members, making them excellent watchdogs. This dog is not famous for its biting abilities. 

Generally, the English Boodle is healthier than the English Bulldog. Its average lifespan is around 10 to 12 years. They will thrive in high-quality dry dog food.

Depending on their size and activity levels, they need 1.5 to 3 cups of food served twice daily.

If you are interested in having this rare breed, read on to learn more about the history, characteristics, and personality of the English Boodles.

What is an English Boodle?

A Black English Boodle
Lulu, a black English Boodle, is ready to explore the great outdoors – Image source

English Boodle is a mixed breed of the English Bulldog and the Poodle. They may look more like either of their parents.

Hence, their body shape, size, and coat type may vary depending on the physical genetics of their parents.

As a designer dog, this breed is not recognized by the AKC. However, a number of canine organizations recognize this hybrid.

They are known to be loving companions, family pets, and watchdogs.

Why are They Called English Boodle Dogs?

As mentioned, English Boodle dogs owe their name to their parents – the English Bulldog and Poodle. Other people call them different names.

This cute breed also goes by Bulldogdoodle, Bulldogpoo, Bullypoo, Bullydoodle, Boodle, and Boddle.

When Did the English Bulldog Poodle Mix Originate?

The exact date of origin of the English Bulldog Poodle mix is not known. Since they are designer dogs, it is believed that this breed was developed in the 1980s.

These are the years when breeders began mixing purebred dogs to produce mixed breeds with fewer health issues.

How Many English Boodles are There in the World?

There is no data available for the total population of English Boodles. After all, this breed is rare. They are also not available all over the world.

Anyone who wishes to have an English Boodle may get one in the United States.

Are English Boodle dogs rare?

Yes, English Boodles are rare. They are hard to find. A rare breed is both advantageous and disadvantageous for owners.

One, you can’t find a similar dog in the park. But it also means that the breed is not famous and overbred.

What clubs recognize the Bulldog Poodle mix?

Bulldog Poodles are a designer breed of dogs. Hence, they are not recognized by the prestigious American Kennel Club (AKC). However, some similar organizations recognize them.

The English Boodle is a member of the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), and Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA).

What are the Types of English Boodles?

Like other Poodle Mixes, the size of English Boodle dogs depends on their parents.

Since the size of the English Boodle cannot be determined unless they mature, they have recognized variants such as the Standard, Miniature, and Toy English Boodles.

English Bulldog Standard Poodle Mix

An English Bulldog Standard Poodle Mix
Molly, the English Bulldog Standard Poodle mix, is always joyful – Image source

Male and female English Boodles with Standard Poodle parents may have an average height of 15 to 16 inches (38 cm to 41 cm). While their average weight is around 50 lbs (22.7 kg).

English Bulldog Toy or Miniature Poodle Mix

An English Bulldog Miniature Poodle Mix
Meet Bear, an English Bulldog Miniature Poodle mix – Image source

The English Boodle with a Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle parent is smaller than the Standard English Boodles.

Their height may range between 12 to 14 inches (31 to 36 cm), while their weight range is about 15 to 20 lbs (7 to 9 kg).

What are the Characteristics of English Boodles?

Overall, English Boodles have lovely temperaments. But should you wish to know them more, here is a list of their behavioral characteristics.

  • Sociable: English Boodles like to be around people in general. They are clingy and interactive dogs.
  • Quiet: Anyone with many neighbors will benefit significantly from this dog’s quietness. English Boodle dogs are gentle and calm, making them very quiet. However, they will not fail to alert their humans when they sense danger.
  • Playful: English Boodles are inherently playful. They like to play with family members, especially children. However, this trait may diminish as they grow older. Older English Boodles tend to be more relaxed.
  • Stubborn: It can be challenging to train English Boodles because they have a tendency to be stubborn dogs. Hence, they need obedience training at an early age.
  • Loving: Family is significant to English Boodles. As mentioned, they are affectionate and protective. This is true, especially for their loved ones. They may also feel depressed if their favorite person leaves them for a long time.

