The Best Harry Potter Dog Names For Your Pooch

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Harry Potter changed the world over 20 years ago when the first book hit shelves, so it’s no surprise that this bonafide phenomenon continues to influence magic and dog lovers across the globe. 

If you’re a huge Potter fan and you’re looking for the perfect name for your dog, we’ve got some inspiration for you. 

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wearing a Gryffindor scarf
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How do you pick the right Harry Potter name for your dog?

Consider your dog’s personality when compared with your favorite Potter name. Is your dog a little sweetheart? Maybe Severus Snape isn’t the way to go. Have an adorable bloodhound? Maybe Fang is perfect!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose an animal name from the books for your dog. The name of a person works just as well! How cute would a furry little Pomeranian be named Harry? 

Choosing the right name for your dog is super important. This is a name that they’re going to have for their entire life.

If you end up hating it or thinking it sounds silly, you’ll either need to change it or use a nickname. 

Think long and hard before landing on a name. You want something that fits your dog and that you like, too. You might want to run it through your mind for a few days before committing. 

Also, avoid picking a name that sounds too similar to a common command like “sit” or “stay.” If your chosen name sounds too similar, your dog might be super confused during training time!

Once you pick the perfect name, it’s time to teach your pupper their new moniker. To make the magic happen, say their name.

When they pay attention to you, praise and reward them. Any time they respond to you when you say their name, praise them and make a big deal out of it. 

Don’t ever use their name to punish or yell at them. Don’t use it as a negative thing or they’ll start to associate their name with bad things!

Who is the most famous dog with a Harry Potter-inspired name?

a Goldendoodle wearing Harry Potter uniform
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Harry Potter is undeniably a massive part of pop culture. J.K. Rowlings’ books have touched every part of the culture.

Some major stars have expressed their love for the Potterverse, including Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, and Selena Gomez.

There are some famous dogs out there on social media who have Harry Potter-inspired names. Check out Dobby the Dog Elf or a second Dobby, this one from Australia, on Instagram. There’s also Fang the Malamute. 

Then there’s the magical Sirius the Service Poodle and Nimbus, a teeny tiny Potter-loving pup.

Dog names for Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter is wildly popular even all these years later, so there’s no surprise that names from the wonder world of Harry Potter continue to be popular as names for dogs. 

To get us into the spirit, check out the first time Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet Fluffy, the three-headed dog. 

Here are some of the most popular pet options:

  1. Fluffy – the name of Hagrid’s three-headed dog.
  2. Padfoot – another name for Sirius when in his dog form.
  3. Sirius – this is Harry’s godfather. He sometimes takes the form of a dog. 
  4. Norbert – The name of Hagrid’s pet dragon. 
  5. Fang – Hagrid’s pet bloodhound.
  6. Dobby – not a dog, but a house-elf
  7. Fawkes – Dumbledore’s companion phoenix.
  8. Lupin – as you may guess from the name, this is a werewolf from the book
  9. Ravenclaw – One of the houses at Hogwarts
  10. Pixie – a cute name and also a troublemaker in the books

While these are popular pet names from the books below, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of Harry Potter dog names.

a Poodle wearing a Gryffindor tie
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Harry Potter Characters

Here are some of the well-known characters listed by gender.

Female Harry Potter dog names

  1. Alice – Neville’s mother.
  2. Amelia – Aunt of Susan Bones.
  3. Ariana – Sister of Dumbledore. 
  4. Bellatrix Lestrange – Full-blooded witch and member of the House of Black
  5. Charlie – The eldest Weasely child (a boy in the book, but also a good name for a girl).
  6. Emmeline – A member of the order of the Phoenix.
  7. Fleur – A French girl in the Triwizard Tournament
  8. Ginny – Harry’s love interest
  9. Ginerva – Weasley’s daughter
  10. Hermione – Hermione Granger was Harry’s best friend. 
  11. Helga – One of the founders of Hogwarts
  12. Kinglsey – Member of the Order of the Phoenix
  13. Katie – The chaser for Gryffindor in Quidditch.
  14. Lavender – A student and Ron’s girlfriend
  15. Lily – Harry’s mother
  16. Luna – A quirky student at the school
  17. Molly – Mother of Ron
  18. Minerva – Professor at the school
  19. Myrtle – A ghost who haunts Hogwarts after being killed
  20. Marjorie – Sister of Vernon
  21. Maxime – Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy
  22. Millicent – Student at Slytherin
  23. Orion – Father of Sirius, but works as a girls’ name too.
  24. Padma – student
  25. Pansy – Student at Slytherin
  26. Poppy – Nurse at the school. 
  27. Pomona – Professor of herbology
  28. Romilda – Student
  29. Rowena – Co-founder of Hogwarts
  30. Susan – Student at Hufflepuff
  31. Tonks – Romantic partner of Lupin

