10 Best Rabbit Dog Foods 2023 (Premium & Budget)

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Last Updated on January 21, 2023

Are you feeling particularly French? Or does your furry friend need hypoallergenic food to keep him happy and healthy? How about feeding your dog rabbit?

While we know you’re familiar with foods made from chicken, beef, and pork, how about that created from more unusual protein sources, like rabbit?

Hungry beagle dog asking for food

Believe it or not, it is an option. Here are some of the best rabbit dog foods you can buy.

Top 5 Picks for Best Rabbit Dog Food in 2021

  Rabbit Dog Food Recipes Our Rating
Best Overall Rabbit Dog Food (Editor’s Choice) and Best Dry Rabbit Dog Food Instinct Original Grain-Free Rabbit Dry Dog Food

  • Made from rabbit and fish meals as the primary ingredients
  • Includes chunks of raw, freeze-dried meat
  • Includes organ meats rich in vitamins and minerals
Best Budget Rabbit Dog Food Merrick Real Rabbit and Chickpea Recipe

  • A protein-rich recipe that includes multiple protein sources
  • Apples and blueberries contribute flavor and plenty of antioxidants
  • This food contains four probiotics to aid in digestion
Best Wet Rabbit Dog Food Nature’s Logic Canine Rabbit Feast All Life Stages Canned Dog Food

  • A highly digestible formula featuring natural eggshell calcium and animal plasma 
  • Made from 90% animal ingredients
  • Low in carbs and completely grain and gluten-free
Best Freeze-Dried Rabbit Dog Food Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Patties

  • Composed of a single protein source and several delicious fruits and veggies
  • This US-based food is made in small batches with sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Four probiotics strains are included to aid in better digestion

Best Rabbit Dog Food (Based on Dog Food Types)

Lean, delicious, and nutritious, rabbit meat is an attractive protein option for canine food. From dry kibble to wet or canned food to freeze-dried possibilities, there are more rabbit dog foods on the market than you may realize.

Fresh Rabbit meat
A fresh Rabbit meat

Keep reading to discover our top picks in each category.

Best Dry Rabbit Dog Foo

When most people think about dog food, they think about the dry kibble that is most commonly available and convenient to feed your dog.

More affordable than wet or freeze-dried options, dry kibble is a fantastic choice for everyday feeding. Here are five of the best dog foods that include rabbit.

A cutie dog about to eat its kibble meal
A cutie tiny dog excited to eat its kibble meal – Image source

1. Instinct Original Grain-Free Rabbit Dry Dog Food

Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Rabbit Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 5
Top Ingredients: Rabbit, Salmon Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal
Type: Dry

The Instinct Original Rabbit Dry Dog Food is made from raw ingredients with rabbit and fish meals as the primary ingredients.

This grain-free formula, which features a mix of animal proteins, includes chunks of raw, freeze-dried meat. The recipe is free from any potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors, or preservatives.


  • This food also includes rabbit kidney, liver, and lung with these organ meats rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Several antioxidant-rich foods such as cranberries, apples, peas, carrots, and pumpkin also provide extra flavor and fiber
  • This recipe is fortified with probiotics to aid digestion


  • This is a costly option compared to other foods on the market


2. Holistic Select Rabbit & Lamb Dry Dog Food

Holistic Select Adult Health Grain-Free Rabbit & Lamb Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4
Top Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Lamb Meal, Chickpeas
Type: Dry

This grain and potato-free rabbit recipe is designed to aid your dog’s digestion. The formula, which features rabbit meal and lamb meal as the first two ingredients, has been fortified with ten different probiotic strains.

The rest of the all-natural ingredients feature no corn or artificial additives, which could cause allergies.


  • The recipe features dried beat pulp and pumpkin for added fiber
  • Canola oil is included as well as flaxseed for building healthy skin and coat through omega-three fatty acids
  • Antioxidants are provided through superfoods like pomegranate, papaya, blueberries, and cranberries


  • Some dogs simply refused to eat this food


3. Merrick Real Rabbit and Chickpea Recipe

Merrick Grain Free Real Rabbit Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5
Top Ingredients: Deboned Rabbit, Turkey Meal, Lamb Meal
Type: Dry

A protein-rich recipe, this formula includes rabbit and turkey, lamb, and pork as well as chicken fat and salmon oil.

Made in the USA using all-natural ingredients, even the carbohydrate sources used in this grain-free recipe, namely chickpeas and peas, are protein-rich.