If the above list is not enough to get to know the English Boodle, check out the table below.

English Boodle Characteristics Rating
Relation with Family 5
Good with Children 5
Friendly with Strangers 4
Friendly with Other Dogs 5
Easy to Train 3
Energy Level 3
Barking Level 3
Mental Stimulation Needs 4

What Does an English Boodle Look Like?

An English Boodle lying down on a pillow
Meet Zeke, a gorgeous English Boodle – Image source

English Boodles have a beautiful and diverse appearance. Their overall look may veer towards their English Bulldog or Poodle parent.

These dogs may have a boxier body shape like the English Bulldog’s or inherit the soft and curly coat of the Poodle. They could be anything in between as well.

However, English Boodles generally have round heads, floppy ears, and longer muzzles.

Their eyes are round and dark with a mischievous expression, and their nose is dark with wide nostrils. 

Can you predict the size of your English Boodle puppy?

No, it is hard to predict the size of the English Boodle. This is due to the fact that their parent breeds differ in size.

It is common for mixed-breed dogs to have diverse and unpredictable sizes and appearances.

How big is a full-grown English Boodle?

As mentioned, you can never tell right away the size of an English Boodle until they grow older.

The male and female English Boodle have the same size range, but there are times when the former tends to be bigger than the latter.

Both male and female English Boodles stand between 12 to 15 inches (31 to 38 cm). 

On the other hand, male and female English Boodles weigh around 15 to 55 lbs (7 to 25 kg). 

You can find a summary of the English Boodle’s size below:

English Boodle
Physical Features
Male Female
Height 12 to 15 inches
(31 to 38 cm)
12 to 15 inches
(31 to 38 cm)
Weight 15 to 55 lbs
(7 to 25 kg)
15 to 55 lbs
(7 to 25 kg)

How long does an English Boodle dog grow?

English Boodles are small-to-medium-sized dogs. Canines of this size typically reach their full size between 12 and 15 months old

It is only when they mature that you will be able to know for certain their full-grown size. A mature English Boodle will stand between 12 to 15 inches (31 to 39 cm). 

What’s the average weight of English Boodles?

The average weight of male and female English Boodles is around 15 to 55 lbs (7 to 25 kg). Sometimes, male English Boodles are slightly bigger than their female counterparts. 

However, they have the same size range. The size of English Boodles may depend on which parent they inherit most of their genes.

How Long Do English Boodles Live?

The average life expectancy of English Boodles is around 10 to 12 years. Their lifespan will vary depending on many factors, such as how their owners take care of them. 

They are generally healthy dogs, but they need a healthy diet and active lifestyle to live long.

It is also important to be aware of common health problems this hybrid may inherit from its parents. Some of these include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, bloat, and Addison’s disease.

What Coat Type Do Poodle Bulldogs Have?

A Poodle Bulldog mix at a car's passenger seat
Lulu, the English Boodle, loves car rides – Image source

The one-layer coat of a Poodle Bulldog is either short and straight, which they may get from their English Bulldog parent, or long and curly, which they may inherit from their Poodle parent.

They may come in different colors, including white, red, and black.

How long is the English Boodle’s coat?

Typically, the coat of an English Boodle is medium in length. Most mixes take after the Poodle and inherit the curly coat.

Their hair is prone to tangling and matting. Hence, it is vital to brush their coats daily or every other day.

Do English Boodles shed much?

The coat of English Boodles shed minimally. However, owners should brush their coats regularly to prevent tangling and matting.

If the dog inherited the coat of the Poodle parent, it’s best to visit the groomer for a trim every now and then.

Are English Boodles hypoallergenic?

While English Boodles’ coats shed minimally, these dogs are not hypoallergenic. Hence, this dog is not the best pet for people who are prone to allergies. 

How do you groom a Bulldog Poodle mix?

Grooming is essential to English Boodle’s daily life. They need brushing every day or every other day, as well as a regular haircut, bathing, and nail trimming.