Male Harry Potter dog names

a Dachshund wearing a knitted Gryffindor scarf
Sourece: @albus_sausagedore / IG
  1. Amos – Cedric Diggory’s father
  2. Argus – The caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  3. Alastor – A famous Auror in the book. 
  4. Albus – Headmaster of Hogwarts
  5. Arthur – Head of the Weasley clan.
  6. Augustus – One of Lord Voldemort’s followers
  7. Cormac – Keeper of the Gryffindor team.
  8. Charles – Eldest brother of Ron.
  9. Cedric – Represents Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Triwizard Tournament.
  10. Draco – Student belonging to Slytherin.
  11. Dudley – Harry’s cousin
  12. Dumbledore – Albus Dumbledore is a previous Hogwarts headmaster
  13. Fred – Brother of George Weasley.
  14. Hagrid – Gamekeeper and keeper of the Keys and Grounds
  15. Harry – Star of the series.
  16. George – Older Weasley brother.
  17. Godric – One of the founders of Hogwarts
  18. James – Harry’s father.
  19. Justin – Hufflepuff student.
  20. Lucius – Father of Draco Malfoy
  21. Lupin – Remus Lupin is a professor and werewolf
  22. Moody – Famous Auror
  23. Neville – Gryffindor student.
  24. Ronald – Harry’s best friend.
  25. Rubeus – See Hagrid
  26. Severus Snape – Head of Slytherin House
  27. Sirius – Harry’s uncle
  28. Viktor – Student at Durmstrang.
  29. Vincent – Student at Slytherin.
  30. Reginald – works at the Ministry of Magic in the Magical Maintenance Department.
  31. Seamus – Student at Gryffindor.
  32. Sirius Black – The last of the House of Black
  33. Vernon – Harry’s uncle
  34. Zacharias – Student in Hufflepuff.

Other Potter-Themed dog names

Here are some lesser-known characters and terms from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you want to choose a name that only Potter lovers will get, one of these will be perfect!

  1. Bertie
  2. Botts
  3. Whizbee
  4. Pudding
  5. Lemon
  6. Honeyduke
  7. Mead
  8. Sherry
  9. Quidditch
  10. Quaffle
  11. Accio
  12. Errol
  13. Creevy
  14. Finch
  15. Cormac
  16. Zacharias
  17. Romilda
  18. Blaise
  19. Winky
  20. Angelina
  21. Charity
  22. Ludo
  23. Arabella
  24. Muggle
  25. Fig
  26. Frank
  27. Bryce
  28. Hooch
  29. Irma
  30. Azkaban
  31. Filch
  32. Lovegood
  33. Riddle
  34. Salazar
  35. Aragog
  36. Barty
  37. Delacour
  38. Diagon
  39. Dursley
  40. Gilderoy
  41. Longbottom
  42. McGonagall
  43. Mungo
  44. Nymphadora
  45. Skeeter
  46. Patronus

Harry Potter dog names: Words, Creatures, Places

a Chihuahua with a scarf and owl stuff toy
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There are lots of pets and animals in the book, so of course, you could always go with one of these great name options. 

These include:

  1. Buckbeak
  2. Crookshanks
  3. Errol
  4. Fang
  5. Fawkes
  6. Fluffy
  7. Mrs. Norris
  8. Nagini
  9. Scabbers
  10. Trevor
  11. Hedwig

Then there are some other creatures. Think:

  1. Owl
  2. Goblin
  3. Newt
  4. Bandicoot
  5. Basilisk
  6. Doxy
  7. Crup
  8. Cockatrice
  9. Clabbert
  10. Bundimun
  11. Billywig
  12. Augurey
  13. Abarimon
  14. Centaur
  15. Dugbog
  16. Erkling
  17. Fairy
  18. Fwooper
  19. Graphorn
  20. Griffin
  21. Hippogriff
  22. Hodag
  23. Horklump
  24. Imp
  25. Jarvey
  26. Kelpie
  27. Knarl
  28. Limax
  29. Lobalug
  30. Matagot
  31. Moke
  32. Mooncalf
  33. Oni
  34. Phoenix
  35. Pixie
  36. Plimpy
  37. Ramora
  38. Re’em
  39. Selma
  40. Sphinx
  41. Trollwig
  42. Yeti

There are also magical creatures and spirits with names that would be awesome for your little pal. Some of these include:

  1. Banshee
  2. Caipora
  3. Inferius
  4. Boggart
  5. Nargle
  6. Hydra
  7. Ogre
  8. Veela
  9. Yumbo

Funny Harry Potter dog names

Have a great sense of humor? Is your dog a goofy good boy or girl? You could always pick a funny name inspired by Harry Potter.

You’ll get a chuckle every time you call them back to you from across the dog park. 

  1. Gryffindog
  2. Dogwarts
  3. Hairy Pawter
  4. Hairy Pupper
  5. Hufflepup
  6. Barkyndor
  7. Ravenpaw
  8. Pettigrew
  9. Triwhiskers
  10. Furnon
  11. Pansy Barkison
  12. Sloberin
a Golden Retriever puppy with a Gryffindor scarf and a wand
Source: @mr.jackthegolden / IG

Other Magical dog names

Does the magic of Harry Potter appeal to you, but none of these names are just right? No worries! Here are some magical dog names:

  1. Gandalf
  2. Merlin
  3. Magic
  4. Jafar
  5. King
  6. Count
  7. Copperfield
  8. Houdini
  9. Bigby
  10. Prospero
  11. Dresden
  12. Rand
  13. Willow
  14. Bacon
  15. Genie
  16. Sauron
  17. Soule
  18. Henning
  19. Mage
  20. LeFay
  21. Yoda

What Harry Potter-themed dog name did you choose?

A Cavalier puppy wearing a Gryffindor scarf
Source: @cavalouis_ / IG

So tell us, what name really jumps out at you the most? Do you prefer one of the main characters that we all know and love?

Or are you more partial to one of those lesser-known names that only true Potter fans know? 

While you can’t go wrong with any of these names, you’ll know when you come across the right one because it will speak to you… almost like magic! 

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