16 Best Dog Food Brands 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Pet owners always want to know what the best dog food on the market is. However, there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question.

With thousands of dog food options available, finding the best one for your pet can certainly be a challenge. Also, as each pet, and owner, is different, what is the best food for your pup might not be the top choice for another dog.

Samoyed dog drinking water after playing

When looking at what you feed your dog, you need to consider his size, age, weight, and breed to supply him with proper nutrition. However, certain brands do stand out above the rest. 

Not only do these brands meet the recommended nutritional requirements from AAFCO, but they include quality ingredients that support your pup’s whole body health.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best dog food brands, as reviewed by pup owners and recommended by veterinarians and canine nutritionists.

Quick Top Picks: Best Dog Food Brands for 2023

If you’re short of time, check out our top eight picks below. We’ve analyzed these top dog food brands’ ingredients, nutritional values, and costs to help you decide.

Dog Food Categories Dog Food Brands
Best Overall Dog Food Brand Orijen
Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters Royal Canin
Best Dog Food for Pups with Health Issues Hill’s Science Diet
Best Grain-Free Dog Food Taste of the Wild
Best Dog Food for Puppies Blue Buffalo
Best Budget Dog Food Diamond Naturals
Best Dog Food for Senior Pets Nulo Dog Food
Best Wet Dog Food Blue Buffalo

1. Blue Buffalo Dog Food

A Pitbull got a pack of blue buffalo dog food
A Pitbull dog got a new pack of Blue Buffalo dog food – Image source

Average Price: $50
Type of Food: Dry and Wet

The Blue Buffalo Dog Food features 23 different dry dog food recipes in their Blue Buffalo Life Protection line, which is a popular choice with many pet owners.

It offers pet owners top-rated, grain-inclusive kibble with fresh protein featured as the primary ingredient in all their formulas.

Their recipes also include plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply your pet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The grains they use in the formulas are easily digestible whole grains, such as brown rice, which supply your pet with nutrients and fiber. They offer specific formulas that cater to the needs of your dog at any life stage.

The Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Adult Wet Dog Food is more affordable than many high-end canned dog food options and offers your pet plenty of flavor options with quality proteins like chicken, beef, fish, lamb, and turkey featured as the main ingredients.

All the recipes are free from corn, wheat, or soy as well as any artificial flavors or preservatives.

2. Royal Canin Dog Food

A Belgian Malinois with the packs of royal canin dog food
A Belgian Malinois happy with the packs of Royal Canin dog food – Image source

Average Price: $20
Type of Food: Wet and Dry

Royal Canin Dog Food is a top pick for many veterinarians around the world. That is because its formulas are packed up by research by top animal scientists and canine nutritionists.

This food is often found to be more palatable to dogs as well, making it a great choice for picky eaters. 

Royal Canin also offers a hydrolyzed diet for dogs with allergies with their Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food.

Puppies are also catered for in the Royal Canin range through recipes like the Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Dog Food, which features higher levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Their products are also readily available, both online, at most vets, and in pet stores. This means you are unlikely to run out of your pet’s food. 

Royal Canin also makes both wet and dry food, so you can match similar recipes to provide tasty toppers or variations to your dog’s mealtimes.

Adding wet food to your dog’s dry kibble will also increase his water content, keeping your pet hydrated.

3. Diamond Dog Food

A Rough Collie dog with the pack of diamond naturals dog food
A Rough Collie dog sitting beside the pack of Diamond Naturals dog food – Image source

Average Price: $35
Type of Food: Dry

The Diamond Dog Food brand has several different ranges to choose from, depending on your budget. Their premium product, the Diamond Naturals range, comes highly recommended with 13 different recipes to choose from.

This is one of the most affordable dog foods that still gives your pet good quality nutrition.

The recipes in the Diamond Naturals range are designed to meet your pet’s every need and are supported by probiotics and various superfoods.

Each recipe contains between 10 and 20% superfoods such as kale, blueberries, pumpkin, chia seeds, quinoa, spinach, and coconut. 

The Diamond Naturals range is also guaranteed to be free of corn, wheat, and soy. This is a great option for pet owners on a budget that still wish to supply their pet with quality nutrition.

