The Great Alaskan Husky: What You Need to Know

Black and White Alaskan Husky

Ever seen a dog that looked just like a Siberian Husky with a different coat color? That was probably an Alaskan Husky. Alaskan Huskies are known for their prowess in pulling sleds. More than that, these canines are loyal and loving, so they’ll make the perfect addition to most families. Want to get to know … Read more

9 Questions About the Rottweiler Answered

Close up of a Rottweiler

Strong and fearless, the purebred Rottweiler, also known as Rotties or Rotts, is one of the oldest working breeds in existence. Commonly portrayed as the ultimate guard dog, the Rottie usually isn’t the first choice for a loving family dog due to a ferocious reputation and intimidating appearance. So, what’s the deal with this breed? … Read more

What is a Pomchi: Your Guide to the Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Close-up of a brown and white Pomchi

Combining the sass of a Pomeranian and the daring nature of a Chihuahua will give you a designer dog with a big personality in a small body – the Pomchi. Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes are little powerhouses that will melt anyone’s heart, not only with their good looks but also with their inquisitive and bubbly personality. … Read more

Red Nose Pitbull 101: What You Need to Know

Close-up photo of a Red Nose Pitbull with a scarf

The Red Nose Pitbull is an intelligent, active dog that is worth getting to know. This unique canine belongs to the family of the American Staffordshire Terrier and officially recognized as the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT or Pittie), But what is the truth behind Pitbulls, specifically the Red Nose Pitbull? Before you judge these dogs, it’s best … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about the Majestic Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd lying on the table

Like their cousin the German Shepherd, Shiloh Shepherds are reliable dogs known for their intelligence and trainability. More than that, these Shepherds are family-oriented and loving canines, which makes them excellent companions. Want to get to know this gigantic, cuddly dog better? Let us tell you more about this gentle giant so you can find … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the King Shepherd

King Shepherd with a blue scarf standing on the road

The King Shepherd is the true embodiment of “man’s best friend,” being a loyal, loving, and family-friendly crossbreed. This dog is a recently developed mix of the German Shepherd (GSD), the Shiloh Shepherd, and the Alaskan Malamute. Ready to get to know the King Shepherd up close? Then stick around a bit to find out … Read more

Goldador: The Amazing Retriever Combo

goldador outdoors with tongue out

Can you combine two of the most popular Retriever breeds? Yes! Meet the Goldador. Not many know about this designer dog, so it’s time for the world to see what’s good about ‘em. This gentle and playful dog will make a great addition to any family. Read on to find out if the Goldador is … Read more

Your Complete Guide on the Adorable Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corman Shepherd walking on the beach

Isn’t the Corgi and German Shepherd mix one of the cutest crossbreeds you’ve seen? Also known as the Corman Shepherd, this hybrid is sure to take your breath away. But this designer dog is more than just adorable. He inherited the Corgi’s enthusiasm and playfulness and the German Shepherd’s hardworking nature. Let’s find out more … Read more

Are Kangal Dogs Dangerous? Myths and Facts about this Giant Guard Dog

Kurdish Kangal on a collar leaning forward

Kangals – ever heard of them? If you have, it might have gotten into you that owning one can be dangerous or terrifying. Also known as the Kangal Shepherd, Kurdish Kangal, or Turkish Kangal, this breed can certainly be intimidating, thanks to their massive, muscular body. There’s more to these dogs than their appearance, though. … Read more