  • Apples and blueberries contribute flavor and plenty of antioxidants
  • This food includes four probiotics to aid in digestion


  • Due to the multiple protein sources, this food is not an excellent choice for pets with allergies


4. Earthborn Holistic Venture Rabbit Meal and Pumpkin Formula

Earthborn Holistic Venture Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Rabbit Meal & Pumpkin Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5
Top Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Pumpkin, Tapioca
Type: Dry

This limited ingredient diet Earthborn Holistic Venture Rabbit Meal and Pumpkin Formula features rabbit as the single source of animal protein while few other ingredients make this a good choice for dog owners looking to identify their pet’s food intolerances. 


  • High-quality vegetables like peas and pumpkin aid digestion by providing fiber
  • The rabbit meal in this food is sourced from France, where farmers follow strict regulations, which includes feeding the rabbits 100% vegetable sources and providing proper living conditions


  • Some pet owners complained of strange side effects, including black stools, hair loss, and excessive flatulence


5. Nature’s Logic Canine Rabbit Meal Feast 

Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Meal Feast All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4
Top Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Turkey Meal, Millet
Type: Dry

Nature’s Logic Canine Rabbit Meal Feast is a high-protein formula that contains not only rabbit but also turkey and pork.

This 100% natural recipe is designed to be highly flavorful and nutrient-rich. The kibble is also coated in plasma protein and digestive enzymes with natural vitamins, minerals, albumin, and globulin proteins.


  • This food is free from any potatoes, lentils, corn, peas, rice, soy, wheat, potato, chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, carrageenan, trace nutrients, xanthan gum 
  • This minimally processed food is packed full of superfoods like blueberries, spinach, dried kelp, and cranberries


  • Millet is the only carbohydrate source, and it isn’t considered a very high-quality ingredient


Best Wet Rabbit Dog Food

Husky puppy waiting his food on stainless bowl
Meet Lex, a young Husky waiting for his food on a stainless bowl – Image source

Canned or wet dog food can be an excellent option for dogs that suffer from dental issues, need to consume more water, or are picky about their food.

These foods offer smelly, tasty, delicious designed to tempt any pet. Here are a few of our favorites:

6. Instinct LID Real Rabbit Wet Dog Food

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Real Rabbit Canned Dog Food

Our rating: 4
Top Ingredients: Rabbit, Water, Rabbit Liver
Type: Wet

This grain-free, limited ingredient dog food uses rabbit as a single animal protein, making it an excellent choice for pets with food sensitivities.

Peas are the only other ingredient used in the recipe. Without any grains, soy, dairy, eggs, or other common allergens, this food is a great way to relieve your dog of itchy skin or other allergy-induced issues.


  • This food is fortified with plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s whole-body health
  • This canned dog food is locally made in the USA


  • Some pet owners complained about this food being too watery


7. Merrick Lil’ Plates Rascally Rabbit Stew

Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain Free Small Breed Wet Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5
Top Ingredients: Deboned Rabbit, Venison Broth, Chicken Broth
Type: Wet

A stew designed for small dog breeds, this food features protein from rabbit, egg, and chicken.

The recipe also features several fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, and pears, to supply your pet with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This food is cooked in the USA.


  • This food comes in an easy-open tray with a removable lid so they can be offered to your pet as is without the need for a bowl
  • Venison and chicken broth add delicious flavor to this food


  • As this food contains several chicken-based ingredients it isn’t an excellent choice for dogs with allergies


8. Nature’s Logic Canine Rabbit Feast All Life Stages Canned Dog Food

Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Feast All Stages Canned Dog Food

Our rating: 5
Top Ingredients: Rabbit, Water Sufficient for Processing, Pork Liver, Dried Egg Product
Type: Wet

Made with whole foods, Nature’s Logic Canned Dog Food is nutrient-dense with a selection of fruits and vegetables and organ and muscle meat.

The highly digestible formula features natural eggshell calcium and animal plasma which is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, albumin, and globulin proteins.


  • Made from 90% animal ingredients, this rabbit formula is low in carbs and completely grain and gluten-free
  • The highly palatable flavor is designed to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters


  • Some pet owners complained that for wet dog food, the consistency was quite dry


Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Australian Shepherd worried about his food
An Australian Shepherd worried as there’s still no food on the bowl – Image source

Packed full of protein and fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried rabbit dog food offers a unique way to feed your pet.

Although expensive, a freeze-dried diet is often favored by picky eaters and owners who want to provide their pets with a natural diet akin to what they would have in the wild.

9. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Patties

Stella & Chewy's Rabbit Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5
Top Ingredients: Rabbit with ground bone, olive oil, rabbit liver
Type: Freeze-dried

These freeze-dried rabbit meat patties are composed of a single protein source and several delicious fruits and veggies.

