Orijen Dog Food Review 2022: Best Recipes, Ingredient Analysis, and Recalls History


Orijen dog food product line
Orijen dog food

Our Rating: We gave Orijen Dog Food a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

The Orijen Dry Dog Food offers specialized, premium protein, grain-free, nutrient-rich pet food recipes designed to meet the nutritional needs of different life stages, sizes, lifestyles, and activity levels.

The company has built its reputation on creating biologically appropriate foods using its patented WholePrey ingredients.

Founded in 1985 by Reinhard Muhlenfeld, Orijen has grown to become one of the most trusted specialty dog food manufacturers trusted by vets, pet owners, and professional breeders in the pet food industry worldwide.

Their recipes are widely distributed in 70 countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Orijen is made from only the finest ingredients with 85% to 95% of premium animal ingredients, such as deboned chicken, beef, turkey, and real fish, and 15% of fruits and vegetables sourced from trusted partners.

They focus on biologically appropriate nutrition which has earned them numerous awards, such as Best Dog Food Overall from Business Insider in 2020 and 2021.

The Orijen product line includes nine high-quality grain-free recipes which are formulated for large breed puppies, small adult dogs, seniors, and dogs who need a reduced-calorie diet.

Each recipe doesn’t contain corn, wheat, soy, and by-products, and is packed with fresh or raw ingredients which meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for dogs.

Based on its ingredients alone, the overall nutrient profile of the Orijen Dog Food is considered above average.

As a group, it features an above-average protein content of 38.7%, a moderate fiber content of 5.4%, an average fat level content of 17.11%, and a carbohydrate content that is less than 20%.

With such quality assurance and nutritional integrity, Orijen’s parent Canadian company, Champion Petfoods, which owns Orijen and Acana, has sold over $200 million worth of dog food products in 2020, according to the Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies report.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed Orijen Dog Food review, evaluating each of their recipes based on the quality of the ingredients, the daily feeding cost, the pros and cons of the brand, recall history, and more.

Read on to help you decide which Orijen recipe is right for your pup’s nutritional needs but also fits your budget.

Food Review at a Glance: The Best Orijen Dog Food Recipes

Here’s a quick overview of K9Web’s top picks for Orijen recipes with their corresponding Overall Rating, Ingredient Quality Rating, and Price for feeding a 15-pound dog per day.

Overall Rating

Dog Food Recipes Ingredient
Quality Rating
The Price for Feeding
a 15-lb adult dog per day
Best Overall  Orijen Regional Red 5.0 $2.40
1st Runner Up
(Best Budget)
Orijen Original 4.8 $2.00
2nd Runner Up Orijen Six Fish 4.6 $2.26
3rd Runner Up Orijen Puppy 4.6 $2.00

Among these top 4 Orijen products, the most affordable recipes are the Orijen Original and Orijen Puppy recipes with a daily feeding cost of $2.00 while the most expensive is the Orijen Regional Red with a feeding cost of $2.40 per day.

What are the Product Lines of Orijen Dog Food? 

Two Toy Poodles with various Orijen dog food packs
Two Toy Poodles love the different Orijen dog food products – Image source

Orijen Dog Food doesn’t feature sub-brands like many other manufacturers like Buffalo and Purina.

Instead, all of their products are single recipes that are made to be grain-free, and gluten-free and don’t have corn, wheat, and soy which are common allergens. 

They are also biologically appropriate with WholePrey ingredients which means they contain higher levels of meats and fats and lower levels of carbohydrates.

1. Orijen Regional Red

Orijen Regional Red

The Regional Red recipe from Orijen is crafted from 5 premium animal ingredients such as ranch-raised beef, wild boar, Boer goat, and grass-fed lamb & wild-caught mackerel.

It doesn’t contain chicken so it’s recommended for dogs with food allergies.

In terms of price, this dry dog food is more expensive than the Orijen Original recipe because it contains deboned beef meat instead of chicken and it’s added with more Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

The daily feeding cost for your pet is around $2.40 for every 25-lb bag.


2. Orijen Original

Orijen Original

Made with fresh or raw free-run chicken & turkey and wild-caught fish, the Orijen Original recipe is good for all dog breed sizes and life stages.

However, it’s best suited for adult dogs with high activity levels as it contains a high protein level of 38% with 17% fat and 4% fiber.

For every 25-lb bag of Orijen Original, the daily feeding cost for your pet is around $2.0.