4. Pedigree Dog Food

A Siberian Husky dog with the packs of pedigree dog food
Meet Kaiser, a Siberian Husky dog showcasing his new Pedigree dog food – Image source

Average Price: $20
Type of Food: Dry and Wet

Pedigree is one of the cheaper dog food brands on the market, and for a specific reason. Their recipes don’t feature meat as the primary protein but rather filler ingredients such as whole grain corn and soybean meal.

The formula also contains unidentified animal ingredients such as meat and bone meal and several artificial colors. 

While this big name brand spends plenty of money on marketing, little of that effort is directed into ensuring a quality product.

While their foods are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and come in a variety of different flavors, sizes, and options, this is definitely not the best option for your dog.

5. Nutro Dog Food

A Maltipoo puppy with nutro ultra dog food
A Maltipoo puppy wanting the new pack of Nutro Ultra dog food – Image source

Average Price: $50
Type of Food: Dry

The Nutro Dog Food brand offers a vast variety of choices for pet owners. All of the recipes from this pet food manufacturer include real, recognizable ingredients that will meet your pet’s complete nutritional needs. 

The Nutro brand prides itself on using natural ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for your dog. They have a variety of formulas crafted for breeds of all sizes.

This is also often recommended as one of the top foods for owners looking for a grain-free diet for their pets.

One of our favorite recipes from Nutro is their Nutro Natural Choice Senior Dry Dog Food which is created specifically for elderly pets.

It’s available in large and small sizes and features chicken or lamb as the main ingredient. It also has extra calcium to support your aging dog’s bones and joints. 

Nutro Dog Food is free from corn, wheat, soy, or any GMOs. Nutro also offers a limited ingredient diet that is available in dry or wet versions for pets with food sensitivities.

This recipe features just one novel protein source and a single carbohydrate.

6. Victor Dog Food

A Border Collie sitting beside the pack of victor dog food
A Border Collie dog thankful for the new pack of Victor dog food – Image source

Average Price: $50
Type of Food: Dry

The Victor Classic product line has four different recipes for pet owners to pick between. Their kibble is affordable and suitable for dogs in all life stages.

All of Victor’s dog foods feature the proprietary core of selenium yeast which helps improve metabolic function and cellular regeneration, ultimately boosting your dog’s immune system. 

They also include a proprietary blend of mineral complexes to support a healthy coat and skin and probiotics and prebiotics, which aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Their Victor Hi-Pro Plus Formula is gluten-free and contains no corn, wheat, or soy, making it the ideal choice for pups with food sensitivities. 

7. Fromm Dog Food

An Australian Shepherd in between two pack of fromm dog food
An Australian Shepherd dog with the favorite packs of Fromm dog food – Image source

Average Price: $30
Type of Food: Dry and wet

Fromm Dog Food features three different product lines. These include Fromm Family Classics which are dry kibble recipes designed for specific life stages featuring chicken and grains and Fromm Gold whose grain-inclusive and grain-free formulas feature various protein sources and are available in wet, and dry options. 

Finally, Fromm Four Star Nutritionals is made for all life stages, and also offers grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes.

Their recipes include a variety of whole proteins and protein-based meals, whole grains (if not grain-free), omega-3, and 6 rich ingredients such as flaxseed and salmon oil. 

This above-average dog food offers your pet 28% protein and 16% fat. All of Fromm’s products are manufactured in the USA from the company’s two dry food manufacturing facilities and wet food cannery in Wisconsin.

8. Holistic Select Dog Food

Two dogs beside the holistic select dog food
Two dogs sitting beside their newly bought Holistic Select dog food – Image source

Average Price: $60
Type of Food: Dry and wet

The Holistic Select Dog Food brand features 11 different kibble recipes suitable for puppies and adult dogs. This brand offers exceptional grain-free options with a variety of unique flavor options. 

One of our favorite options from this brand is the Holistic Select Adult Health Anchovy & Sardine and Salmon Meals Recipe. This recipe features an anchovy and sardine meal as its first ingredient.

The rest of the formula is backed up with nutritious carbs like brown rice and oatmeal, while ingredients like flaxseed and canola oil supply essential fatty acids.

This highly recommended dog food brand also offers a range of canned dog food options for anyone looking to top up their pet’s regular kibble with delicious wet food alternatives.

9. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

A dog with the pack of hills science diet dog food
A dog imitating the dog picture on the Hills Science Diet dog food pack – Image source

Average Price: $60
Type of Food: Dry

The Hills Science Diet comes from a well-respected dog food brand that has been in the business for more than 70 years.

Hill’s makes a variety of different foods that specifically cater to the unique nutritional needs of different breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs.

In addition, they also offer specific formulas for dogs with various health conditions, such as a sensitive stomach or weight problems.

All Hill’s Science Diet ingredients are sourced in North America, and these foods are produced in the USA. All their formulas are also free from any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. 

10. Orijen Dog Food

A Chihuahua and the packs of orijen original dog food
A Chihuahua and the packs of Orijen Original dog food – Image source

Average Price: $90
Type of Food: Dry

Orijen is an expensive dog food brand, but its ingredients are human-grade. This Canadian brand only uses local ingredients and also publishes information regarding exactly where their fish, meats, vegetables, and fruits were sourced.

The 85% of these ingredients are animal-based, with the remainder being fresh fruits and veggies.

Their meat-rich recipes include eight different formulas suitable for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. The primary protein in each recipe varies from chicken to fish, venison, and more.

This is one dog food company that is well-respected and known for its superior, biologically appropriate recipes. These quality formulas do, however, come at a price.

If you have an active dog, then Orijen’s Fit and Trim Grain-Free Dog Food comes highly recommended.

This food features a whopping 42% protein from free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder, free-run turkey, wild-caught Atlantic herring, and cage-free eggs. 

It also features several antioxidant-rich superfoods such as pumpkin, carrots, kelp, kale, spinach, carrots, apples, and pears.

11. Taste of the Wild Dog Food

An Alaskan Malamute with a pack of taste of the wild dog food
Hungry Alaskan Malamute excited for the newly bought Taste of the Wild dog food – Image source

Average Price: $50
Type of Food: Dry and Wet

Taste of the Wild delivers protein-rich dog food inspired by your canine’s ancestral diet.

The nine different recipes from Taste of the Wild deliver high-quality, nutrient-balanced formulas at an affordable price with high protein and fat levels to support your dog’s muscles, bones, and immune system.

All of Taste of the Wild’s recipes also feature antioxidant-rich ingredients that supply your dog with vitamins and minerals. They are also loaded with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids for supporting your dog’s skin and coat.

When you buy Taste of the Wild, you are guaranteed quality food with no filler ingredients.

Their Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dog Food is a popular choice featuring fresh buffalo as the main ingredient, followed by chicken and lamb meals. 

The revamped Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie formula is also a popular choice. It includes ancient grains like sorghum and millet, with buffalo and pork as the first two ingredients to offer a protein-rich recipe.

12. Pure Balance Dog Food

A Doodle dog with pure balance dog food
A Doodle dog excited to try the new flavor of Pure Balance dog food – Image source

Average Price: $30
Type of Food: Dry

Pure Balance Dog Food offers pet owners just two different recipes crafted for all life stages. These include Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice and Pure Balance Lamb and Brown Rice.

As the names suggest, these recipes include quality protein, with brown rice being the primary carbohydrate source.

Flaxseed is also included in the formula to supply your pet with omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. This above-average dry dog food offers your dog 30% protein, 17% fat, and 45% carbs, with a fat to protein ratio of 60%.

That’s quite a lot of protein for a moderate amount of meat due to the boosting effects of dried peas and pea protein.

13. Canidae Dog Food

A Pug dog with Canidae dog food
A Pug dog beside a new pack of Canidae dog food – Image source

Average Price: $60
Type of Food: Dry and wet

Canidae Dog Food offers pet owners 12 different recipes to choose from including several grain-free options which are free of any corn, wheat, or soy.

These include a variety of sub-brands, including Canidae All Life Stages (Dry and Wet), Canidae Grain Free Pure Dog Food (Dry and Wet), and Canidae Under the Sun Grain Free Dog Food (Dry).

This vet formulated dog food is designed for pets of all life stages, breeds, and sizes, which means you don’t have to swap out your pet’s food as he grows.

There’s also Canidae Pure which is a limited ingredient diet specifically made for pets with allergies and food issues. 

On average, Canidae’s dog food features 26% protein, 14% fat, and 51% carbs. This means the food has a fat to protein ratio of 45%.