Opt for natural, high-quality soap and shampoo to avoid infections. Owners should also prepare a budget to buy grooming tools and occasional visits to the dog salon.

Can Poodle Bulldogs Live in Hot Weather?

The Poodle can tolerate both hot and cold weather.

On the other hand, the English Bulldog does not tolerate extreme temperatures and heat. Their flat noses make breathing difficult, and they are prone to overheating and heat stroke.

Hence, if your English Boodle takes after its Bulldog parent, it’s best to not let them stay in extremely hot places. 

English Boodles can endure around 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 18 degrees Celsius) weather temperatures.

What Colors and Markings Do English Boodles Have?

A white English Boodle
Meet Charlie, a white English Boodle – Image source

English Boodles come in various color variations: white, black, and red. But other variations of brown, tan, and gray are possible, too.

These colors may come in combinations in one coat as well. 

In terms of markings, English Boodles may have brindle, piebald, and ticking on their coats.

Black masks, black tipping, and small amounts of solid black in piebalds are also allowed. English Boodles may inherit these markings. 

However, in reality, there are no standard markings for English Boodles. After all, they are hybrid dogs and not widely recognized as a separate breed.

Are Boodles Good Family Dogs? 

An English Boodle being petted by its owner
Lu, an English Boodle, knows her hooman loves her so much – Image source

English Boodles are perfect family pets for all ages. These dogs are sweet-natured and affectionate to their family members.

They always look forward to spending time with their family. 

This breed likes to play all day long with their loved ones. They can also spend the day curling up in bed and snuggling on the couch with their family. 

Take a look at the below to know whether English Boodles are suitable as family pets.

English Boodle’s Temperament Rating
Adaptability 4
Friendliness 5
Mouthiness 3
Playfulness 4
Family-Oriented 5
Stranger Tolerance 4

Are English Boodles good with other dogs and pets?

Yes, English Boodles are social dogs. They are always excited to meet and mingle with other dogs and pets, including cats.

Owners will never have a hard time with this breed in introducing new pets at home or walking outside. English Boodles thrive in a multi-pet household.

Are Bulldog Doodles sociable with other people?

English Boodles are friendly with other people. However, these dogs are protective of their owners. Like other dogs, they may bark if they suspect the person will bring danger.

But they always treat people nicely, especially when they are also nice to them.

Are English Boodles friendly towards strangers?

One of the best characteristics of English Boodles is their friendly demeanor. Hence, they quickly get along with strangers, especially when introduced properly.

While they may bark at the sight of a visitor, they are welcoming when their owners show the same warmth first.

They are most willing to greet strangers they meet at home, in the street, or at the park.

How do Poodle Bulldogs get along with young children?

Fortunately, English Boodles get along with children. They are okay with people of all ages. Patient and gentle, these dogs can co-exist with kids in the house.

Nevertheless, young children should be taught how to handle dogs or should be supervised when playing with this pooch.

Can Boodles Adapt Easily?

An English Boodle resting
Lulu, the English Boodle, relaxes after a long day – Image source

Boodles can adapt quickly to any type of environment as long as they have their family. This canine tends to thrive when they have their human pack around them.

They are also adaptive to both tiny and large homes. They can live in apartments as long as they get their daily exercise needs.

Is an English Boodle Dog Aggressive?

No, English Boodle dogs are not aggressive. While they can show watchdog tendencies to protect their loved ones, this breed is generally calm and gentle.

They usually bark only to alert their family members when something is off or when they are left alone for extended periods.

Are English Boodles Dangerous?

There is nothing to be scared of with English Boodles because they are not dangerous dogs.

They are friendly dogs and can quickly warm up to strangers. Overall, they are fond of humans and other pets.

Do English Boodle Dogs Bite?

Like other dogs, English Boodles bite too. However, this mix is not known for its biting abilities because he is generally sweet and friendly.

They will most likely welcome and greet a stranger than bite them. 

