What You Need to Know About the Australian Labradoodle

Aussiedoodle pup under the chair

There’s another designer breed in town that is worth the hype – the Australian Labradoodle! But with so many doodles out in the canine world, dog lovers have to be aware of the varieties! So before adding an Australian Labradoodle as a part of your family, take the time to learn about them. Keep reading … Read more

All You Need to Know about the Powerful Pitbull Mastiff Mix

Mastiff Pitbull Mix with its head on the floor

The Pitbull Mastiff Mix may look tough, but he’s one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs you can get for your family. Also called a Pit Mastiff or an American Masti-Bull, this crossbreed is an excellent canine companion. He’s protective and loyal, and his intelligence makes him easy to train. Want to get to know this … Read more

Malamute vs Siberian and Alaskan Husky: What’s the Difference?

Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky standing side by side on a rock

Ever seen a Husky-like dog but couldn’t tell if it really was a Siberian Husky? You were probably looking at one of its cousins, probably an Alaskan Malamute or an Alaskan Husky. These three dogs share a wolf-like appearance and a sled dog heritage. However, they each have characteristics that make them unique. Let me … Read more

All about the Beagle Lab Mix

Beagle Lab Mix lying in the grass and looking back

What happens when you mix a Labrador Retriever’s lovable personality with the hunting skills of a Beagle? You get a friendly, easy-to-train hybrid known as the Beagle Lab Mix, also called the Labbeagle, Labbe, or Beagador. These crossbreeds are loyal and gentle and they make for great family pets. Let’s find out why the Beagle-Lab … Read more

All About the Adorable Corgi

Corgi wearing a harness

Meet the Corgi, the smallest canine of the herding breeds. This renowned purebred is a foxy little fellow, heralded as a lovable companion that gets along with everyone in the family. What’s this breed all about? Where does she come from? Is she the right dog for you? Hold tight, my eager lover of the … Read more

Uncertain about the Red Heeler? Here’s What You Need to Know

Red Heeler lying down with a happy expression on its face

The Red Heeler is a spirited and energetic breed known for their herding prowess. These smart canines have been favorites among Australian ranchers for decades. But their nature as working dogs does not mean they can’t be great family pets. These Heelers are loyal to their owners and can be fun-loving, playful companions. Get to … Read more

Your Complete Guide to the Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua lying down with its paws in front

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a companion that you can take anywhere? If you want a canine buddy who can tag along wherever you go, a Chihuahua (Chi) is perfect for you! You are probably familiar with this favorite breed of toy dog, but not every Chi is similar. In this guide, you’ll learn … Read more

The Great Alaskan Husky: What You Need to Know

Black and White Alaskan Husky

Ever seen a dog that looked just like a Siberian Husky with a different coat color? That was probably an Alaskan Husky. Alaskan Huskies are known for their prowess in pulling sleds. More than that, these canines are loyal and loving, so they’ll make the perfect addition to most families. Want to get to know … Read more

9 Questions About the Rottweiler Answered

Close up of a Rottweiler

Strong and fearless, the purebred Rottweiler, also known as Rotties or Rotts, is one of the oldest working breeds in existence. Commonly portrayed as the ultimate guard dog, the Rottie usually isn’t the first choice for a loving family dog due to a ferocious reputation and intimidating appearance. So, what’s the deal with this breed? … Read more

What is a Pomchi: Your Guide to the Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Close-up of a brown and white Pomchi

Combining the sass of a Pomeranian and the daring nature of a Chihuahua will give you a designer dog with a big personality in a small body – the Pomchi. Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes are little powerhouses that will melt anyone’s heart, not only with their good looks but also with their inquisitive and bubbly personality. … Read more