Skin Problems in Dogs

Regularly grooming your dog helps keep you aware of any skin problems.(By: liverpoolhls)

Remember that a dog’s skin is composed of only one layer, so it is much more delicate than a human’s skin, which has three layers.

A dog’s skin depends on the hair and oils on it to keep it in good condition.

Some preventive steps:

  • Keep your dog properly fed to prevent dry skin.
  • When bathing your dog, use dog-formulated shampoo to prevent dry skin.
  • Groom your dog regularly. Some problems are caused by matted hair that provides a breeding ground for a variety of skin diseases. Regular grooming also helps keep you aware of any recurring problems.
  • Keep your dog flea and parasite free.
  • Check your dog regularly for foxtails, burrs, and other sharp objects picked up while outside.

Relieving Dry Skin

Some things to try:

  • Shampoos with lanolin
  • A good soak in cool water
  • Non-drying shampoo: e.g., HyLyt Shampoo (affiliate link) with essential fatty acids is said to be nonallergenic
  • Medicated shampoos may help with allergy-induced problems
  • Avon’s Skin So Soft added to the rinse water

Allergies Followed by Staph Infections

Once a dog has an allergic reaction, it is quite common to have a secondary staph infection. Many veterinarians aren’t familiar with this. The staph infection may stay around long after the allergy is gone.

A vet who specializes in dermatology can be of great help in dealing with skin problems. See if your vet can refer you to such a specialist.

Some studies on primrose and fish oil in helping relieve or cure secondary infections from allergies have been documented.

Next, in Part 2 of this article, we go down a very big list of possible skin problems in dogs.

Part 2: Possible Problems »

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