Meet the Best Teacup Dog Breeds in the World

a cute Teacup Pomeranian standing

Teacup dogs are teeny, tiny versions of large dog breeds. Most aren’t recognized by the AKC as their own official breeds. Rather, they’re just smaller than the usual breed standard. But that doesn’t mean that they’re smaller in personality!  Most teacup dogs are under about 7 pounds, but they still retain all the traits that … Read more

Is the loyal American Bulldog the next member of your pack?

a happy American Bully laying

Loyal, self-confident, and rugged, the American Bulldog is an icon of the United States. These robust, athletic dogs make great working dogs and excellent, loyal companions and competent watchdogs. However, with high energy levels and intensive training needs, the American Bulldog may not be the best choice for just anyone. Are you thinking of getting … Read more

American Eskimo Dog: Your guide to a fluffy canine friend

an American Eskimo smiling for a photo op

The American Eskimo Dog, also known as the American Spitz or Eskie, is a beautiful, fluffy little dog. Its bright white coat attracts admirers wherever it goes. They come in three size variants so that they will fit any preference. If you’re looking for a small watchdog and a loving companion, the Miniature Eskimo Dog … Read more

The English Springer Spaniel: A Working & Winning Show Dog Breed

A happy English Springer Spaniel laying on dried leaves

English Springer Spaniels are highly awarded dog breeds, whether as hunting dogs or while strutting as show dogs. Not many people know this, but they’re also well-loved and iconic gun dogs in England and America. They may have a pretty appearance, but there’s still plenty to know about this affectionate and energetic hound. Stay with … Read more

The best dog food for Schnauzers – What should I feed my pup?

Owner feeding her Schnauzer dog at home

Schnauzers are an adorable breed known for their fluffy beards, hypoallergenic coat, and expressive eyebrows. Energetic and loveable, these German dogs are up for just about anything, be that a cuddle on the couch or a good romp around outside.  Such an adored companion deserves nothing but the best, including when it comes to their … Read more

Wondering which are the best type of terrier dogs?

a black & a white Scottish Terrier laying on the grass

Terriers are a group of intelligent, tenacious, loyal, and sometimes stubborn dog breeds that have won the hearts and minds of people across the planet. From sweet little lap dogs to bold and big watchdogs, this group of working dogs has it all. If you’re curious to find out more about these hunting and fighting … Read more

How many types of shepherd dogs do you know exist?

Five German Shepherd happily posing for adorable picture

What comes to mind when you imagine a shepherd dog? Genial, obedient, intelligent?  Shepherds are, first and foremost, guard dogs. These dogs keep their charges safe from harm. They need to be ferocious enough to keep away predators like coyotes, wolves, and even bears or the occasional leopard.  On the other hand, some sheepdogs come … Read more

The Best Dog Food for Cocker Spaniels

Close up image of a Cocker Spaniel ready to eat

Cocker Spaniels are sweet, eager-to-please, playful companions. They’re also incredibly beautiful with big, dark eyes and that glorious coat. To keep them happy and healthy, they need the right dog food.  So what is the best food for Cocker Spaniels? This article will help you pick the right one for your special friend. Top 4 … Read more

Find out what is the best dog food for Pomeranians!

Pomeranian Spitz dog eating dry food in a ceramic bowl

Poms are little balls of energy and they need quality dog food to recharge and keep going. Not everyone knows it, but this small breed used to be sled dogs. With that said, active dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia. They’re also prone to hypoglycemia, sensitive stomachs, and dental problems. Just like humans, each Pomeranian … Read more