Are Boodle Dogs Protective?

An English Boodle wearing a bow
Zeke, the English Boodle, is always ready to protect his loved ones – Image source

Boodle dogs are known to be protective of their family. They diligently keep a lookout to make their human pack safe and secure.

Generally, they are not harmful or aggressive. These dogs are gentle and calm.

Due to their friendly behavior, they might not be suitable guard dogs, but they can make good watchdogs. 

Are Bulldog Doodles Affectionate?

You will never meet an English Boodle that is not affectionate. These dogs show their love toward their family by spending time or staying next to you.

They are also gentle and patient, which makes them perfect companions. 

Are English Boodles Loyal?

The loyalty of English Boodles to their family is like no other. They are protective and want their family to feel secure.

They are willing to take the risky route if it means keeping their loved ones safe.

Do Boodle Dogs Like to Cuddle?

Boodles are always ready for some cuddle time. These cute little canines are very affectionate and clingy.

If they can decide for themselves, they prefer to spend the day with their family snuggling them. 

Does the English Boodle Love Freedom?

Sadly, you can’t leave an English Boodle at home alone for an extended time. This breed doesn’t love freedom. They are not like other dogs who can take care of themselves independently.

For this reason, the most suitable owner for them is the one working from home. 

Do English Boodles Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

An English Boodle sitting in a car
Lucy, an English Boodle, wants to go everywhere her hooman goes – Image source

Unfortunately, English Boodles need a lot of attention. Hence, they will suffer separation anxiety when their master or favorite people are away for extended periods.

They will thrive more in life if they are showered with lots of love and companionship. This breed always likes to be with its people as much as possible. 

Are English Boodle Dogs Easy to Train?

While English Boodles are intelligent dogs and are eager to please, the stubbornness inherited from the English Bulldog parent is quite a challenge for trainers.

These dogs need a firm and patient trainer. They need obedience training with a positive reinforcement method starting at a young age, so it won’t be hard for them to teach as they grow older. 

Is a Bulldog Poodle mix stubborn?

Unfortunately, English Boodles tend to be stubborn dogs. They inherit this trait from the English Bulldog parent. English Bulldog has a reputation for being stubborn.

They need to be trained as early as possible to become obedient dogs as they age.

How Smart is the English Boodle?

An English Boodle with toys
Fleto, an English Boodle, knows how to make the most of his toys – Image source

Like their parents, English Boodles are smart dogs. However, breeders and owners describe them as very intelligent yet stubborn dogs.

This combination of characteristics is challenging, but it is always fun when you get to train them.

Can Poodle Bulldogs be used as working dogs?

Although the parents of English Boodles are working dogs, English Boodle dogs are known to be companion dogs.

However, they can also make good watchdogs because of their alert and protective characteristics. 

Do English Boodle Dogs Bark a Lot?

The good thing about English Boodles is that they don’t bark a lot. As mentioned, they are protective.

They may bark at the sight of an unfamiliar visitor due to their protectiveness but will show their welcoming side when prompted by their owner.

However, you might hear this dog bark excessively when left alone.

How does an English Boodle bark?

Like other dogs, English Boodles may bark loudly. However, this breed is quiet but may bark when strangers are around to alert their owners.

Destructive and incessant barking may also happen when they feel alone and bored.

Do English Boodles Have High Energy Levels?

An English Boodle lying down on a bench
Rosie, an English Boodle, takes a break from her walkies – Image source

English Boodles have moderate energy levels. Young English Boodles are much more playful. As they grow older, this breed will crave more relaxation activities.

They will prefer more cuddles or snuggle time as they age.

Do Poodle Bulldogs tend to relax as they age?

Yes, English Boodles will crave relaxation as they age. These dogs are active dogs when they are puppies. But they will become less energetic as they grow older.

Adult English Boodles are more laid-back and prefer curling up in bed and doing mild indoor activities.

Are English Boodles Active?

No, English Boodles are not very active when they reach adulthood. Nevertheless, they still need regular physical activities.

