The Best Dog Food for Arthritis: Helping Your Pup One Bowl at a Time

Chocolate Labrador dog on his memory foam bed

Every dog lover wants the best for their four-legged friend, but sometimes life sees fit to challenge you both. Arthritis can be one of these many challenges, especially in large and giant breeds, but with veterinary care and a quality diet, they can still lead healthy and happy lives. Arthritic joint pain can be a … Read more

Best Senior Dog Food: A Guide to Feeding Older Dogs

a Golden Retriever adult eating on a pink dog bowl

As your dog starts aging, it’s time to consider changing their dog food to something that meets their changing dietary needs. With so much to take into account, this can be a daunting task, especially for dog owners who want to give their elderly pups the best of the best. Below you’ll find everything you … Read more

What’s the best wet puppy food to feed my new dog?

Wet dog food in silver bowl

Have you just welcomed a new puppy into your home? If so, then congratulations! As exciting this moment is, it’s also a time of tribulations, as well as trial and error while trying and discovering your dog’s needs and wants. This is a task that’s challenging and rewarding, which includes feeding. Many first-time owners try … Read more

12 of the best dental chews for dogs to boost their oral hygiene

Happy pet dog chewing a dental snack treat

It’s essential to keep our dog’s teeth clean, especially since dental issues are common among canines. Believe it or not, most have oral problems by the time they turn three-years-old. If your pooch is having tooth trouble, keep an eye out for some symptoms like discolored teeth, broken or loose teeth, swelling or redness of … Read more

13 of the best dog food for allergies for your canine friend

A dog itches sitting on the grass

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from food allergies. This can be difficult to deal with since it’s hard to determine whether your dog is allergic to food or something else. Plus, it takes a lot of time and effort to determine which ingredients are causing the allergy. Luckily, some dog foods are designed to … Read more