3. Orijen Six Fish

Orijen Six Fish

As the name of the recipe, the Orijen Six Fish features 6 premium ingredients from a nutrient-rich array of fish which include mackerel, herring, monkfish, redfish, and hake.

It’s recommended for dogs who prefer fish flavor or who don’t do well when fed poultry, lamb, or beef. 

Orijen Six Fish is good for dogs who are prone to heart diseases and need to strengthen their immune system since it has a higher level content of omega fatty acids than the Original and Regional Red recipes.

The daily feeding cost for your pet is around $2.26 for every 25-lb bag.


4. Orijen Puppy

Orijen Puppy

Recommended for small breed puppies, the Orijen Puppy recipe is packed with 5 premium ingredients including chicken, turkey, turkey giblets, flounder, and whole mackerel formulated exactly for the needs of growing canines.

It has a higher fat content of 20% and an increased fiber level of 6% than the Original recipe, making this recipe a good option for active puppies.

The daily feeding cost for your puppy is around $2.0 for every 25-lb bag, which is less expensive than the Orijen Regional and Orijen Six Fish.


5. Orijen Puppy Large

Orijen Puppy Large

Another recipe for young dogs but this time it’s recommended for large breed puppies like Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and American Bully.

The Orijen Puppy Large diet has a reduced fat content of 16% when compared to the Orijen Puppy which has 20%.

The reason for this is to help regulate the growth and weight of large breed puppies which is critical for large breed bone and joint development.

The daily feeding cost for your large puppy is around $2.66 for every 25-lb bag, which is a bit higher than the Orijen Puppy recipe.


6. Orijen Small Breed (Adult Dogs)

Orijen Small Breed Adult Dog Food

The Orijen also caters dog food for smaller adult dog breeds like Yorkies and Chihuahuas and that’s through their Origin Small Breed recipe.

It has the same amount of protein, fat, and fiber as the Orijen Original. The difference is their nutrients are packed into a unique kibble shape that’s easier for them to eat.

The daily feeding cost for your small adult pup is around $2.33 for every 10-lb bag, which is a bit higher than the Orijen Original.


7. Orijen Fit & Trim

Orijen Fit & Trim

For dogs that are a bit overweight, the Orijen Fit & Trim recipe is made to provide ample nutrition while limiting the number of calories and fat that your dog eats.

It’s formulated to keep your dog fit and active, with a higher protein content of 42%, a higher fiber level of 8%, and reduced-fat content of 13% than the Orijen Original.

As for the price, this dry dog food recipe has a daily feeding of $1.50 for every 25-lb bag.


8. Orijen Tundra

Orijen Tundra

The Tundra recipe from Orijen is made to replicate the diet of wild canids, featuring lamb, venison, duck, and fish. It has 40% of protein, 5% of fiber, and 18% of fat.

If your dog is allergic to chicken, then this is also a good option for him as it doesn’t contain meat from the chicken.

The daily feeding cost for your adult dog is around $2.80 for every 25-lb bag, which is the most expensive recipe in the Orijen product line.


9. Orijen Senior

Orijen Senior

Orijen offers dog food not just for puppies and adult dogs but also for seniors and that’s through their Orijen Senior recipe.

It’s made to support aging dogs with a higher fiber content of 8%, a reduced-fat level of 15%, and a higher amount of chondroitin (1000mg/kg).

This dry dog food has a daily feeding of $1.50 for every 25-lb bag.


Comparison Table Review: 9 Best Orijen Recipes and Flavors

A comparison overview of Orijen recipes with their corresponding average daily feeding cost and rating can be seen in the table below.

  Orijen Recipes Average Daily Feeding Cost Rating
1 Orijen Regional Red $2.40 per day 5.0
2 Orijen Original $2.00 per day 4.8
3 Orijen Six Fish $2.26 per day 4.6
4 Orijen Puppy $2.00 per day 4.6
5 Orijen Puppy Large $2.66 per day 4.6
6 Orijen Small Breed $2.33 per day 4.6
7 Orijen Fit & Trim $1.50 per day 4.6
8 Orijen Tundra $2.80 per day 4.6
9 Orijen Senior $1.50 per day 4.6

What Company Owns Orijen Dog Food? 

Two dogs with Orijen dog food for small breeds
Two small breed dogs like the size-appropriate Orijen dog food – Image source

Orijen Dog Food is a family business that was founded in 1975 by German-born Reinhard Muhlenfeld in Alberta, Canada.

It is owned by Champion Petfoods, which also owns the brand Acana. It has expanded ever since into one of the World’s Most Awarded Dog Foods.

