Can Dogs Eat Fish? How to Keep Your Pup Healthy

Dog try to scrounge a fish from the table

If you try to give your dog a healthy diet, you might be wondering if your four-legged pal can eat fish. The answer is: yes! Fish can be an extremely healthy addition to a dog’s diet.  But there are a few things you should know, including which fish are best and what to avoid. We’ll … Read more

Feeding your pet: Can dogs eat shrimp, or are there risks?

a Pomeranian sitting on a couch while looking at a woman

Dogs love a little nibble of anything off your plate, but how can you be sure if something is safe for them or not? Some human food is perfectly healthy, while other food can make a dog sick… or worse!  So can dogs eat shrimp? You bet! But there are a few caveats that dog … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mangoes? Benefits of Mango for Your Dog

a Shih Tzu laying on the floor while biting a mango seed

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “can my dog eat mangoes?” the answer is yes! Dogs can safely eat mangoes. In fact, the flesh of mangoes is an excellent snack for dogs.  However, do note that you still need to be cautious when giving your pup new food. Mangoes are safe for dogs when … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Corn? 10 Things You May Not Know About this Golden Crop

White Samoyed dog eating a corn

There are some foods that dogs should never eat, but sweet corn isn’t one of them. In fact, corn is safe for dogs to eat. Corn is a highly digestible carbohydrate that is both fibrous and nutritious. There are loads of misinformation on the web about how corn is essentially a “filler” ingredient. Dog owners … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Peas? Are There Any Health Benefits for Dogs?

Family with their dog peeling peas together

Perhaps you’ve seen some dog foods containing peas and got you thinking, “Can my dog eat fresh peas?” The answer? Yes, dogs can eat peas. Certain human foods, like peas, can have a range of health benefits for our pets, just as they do for us. It’s one of the reasons why peas are a … Read more

Can My Dog Eat Spinach? What are the Benefits of Spinach?

Pomeranian dog waiting for a yummy food

If you’ve ever wondered if you can feed spinach to your pup, the answer is yes! Your dog can eat spinach. In addition, human foods can be a source of additional nutrients and flavor for your pet’s meals.  Although spinach stirs up quite a bit of controversy as there are some benefits and a few … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits of Giving Carrots to your Dog

Pet owner preparing natural food for her dog

If you’re looking for an alternative snack for your pooch, you may ask yourself, can dogs eat carrots? The short answer is yes; dogs can eat carrots! Carrots have many nutritional benefits and will allow your doggo to have a low-calorie, healthy snack. To learn more about what carrots can do for your pup, keep … Read more

Can Dogs Really Eat Avocado And Not Get Sick?

a Pug licking a green avocado

We’ve all been there. Fido is eyeing your avocado toast, and you’re tempted to give him a bite. But should you? Can dogs eat avocado? The answer is yes! But only in small amounts. There is such a thing as too much avocado, and dogs shouldn’t eat any part of the avocado plant or avocado … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple: Pros & Cons of Human Food to our Pets

A Dalmatian wanting to eat a pineapple

Whether your pup snagged a piece of pineapple off your plate, or they just really want a bite of that juicy fruit, you might be wondering if dogs can eat pineapple. The answer is yes, in small amounts, pineapple makes a fantastic little snack.  But there’s more to the story. This guide gives you all … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Benefits of Feeding Your Pup Cucumbers

French Bulldog loves cucumber

Many dog owners assume that all fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat because they are healthy for humans. However, this incorrect assumption can lead to problems for your dog and possibly even an emergency veterinary visit.  So if you find yourself asking, are cucumbers safe for dogs? The answer is yes; cucumbers … Read more