What is the Best Grain Free Dog Food on the Market?

a Dachshund looking up and waiting to eat food

You may have heard the hype about giving dogs a grain-free diet, which is a recipe that doesn’t have anything like wheat, rice, or oats in it. Some dogs are healthier on grain-free diets, but there are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding to switch. This guide will help you pick the best … Read more

10 Best Low-Fat Dog Foods for Your Overweight Pooch

French Bulldog on a weight scale with healthy vegan food

If you have a dog that’s suffering from obesity, pancreatitis, or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), they’ll benefit from our list of best low-fat dog food. How do we pick the best? By eliminating low protein and prioritizing low-fat content. Most low-fat dog foods try to keep their calories low by replacing meat-based protein with plant-based … Read more

Try These Rabbit Dog Foods For Your Furry Friend

Hungry beagle dog asking for food

Are you feeling particularly French? Or does your furry friend need hypoallergenic food to keep him happy and healthy? How about feeding your dog rabbit? While we know you’re familiar with foods made from chicken, beef, and pork, how about that created from more unusual protein sources, like rabbit? Believe it or not, it is … Read more

What is the Best Venison Dog Food For My Pup?

Dog looking for more food

We all want to give our dogs the best in life. This particularly applies to their food, with venison being an excellent choice for your dog. This premium quality protein is a fantastic free-range, lean alternative to common dog food ingredients like chicken, beef, or lamb. But which venison-based dog food is the best? Keep … Read more

What is the Best Dog Food with Grain?

a Pomeranian with a filled dog bowl

No doubt you’ve heard the debate. Should I feed my dog grains? Are grains bad for them? Or is grain-free food dangerous? The bottom line is, grains don’t deserve the negative reputation they’ve gotten in recent years. For most dogs, grain-free foods are not only good, but probably beneficial. Curious to learn more? We’ll answer … Read more

The Best Large Breed Dog Food for Adult Canines

a smiling Bernese Mountain dog laying down

Supplying your dog with the right food can make a world of difference to their health and well-being. This is especially true with large or giant breeds because they require dog food that has more proteins and carbohydrates. Depending on their age (puppy or adult), you can select one of the best large dog food … Read more

What is the Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food? 

Cubes of freeze dried beef liver treats

If you are looking for a diet based on high-quality ingredients that mimics what your pet’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild, then freeze-dried dog food may be just what you need!  Mimicking the same process used to preserve food for space travel, freeze-dried dog food is more than just a novelty, offering your … Read more

What is the Best Dog Food for Diarrhea?

a cuddly Alaskan Malamute puppy with toilet paper

Uh oh. You’re walking your dog and they squat down. That’s when you realize: they have diarrhea! What do you do?! Some dogs have sensitive stomachs, while others may get sick because they’ve eaten something bad or they have a virus.  Regardless of the cause, giving your baby a diet that is formulated for sensitive … Read more