The Ultimate Guide to Treating Vaginitis in Dogs

A dog laying in bed

We tend to focus on the cuddles, bonding, and “ahhh so cute” moments of dog ownership. But, part of our responsibility as pet owners means taking care of the health of our beloved fur babies as well.  Today, we are going to discuss a highly common health issue. Let’s take a look at dog vaginitis … Read more

Why is My Dog Dry Heaving and How to Stop It

Dachhund dry heaving

While occasional vomiting in dogs is considered normal, dry heaving is not. What looks like an attempt to dislodge something from their throat can sometimes be sinister in nature.  Below, we’ll explain what causes dry heaving and how you can help alleviate your dog’s symptoms or if you need to bring your dog to the … Read more

Kidney Failure in Dogs: Can a dog recover from this?

portrait of not feeling well dog

A dog’s kidneys are similar to a person’s. They control the level of toxins in the blood and work as a filter to remove wastes. They also help control other things, like blood pressure, calcium levels, and other mineral levels. When their kidneys fail, it’s usually life-threatening. So let’s take a look at the symptoms … Read more

Top 10 Most Common Genetic Disorders in Dogs

Veterinarian examining Beagle dog with stethoscope

Just like people, dogs are prone to quite a few hereditary illnesses. Many of these conditions are most common in specific breeds as they’re passed along through their bloodline. Did you know that purebred dogs tend to get these diseases more than mixed-breed dogs? In this article, we’ll take a look at why that is … Read more

Health Guide: What’s Juvenile Renal Disease & How does it affect dogs?

Beagle dog being checkup in a veterinary clinic

Known as JRD, Juvenile Renal Disease is a regretful diagnosis for any canine. It’s a degenerative disease that involves the incorrect development of the kidneys. Because kidneys are necessary for dogs to function correctly, this disease almost always ends in death, usually before the dog turns 2 years of age. In this article, we’ll look … Read more

Whelping Puppies: How to Help Your Dog Give Birth

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog nursing her pups

When a female dog (dam) gives birth to her puppies, that’s what you call whelping. Most mother canines are capable of delivering their litter without any help, but if you’re a breeder or you have a girl pet, it’s good practice to know the whelping process so you can assist the mommy pooch if needed. … Read more