Their owned brand recipes are widely distributed in over 70 countries. 

The company prides itself on creating biologically appropriate foods that come from pasture-raised or wild-caught whole protein sources that include things such as gizzards, organ meats, and other protein sources that carnivores typically eat in the wild.

The company is one of the most awarded dog food companies in the world.

Watch the video here on how Orijen dog food is made by Champion Petfoods at Global Pet Expo. 

Where is Orijen dog food manufactured? 

Orijen Petfoods is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The brand also owns its industry-leading manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, USA.

None of its food is manufactured in outsourced facilities, allowing them to maintain their level of standards.

Does Orijen Dog Food Have Any Recalls?

There have been no recalls on Orijen dog foods. All Orijen Petfoods manufacturing facilities undergo an annual audit by NSF International.

This audit ensures that their facilities are in order and the quality of their products is not compromised.

How to be updated if Orijen dog food recalls its products?

To make sure that you’re warned when any American or Canadian dog food recipe has been recalled, you should sign up for the FDA’s email recall alerts.

Once you signed up, they will send you a notification as soon as there’s a recall on any dog food product.

What’s the Nutritional Value of Orijen Dog Food Recipes?

A Shiba Inu with Orijen Original dog food
A Shiba Inu waiting to be given some Orijen Original kibbles – Image source

The nutritional value of the Orijen recipes is above-average dry dog food.

As a group, the Orijen brand features a high level of protein, a moderate level of fat, and a below-average level of carbs which is a satisfactory proportion of nutrients for dogs.

Orijen is made for owners willing to spend a premium amount of money on premium ingredients.

What nutrients do Orijen dog food products have?

The Orijen dog food brand provides complete holistic nutrition for every pet.

Generally, Orijen recipes have about 4% to 8% of fiber content and are packed with omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin which are essentials for your dog’s balanced diet.

Below are the other nutrients provided by Orijen’s dry dog food recipes. 

1. Orijen recipes are low-carb dog foods

As a group, Orijen dog food contains a carbs content of 20% or less which is good for dogs since they require very little nutritional requirement for dietary carbohydrates to thrive.

They get everything they need from protein and fat.

For more options for low-carb diets to help your dog lose weight and lower blood pressure, read our article about the Best Low-Carb Dog Foods.

2. Orijen formulas have high levels of proteins

The Orijen dog food brand contains a protein content of 38.7% in its overall recipes.

This is considered high since the recommended protein range for dry dog foods for adult dogs is from 18% to 32%.

The standard Orijen product line has a high amount of meat and uses real, whole meats and fish.

Many of these protein sources come from wild or pasture-raised animals.

If you’re looking for some more high-protein recipes, read our article about 10 Best High-Protein Dog Foods.

3. Orijen recipes contain an average fat content

Generally, Orijen dog food provides an average fat level of 17.1% in all its recipes which is a bit high since the recommended fat content range for dry dog foods to keep adult dogs healthy is from 10% to 15%.

For more low-fat dog food recipes for your overweight pooch, read our article about 10 Best Low-Fat Dog Foods.

What Formulas Does Orijen Dog Food Have?

Two Australian Shepherd dogs with Orijen Puppy food
Two Aussies inspecting the Orijen Puppy food pack – Image source

Orijen has formulated its recipes based on the breed’s size and life stage requirements.

They have varieties catering to small breed and large breed puppies, adults, and senior dogs. This brand also has a specific recipe crafted for dogs that require weight management.

1. Orijen Puppy Formula

Orijen puppy formulas are made especially for young dogs, with an appropriate level of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats for growing dogs.

There are two formulas: Orijen Puppy and Orijen Puppy Large.

Orijen Puppy foods are grain-free with deboned chicken, turkey, flounder, and mackerel featuring as the top ingredients.

Both recipes currently cost $99.99 for a 25-pound bag and an average daily cost of $2.33 for feeding your dog.

So if you’re searching for a premium dog food recipe that has no grains and is made just for young dogs, one of these will be perfect.

2. Orijen Adult Formula

The standard Orijen line of dog foods is Orijen’s adult foods, which are ideal for most dogs between the ages of two and seven. 

The foods in this range include Original, Six Fish, Regional Red, Small Breed, and Tundra.

Prices per day range from $2.26 for the Six Fish formula, $2.0 for the Original formula, and $2.80 on the high end for the Tundra recipe.

A 25-pound bag of Tundra retails for about $139.99, while Six Fish is $112.99 for 25 pounds.

