Good & Bad Common Dog Behaviors: Why do dogs do it?

Happy Cairn Terrier puppy running

Dog owners will probably have a better life and relationship with their pets if we know how to communicate with them. But since dogs can’t talk, they speak with us differently — through body language. Hold off that “bad dog” drama and find out how to deal with your dog’s actions, why she does certain … Read more

Earthdog tests: What are these trials and how to get started

Cute black Labrador looking into a hole

Dog training for hunting and den work can be confusing if you’ve never done it before, which is why we’ve written this guide to get you through every detail of the Earthdog sport. If you want your fido to join these trials, we’ve covered everything from history, training, different Earthdog breeds, and what you need … Read more

Lure Coursing: A fun & competitive sport for your speedy dog

Russian Wolfhound dog wearing blue running fast in a competition

Have you ever seen your dog take off to chase after a squirrel or rabbit? Maybe it was merely a white plastic bag in the wind? This behavior is just your dog acting on their prey drive. Some dogs have a low prey drive, but pups with a high prey drive may want opportunities to … Read more

What is Schutzhund and why is it good for your dog?

Intensive Schutzhund dog training

Schutzhund is a German term that means “protection dog” and refers to a dog sport that focuses on a dog’s obedience, tracking, and protection skills. Also known as IGP, and IPO before that, Schutzhund is a very competitive sport that evaluates how likely a dog is to excel as a working dog. So, let’s take … Read more