8 Best Dog Food for Acid Reflux 2022 (Premium & Budget)

Unwell dog waiting for food in an empty bowl

Have you ever felt an uncomfortable burning sensation rising up your throat after eating something? Sometimes it’s even accompanied by heartburn. Well, this exact sensation can be experienced by your furry friends too.  This is a rather common condition in both humans and animals, but the good news is that it’s easy to treat. The … Read more

11 Best Dog Food for Kidney Disease 2022 (Premium & Budget)

Sick dog having an injectable medication

Any sort of kidney disease can be a debilitating diagnosis for a canine. Luckily, any pet owner can manage this illness through a change in diet. Dogs with kidney problems need to have a low-protein diet to support their kidneys. These formulas can be hard to find. Fortunately, there are dog foods that fit your … Read more

12 Best Dog Food for Pancreatitis 2022 (Premium & Budget)

An English Bulldog sitting near a dog bowl

Pancreatitis can be deadly, and the diet that you feed your dog is key to controlling this horrible condition. Picking the best dog for food pancreatitis can make all the difference in your dog’s health.  A low-fat diet is important, but there are several other considerations to take into account. That’s why we’ve rounded up … Read more

11 Best Dog Food for Shedding 2022 (Premium & Budget)

an adorable Pomeranian with a dog bowl with dog food looking up

While most dogs shed and cleaning up after your dog is a normal part of pet ownership, excessive shedding can be a pain. In addition, while certain breeds are more prone to shedding, it can also be a sign of a nutritional deficiency or a food allergy.  So what can you do to make your … Read more

16 Most Popular Dog Food Brands (The Best & Worst)

Samoyed dog drinking water after playing

Pet owners always want to know what the best dog food on the market is. However, there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. With thousands of dog food options available, finding the best one for your pet can certainly be a challenge. Also, as each pet, and owner, is different, what is the best … Read more

The 12 Best Dog Food for Liver Disease in Canines

Sick English Bulldog ignoring the food

The right dog food can help your pet fight diseases and lead a long, healthy life. When it comes to liver problems, managing your dog’s diet is no exception. Specific diets can ward off life-threatening liver failure and help reduce your dog’s pain. It can even help the liver repair itself. Take a look at … Read more

The Top 12 Best Dog Foods Without Potatoes

A cute little dog being feed by hand

Whether you’re looking for a healthier source of carbohydrates for your dog or your dog has an allergy to potatoes, you might be looking for a dog food recipe that doesn’t contain these common tubers. This guide will help you find the best food that doesn’t contain potatoes for your dog. Top 5 Picks for … Read more