300+ Popular, Mythological, and Unique Greek Dog Names

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

When it comes to naming your dog, you can get inspiration from plenty of places, such as Greek culture, Greek food, or Greek mythology.

In this article, we’ll look at tons of different monikers you can choose for your pup.

Dog taking selfie in Santorini Island

So stay with us and see what Greek dog names made our list!

How do you pick the right Greek name for your dog?

Usually, the issue is that owners have too many names they like and can’t choose between them.

We recommend starting a shortlist. If you have multiple people naming the dog, this part may be more accessible since everyone needs to agree on a name.

However, if you’re the only one choosing the perfect name, it can be more challenging. You’ll need to narrow down the list yourself. Sleep on it if you need to and take your time narrowing it down

Once you have a list you can work with, try each name out on your dog to see if it fits. Some names are great, but they just aren’t meant for certain dogs.

Trying out each character for a bit won’t confuse your dog, as it takes them a bit to learn their name. 

Famous Dogs with Greek Names

With so many cute pups on Instagram, here are our favorites named after the Gods and heroes of Olympus:

  • @olympusgreatdanes – this account follows the father and son duo Zeus and Apollo. With 82k followers on Instagram, they’re also TikTok famous with over 3 million subscribers!
  • @hermessv – with 20k followers, Hermes is a beautiful Chihuahua who shares the account with Rivia, a fellow Chihuahua. Follow them on their hikes and nature trips.
  • @iristhebluegreatdane – this account follows Iris, a Great Dane, and her mama on their adventures. She has 35k followers.
  • @herchercules_ – a lovable American Pocket Bully with 22k followers whose main goal is to spread love and awareness.
  • @outrageously_helpful_orion – follow Orion, a medical and mobility dog who just reeks of cuteness and positivity. Orion currently has 20k followers.

The Most Popular Greek Dog Names

Greek Shepherd sitting in a nice overlooking view
Source: @greekshepherds / IG

Sometimes, the best Greek dog names are those that everyone else is using. In this section, we’ll look at many different Greek dog names that are more popular than most.

Dog Name Ideas Based on Greek Words

  1. Phosphorus
  2. Eleni
  3. Aggeliki
  4. Ioanna
  5. Vasilis
  6. Aiketerine

Travel-Inspired Greek Dog Names

  1. Athens
  2. Chania
  3. Kamari
  4. Milos
  5. Oia
  6. Rhodes
  7. Santorini
  8. Symi
  9. Thera
  10. Delphi
  11. Sparta
  12. Attica 
  13. Ithaca 
  14. Parthenon
  15. Greece

Greek Dog Names for Dogs Owned by Foodies

  1. Arni
  2. Baklava
  3. Feta
  4. Frappe
  5. Gyro
  6. Olive
  7. Ouzo
  8. Pita
  9. Tarama
  10. Tzatziki

Gender-Neutral Greek Names for Dogs

  1. Alpha
  2. Bronte
  3. Cyclops
  4. Dionne
  5. Echo
  6. Galen
  7. Indigo
  8. Lex
  9. Lexus
  10. Lyric
  11. Omega
  12. Delta
  13. Phoenix
  14. Quinn
  15. Topaz
  16. Zelus
  17. Nephele
  18. Iasonas

Top Dog Names Inspired by Greek Mythology 

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many famous dogs with greek names. Cerberus (Kerberos), which probably means “spotted,” is one of the few popular mythological dogs.

This dog was said to guard the gates of Hades and have between three and fifty heads.

Watch this short clip to learn more about Cerberus:

Another famous dog in Greek Mythology is Odysseus’s faithful dog- Argos. Argos recognized Odysseus after a 20-year absence. The dog was old and ragged at the time of their final meeting.

As Odysseus passes by, Argos lays down his head and dies. 

Greek God and Goddess Dog Names

Do you know what “dog” becomes when spelled backward? Who knows, maybe your pups are related to these famous canine gods and goddesses from ancient Greek History. 

Dog Names Inspired by Greek Goddesses

  1. Athena – goddess of wisdom
  2. Aphrodite – goddess of love
  3. Artemis – goddess of the hunt, young maidens, and later on the goddess of the moon
  4. Hera – goddess of marriage and families, wife of Zeus
  5. Demeter – goddess of agriculture
  6. Hestia – goddess of the hearth
  7. Persephone – goddess of spring and the queen of the underworld
  8. Nike – goddess of victory
  9. Iris – goddess of the rainbow
  10. Calliope – one of the nine muses, muse of epic poetry
  11. Calypso
  12. Celaeno
  13. Ceto 
  14. Circe
  15. Clio – one of the nine muses, muse of history
  16. Clotho
  17. Cybele
  18. Doris
  19. Eileithyia
  20. Electra
  21. Elpis
  22. Enyo
  23. Eos
  24. Erato – one of the nine muses, muse of love poetry
  25. Eris
  26. Euterpe – one of the nine muses, muse of music
  27. Gaia – a primordial goddess or mother earth
  28. Harmonia
  29. Hebe
  30. Hemera
  31. Hygea
  32. Kotys
  33. Thalia – one of the nine muses, muse of dance
  34. Themis
  35. Maia
  36. Lyssa
  37. Merope
  38. Metis
  39. Nemesis
  40. Nyx – goddess of the night

