Here are the Absolute Best Dog Foods for Less Poop

a smiling Bernese Mountain dog laying down

Dog owners know that their pups can produce a lot of waste, and it seems to get worse with certain foods. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of poop you’re picking up, this guide can help.  We’ll go over the best dog food for less poop, whether you have a puppy, a senior, or … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Food for a Pregnant Dog This 2022?

A 59 days pregnant English Bulldog

Like pregnant women, pregnant dogs have specific nutritional requirements to maintain their health and the fetuses they are carrying. They need more calories from their food to cater to them and their unborn pups and a specific set of vitamins and minerals to promote growth. And if you have a pregnant pooch, you’ll undoubtedly be … Read more

2022 Guide to the Best Dog Food for Toy Breeds

Cute little chihuahua dog celebrating birthday

Whether you have a miniature, small, or extra tiny pooch, it’s undeniable that toy breeds are adorably unique and great additions to any family. And just because they’re compact doesn’t mean we have to skimp on their nutritional needs. If you’re having difficulty choosing from grain-free, with grains, dry, or wet food, we made this … Read more

Best Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs: Selecting the Best Kibble

a Labrador Retriever happily waiting for its food

If you’re in the market for the best dry dog food for adult dogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tried and tested the best adult kibble for dogs available in the United States and given our honest reviews. Here you’ll find recipes from the top dry dog food brands. This list has it … Read more

18 of the Best Dog Foods for Puppies 

Havanese dog lying beside his food

Choosing the best puppy food for your new dog is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make as a pet owner. Choosing the wrong food can halt your dog’s development or even increase their risk of specific health ailments later in life.  Top 5 Picks for Best Dog Food for Puppies   Dog … Read more

12 Best Legume Free Dog Foods For Your Pal

an overhead shot of a dog with a bowl with kibbles

Whether you’re trying to reduce legumes in your dog’s diet or you just want the best legume-free dog food, it’s essential to know what to look for and what to avoid. This guide will explain what you should know to keep your pup healthy. Top 5 Picks for Best Legume Free Dog Food   Legume … Read more

The Top 12 Best Dog Foods Without Potatoes

A cute little dog being feed by hand

Whether you’re looking for a healthier source of carbohydrates for your dog or your dog has an allergy to potatoes, you might be looking for a dog food recipe that doesn’t contain these common tubers. This guide will help you find the best food that doesn’t contain potatoes for your dog. Top 5 Picks for … Read more

Top 12 Best Dog Food Without Corn for Your Furry Friend

a shaggy-haired Yorkie with a dog bowl filled with dog food

While sweet corn is a treat that you can share with your furry friend every once in a while, some owners hate the idea of having corn in their bud’s food.  Why? Because corn is thought to be a filler ingredient that offers little to no nutritional value. Other owners have no choice; perhaps their … Read more

What are the Best Dog Foods for Seizures?

A senior dog lying on the floor

Unfortunately, seizures in dogs are extremely common. These uncontrolled disturbances of the brain, which can lead to shaking, a loss of muscle control, and unconsciousness, can be particularly frightening for pet owners to experience.  While some seizures in dogs are genetic, others are caused by certain diseases. The good news is that some preventative foods … Read more