American Bully Growth and Weight Chart (Male & Female)

Last Updated on July 2, 2023

American Bully Growth Chart

The American Bully is a relatively new dog breed known for its large size, strength, and intimidating appearance.

There are four main sizes to this breed and variations between males and females, making it challenging to determine precisely how big your Bully puppy will get as he grows up. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the American Bully growth chart.

Staying on top of his weight and height at different life stages will help you determine if your pet is meeting his milestones. 

Overview: A Few Fun Facts about the American Bully

The American Bully was created by crossing an American Pit Bull Terrier with an American Staffordshire Terrier and various other bulldog-type breeds.

The American Bully Kennel Club first recognized the breed in 2004 and the United Kennel Club in 2013. 

These dogs are characterized by their broad head, small ears that are often cropped and sit erect distant almond-shaped eyes, and heavy, slightly arched necks on broad, muscular shoulders.

They have a very athletic body and a short, stiff coat with a low set tail.

How big will my American Bully get?

An American Bully standing

American Bullies typically stand between 16 and 20 inches (41 and 51 cm) tall. But that said, all dogs are different, so there is no guarantee as to how big your dog will be.

There are various ways to determine how big your American Bully puppy will get accurately, but one of the best ways is to look at the parent dogs and talk to the breeder regarding the size of your puppy’s grandparents. 

In some places, your vet may also be able to perform a DNA test to determine how big your puppy might get.

You can also look at your dog’s paws to see how big your dog will get.

How much should an American Bully weigh?

While there is no standard weight for each size of American Bully, their weight should be in proportion to their height.

These dogs typically weigh between 66 and 88 pounds (30 and 40 kg).

How to Properly Weigh an American Bully?

American Bullies, even puppies, can be too big to measure at home on your scale.

Thus, it is best to take your dog to the vet, where he can be appropriately weighed on a particular dog weighing scale.

Here all you need to do is let your dog sit on the machine and let the scale do its work.

How to Measure American Bully’s Height?

To accurately measure your American Bulldog’s height, make sure that he stands up straight from the ground.

You need to get the measurement from the floor up to the mark, which is the uppermost point of his shoulder blades.

Measuring the withers from the ground is standard for all dogs.

An American Bully whose height being measured
An American Bully dog whose height is being measured

What is an American Bully’s Average Neck Size?

If you know the exact neck size of your dog, you can buy the appropriate harness, collar, and jersey for them.

Typically, the neck of a full-grown American Bully is between 14 and 18 inches (35 and 46 cm) in circumference. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that your puppy will grow rapidly, so look for items that will grow with him and will still fit when he is an adult dog.

How Big are the Four American Bully Categories?

The American Bully breed comes in four size variants: the Standard, Classic, Extra Large, and Pocket.

Recently another variant has also been added to these, with the fifth size being the Extreme. 

1. Standard Bully Size

The Standard American Bully was developed in the 1990s as a show version of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Males of this breed variety are between 17 and 20 inches (43 and 51 cm) tall, while females stand between 16 and 19 inches (41 and 48 cm) tall.

A Standard American Bully
Standard American Bully

These dogs typically have a life expectancy of between ten and fourteen years.

Their large skulls characterize them with prominent cheeks, well-defined jaws, broad chests, and muscular, solid body structure.

Their oval eyes sit low in the skull and quite far apart.

Bully Classic Size

The Classic American Bully is a variation of the standard size.

These dogs should be the same height as the Standard American Bully but slightly lighter with a look that favors the American Pit Bull Terrier.

This means they are solid with a fierce expression but less muscular than the Standard American Bully. 

The Classic American Bully can be better around children than the Standard American Bully and slightly more friendly with strangers.

They are also highly agile dogs. Their life expectancy is between ten and twelve years.

2. Pocket Bully Size

A smiling Pocket American Bully
Source: @blackndtan / IG

The Pocket American Bully can only really be recognized by his full adult height.

These are the shortest variation of the American Bully; however, they are not toy or pocket-sized like some other breeds.

Male Pocket American Bullies reach heights of between 14 and 17 inches (35.5 and 43 cm) while females stand between 13 and 16 inches (33 and 41 cm) tall.

While slightly smaller than other Bully varieties, Pocket American Bullies still have similar proportions.

These dogs are pretty widely sought after as caring for them is more straightforward than the larger Bully varieties. 

3. XL Bully Size

An XL American Bully lying in a bed
Source: @tyson.xl / IG

As the name suggests, the Extra Large Bully is taller and heavier than the Standard American Bully.

Males of this variety stand between 20 and 23 inches (51 and 58 cm) tall, with females reaching between 19 and 22 inches (48 and 56 cm). This is the largest of all American Bully types. 

These dogs have the same solid build as Standard Bullies with large, deep chests and big heads, but they have more body mass. They also have a slightly arched neck and thick shoulders.

4. Extreme Bully Size

The Extreme American Bully has no official size. Still, they are characterized as being smaller, although wider than the Standard American Bully, with a thick, heavy bone structure. 

An Extreme American Bully
Source: @powerhousebullys / IG

Extreme American Bullies have broad chests, muscular necks, and strong shoulders, giving them a rugged look.

