Genetic Disorders in Dogs

Veterinarian examining Beagle dog with stethoscope

Just like people, dogs are prone to quite a few genetic disorders. Many of these disorders are most common in specific dog breeds since they are genetic. Purebred dogs tend to get these diseases more than mixed-breed dogs.  In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common genetic disorders and discuss … Read more

Whelping Puppies: How to Help Your Dog Give Birth

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog nursing her pups

When a female dog (dam) gives birth to her puppies, that’s what you call whelping. Most mother canines are capable of delivering their litter without any help, but if you’re a breeder or you have a girl pet, it’s good practice to know the whelping process so you can assist the mommy pooch if needed. … Read more

Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs and How to Deal with Them in 2021

Close-up view of a tick on human finger from the lying dog

Ticks are parasitic insects that come in a frustratingly wide array of shapes and sizes. And tick bites, although often harmless, can cause serious illness in both dogs and humans. Not all tick-borne diseases in dogs have a vaccine, so preventive tick products are crucial. Early treatment is effective, as it helps determine the symptoms … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Vaginitis in Dogs

A dog laying in bed

We tend to focus on the cuddles, bonding, and “ahhh so cute” moments of dog ownership. But, part of our responsibility as pet owners means taking care of the health of our beloved fur babies as well.  Today, we are going to discuss a highly common health issue. Let’s take a look at dog vaginitis … Read more

Juvenile Renal Disease

In January of 1990, I had my twenty-one-month-old Standard Poodle puppy put down. She was one of three puppies in a litter of eleven to die of Juvenile Renal Disease. All three of the puppies with the disease appeared healthy and grew normally until clinical signs appeared at ten months in one, and twenty months … Read more