Wooly Husky Dog Breed: Pictures, Colors, Bark, Characteristics, and Diet

Wooly Husky dogs are long-coated versions of the traditional Siberian Husky. They are produced when their parents or either of their parents has recessive long-hair genes.

So it’s pretty normal for a Wooly Husky to exist from the standard medium-length coated Siberian.

A Wooly Husky lying down on a bench
Meet Ginger, a cute Wooly Husky – Image source

While Wooly Huskies look beautiful with their fluffy coat, they are considered undesirable dogs by major kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Because their coat takes longer to dry, gathers snow, and can’t protect them well in harsh weather, they are tagged as non-quality dogs.

However, for a lot of people, they are stunning dogs. They have almond-shaped eyes, usually brown or blue.

They have muzzles of medium length and a nose commonly liver, black, or flesh-colored. 

Meanwhile, the coat of Woolies may come in a single color or multiple-colored of white, black, red, agouti, gray, and sable.

Although the coat of Woolies seems to cover their body, this breed is strong and muscular. They have well-defined bones, making them athletic canines.

Male Wooly Huskies are a bit bigger than females. Male Woolies stand between 21 to 23.5 inches (53 to 60 cm), while female Woolies are around 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm).

In terms of weight, male Wooly Huskies are 45 to 60 lbs (20 to 27 kg), while female Wooly Huskies weigh around 35 to 50 lbs (16 to 23 kg).

Also, Wooly Huskies live a pretty long life. If they remain healthy, they can live around 14 to 15 years.

Wooly Huskies need particular nutrients to remain healthy. They need moderate fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate food.

You should feed them 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dry dog, split into two meals a day.

Woolies are friendly. It is best to keep occupied with the proper amount of physical activity. This will keep them healthy and happy.

While these dogs don’t bark and bite a lot, they may howl. They have an average biting force of 320 PSI.

If you wish to own fluffy and huggable Wooly Huskies, read on to learn more about their history, characteristics, and temperament.

What is a Wooly Husky?

A Wooly Husky standing on a bench
Laila, a Wooly Husky, flaunts her attractive coat – Image source

Wooly Huskies are long-coated dogs that deviate from the typical Siberian Huskies with medium-length coats.

While they look beautiful and fluffy, they are considered an undesirable version of the breed.

This is because their wooly coat collects water and snow, which can cause irritation and injury.

The AKC also disqualified those Huskies with “long, shaggy, and rough coats.” Hence, Wooly Huskies cannot join any conformation shows.

But should a Wooly Husky come from a pedigree parent, it is considered a purebred dog.

Are Wooly Huskies purebred?

Logically, Wooly Huskies are purebred dogs.

However, according to AKC, Siberian Huskies should have a medium-length coat and a perfect amount of fur to showcase their well-defined body.

Wooly Huskies did not meet the standard. For this reason, they are not allowed to join dog competitions for purebred dogs.

Is Wooly Husky quality?

Unfortunately, Wooly Huskies are not quality dogs. They are suitable family pets in terms of looks, temperament, and behavior.

But their coat makes them non-quality dogs, especially if you want them to be working dogs.

Because of their coat, breeding them is prohibited, making them very rare dogs. Due to this, many judges don’t find them a high-quality breed of dog.

Why are They Called Wooly Husky Dogs?

As their name suggests, Wooly Husky dogs got their name from their wooly coat. Despite their long fur, they are still the Siberian Huskies that everyone knows today.

They might have a different coat from the standard Huskies but share the same facial features, characteristics, and overall temperament.

Where Did the Wooly Husky Come From?

Wooly Huskies share the same history as regular Huskies in general. After all, they are merely a variant of the Siberian Husky, just with longer hair.

This breed originated in Northeast Asia, Siberia. The Chukchi people of Siberia developed them as sled dogs and companions.

However, since Wooly Husky cannot endure working in a colder environment, they cannot work as sled dogs or any work in cold climates.

Hence, Wooly Huskies are mostly kept as companion dogs.

When Did the Wooly Husky Originate?

A Wooly Husky lying down next to autumn leaves
Ricky, a Wooly Husky, plays with autumn leaves – Image source

Wooly Huskies are believed to be descendants of dogs that originated from 4000 years or more. In the early 1900s, many Huskies are brought to Alaska to compete in sled races. 

However, unlike the traditional Huskies, the Woolies cannot be sled dogs. Their coat collects snow and water, which make them sensitive to cold.

What Causes the Wooly Coat of a Husky?