They can also have looser lips and a higher rump than other American Bully types.

Their life expectancy is between ten and twelve years.

Summary of American Bully Type By Height and Characteristics

Looking for a quick reference to determine the height and weight of each American Bully variant? Here is an easy table to help.

Types of American Bullies Height (inches & cm) Weight (lb & kg) Breed Characteristics
Standard American Bully 16 to 20 inches
(41 to 51 cm)
60 to 110 lbs 
(27 to 50 kg)
Large skulls, prominent cheeks, well-defined jaws, broad chests
Classic American Bully 16-20 inches 
(41 to 51 cm)
45 to 80 lbs 
(20 to 36 kg)
Lighter than the Standard, fierce, less muscular, agile
Pocket American Bully 13-17 inches 
(33 to 43 cm)
11 to 22 lbs 
(5 to 10 kg)
Smaller American Bully variant
Extra Large American Bully 19-23 inches 
(48 to 58 cm)
75 to 120 lbs 
(34 to 54 kg)
Largest variant, deep chests, big head, more body mass
Extreme American Bully 16-20 inches 
(41 to 51 cm)
80 to 140 lbs 
(36 to 64 kg)
Smaller but wider, heavy bone structure, wide chests, muscular look

American Bully Size Chart Infographic

Click here to enlarge and download the image.

American Bully Size Chart Infographic

The Ultimate American Bully Puppy Growth Chart by Weight

An American Bully puppy lying on a carpet
Source: @kenzothebully7 / IG

Monitoring your American Bully growth chart is important to make sure that he does not grow too quickly or too slowly.

Weigh your puppy according to its age and gender to ensure he’s at the proper weight.

American Bullies are significantly bigger in males than females, so keep this in mind when weighing your puppy.

In addition, don’t be discouraged by a slight difference between your puppy and these figures, as each dog is different.

American Bully Puppy Growth and Development with Pictures

It’s natural to be concerned about if your American Bully is growing correctly, if you’re feeding them the right food, or whether you’re exercising them enough.

In the following sections, we’ll show you how to determine whether your American Bully puppy is growing appropriately for its stage of development.

0- to 4-week old

An American Bully puppy
A less-than-a-month-old American Bully puppy

American Bullies in the neonatal period are at the most vulnerable stage of their life.

These puppies rely entirely on their mom for food and warmth as they cannot generate their own body heat yet. 

They will spend most of the day and night sleeping and eating. As they are very vulnerable at this age, they can get worms easily and so should be dewormed as early as possible. 

4-week-old (1-month-old)

A one-month-old American Bully puppy
Source: @witchdocta_bullies / IG

During this stage, your American Bully puppy’s eyes will open and his ears will start to function. Additionally, he will start eating solid foods once his milk teeth develop.

His tail will also start to wag as he begins to socialize with his littermates. Your puppy needs to interact with humans to prevent social problems later on.

8-week-old (2-month-old)

A two-month-old XL American Bully puppy
Source: @kilo.theamericanbully / IG

American Bullies grow rapidly before they hit two months old and are now at the age where they can go to the vet for their first vaccinations and make their forever home with their new owners.

This is also the stage where your puppy is becoming more social and learning how to interact with people and the world around him. 


An eleven-week-old American Bully puppy
Source: @iam.mylathebully / IG

Your eleven-week-old American Bully will be very active but don’t exercise him too much. His joints will still be very wobbly and his growth plates too soft to sustain continued exercise. 

Check out this super cute video of an 11-week-old American Bully getting comfortable with his brother:

12-week-old (3-month-old)

At 12 weeks or three months old, your American Bully puppy is officially an adolescent. His growth rate will begin to slow from here, and he should have fully developed all of his senses.

A three-month-old American Bully puppy
Source: @suejail_vega / IG

They need constant training and socialization at this age but be patient because they have a very short attention span.

16-week-old (4-month-old)

A four-month-old Pocket American Bully puppy
Source: @nico_evox/ IG

At four months, your American Bully is a teenager and is ready to test boundaries. He is trying to decide what he can and cannot do.

At this point, puppy training can be beneficial in reinforcing good habits and preventing bad ones from developing.

Train your dog for 20 minutes daily at the very least.


A six-month-old American Bully puppy
Source: @iroh_the_am_bully / IG

At six months old, your Bully is reaching sexual maturity, and females may go on the heat for the first time.

Male American Bullies typically reach sexual maturation quicker than females, but that doesn’t mean you should mate your dogs at this age as they are still considered puppies.

It is at this age that behavioral problems can crop up such as aggression and disobedience. Your Bully is also at an age when he is more selective about who he considers a friend.

If your dog is not properly trained, aggression can develop towards other dogs and strangers.


A one-year-old American Bully puppy
Source: @rocco_abully / IG

At this age, your American Bully will be reaching his adult height and weight.

He will soon be ready to switch from puppy food to adult food and need plenty of exercise to avoid diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Your dog’s growth plates begin to harden and close during this time. He won’t change much as he matures, but his muscles might get more definition as he fills out.