3. Orijen Senior Formula

Orijen has only 1 recipe crafted specifically for older dogs and that’s the Orijen Senior recipe.

It uses deboned chicken, deboned turkey, Atlantic flounder, cage-free eggs, and whole mackerel as its five main ingredients.

It costs $99.99 for 25 pounds bag with a daily feeding cost of $1.50.

4. Orijen Weight Loss Formula

Generally, dogs are prone to certain diseases like obesity and diabetes so Orijen formulated a Fit & Trim recipe that provides more calories from protein and fat and with lesser carbohydrate content.

It features 42% protein, 13% fat, and 8% fiber. A 25-pound bag of Fit & Trim costs around $100 with a daily feeding cost of $1.50.

How Much Does Orijen Dog Food Cost?

A senior dog with a pack of Orijen dog food for senior dogs
A senior doggo happily receives its age-appropriate Orijen dog food – Image source

Orijen Dog Food belongs to the list of the most expensive brands on the market as it uses premium ingredients.

The average price of the Orijen which we computed based on the daily feeding cost for a 15-lb active adult dog ranges from $1.50 for the Orijen Senior Diet to $2.80 for the Orijen Tundra.

Their recipes come in different sizes such as 4.5-lb, 13-lb, and 25-lb bags.

We recommend you to buy the 25-lb bag of Orijen if you have enough budget as its price is much lower compared to its 4.5-lb and 13-lb bags.

What is the Quality of Ingredients Like in Orijen Dog Food?

A Jack Russell Terrier with Orijen dog food for small breeds
Linda, a Jack Russell, poses with her favorite Orijen food – Image source

Orijen dog food’s first 5 ingredients are always fresh and come from a variety of Wholeprey animal protein sources, delivering 85% quality animal ingredients

Each Orijen dog food recipe includes essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help improve your dog’s overall health.

It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and it’s added with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote healthy joints and cartilage.

All dog food recipes of Orijen are free from corn, wheat, soy, and gluten, making them a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Do Orijen dog food recipes include chicken?

Some Orijen Dog Food recipes such as Orijen Original, Puppy and Puppy Large, Senior, and Fit & Trim include deboned chicken as their first ingredients.

These recipes also contain chicken fat which is obtained by rendering the chicken.

However, the good thing about these Orijen recipes is they are never in the form of chicken meal, and chicken meat concentrates, which use a highly processed powder that’s not natural. 

If your pet is allergic or sensitive to chicken, check out our article about Top 13 Chicken-Free Dog Foods to help you find some healthy alternative recipes without chicken for your pooch.

Are Orijen dog foods produced from slaughterhouse waste?

No, Orijen Dog Food does not use by-product meals.

By-product meals are made up of slaughterhouse waste using organ meats and other edible parts of an animal, including bones and tissues.

When you feed your pet with by-product meals, you can’t be 100% sure of the quality of the protein they’re getting.

What are the Common Ingredients Found in Orijen Dog Food?

A Pitbull with her Orijen Original dog food
Maya, the Pitbull, finally got her Orijen Original pack – Image source

Orijen Petfoods use premium animal ingredients such as ranch-raised meat, free-run chickens and turkeys, wild-caught or responsibly farm-raised fish, and cage-free eggs.

Their recipes are also packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, essential vitamins and minerals, natural preservatives, and probiotics. 

Here are some of the most common ingredients found in Orijen Dog Food:

1. Deboned Chicken

Most dog foods contain chicken as it’s a lean source of animal protein, packed with nutrients, and relatively inexpensive. 

Orijen uses deboned chicken which is a clean combination of skin and flesh without the bone as their first ingredient for some of their formulas.

The recipes that include this premium meat are Orijen Original, Puppy and Puppy Large, Senior, and Fit & Trim recipes.

They don’t use chicken by-products that contain less-desirable parts of a chicken that remain after the meat is removed.

2. Deboned Turkey

Just like chicken, turkey meat is a lean, easy-to-digest protein and a rich source of riboflavin and phosphorous for dogs.

Orjen uses “free run” turkey in their dog foods.

“Free run” is a loose term that means the animal simply needs access to the outside. It doesn’t need to be a large area or contain any grass, plants, or live material.

The recipe that uses deboned turkey as its main ingredient is Orijen Small Breed.

3. Deboned Beef

Beef is a high-quality protein source and is packed with essential amino acids for dogs.

Orijen uses “ranch-raised beef meat” in their foods which come from animals that are well-raised on ranches and are cared for by farmers, ensuring they receive appropriate nutrition.

