Dog breeding not as simple as you think

Four little puppies in hands

You may be wondering whether or not you should breed your dog. If you want to do it right, and get healthy and happy puppies, it is very expensive and a lot of work.

The most comprehensive dog acronym list

Different breeds of dogs sitting on the grass

Both new and experienced dog owners come across a range of acronyms daily — at dog shows, food packages, the vet. Some use them without understanding what those letters stand for. That will change today because here’s a comprehensive dog acronyms list that you should know. Organization Abbreviations Dog organizations help control breed standards and … Read more

Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs and How to Deal with Them in 2021

Close-up view of a tick on human finger from the lying dog

Ticks are parasitic insects that come in a frustratingly wide array of shapes and sizes. And tick bites, although often harmless, can cause serious illness in both dogs and humans. Not all tick-borne diseases in dogs have a vaccine, so preventive tick products are crucial. Early treatment is effective, as it helps determine the symptoms … Read more

Selecting a Dog Breed

Whether you’re thinking of getting a purebred dog or a mix, you should take the time to do some research into dog breeds.