Providing a unique way to feed your dogs, the patties can be served up as is or rehydrated in water or broth. This US-based food is made in small batches with sustainably sourced ingredients.


  • Four probiotics strains are included within the formula to aid in better digestion
  • Several antioxidant-rich ingredients, like beets, are also included in the recipe


  • This food can be prohibitively expensive, especially for large dogs


10. Grandma Lucy’s PUREformance Rabbit Freeze-Dried Recipe

Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Rabbit Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Our rating: 4
Top Ingredients: Rabbit, Chickpeas, Flax
Type: Freeze-dried

This easy-to-prepare freeze-dried food has a grain-free formula that features USDA rabbit as the main ingredient and sole protein source.

Made in the USA, the food comprises of 87% locally sourced ingredients, with chickpeas and lax being the primary carbohydrate sources.


  • Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins are provided by healthy fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, apples, bananas, and blueberries
  • With 36% of the calories coming from protein, this food is suitable for adult dogs, puppies as well as pregnant or lactating females


  • With no probiotic support and high fiber content, some dogs struggled to digest this food


Is Rabbit Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Jack Russell Terrier eating his kibble meal
A Jack Russell Terrier dog eating well on his kibble meal – Image source

For dogs that have food allergies, rabbit meat is considered to be a lifesaver.

Dogs tend to develop an allergy to foods that they have been eating for an extended period, and the chances are, your dog has not eaten rabbit meat very often.

Rabbit meat is considered a novel protein and can be fed to dogs with severe food allergies and sensitivities. 

Moreover, dogs with joint problems, obesity, and cholesterol or picky eaters can also benefit from a diet based on rabbit meat.

Rabbit has a very distinct taste that your dog is likely to thoroughly enjoy, either as a treat or on a more regular basis. 

Rabbit dog food also contains almost entirely white meat, which is less calorie-dense than dark meat. If your dog is obese or prone to becoming obese, then a rabbit is a highly suitable option.

What makes Rabbit meat so special for dogs?

As mentioned previously, the main logic behind feeding your dog rabbit meat is that most dogs have not previously eaten rabbit meat.

This, in turn, makes it extremely rare for your dog to develop an allergy to it compared to more traditional meat sources such as beef and chicken.

Rabbit also has more protein than many other common meat choices, and high protein intake is an essential requirement of a healthy and robust dog.

Rabbit has 6.1 grams of protein per ounce which makes it much higher in protein per unit than chicken, beef, turkey, duck, and lamb. 

Rabbit dog food is also high in Vitamin B12, which is good for your dog’s nervous system and energy levels.

It contains a complete protein, which means that it includes all the necessary amino acids your dog should be consuming.

Health Benefits of Rabbit Dog Food

A rabbit meat with other ingredients
Fresh Rabbit meat together with other cooking ingredients – Image source

As mentioned, rabbit meat has a low-fat level and generally contains less fat per pound than regular red meats such as pork and beef.

Dog foods with lower levels of fat can be beneficial to pups that are older, less active, and attempting to lose weight. 

Rabbit meat also has a high protein content and is rich in vitamin B12 which is vital for the health of a dog’s central nervous system and immune system.

A lack of such could impair their senses such as sight, hearing, and smell. 

Rabbit dog food is also high in crucial minerals such as phosphorous and potassium which are considered vital in a dog’s diet, as they play a role in the repair and maintenance of the body’s cells, specifically a dog’s bones, and teeth.

Rabbit meat is also an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, zinc, iron, riboflavin, and more!

As with any meat that your dog eats, it’s essential to switch it up from time to time because if your dog consumes the same meat for too long, it’s likely that it might develop an

allergy to it. Although it does contain lots of vitamins and minerals, your dog cannot live solely on rabbit as it does not consist of everything your dog needs. 

For example, dogs require omega fatty acids to keep their coats healthy. However, rabbit does not contain these acids meaning your dog needs these nutrients from alternative sources.

Best Rabbit Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Japanese Spitz got kibble with carrot and corn meal
A Japanese Spitz dog got a kibble meal mixed with carrot and corn – Image source

Are you wondering how to choose the best rabbit dog food for your dog? Suitable rabbit food should contain good quality protein sources, whole grains, natural fats, digestible carbs, and various nutritional supplements. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Rabbit Dog Food

Firstly, you want to make sure that the rabbit dog food that you purchase contains substantial amounts of rabbit. Many dog foods will list “rabbit” in their formula name when in actuality, rabbit is far down in the ingredient list. 

