13 of the Best Dog Crates for Small Dogs and Puppies

A Havanese puppy looking outside and smiling from inside a blue-and-white, open plastic dog crate

Most dogs will spend some of their life in a crate, whether that’s for traveling, trips to the vet or the groomer, or just sleeping at home. If you’re looking to invest in a dog crate, choosing the perfect one can be challenging.  Crates come in all shapes and sizes, with some specifically made for … Read more

What Is the Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crate for My Escape Artist Pup?

A black-and-white Siberian Husky dog lying on its stomach, on a dog bed, inside a heavy-duty metal dog crate

No matter what you do, some dogs are simply great escape artists. They know how to break free from the confines you impose, often destroying your home in the process.  If this sounds like your pet, then chances are you’ll be looking to invest in a heavy-duty dog crate. But picking the right one can … Read more

The 12 Best Dog Crates Your Large Dog Will Love

A Tibetan Mastiff dog lying on its stomach on a white background

A dog crate has multiple uses. They can be used when transporting your pet, housebreaking a new puppy, or simply as a kennel for your dog to rest and relax.  If you have a large dog, you’ll want a robust and sturdy crate that can hold their weight while providing enough room for them to … Read more

What is the Best Soft Dog Crate to Travel with My Pet?

Cocker Spaniel puppy in a red soft sided dog crate bag

Traveling with your pup can be tricky. To make it easier, you want to create a comfortable environment where your pet feels safe and secure. A great way to do this is through a soft dog crate. Dog crates can also provide a cozy space where your dog feels secure, even at home. Here are … Read more

What is the Best Dog Crate for My Gorgeous German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd dog sitting inside a black wire dog crate

Are you looking to crate train your German Shepherd or simply looking to provide a safe space for your pup while on the move? Unfortunately, finding the perfect crate for your gorgeous pup can be challenging.  That’s why we’ve done the leg work for you, comparing several different crates in terms of price, durability, and … Read more

The 12 Best Wood Dog Crates for Every Dog Size

A Dachshund inside a wooden dog crate

Wooden dog crates make for some of the most aesthetically pleasing crates on the market. Wooden dog kennels blend in well with the other furniture you have in your home, often doubling as end tables or coffee tables, as well as a safe space for your pet to relax. Keep reading to discover our top … Read more

What is the Best Dog Crate for My Super Strong Pitbull?

A Pitbull lying on its bed and smiling from a metal dog crate

If you are looking for a dog crate for the Pitbull breed, you’ll need something that is escape-proof, indestructible, and pretty heavy-duty. This robust and sometimes aggressive breed isn’t easily contained.  However, some manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge and made great dog crates for Pitbulls. Keep reading to find out our top picks … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Crates for Your Siberian Husky

Two Siberian Husky puppies sitting and standing inside a wire crate

A medium-sized dog with a larger-than-life personality, the Siberian Husky, is an energetic dog with excellent escape artist skills. As a result, finding the perfect crate for these strong pups can be a bit of a challenge. That is why we’ve done the research, weighing up the pros and cons of some of the best … Read more

What is the Best Crate for a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

Beagle lying inside a wire crate

Social animals, by nature, dogs make strong bonds with their humans. Some of them become so strongly bonded that they don’t like to be separated at all.  These anxious feelings can lead them to become destructive or even dangerous. However, the right crate can provide your pooch with space where they feel safe and secure.  … Read more