Genetics plays a big part in why some Huskies are born with a wooly coat. Woolies have inherited the autosomal recessive trait of their parents, which led them to have a long coat.

According to DDC Veterinary, if both parents of a Husky are affected by a long-hair gene, the offspring may have a wooly coat.

Similarly, if one of the parents of a Husky has the gene, the dog has a 50% chance of having the long coat. 

Also, even if the Husky parents are carriers, but the long coat did not manifest in their appearance, the wooly coat gene may be passed onto their offspring.

How Many Wooly Huskies are There in the World?

There is no available data to show the exact population of Wooly Huskies. But one thing is for sure; you can rarely find this type of breed.

They are not as easy to find as their medium-coated counterparts.

Are Wooly Siberian Huskies rare?

Yes, Wooly Siberian Huskies are rare. After all, it is highly discouraging to breed a Wooly Husky.

Woolies are harder to find. It won’t be easy for anyone to reserve one for rescues or local breeders.

Do kennel clubs recognize the Wooly Husky?

Wooly Huskies are yet to be recognized by kennel clubs. But they are still considered a variant or the wooly version of the standard Husky.

Only one Husky dog is recognized by the official kennel club, the Siberian Husky.

However, anyone can register a Wooly Husky to kennel clubs, provided they will not join conformation shows.

After all, the occurrence of these dogs is only a result of recessive genes. They are still considered purebred. 

What are the Characteristics of Wooly Huskies?

A Wooly Husky lying down on the grass
Meet Zeus, a loving Wooly Husky – Image source

Overall, the characteristics of Wooly Huskies and the Siberian Huskies we know are the same.

After all, they have the same exact origin, and the only difference between them is the length of their coats.

Should you wish to have a Wooly Husky as a companion pet, expect the following behaviors to manifest:

  • Loving: Wooly Huskies love their family a lot. They thrive with human companionship. For them, their family is the center of their life.
  • Independent: While Huskies love to have quality time with their family, there are times when they like to be alone. They sometimes want to wander on their own. Plus, they have independent minds.
  • Stubborn: It can be challenging to train a Wooly Husky because they have a stubborn streak. They need obedience training during puppyhood.
  • Playful: Wooly Huskies like to play with people, even children. They enjoy some physical activities, so they are best suited to people who can let them show this side of themselves. They are outgoing and like socializing with pets and people they meet outdoors.

Take a look at the table below to know if a Wooly Husky is suitable for you:

Wooly Husky Dog
Relation with Family 5
Good with Children 5
Friendly with Strangers 5
Friendly with Other Dogs 5
Easy to Train 3
Energy Level 5
Barking Level 3
Mental Stimulation Needs 4

What Does a Wooly Husky Look Like?

A Wooly Siberian Husky wearing a hat
Koda, a Wooly Siberian Husky, thinks her new hat fits her perfectly – Image source

In terms of appearance, there’s no significant difference between Wooly Huskies and traditional Huskies. The latter only has a shorter coat than the former.

Wooly Huskies have excessively long and thick fur, making their bodies not that pronounced.

Wooly Huskies’ facial characteristics are also like the Siberian Huskies, except for Wooly’s feathering around their ears and face.

Wooly Huskies also have almond-shaped eyes, usually in color brown or blue. Their muzzles are of medium length, and a nose that is commonly liver, black, or flesh-colored.

Unlike regular Huskies, Wooly Huskies have long coats covering their body shape. They also have feathers around the legs.

How big is the Wooly Husky?

Like other dogs, male Wooly Huskies are bigger than their female counterparts.

Male Woolies stand between 21 to 23.5 inches (53 to 60 cm), while females Woolies are around 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm).

In terms of weight, male Wooly Huskies have an average weight of 45 to 60 lbs (20 to 27 kg).

In comparison, the weight range of female Wooly Huskies is between 35 to 50 lbs (16 to 23 kg).

Here is a table for more detailed information about the size of Wooly Huskies:

Wooly Husky Physical Features Male Female
Height 21 to 23.5 inches
(54 to 60 cm)
20 to 22 inches
(51 to 56 cm)
Weight 45 to 60 lbs
(20 to 27 kg)
35 to 50 lbs
(16 to 23 kg)

How long does a Wooly Husky dog grow?

Generally, Wooly Huskies, like regular Siberian Huskies, will achieve their full-grown size as they reach one year old.

However, some medium-sized dogs may take up to 15 months.

What is the average weight of Wooly Husky dogs?

The average weight of male Wooly Huskies is 45 to 60 lbs (20 to 27 kg). On the other hand, female Wooly Huskies weigh around 35 to 50 lbs (16 to 23 kg). 

