What is the Best Weight Loss Dog Food for Dogs?

a Pug laying on a weighing scale

You know your dog is overweight, and you want to transition them onto a weight loss diet? Like humans, dogs can develop obesity and a pup that is packing on the pounds can suffer from numerous health issues. However, choosing the best dog food for weight loss can be a challenge. That is why we’re … Read more

What is the Best Dog Food for Weight Gain?

a GSD sitting on the grass with tree background

Obesity is much more common in dogs than your pet being underweight. Nevertheless, it can happen where you find yourself in a situation where your dog needs to pack on the pounds. Fortunately, various dog food brands have options that can help your dog get those extra calories and reach a healthy weight. Keep reading … Read more

What is the Best Dog Food for Small Dog Breeds?

a Doxie licking its face while grazing at a full dog bowl

If you’re searching for dog food for small dogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched for the best dog foods in the U.S and written honest, practical reviews for each of them in this post.  We’ve reviewed recipes from the country’s top dog food brands, all for small breed dogs. Small breed dogs … Read more

12 Best Low-Phosphorus Dog Foods for Your Canine Friend

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog lying with his dog food

Phosphorus is a key element to maintaining good overall health, not just for humans but for dogs too. However, dogs with kidney problems are often prescribed a low phosphorus diet. Low-phosphorus dog foods can help your pet live more comfortably with the otherwise debilitating renal failure disease. Here are some of the best low phosphorus … Read more