Your ultimate guide to the German Shepherd Wolf mix

Meet the German Shepherd Wolf mix

We all know about wolfdogs but have you ever seen one? Wondering if these impressive canines make a good pet? What are they like, and where can you get one, anyway? We’ll tell you everything you should know about the German Shepherd Wolf mix – also known as Wolfshepherd – a beautiful but challenging pet. … Read more

Why the Boston Terrier Pug mix will make you happy

Meet the Boston Terrier Pug mix

Looking for a compact pooch with some flare? Look no further! The Boston Terrier Pug mix, also called the Pugin, Boston Terrier Pug, Bugg, or Bug, this pup comes from two classic breeds that have fascinating histories of their own. It’s a dog that’s equal parts rowdy and relaxed. You could have a lot of … Read more

Australian Retrievers: Quick-Witted and Full of Fun

Meet the Golden Retriever & Australian Shepherd mix

Imagine your two favorite superheroes. Now imagine that they combine their powers to create the ultimate superhero.  That’s pretty much what happened with the Australian Retriever, also known by different names including Golden Aussie, Australian Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd Retriever, and Golden Australian Shepherd. This furry crossbreed is an energetic genius that will keep you … Read more

What is a Miniature Husky and why does everyone want one?

Meet the Miniature Husky

Huskies are the darlings of the dog world! Everyone’s obsessed with their wolf-like appearance. But, not everyone can get a standard sized Husky. That’s why the Miniature Husky exists! Smaller doesn’t mean easier to handle, though. They are as playful, and while people get them as companions, they are still high energy working dogs. Ready … Read more

What are the dogs that look like wolves?

Meet the dogs that look like wolves

It might seem cool to have a wild animal as a pet, especially one as magnificent as the wolf. But it isn’t. They aren’t ideal pets due to their un-doglike behavior. Even though you can’t have a wolf, you can still get a dog that looks like one. Some of them share a little DNA … Read more

Papillon Chihuahua mix: discover this hidden gem

Meet the Papillon Chihuahua mix

This rare mix of two toy breeds has more to offer than just a list of adorable aliases – Papihuahua, Chi-a-Pap, Chion, Chihuahua Pappion, and Papchi – she’s also a perfect blend of lover and fighter! These teeny-tiny pups are known for both their sweet lap dog nature and their protectiveness for their owners. If … Read more

Get to know 57 of the best Golden Retriever mixes

Year after year, Golden Retrievers rank in the AKC’s top five most popular dog breeds. Beloved for their charm and sociability, Goldens have solidified their place as classic family canines. It’s not surprising that Golden Retriever mbixes are on the rise, too. But with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to … Read more

What is the average Golden Retriever lifespan?

Learn more about the Golden Retriever lifespan

A favorite breed amongst families, Golden Retrievers are loved for their intelligence, friendliness, and loyalty. In fact, they are so loved they are ranked 3rd in popularity by the American Kennel Club.  If you’re thinking about getting a Golden Retriever, you will want to know that your beloved pooch is going to be around for … Read more

Is the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix the best hybrid for you?

Meet the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix

If you’re looking for an exceptional designer dog that’s a combination of two undeniably adorable and fluffy purebreds – Corgis and Malamutes – then this pooch is one to consider. Keep reading to find out more about the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix, which others call Corgimute, so you can figure out if you should get … Read more

The Lab Malamute mix: What makes this breed so special?

Also known as the Alaskan Malador or Labramutes, the Lab Malamute mix is an excellent mix of its parent breeds – a sweet personality and a total “people-dog.” If you’re wondering if your lifestyle will match this crossbreed’s size, temperament, care requirements, and even health, you’re in the right place. Keep scrolling to find out! … Read more