14. Go Solutions Dog Food

A Sheltie dog with the packs of go solutions dog food
A Sheltie dog being a model of the packs of Go Solutions dog food – Image source

Average Price: $65
Type of Food: Dry and Wet

In the Go! Carnivore line, you will find five different recipes, all loaded with meat. The formulas are all free of genetically modified ingredients and come highly recommended by other pet owners. 

The Go! Solutions line also offers a variety of wet food options that too are packed full of protein, such as Alaskan pollock, salmon, and turkey.

Their recipes also feature easily digestible carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, pumpkin, and peas.

15. Eagle Pack Dog Food

Dog sitting beside the eagle pack dog food
A dog sitting beside the Eagle Pack dog food – Image source

Average Price: $45
Type of Food: Dry

Eagle Pack is brought to you by the same company that makes the well-known Wellness brand of dog foods. The Eagle Pack product line features seven dry kibble recipes offering superior nutrition at an affordable price

If you have an oversized dog, the Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Adult is a fantastic choice.

This food features protein from chicken meal and pork meal with ground brown rice, oatmeal, and barley included as nutritious carbohydrate sources. 

It’s also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids for the immune system and building healthy skin and coat, taurine for the healthy functioning of the heart, and inulin, a natural source of soluble dietary fiber and a prebiotic.

Eagle Pack also includes chelated minerals in their foods. These are minerals that have been chemically attached to the protein to make them easier to absorb.

16. Nulo Dog Food

A Mini Golden Doodle with the pack of nulo dog food
Adorable Mini Goldendoodle with the pack of Nulo dog food – Image source

Average Price: $70
Type of Food: Dry

Our top choice from Nulo Dog Food, the Nulo Freestyle range features eight dry dog food recipes. This is a superior grain-free kibble that’s designed to cater to a wide range of dogs, meaning it’s ideal if you have multiple pets at home. 

For older dogs, our top pick would be the Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Senior Trout and Sweet Potato Recipe. This grain-free formula offers plenty of protein from multiple sources such as trout, turkey, and salmon.

It also offers your pet plenty of easily digestible carbs, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and added glucosamine and chondroitin.

Complete Guide: What’s the Best Food to Feed Your Dog?

A Husky dog eating from a bowl
Siberian Husky dog eating kibbles from a pink bowl

A wise professional once said, “If you want to know if a food is good for your pet, look at your pet. Your pet is a reflection of what he/she is eating.” There are many precautions we can take to ensure our pet is healthy.

What are the most important features to look at when choosing the best dog food brands?

A good place to start when trying to determine if dog food is good or not is through the AAFCO verification.

AAFCO-certified products have been through laboratory testing to ensure that the products offer an appropriate level of protein, fat, and fiber for the relevant stage of the dog’s life. 

One should also look out for the company’s quality control process, and transparency of information such as ingredients, recalls, ingredients, contact details, and their availability to answer questions.

When looking at the ingredients, identified animal sources of protein should be at the top. The best foods will have real, whole protein at the top of this list, not a meat meal or by-product.

You can also try to choose a brand that works closely with a veterinarian or animal nutritionist.

1. Dog Breed

When choosing a dog food for your pet, you need to consider your pup’s breed. Large breed puppies need food that supports the slow growth of bones and joints, while these dogs also need to move onto senior food a lot sooner than small dogs.

Large breed dogs can be considered elderly by around seven years old.

On the other hand, small breed dogs have small mouths and so need kibble that is a lot tinier in size to be able to eat it properly.

Small breed dogs also often have high energy levels and thus need food packed with protein that properly sustains them.

2. Dog Age

A happy Labrador Retriever lying near empty bowl
A happy Labrador Retriever lying near the empty bowl while waiting for the food

Your dog’s age and any health issues that he has will also help in determining which is the best dog food for your pet.

Some brands, such as Hill’s Science Diet, supply age-specific formulas that are designed to support your dog at each step of his life journey.

What is the Best Dog Food Brand Name for Senior Dogs?

Nutro offers some great options for elderly pets. Their Natural Choice Senior Dog Dry Food is a great choice for a senior dog and is available for those of a large or small breed. 

As a dog gets older, their needs change and therefore so must their food. Senior dogs require fewer calories as they expend less energy but need more protein and calcium to support their aging bones and joints. 

Nutro Natural Choice supplies these necessary ingredients in their chicken and lamb Senior Dog Food and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

What is the Best Dog Food Brand for Puppies?