Dog Names Inspired by Greek Gods

  1. Zeus – god of the heavens
  2. Apollo – god of music, poetry, archery, prophecy, and medicine
  3. Ares – god of war
  4. Dionysus – god of wine
  5. Endymion
  6. Hades – god of the underworld
  7. Hermes – god of luck, travel, and the messenger of the gods
  8. Poseidon – god of the sea
  9. Krios
  10. Kottos
  11. Briareos
  12. Thanatos – god of death
  13. Morpheus – god of dreams
  14. Hypnos – god of sleep
  15. Chronos – god of time
  16. Hephaestus – god of fire, craftsmen, and volcanoes
  17. Pan – god of nature
  18. Triton 
  19. Helios – god of the sun
  20. Ouranos 
  21. Oceanus
  22. Tartarus 
  23. Erebus 
  24. Hyperion
  25. Deimos
  26. Pallas
  27. Phobos
  28. Typhon
  29. Uranus – god of the sky

Other Greek Dog Names Inspired by Mythology and Literature

Wet Poodle dog loves to swim
Source: @malfithelagotto / IG

Hecate is called the Greek goddess of dogs and magic. She’s often depicted as a dog-shaped person or someone having dogs with her. Her approach was even announced by the barking or howling of dogs.

Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, was believed to have visited Pan, the god of nature, during her girlhood. Pan then gave her seven female and six male hunting dogs. Although, there is no record of their names.

However, because of the incident between her and Actaeon, when Artemis turned him into a stag for a transgression, Actaeon’s hunting dogs killed him.

Because they no longer recognize Actaeon as their master, these dogs were called hounds of Artemis.

Here’s the list of Actaeon’s hunting dogs that turned against him:

Male Dogs:

  1. Zephyrus
  2. Tigris (Tiger)
  3. Thoos (Quickfoot)
  4. Theron (Tempest)
  5. Syrus
  6. Stilbon
  7. Spartus
  8. Pterelas (Wingfoot)
  9. Pamphagos (Glutton)
  10. Pachylus
  11. Oribasos (Surefoot)
  12. Nebrophonos (Killbuck)
  13. Omargus 
  14. Ocythous
  15. Ocydromus
  16. Obrimus
  17. Melaneus (Blackcoat)
  18. Melampus (Blackfoot)
  19. Machimus
  20. Lynceus
  21. Leucon (Blanche)
  22. Leon
  23. Lampus
  24. Laelaps (Hunter)
  25. Ladon
  26. Lacon
  27. Labros (Wildtooth)
  28. Ichnobates (Tracer)
  29. Ichneus
  30. Hylaeus (Woodranger)
  31. Hylactor (Babbler)
  32. Harpalos (Snap)
  33. Harpalicus
  34. Haemon
  35. Eudromus
  36. Gnosius
  37. Elion
  38. Echnobas
  39. Dromius
  40. Dromas (Racer)
  41. Draco
  42. Dorceus (Quicksight)
  43. Cyprius
  44. Cyllopodes
  45. Corus
  46. Charops
  47. Boreas
  48. Bores
  49. Borax
  50. Balius
  51. Asbolos (Sooty)
  52. Argiodus (Towser)
  53. Arcas
  54. Amarynthus
  55. Agrius
  56. Aethon
  57. Acamas

Female Dogs:

  1. Volatos
  2. Urania
  3. Therodanapis
  4. Therodamas (Savage)
  5. Theriphone
  6. Theriope
  7. Sticte (Spot)
  8. Sagnos
  9. Poemenis (Shepherdess)
  10. Oxyrhoe
  11. Orias
  12. Oresitrophos (Rover)
  13. Ocypete
  14. Ocydrome
  15. Nape (Wildwood)
  16. Melanchaetes (Blackmane)
  17. Lynceste
  18. Lycisca (Wolfet)
  19. Leaena
  20. Lacaena
  21. Lachne (Bristle)
  22. Harpyia (Harpy)
  23. Gorgo
  24. Echione
  25. Dioxippe
  26. Dinomache
  27. Cyllo
  28. Chediaetros
  29. Canace (Barker)
  30. Aura
  31. Argo
  32. Arethusa
  33. Arcena
  34. Agre (Chaser)
  35. Alce (Stout)
  36. Aello (Storm)

Greek Mythology Names that Make Cool Dog Names

American Staffordshire Terrier dog wearing sun glasses
Source: @chaos_thedog / IG
  1. Chaos is one of the first Greek titan gods. 
  2. Cadmus is the founder of Thebes. 
  3. Pegasus is a white-winged stallion son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. 
  4. Adonis is the beautiful young man with whom Aphrodite fell in love with.
  5. Odysseus is a legendary hero and the protagonist of the Odyssey
  6. Orpheus is a well-known musician who charmed his way to Hades.
  7. Icarus is the son of the greatest inventor in Greek mythology.
  8. Orion is the giant huntsman who was later placed in the skies by Zeus.
  9. Eros is the god of love, also known as Cupid to the Romans.