This is the reason why recipes with deboned beef are expensive.

The recipe that includes this premium meat is the Orijen Regional Red which is the most expensive in the Orijen product line.

4. Flounder

Orijen Original, Puppy, and Puppy Large are some of the recipes that include flounder as their third ingredient.

Flounder is a healthy saltwater fish packed with highly digestible protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and B-vitamins which are essential for supporting healthy joints, skin, and coats.

5. Whole Mackerel

Another type of fish, Mackerel is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Orijen Six Fish recipe uses whole Atlantic mackerel as its main ingredient while Orijen Original, Puppy, and Puppy Large and Senior formulas use mackerel as their fifth ingredient.

6. Whole Eggs

Orijen uses whole eggs rather than egg powder or egg whites in their dog foods, making their recipes more palatable.

The Orijen recipes with whole eggs as their fourth ingredients are Orijen Original, Orijen Puppy and Puppy Large, Small Breed, and Senior.

7. Chicken Liver

Orijen includes many different sources of organs in their recipes, citing that they believe organs to be a healthier source of animal protein for dogs since it’s what their wolf ancestors eat in the wild.

One of them is chicken liver which is rich in amino acids and high-quality proteins.

Orijen Fit & Trim is the only recipe that includes chicken liver as its second main ingredient.

8. Chickpeas

Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are one type of legumes that are most frequently added to grain-free diets.

Orijen adds a small number of chickpeas to their canine diets as a source of carbohydrate replacement since all their recipes are free from grains.

9. Lentils

Another type of legume, lentils contribute a good level of protein, fiber, iron, and other essential micronutrients to the canine’s diet.

Most Orijen recipes include a small number of lentils which is good since feeding too many lentils to your pet can give him gas or loose stools.

10. Whole Peas

Peas are also one of the most common ingredients added to commercial grain-free dog foods, including Orijen Dog Food.

They can be a great source of carbs, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet if given in a small amount. 

However, dogs that overeat peas can experience digestive problems like extreme gas.

Peas shouldn’t also be fed to dogs with kidney problems as they contain purines that produce uric acid that’s filtered through the kidneys.

Is Orijen a Good Dog Food Brand?

An American Pit Bull Terrier with Orijen Original and Regional Red recipes
Rose, the APBT, went shopping for Orijen Original and Regional Red – Image source

Yes, Orijen Dog Food is one of the best dog food brands available on the market today due to its high-quality products.

However, the premium ingredients come at a high cost.

This brand is highly recommended for people looking for a grain-free option for their dogs who are willing to pay the premium price.

Also read: 16 Most Popular Dog Food Brands

Does Orijen meet AAFCO standards?

Yes, all Orijen dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional guidelines set out by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials).

You can check the complete and balance label on the packaging of your dog’s food. 

Do vets recommend Orijen dog food? 

Yes, vets recommend the Orijen range as high-quality, grain-free dog food. It has received numerous awards and is considered higher than average quality.

What does K9Web say about Orijen Dog Food?

K9Web rated the Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food brand at 5 out of 5 stars for using high-quality protein from wild and pasture-raised sources and not including by-products, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives in their formulas. 

Orijen recipes are also packed with omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin, and other micronutrients which are vital for your dog’s optimal health.

This brand maintains its own manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States so you can be confident that their in-house Research and Innovation specialists have prepared your dog’s food with proper care and attention.

As of this writing, the Orijen brand has never had a recall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs about Orijen)

An English Bulldog wearing glasses with half his face shown
A cute, hungry English Bulldog

Does Orijen have a grain-inclusive option?

No, Orijen only offers grain-free options recommended for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

Carbohydrates come from beans, lentils, fruits, and veggies rather than grains.

Does Orijen dog food have high-energy formulas? 

Orijen doesn’t offer a high-energy formula specifically for active and working dogs, not like Diamond Naturals dog food which features an Extreme Athlete Adult formula.

However, their Tundra and Regional Red recipes are made with 85% premium animal ingredients for performance canines.

Is Orijen dog food good for puppies?

A German Shepherd puppy with Orijen Puppy food
A German Shepherd pup with his Orijen food for puppies – Image source

Yes, the Orijen range offers two excellent formulas specifically for puppies – the Orijen Puppy which is ideal for small breeds, and the Orijen Puppy Large which is crafted for the growing needs of large breeds.

These puppy foods are consistently rated 5 stars by pet owners.

To learn more about which dog foods are better for young pups, read our article about 18 Best Dog Foods for Puppies.

Is Orijen healthy for your dog’s growth?