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy is a great option for young dogs. It’s loaded with essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, DHA and ARA, as well as Calcium and Phosphorus.

As you don’t yet know the ideal dog food for your puppy, you can try giving them a variety of different flavors including chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon.

As always, protein should be the first ingredient, and puppies need food with elevated protein levels that can support their growing bodies. 

What is the Best Dog Food Brand for Adult Dogs?

The Royal Canin brand is a popular and trusted brand for dogs of all ages. Their adult dog food comes with many recommendations from professionals.

Not only is Royal Canin readily available, but they are supported by research and feeding trials. 

Their recipes are also formulated to help support a healthy skin and coat. Royal Canin is palatable, helps with digestion, and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

3. Dog Size

A Labrador Retriever dog flattered with the food
A Labrador Retriever dog being flattered when the owner’s giving the food

When choosing a food for your dog, you will want to consider its size.

A recipe that has been formulated for your specific size breed will ensure that your dog grows at a steady pace, preventing any future bone or joint disabilities, and supply enough energy to sustain them for the entire day. 

4. Dog Activity Level

Your dog’s activity level and weight goals will also help determine which is the best food for your pup.

Some dogs, like working breeds, have very high activity levels and thus need food packed with protein, while others are less active, couch-potato types, and need food with lower calories that won’t cause them to pack on the pounds and become obese.

What are the best dry dog food brands?

Dog waiting for the go signal to eat
A Dog with kibble food waiting for the go signal to eat

There are a variety of great dog food brands when it comes to dry kibble. Some of our top choices include Orijen, Hill’s Science Diet, and Taste of the Wild.

Dry dog food can benefit your pet as the friction of chewing can help keep his teeth and gums healthy. 

These foods all meet the AAFO standards for canine nutrition. They’re also available in a wide variety of proteins including chicken, beef, salmon, duck, lamb, pork, and quail.

What are the best wet dog food brands?

A dog look at candle on birthday treat
A celebrant dog looking at the candle on a birthday treat

Various dog food brands make great wet foods. One of our favorites is Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Adult. This food is consistently chosen by reviewers and vets as one of the best on the market.

Although wet foods are usually more pricey, Blue Buffalo is more affordable than most. 

Wet food has a higher percentage of water which allows it to be fulfilling and hydrating as well as easy to digest. Blue Buffalo comes in beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, and fish, with each protein being the main ingredient.

The brand offers flavor-packed with all the essential nutrients your dog needs to support their whole body health.

What are the best Chicken Dog Food brands?

Shredded chicken in a bowl
Shredded chicken in a bowl

Chicken is the most popular flavor in dog food brands, with almost every brand having at least one chicken recipe. The most well-known are Hills, Purina, Royal Canin, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Orijen, and Instinct. 

Many recipes use chicken meat; however, it’s not uncommon to find a chicken meal as an ingredient or poultry by-products.

Chicken meal is a highly concentrated form of chicken protein, while by-product refers to the unwanted cut-offs, such as the beak or claws.

What are the best Lamb Dog Food brands?

Lamb is not found as often as chicken but is another beloved flavor. This flavor is offered by top brands such as Hills, Blue Buffalo, Purina, Nutro, Wellness, Zignature, Only Natural, Nature’s logic, Taste of Wild, Canidae, and many more. 

It’s offered as dry kibble or wet food and can be mixed with other protein, such as lamb and beef stew.

What are the best dog foods with fish?

The most commonly found fish in dog food is salmon. Other fish products commonly found in best foods are white fish which is a protein and salmon oil which is used for its Omega 3 benefits.

Fresh prepared Pangasius fish fillet
Fresh prepared Pangasius fish fillet

Some dogs are not fond of salmon due to the fish odor and therefore refuse to eat the food. 

For those who love the flavor, the following brands supply a fish-based meal: Blue Buffalo, Purina, Wellness, Instinct, Orijen, Nulo, American Journey, The Honest Kitchen, Natural Balance, Canidae, Nutro, Hollistic, Taste of the Wild, Go!, Whole Earth, and Dr. Tim’s dry dog food.

What are the best Turkey Dog Food brands?

Turkey is the only other poultry offered in dog food, and it’s usually used in dry dog food. It is often found as a novel protein in grain-free food for dogs with food sensitivities or fresh food.