Greek Dog Names for Fast and Agile Dogs

  1. Zelos is one of the enforcers of Zeus. 
  2. Zephyr is the wind that brings the spring.
  3. Notus is the stormy south wind. 
  4. Aeolus is the keeper of the winds.
  5. Boreas is the north wind

Greek Male Dog Names That Mean Loyal

  1. Kratos, the god of strength, is a good name for your loyal dog. He is Nike’s brother and one of the enforcers of Zeus. 
  2. Sirius, the Dog Star, is a very fitting name. He was a faithful hunting dog that helped Orion, the most excellent mortal hunter. 
  3. Atlas, one of the titans, can also be the name of your dog. He led the last charge against Zeus and ended up with the worst punishment: bearing the earth across the sky. 

Cool and Powerful Greek Guard Dog Names

  1. Achilles is a good name for your guard dogs because he depicts strength and power. 
  2. Andronicus is a classical Greek name that means victorious male. 
  3. Hydra is the name for a dragon with nine heads that guards the Lake of Lerna. 
  4. Orthus is a two-headed dog that is the brother of Cerberus. 
  5. Ajax is one of the prominent figures during the Trojan War. He is fearless, courageous, and is very good in combat. 
  6. Argus is the many-eyed giant who served Hera.
  7. Castor or Pollux were the twins that feature prominently in Greek mythology. Zeus transformed them into Gemini, the brightest star constellation. 
  8. Herakles is the most famous demigod son of Zeus, known for his strength.

Greek Names for Gentle Dogs

  1. Chiron is a civilized centaur, as opposed to his wild and lustful cousins. 
  2. Prometheus was the titan that gave fire to humanity.
  3. Pan is the god of the wild, nature, shepherds, and flocks.
  4. Selene is the goddess of the moon.

Unique Greek Names for Male Dogs

Dog taking picture on Santorini Island
Source: @littleman_lemon / IG

If you’re looking for a unique Greek name for your male dog, have a go at this list.

  1. Aether
  2. Alastor
  3. Andronicus
  4. Aquarius
  5. Leonidas
  6. Aristotle
  7. Aesop
  8. Agamemnon
  9. Balius
  10. Baltazar
  11. Calix
  12. Chrisos
  13. Caerus
  14. Eurus
  15. Galen
  16. Hector
  17. Troy
  18. Athan
  19. Athanasios
  20. Basil
  21. Bates
  22. Belen
  23. Bemus
  24. Bia
  25. Cadmus
  26. Hippocrates
  27. Homer
  28. Midas
  29. Constantine
  30. Corban
  31. Cy
  32. Damon
  33. Spiros
  34. Theodors
  35. Xylo
  36. Yannis
  37. Darius
  38. Deacon
  39. Demetrius
  40. Dimitris
  41. Evangelos
  42. Georgios
  43. Ioannis
  44. Konstantinos
  45. Zenos
  46. Plato
  47. Cronus

Unique Greek Names for Female Dogs

If you have a female pup, then you can also get some inspiration from our list of unique female Greek names.

Portrait of dog in the middle of the flower garden
Source: @jet_indigodog / IG
  1. Alexandra
  2. Alisha
  3. Alixia
  4. Althea
  5. Aludra
  6. Amara
  7. Amazon
  8. Amethyst
  9. Aminta
  10. Amphitrite
  11. Anastasia
  12. Andromeda
  13. Anstice
  14. Antonia
  15. Daphne
  16. Helen
  17. Eirene
  18. Evangelia
  19. Gaea
  20. Hippolyta
  21. Io
  22. Jacinta
  23. Kalika
  24. Konstantina
  25. Korina
  26. Maria
  27. Olympia
  28. Pandora
  29. Penelope
  30. Persephone
  31. Phoebe
  32. Rhea
  33. Sapphira
  34. Sirena
  35. Spanakopita
  36. Sphinx
  37. Stefania
  38. Sybil
  39. Tedra
  40. Phaedra
  41. Zoe
  42. Nymph
  43. Tyche

What Greek names should I pick for my puppy?

Hound dog excited for a walk
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We’ve provided you names of Greek heroes, gods, and monsters that you can give your dogs.

However, keep in mind that the name you choose reflects the canine companion’s personality who will share its life with you.

Do you have a dog named after a Greek olympian? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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