Dachshunds and smaller terriers were bred to bolt (chase the animal out of its earth, tunnel, lair or den) or face fox, badger or otter. These dogs were also used for vermin control such as rats. History of the Earthdog Terriers Time obscures their history. And with good reason. It was not shouted from the … Read more

Lure Coursing

About the Lure Coursing FAQ The first version of this FAQ, a 74 line (page and a half) document, originally prepared by Marcia Cavan with additional info from Carol Mount was posted as part of the AKC FAQ. Since its scope was broadened from AKC only details, it was moved out of the AKC FAQ … Read more


Overview Schutzhund (literally “protection dog”) is a sport composed of three parts – tracking, obedience and protection work. The dog and handler must pass all three parts at the same trial in order to earn a Schutzhund title. There are three levels to Schutzhund, plus several other titles. (One of my questions here, is how … Read more

How to Choose a Puppy for Search and Rescue

So, you’ve decided to look for a puppy for your search and rescue work. Great! Here is exactly what you need to watch for in order to successfully train a puppy in search and rescue work.

3 Types of Service Dogs

Service dogs are entitled to freely access buildings and transportation (buses, trains, planes). Proof or certification is not required.

Crating Your Dog

Dogs are by nature den creatures — and the crate is their den. It is a safe haven where dogs don’t have to worry about defending their territory.