Turkey can be found in recipes from Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Nutro, Go!, Just Food, The Farmer’s Dog, Whole Earth, Orijen, Merrick, Nulo, Ollie, The Honest Kitchen, Nature’s Logic, Hollistic, and Iams.

What are the best Beef Dog Food brands?

Beef is a popular flavor for dogs of all ages, sizes, and weights. Beef can be portrayed as “Texas Beef”, “Beef Meal”, “Grilled Beef” and many more.

Chunks of raw beef
A Chunks of raw beef for dog

The following brands make use of beef: Hills, Blue Buffalo, Purina, Wellness, Merrick, Victor, Diamond, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Rachael Ray, Instinct, Nature’s Logic, Nutro, Whole Earth, and Stella’s.

What are the best Venison Dog Food brands?

Venison is a very uncommon ingredient as it can be rather pricey for most. Venison is seen as a high-quality meat and is only found in limited recipes.

It often serves as a novel protein source for dogs with severe food intolerances.

Some brands that include venison in their recipes include Taste of The Wild, Natural Balance, Natures Logic, and Orijen.

Which dog food brands are better for allergy care of dogs?

Allergic Beagle dog scratching
Beagle dog with itching and scratching

Dogs with allergies are often affected by grain in their food or common proteins like chicken or fish.

It depends on your dog’s allergies as to what food best suits their needs, but numerous brands supply food that is highly effective with allergy-prone breeds such as Bulldogs.

Brands that offer limited ingredient, grain-free options with novel protein sources for pups with allergies include Instinct, Nulo, Eagle, Hollistic, Iams, Victor, Royal Canin, Nutro, Natural Balance, Ollie, Merrick, and Wellness.

Which dog food brands are better for the joint health of dogs?

Certain breeds, most commonly large breed dogs, are prone to bad joint health which can start as early as in their puppy days. However, senior dogs suffer from the same problem due to their aging bones. 

Because of this, various brands, such as Royal Canin, Nutro, Merrick, Hills, and Purina, have brought out a variety of dry food to maintain and improve the joints of our fragile pets.

These foods normally include supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin which act to support your pet’s joints and improve mobility.

Which dog food brands are better for weight control in dogs?

When dogs consume a lot of calories, they could risk becoming overweight or even obese. Thus wet dog food, such as the options from Blue Buffalo, are ideal for weight loss as the percentage of water is much larger than in dry food. 

Fat Chihuahua on top of bathroom scale
An obese Chihuahua dog on top of a bathroom scale

If canned food isn’t your thing, then brands like Hills and Annamaet have dog food suitable for weight loss if needed.

Hills, Purina, and Iams also provide food that’s ideal for weight management to prevent having to turn to weight loss foods. Alternatively, if your dog is underweight, Instinct provides suitable food to get your pet back on track.

Which dog food brands are better for the digestive health of dogs?

Canned food, lightly cooked food, and grain-free food are easier for dogs to digest. This means your dog absorbs more vitamins, minerals, essential fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

The following brands offer food that is easily digestible, especially for pets with sensitive stomachs and digestive distress: Nutro, Merrick, Royal, Natures Logic, Taste of The Wild, Diamond, Ollie, Gentle Giants, Victor, Instinct, Wellness, and Natural Balance.

What are the best dog food sellers?

Unfortunately, some of the best dog food sellers are often not the best for your pet. For example, Pedigree is a very popular brand due to its convenience and affordability.

Cute Corgi dog with bowl for food
A Corgi dog lying beside the empty yellow food bowl

However, the ingredients included don’t offer your pet the very best nutrition. One brand that combines quality with affordability and accessibility is the Diamond food brand.

So What is the Best Dog Food Brand for My Pet?

When choosing the best food for your pet, there are many factors to consider.

You can’t only look at the most popular brands but also need to take into account the ingredients used, the different cooking methods, and of course, your own budget.

With so many different foods out there, your dog’s energy levels, weight, size, breed, age, and health condition, will all help in determining which brand of dog food will be best for him as an individual.

We hope the above has given you some insight into the most popular and the best dog food brands on the market as you endeavor to look for the perfect nosh for your pup.

What dog food brand do you feed your pet? Is there a specific recipe your furry friend can’t get enough of? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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