Yes, docosahexaenoic acid, which is more commonly known as DHA, is added to all Orijen dog food puppies and all life stages dry formulas.

This DHA comes from salmon oil. It is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that assists with brain and vision development

Not only does it support the growth of puppies but DHA can also be passed through the milk of lactating female dogs.

Is Orijen good for older dogs?

Yes, Orijen has a recipe for senior dogs. This food is designed to have lower calorie levels and below-average fat content to cater to more inactive canines.

They also meet the AAFCO nutrient requirements for adult maintenance.

To learn more about which dog foods are great options for senior dogs, read our article about the 15 Best Dog Food Recipes for Senior Dogs.

Is Orijen good for your dog’s skin?

Yes, all recipes of Orijen dog food are added with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help your dog maintain its healthy skin and coat. 

A Welsh Corgi with Orijen Original dog food
Ezy, the Welsh Corgi, flaunts her Orijen Original dog food – Image source

Is Orijen dog food good for itchy skin?

Dogs who are allergic to grains will find relief with any of the recipes from Orijen. They do not manufacture a recipe that contains grains.

Also, all their recipes don’t include the most common allergens in dog food – gluten, corn, wheat, and soy.

Is Orijen good for anemic dogs?

Orijen has a Six Fish recipe that contains a whole mackerel, which has 1.4mg of iron for every 100 grams and is a good source of iron for dogs.

However, this brand is not catered to the special nutritional needs of anemic dogs.

Is Orijen good for dogs with kidney disease?

No, Orijen dog food isn’t the best for dogs with kidney disease due to their high protein levels, ranging from 38% to 42%.

The recommended range of protein for dry dog foods for dogs with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) should be 14% to 20%.

Is Orijen good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

All Orijen recipes are free from grains, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, and artificial additives which are recommended for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and grain allergies.

Is Orijen dog food good for picky eaters?

Yes, Orijen is a good dog food brand for dogs that are picky eaters.

Their recipes have tasty, fresh real meat ingredients that are formulated to closely mimic the diet that dogs have eaten in the wild.

Is Orijen dog food expensive?

An American Eskimo Dog shopping for Orijen dog food
An American Eskimo doggo shopping for her favorite Orijen dog food – Image source

Yes, the Orijen dog food brand is considered to be one of the most expensive brands.

While the prices vary between the different Orijen recipes, you can look to spend between $99 and $139 for a 25-pound bag of dry dog food. 

To learn more about which expensive dog foods are worth your money, read our article about the Most Expensive Dog Foods

Is Orijen dog food made in the USA?

Yes, Orijen dog food products sold in the United States are made in the DogStar Kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky, USA while the Orijen foods sold in Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia are made in the Northstar Kitchen in Morinville, Alberta, Canada.

Where to buy Orijen dog food?

Available in more than 70 countries, Orijen dog foods are sold exclusively through their trusted pet specialty stores and retailers like Chewy, Petco, Walmart, Petflow, and Amazon.

How is the Orijen dog food shipment?

Every online retailer has its own shipping guidelines and times based on your location and order.

If you’re buying from Chewy, you can expect to receive your ordered dog food supplies within 1-3 days.

Orders that require prescription approval from vets may take longer to ship. Always check the exact details before you check out.

Orijen Dry Dog Food Pros & Cons Recap: Buyer’s Guide

To help you decide if the Orijen brand is right for your pup and fits your budget, we’ve provided a summary overview of its pros and cons in terms of the quality of the ingredients and price.

Orijen Dog Food Pros Orijen Dog Food Cons
Biologically appropriate with WholePrey ingredients Expensive
85% to 95% premium animal ingredients High level of proteins and contains
peas which are not good for dogs with kidney disease
Grain-free and gluten-free
Free from corn, wheat, soy, and artificial additives
No by-product meals
Have been no recalls

Is Orijen Dog Food Worth The Money?

When it comes to buying food for your pet, Orijen Dog Food doesn’t have a huge range to choose from.

But for those looking for well-formulated, high-quality, grain-free food and are willing to pay for it, Orijen is well-respected, highly recommended, and consistently rewarded.

Our favorite recipe in their range has to be the Orijen Regional Red which contains premium deboned beef instead of chicken as the main ingredient packed with higher omega fatty acids. 

But if you’re looking for a more affordable recipe, Orijen Original is an excellent option. It balances cost with quality ingredients and is suitable for dogs in all life stages.

Do you have a favorite Orijen Dog Food recipe that you and your pet absolutely love? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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