12 Best Salmon Dog Foods 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Salmon Dog Food Review

Is your dog allergic to poultry or a picky eater? Or perhaps you just want to provide your dog with the best possible food available that will make his coat and skin beautiful? Then salmon dog food can be a great choice.  Providing a myriad of health benefits for your pet, salmon-based dog foods aren’t … Read more

11 Best Dog Food for Kidney Disease 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Kidney Disease Review

Any sort of kidney disease can be a debilitating diagnosis for a canine. Luckily, any pet owner can manage this illness through a change in diet. Dogs with kidney problems need to have a low-protein diet to support their kidneys. These formulas can be hard to find. Fortunately, there are dog foods that fit your … Read more

10 Best Dog Foods for Urinary Health 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Urinary Health Review

Urinary tract problems can be painful and possibly lead to more serious infections, like kidney infections and blockages of the urethra. Looking after your dog’s urinary health is crucial as it affects their internal functions. Some dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, and Bichon Frise are more prone to urinary problems than others. These … Read more

10 Best Dog Foods for Dry Skin 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Dry Skin Review

When your pet has dry skin, it can be frustrating for you and your pup. Not only is it a clear sign that your dog’s skin isn’t healthy, but it can also lead to all sorts of issues in the long run, like secondary infections, such as bites and scratching.  Luckily, dry skin can be … Read more

13 Best Dog Foods to Prevent Gas 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food to Prevent Gas Review

Does your dog suffer from excessive gas or a sensitive stomach? There aren’t many things worse than the smell of dog farts, but this needn’t be something you learn to live with. Changing up your pooch’s diet can help to support healthy digestion and relieve these issues.  We’ve done the research to determine precisely what … Read more

12 Best Dog Foods for Pancreatitis 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Pancreatitis Review

Pancreatitis can be deadly, and the diet that you feed your dog is key to controlling this horrible condition. Picking the best dog for food pancreatitis can make all the difference in your dog’s health.  A low-fat diet is important, but there are several other considerations to take into account. That’s why we’ve rounded up … Read more

Here are the Absolute Best Dog Foods for Less Poop

Best Dog Food for Less Poop Review

Dog owners know that their pups can produce a lot of waste, and it seems to get worse with certain foods. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of poop you’re picking up, this guide can help.  We’ll go over the best dog food for less poop, whether you have a puppy, a senior, or … Read more

10 Best Dog Foods for Yeast Infections 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Yeast Infections Review

Yeast infections aren’t just a human problem – dogs get them too! Often confused for skin allergies, yeast infections can be a depressing and often frustrating chronic problem that causes your dog to itch uncontrollably, smell bad, and look poorly. You can treat a canine yeast infection with medicated shampoos, antibiotics, and by changing your … Read more

Is Wet Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food?

Different wet and dry dog foods

With so many dog food options on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Also, you have the added stress of choosing between wet and dry dog food. As a pet parent, we know that you want to feed your dog the best grub possible while supporting your pup’s overall health … Read more

11 Best Dog Food for Shedding 2023 (Premium & Budget)

Best Dog Food for Shedding Review

While most dogs shed and cleaning up after your dog is a normal part of pet ownership, excessive shedding can be a pain. In addition, while certain breeds are more prone to shedding, it can also be a sign of a nutritional deficiency or a food allergy.    So what can you do to make … Read more