What are the eye colors of Wooly Huskies?

Wooly Huskies may have blue, brown, or part-colored eyes. They may also have bi-eyes, meaning the two eyes may have different colors.

In general, eye colors are the most attractive feature of Huskies.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of Wooly Huskies?

The average life expectancy of Wooly Huskies is between 14 to 15 years. They have a pretty long life which means they have long years to make you happy.

However, using them as sled dogs may affect their lifespan as their coat is not the best for the task and may cause hypothermia.

It is also important to note that they are susceptible to various eye conditions.

What Coat Type Do Wooly Huskies Have? 

A Wooly Husky sitting by a pool
Ginger, the Wooly Husky, asks if she can have a dip in the pool – Image source

Wooly Huskies have a long, thick, double coat. They are soft, flowy, and attractive. But their coat is also why they are unsuitable for working dogs in chilly weather.

Do Wooly Huskies have double coats?

Yes, like the traditional Huskies, Woolies are double-coated coats. The outer coat of the Wooly is known as the guard coat.

However, it does not guard or protect them efficiently in snow and rain. Their undercoat is soft. 

What are the Husky coat types?

The regular Husky has a medium-length double coat. They are thick but not as thick as the Woolies.

Their fur is lustrous and stunning; most of all, it can protect them in wet and cold weather. They are capable of working as sled dogs.

Standard coat vs. wooly coat: What is the difference between the two coats of Huskies?

Their coat is the only difference between a Standard Husky and the Wooly Husky. A typical Husky has a double-coated coat that is long and thick.

However, it does not obscure their body shape. 

The coat of Standard Huskies is the one that is recognized by the AKC. Their coat protects them from harsh weather temperatures, especially in winter.

Moreover, similar to Standard Huskies, the Woolies have double coats.

However, their outer coat or guard hair is exceptionally long, which is undesirable to what is expected from the typical Huskies.

While the coat of the Woolies makes them look stunning, it does not protect them from cold and wetness. Their fur takes time to dry, which is harmful to them.

What is the Wooly Husky dog’s coat like?

Wooly Husky has an extraordinarily long and thick double coat. The outer coat is longer than the typical coat of Husky dogs, while the inner coat is visibly thicker.

They have feathering on the ears, face, legs, and tail.

How long is the Wooly Husky’s coat?

A Wooly Husky sitting on the floor
Koda, the Wooly Husky, knows her coat makes her gorgeous – Image source

As mentioned, the coat of a Wooly Husky is longer and thicker than the Standard Huskies. Many people find their appearance very stunning.

However, this breed is frowned upon because their coat cannot protect them in cold and wet environments.

What’s the coat density of the Wooly Husky?

Wooly Huskies have dense coats. Again, they are denser or thicker than the coat of the standard Huskies.

Due to their coat’s density and length, this breed looks fluffier and more gorgeous.

How can you tell if your Husky puppy is wooly?

By looking at the Husky dog, you will know it is the wooly variant. The main distinguishing feature is the length and thickness of their coat.

They have a longer outer coat and a thicker undercoat. It would seem like their coat covers the outline of their body.

Do Wooly Huskies shed much?

While Wooly Huskies have long coats, they are not heavy shedders. Their coat only blows at least twice per year, just like the Standard Huskies.

However, owners should brush their coats daily to keep them knot-free and neat.

Are Wooly Siberian Huskies hypoallergenic?

No, Wooly Siberian Huskies are not hypoallergenic due to their shedding tendencies. Hence, they are not suitable for those people with allergies.

This breed can also have dead skin cells and dander, which is harmful to those with allergies.

Do Wooly Huskies Smell?

A Wooly Husky lying down and sticking its tongue out
Elsa, a Wooly Husky, strikes a pose – Image source

Although Wooly Huskies have thick and long coats, they don’t have a foul odor. These dogs don’t smell unless owners don’t wash their feet or bathe them.

Their bodies might only exude odor after playing in the mud or if they have dental issues or yeast infections.

How do you take care of and groom a Wooly Husky?

The coat of Wooly Huskies is high-maintenance. Their long coats should be brushed weekly or more often because it is prone to matting and tangling.

During the shedding season, daily brushing is encouraged. Owners should invest in high-quality grooming tools or regularly take this breed to a grooming salon.

Can Wooly Huskies Live in Hot Weather?

Wooly Huskies can live in hot weather, but they are better suited in places with moderate temperatures. Generally, Siberian Huskies prefer cold places.

However, the Wooly Husky’s coat does not do a good job of protecting them against cold and wet environments. 