They will appreciate it if you play with them or accompany them on short daily walks.

Are English Boodle Puppies Playful?

Yes, English Boodles are playful dogs, especially as puppies. They like to play with kids, adults, and even seniors.

Owners should take advantage of their playful years because they will prefer the relaxing side of life as they reach adulthood. 

Here is a rare video of playful English Boodle puppies to make your day.

Does the English Boodle Drool a Lot?

Generally, English Boodles drool but not a lot. They may drool when they are hungry, teething, feeling hot, or stressed.

However, they may tend to drool if they inherit English Bulldogs’ head structure.

What is the Difference Between Male and Female English Boodles?

Male and female English Boodles sometimes differ in their body size.

Male English Boodles are a bit bigger, while females are slightly smaller. Males are also a little more stout. While these size variations are observed, these are not always the case. 

But in terms of behavioral characteristics and mannerisms, both male and female English Boodles are generally the same.

What Does the Family Life of English Boodle Dogs Like?

An English Boodle with another hybrid dog
Rosie (right), an English Boodle, with her best pal Axel (left) – Image source

Gentle, affectionate, and patient are some of the best characteristics of English Boodle dogs. Hence, it is easy for them to be loved by any family they belong to.

They are not aggressive nor dangerous. Most of all, they can get along with pets and people of all ages.

However, English Boodles hate being alone for an extended period of time. Otherwise, they will become sad or suffer from separation anxiety.

They want to stay close to their loved ones at all times.

Are English Boodles good for first-time owners?

Sadly, English Boodles are not for first-time owners. These dogs can be stubborn that they are too much to handle.

Without the right attitude and experience, this dog can be difficult to manage. However, this breed is an excellent choice for those who have had dogs. 

How Much Does an English Boodle Puppy Cost?

On average, an English Boodle may cost around $800 to $2,500. The price will vary on various factors, such as the availability of breeders in your area.

Since these dogs are rare, it might require patience to spot one.

What Kind of Food Should English Boodles Eat?

A balanced, high-quality, age-appropriate diet with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats is recommended for English Boodles.

Depending on their size and activity levels, these dogs can consume around 1.5 to 3 cups of high-quality dry dog food daily, divided into two meals. 

English Bulldogs are prone to allergies and tend to gain weight easily. Hence, it is best to check the ingredients they are allergic to and don’t overfeed your English Boodle. 

What are the Best Dog Foods for English Boodles? 

An English Boodle being given treats
Molly, the English Boodle, wants her treats – Image source

English Boodles don’t need a special diet unless a particular dog is allergic to an ingredient. It is enough to feed them with high-quality dog food.

Make sure they eat the right food suitable for their age, size, lifestyle, and health. Meanwhile, here are the best dog food products that you can serve them.

For English Boodle puppies, the following are the best dog food products for them:

For Adult English Boodles, we recommend the following:

What Other Dog Breeds Look Like the English Boodle?

A Labradoodle walking outdoors
The playful Labradoodle

English Boodles dogs mostly inherit their looks from the Poodle parent.

As such, there are a lot of breeds that look like the English Boodle because many breeders mix Poodles with another breed.

Since it’s hard to find an English Boodle, and some of them are expensive, you may want to check out these breed dogs.

Wrap-Up: Is it Worthy to Have an English Boodle as a Pet?

Designer breeds like English Boodles may not have a consistent appearance like purebred dogs.

After all, this breed may inherit more from one parent breed than the other or vice versa.

However, they are consistently an excellent companion no matter how varied their size and coat are. 

Also, English Boodles are said to be healthier than their English Bulldog parent. However, they are quite hard to find but truly worthy and have a great reward once you own them.

English Boodles are patient, loving, and devoted family members. They are always ready to spend time with you, whether it be an indoor or outdoor activity.

They are genuinely one-of-a-kind breeds of dogs.

Do you have an English Boodle dog? What do you love most about them? Let us know in the comments!

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