8 Things You Should Know About Your American Bully’s Growth

An American Bully puppy standing
Source: @rocco_abully / IG

It’s indispensable to figure out how huge your American Bully little dog will get as he grows to guarantee that you have adequate space for both you and your canine to live in harmony.

While the above development outlines give a solid assessment of your pup, various other factors also include your dog’s genetics, exercise regime, and diet.

1. Health issues that can influence your puppy’s growth

American Bullies are known for their high pain tolerance.

However, this trait can be dangerous for these dogs as they tend to suffer quietly, not letting in that they have been hurt or injured.

If not treated, wounds could be left to fester, negatively influencing your puppy’s overall health.

Unfortunately, some unethical Bully breeders give their dogs steroids to bulk up their muscles.

However, these steroids can have the reverse effect and slow down growth while also causing health issues such as organ and joint problems.

These medications can also get passed from mother to pup and affect a puppy’s growth.

2. Dangers of stunted or accelerated growth

American Bully puppies can grow too fast.

However, a generally healthy breed American Bully puppy should not be overexercised while their bones are still growing as they could then encounter joint issues sometime down the road. 

Consequently, you shouldn’t run your canine when they are still little; however, games like tug-of-war or swimming are great ways for young doggies to keep fit.

You also shouldn’t encourage your dog to grow too quickly by using steroids or overfeeding him, as he could end up with obesity, diabetes, or joint problems later in life.

3. How to identify an overweight American Bully?

American Bully being fed
An American Bully having its delicious meal

When looking at your Bully, you should also have a visible tuck behind the chest cavity. You should be able to see his waist when you view him from above.

The Body Condition Score is a score that is used to determine the ideal weight of pets and will also help you to determine if your dog is at the right weight.

For American Bullies, the ideal Body Condition Score is a 3/5 or a 5/9, meaning that your dog is well-proportioned. 

American Bullies with a score of ⅕ or 1/9 are considered too thin, while dogs with a score of 5/5 or 9/9 are obese.

Dogs that sit on either end of the extreme side of the scale will need veterinary attention.

How to help overweight dogs lose weight?

While American Bullies need puppy food in their early stages, you should move your canine onto grown-up food after one to help them with weight control.

It’s also vital to adhere to the feeding suggestions on your chosen food so you don’t overfeed your dog, which could lead to obesity or other medical issues.

You likewise should avoid high-fat treats. Treats made with protein, like freeze-dried liver, are good choices for canines that need to get in shape.

Assuming your American Bully canine is now overweight, you might have to look at changing him to a low-calorie diet that is high in protein and free from any carbs, which simply function as pointless fillers. 

All things considered, you also want to exercise your dog regularly; however, be mindful so as not to overdo it, as the additional weight he is carrying can strain his joints.

How do I get my underweight dog to gain weight?

An XL American Bully puppy looking up
Source: @winstonxlbully / IG

American Bullies need an eating regimen that features a good protein content.

For underweight canines, it might seem like a good idea just to feed them more so they put on weight, but this is not a good idea as it can cause more problems. 

Instead, talk to your vet about possibly changing your pet’s food or giving him supplements that can help him put on weight.

4. When do American Bullies stop growing?

A full-grown American Bully dog
A full-grown American Bully

American Bullies should have reached their full adult size by the time they are one year old. However, this does not mean they stop growing completely.

Their bones and muscles will still develop, and they might still get heavier or even slightly taller until they are around 24 months old. This is when you can consider your dog to be fully grown.

5. What is the best age to spay or neuter an American Bully?

Most vets recommend you spay or neuter your American Bully dog between four and nine months.

Spaying or neutering your dog too early could have several health risks but wait too long, and you could be putting your dog at risk of developing breast cancer, testicular cancer, uterine infections, and more. 

Spaying or neutering your dog can also help to make them less aggressive.

6. Will neutering or spaying my Bully affect his growth?

Spaying or neutering your American Bully puppy too early could negatively affect his growth.

This is because the sex hormones that are effectively removed when fixing your pooch are essential for development.

It is thus best if you wait until your American Bully puppy has stopped growing until you spay or neuter him. 

7. How heavy is a newborn American Bully puppy?

Newborn American Bully puppies’ weight can vary significantly, with some weighing as little as seven to ten ounces.

Newborn dogs should more than double their weight in the first week or two of life.

8. Do American Bully types have different growth rates?

No, all American Bully varieties grow at around the same weight.

While these dogs all grow to be big, muscular, solid animals, there are slight variations in height between the adults of the different American Bully variants.

An American Bully sitting on the ground
The great American Bully

Conclusion: How Fast Will My American Bully Grow?

The massive size of an American Bully is one reason this breed is so popular, and their solid appearance and imposing looks are one of the reasons people like these dogs.

How large your American Bully will get depends on their genetics, diet, and the type of Bully they are.

American Bullys grow a lot in their first year, with the greater part of them arriving at their full grown-up size at between one and two years old.

While they might, in any case, put on a touch of weight as they mature, you can anticipate that male American Bullies would be bigger than their female partners.

How huge is your American Bully? We would love to know. Kindly fill us in regarding your pup in the comments underneath.

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