What Colors and Markings are Wooly Huskies?

A Wooly Husky lying down in a yard
Laila, a Wooly Husky, watches passersby from her yard – Image source

Wooly Huskies share the same colors as traditional Huskies. Hence, they may come in single or multiple coats.

They can come in a solid color of white or black. Bi-color Huskies can be seen in black, agouti, red, gray, and sable with white.

Generally, Huskies, including Wooly Huskies, may have white markings. Piebald markings are also accepted.

Are Wooly Huskies Good Family Dogs? 

A Wooly Husky walking with another dog
Ricky the Wooly Husky (left) made a new doggo friend (right) – Image source

The overall temperament of Wooly Huskies does not fall from the Siberian Huskies. Woollies are not very different from the classic northern Huskies.

They are friendly, loving, and devoted dogs, making them perfect family companions.

This breed thrives on human companionship, especially if they are trained early during puppyhood. They are good around people, although their instinct to run may kick in. 

Meanwhile, you may check the table below to know if Wooly Huskies can be great family pets.

Wooky Husky Dog Temperament Rating
Adaptability 3
Friendliness 5
Mouthiness 4
Playfulness 5
Family-Oriented 5
Stranger Tolerance 5

Are Wooly Huskies good with other dogs?

Yes, Wooly Huskies are good with other dogs, especially if they were raised together.

However, untrained Woolies cannot co-exist with other pets or animals. They have a high prey drive.

Thus, you may find them chasing livestock or cats as they are trained as hunters.

Are Wooly Huskies friendly with other people?

Fortunately, owners will never have a hard time introducing Wooly Huskies to other people. This breed can quickly warm up.

They like to hang out and play with other people of all ages.

Can Wooly Husky dogs get along well with strangers?

Wooly Huskies are usually good with strangers. They are friendly and very welcoming of them.

You will not find it challenging to welcome guests into a home with a Wooly Husky.

How do Wooly Huskies get along with young children?

Wooly Huskies are great pets for households with children.

They like to play and spend time with kids. They tolerate them, but like with other dogs, children should be supervised while playing with Woolies.

Can Wooly Huskies Adapt Easily?

A Wooly Siberian Husky on a bench smiling with its eyes closed
Elsa, the Wooly Husky, appreciates the cool, dry weather – Image source

Siberian Huskies are generally adaptable dogs. However, due to their lengthy coats, Wooly Huskies may not be adaptable to all types of environments.

They might find it challenging to thrive in colder areas

Ironically, Huskies are known to be adaptive to colder settings. The Woolies’ long coats, on the other hand, collect water and snow, which may cause irritation.

Hence, it is best for them to refrain from staying in places where they may get exposed to these elements.

Are Wooly Husky Dogs Aggressive?

As a general rule, Huskies, including Wooly Huskies, are not prone to aggression. They are gentle, affectionate, and sociable. However, aggressive behaviors are possible in all dogs.

While Wooly Huskies are not considered an aggressive breed, biting can happen if you provoke them or don’t respect their boundaries.

Do Wooly Husky Dogs Bite?

Like other dogs, Wooly Husky dogs also bite. However, they don’t show aggressive biting, and they may do so only when provoked or for protection.

The strength of their bites is not recorded, but their non-Wooly counterparts have a biting force of 320 PSI. 

Are Wooly Huskies Affectionate?

Yes, Wooly Huskies are affectionate dogs. They will show their affection to their humans by initiating physical contact. They love to lean, touch, or walk with their loved ones.

They form strong attachments to their owners.

Are Wooly Huskies Loyal?

Wooly Huskies are extremely loyal canines. They love their family, and it is the center of their life.

This breed will live happily once they have human companionship or family that loves them dearly.

Since they are not generally fit to work, their primary purpose in life is to be human companions.

Do Wooly Huskies Like to Cuddle?

A Wooly Siberian Husky lying down in bed
Koda, the Wooly Siberian Husky, wants some hugs – Image source

Cuddling with their humans is one of the favorite activities of Wooly Huskies. They like to be hugged and petted.

However, like the regular Siberian Husky, they do it on their own terms and only when they feel like doing so. 

Does the Wooly Husky Love Freedom?

While they love the company of their loved ones, Wooly Husky loves freedom. Once their independent streak kicks in, these dogs tend to wander around.

They are always on the go and would rather spend time doing physical activities than slouch on the couch or bed. 

Are Wooly Husky Dogs Easy to Train?

No, Wooly Husky dogs are not easy to train. These dogs are stubborn and have an independent streak, which makes it hard for them to train.