Secondly, ensure that the meat is of high quality. Rabbit food that is packed with fillers and less-than-optimal ingredients is usually not the best option.

The rabbit food should also be made without artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives as these are potentially problematic ingredients that are not a part of high-quality dog foods. 

Also, consider the macronutrient content of the food. These are the primary building blocks that our dogs eat to survive, so their food must meet this essential nutritional requirement.

A good rabbit dog food will also contain lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables

Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, pomegranate, and pumpkin also help improve the taste of the food, making for a happy and healthy dog.

Rabbit dog food should also be packed with probiotics which help eliminate digestion complications.

Also, look for rabbit dog food containing chondroitin and glucosamine, both of which are two compounds that help protect your dog’s joints and keep them healthy. 

To grain or not to grain: Do dogs need grain-free food?

If your dog has a grain allergy, then, of course, it’s better to put your dog on a grain-free diet which should address this issue.

Moreover, grain-free foods are potentially beneficial to your dog’s digestive issues since carbohydrates can be difficult for some dogs to digest

Many grain-free dog foods may also not use fillers, alternatively using higher quality ingredients.

However, it’s essential to consult with your vet before switching to grain-free dog food as the FDA is currently investigating a link between grain-free dog foods and heart disease in canines. 

Wet, Semi-Moist, or Dry? Which Rabbit food is best for your dog?

Dry dog food is, of course, the cheaper option for feeding your pet. Furthermore, dry dog food is also considered clean and convenient. It does not have an odor and is easier to sweep up or vacuum away. 

Wet food, which is more intense in smell and taste, is likely to taste better for the dog. It’s also easier to cover your dog’s fluid requirements with wet food and is recommended for dogs not drinking lots of water throughout the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rabbit meat with broccoli and coriander
Fresh whole Rabbit meat with broccoli and coriander – Image source

Is Rabbit meat or Rabbit dog food expensive?

The cost of rabbit meat is primarily dependent on where in the world you are located and thus varies significantly. For example, in many European countries such as Spain, rabbit meat is relatively cheap.

Whereas in other countries such as America, fresh rabbit meat is harder to acquire and thus quite expensive

However, rabbit meat is certainly not going to be some of the cheapest meat available, and formulas that focus on chicken might be the better alternative if you’re on a tighter budget.

You might also want to consider how many cups you have to give your dog daily to work out if a rabbit-based diet will be avoidable for you. Feeding a small breed dog will obviously be more affordable than a giant Great Dane!

Most dog foods will give an indication of how many cups per day for each breed size or dog weight and should display a kcal/cup measurement to give you an idea of calorie intact.

Your dog’s activity level will also influence how much food they need daily.

Can you give homemade Rabbit food to your dog?

Buying fresh rabbit meat to make your homemade formula can be an expensive way of going about feeding your dog. However, if you’d like to give it a go, here is a great recipe you can try at home:


  • Two rabbits, approx. 4 lbs. Each
  • 8 cups water
  • 2 cups barley
  • 1⁄2 cup wild rice
  • 1⁄2 cup chopped kale
  • 1⁄2 cup chopped asparagus
  • 1⁄2 cup lima beans
  • 1⁄2 cup chopped carrot
  • One chopped sweet potato
  • 1⁄3 cup canola or sunflower oil
  • 1 cup plain yogurt


  1. Place rabbits in a large pot and add water. Bring to a boil.
  2. Reduce heat and simmer for about 30-45 minutes or until the rabbit is cooked and falling from the bone.
  3. Remove the rabbit from the pot and remove all meat from the bones, making sure you get all the bones from the pot as well. 
  4. Discard the bones and return the rabbit meat to the pot.
  5. Add barley, rice, and vegetables and bring to a boil. 
  6. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for about 30 minutes or until rice and barley are tender and absorb most of the liquid.
  7. Remove from the heat and stir in canola oil.
  8. Cool completely and stir in the yogurt.
  9. Package in Ziploc bags or containers to refrigerate or freeze.

Talk to Your Vet Before Choosing Any New Food For Your Dog

While rabbit isn’t the most common protein source for pet food, more and more brands are starting to feature this unique ingredient in their formulas.

Delicious, and nutritious, a rabbit-based diet can have plenty of benefits for your dog. 

This is one protein source that is often overlooked for human and pet food alike, and that’s a real pity as there are plenty of reasons to feed your pet rabbit.

It may not be the cheapest option on the market, but if your dog suffers from allergies or obesity, then it’s well worth spending a little bit extra to keep them happy and healthy.

Do you feed your dog rabbit dog food? Please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear what brands work for you and your pooch.

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