They like to run around. They need early training during puppyhood.

Can Wooly Husky dogs be used as working dogs?

Siberian Huskies are working sled dogs. However, the same might not be said about Wooly Husky dogs.

The thick and long coat of Wooly Huskies takes time to dry, and it could be challenging for them to work as sled dogs. 

Do Wooly Husky Dogs Bark a Lot?

No, Wooly Husky dogs don’t bark a lot. They may do so, but most of the time only when bored, to alert their family members, and for other similar reasons.

These dogs will howl rather than bark. 

How does a Wooly Husky bark?

Most Wooly Huskies don’t bark. Like the Standard Huskies, they mostly howl loudly. It is said that Wooly Huskies have so much to say that they would rather howl than bark.

Do Wooly Huskies Have High Energy Levels?

A Wooly Husky sitting next to a sign
Koda, the Wooly Husky, is always ready to have fun-filled days – Image source

Wooly Huskies have a high energy level. They need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. Their exercise should involve a lot of running and playing.

Physical and mental stimulation is vital for them; otherwise, they will bounce off the walls or throw tantrums.

Are Wooly Huskies Active?

Yes, Wooly Huskies are active dogs. They always have the energy and stamina to do physical activities. They like to exercise, play, and spend time outside.

Anyone who enjoys hiking, biking, and running will have the best companion dog.

How Fast Can a Wooly Husky Run?

There is no data available for the exact running speed of the agile, energetic, and athletic Wooly Huskies.

On the other hand, Huskies have an average speed of 28 to 30 mph (45 to 48 kph). 

Are Wooly Huskies Playful?

Wooly Huskies are playful dogs. They are agile and athletic too, which makes them good playmates. Children are in love with this breed because of its playful nature.

Does the Wooly Husky Drool a Lot?

Wooly Husky dogs may drool at the smell of delicious food or when they are tired, but they don’t drool a lot. These dogs are clean and low-maintenance.

If your Wooly is excessively drooling, they should seek medical attention. 

What Does the Family Life of Wooly Husky Dogs Like?

A Wooly Siberian Husky with a hybrid dog
Meet Rosco the doggo (left) and Elsa the Wooly Husky (right) – Image source

Wooly Huskies enjoy family life and get along well with other dogs. They are great dogs as they are affectionate, loving, and gentle toward their loved ones.

They are also the perfect companion for a family with kids and for an active home.

How Much Does a Wooly Husky Cost?

Since Wooly Huskies are rare, they are costly. This breed may cost around $1000 to $2500.

They are more expensive than the regular Siberian Husky, which you can get for around $400 to $1,200.

Some breeders tend to price more if a Wooly Husky is intentionally bred.

What Kind of Food Should Wooly Huskies Eat?

While most dogs will eat everything served to them, this is not the case with Wooly Huskies.

This breed needs special nutrients. They need moderate fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate food.

They need a good amount of calories because they are active dogs. You should feed them 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dry dog food, split into two servings daily.

What are the Best Dog Foods for Wooly Huskies? 

A Wooly Husky looking at a plate of food
Ricky, the Wooly Husky, finds salmon appetizing – Image source

Due to the stubborn nature of Wooly Huskies, they may not eat should they decide to. Hence, owners should be patient in giving them healthy and delicious dog food.

Make sure to feed them food suitable for their age, size, lifestyle, and health.

For Wooly Husky puppies, we recommend the following:

To keep your adult Wooly Huskies healthy, you may serve them the following:

What Other Dog Breeds Look Like the Wooly Husky?

A happy Samoyed dog in the autumn park
A Samoyed at a park in autumn

Many dogs look like Wooly Huskies. If you find it hard to look for one, you may opt to buy or adopt another breed.

Here is the list of breeds you may consider as an alternative to Woolies. Like the Wooly Husky, these breeds are fluffy, beautiful canines.

Wrap-Up: Is It Worthy to Own a Wooly Husky Despite their Wooly Coat?

If you won’t use them as a working dog in a country with chilly weather, then there is no problem with having a Wooly Husky.

Woolies have been subject to discrimination for years because of their long coat. However, there’s more to Wooly Husky that everyone who dislikes it is missing on.

Wooly Huskies are fluffy and great companions because of their excellent temperament.

They are loving, pleasant dogs. They are stress relievers and the best partners in your daily active lifestyle. 

Woolies have a long lifespan, too. Should you take care of them well, you both have long years of enjoying life together.

Do you have a Wooly Husky dog? What do you love most about them? Let us know in the comments!

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