Kangal Dog Price: How Much is a Kangal Shepherd Puppy?

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog originating in Turkey that was initially used to protect livestock.

These are valuable, intelligent working dogs known to be exceptional guardians of the home and farm.

A female Kangal dog
The beautiful Kangal – Image source

They aren’t as popular as pets but are sought after by farmers who value them for their hard-working personalities and exceptional herding skills.

If you live or work on a farm, you may consider investing in a Kangal dog to help lighten the load and protect your animals.

But what is the price of a purebred Kangal puppy? And what does it cost to care for one of these dogs during their lifetime? We will look at all that and more in the article below.

Can You Own a Kangal Dog?

If you’re thinking about buying a Kangal Dog, be sure to consult any breed-specific laws that might be in place in your area. 

While it might not be illegal to own a dog throughout the entire United States, some areas have rules concerning owning a Kangal.

They are banned in certain other countries, like Denmark, due to the fact that they are perceived as being aggressive dogs. 

Even if your state does allow you to own a Kangal, you’ll likely still need to get a dog license, as you would with any breed.

A license to own a Kangal can be bought at your local municipal office for about $20.

Is owning a Kangal dog safe?

A Kangal standing on a paved path
A Kangal accompanying his hooman on a walk – Image source

Bred as livestock dogs, Kangals are natural guardians. That said, they are much more people-orientated than many other herding breeds and are generally not aggressive to humans.

With the proper training, they can also make great companions for children. 

This breed struggles to recognize boundaries and may attack stray or small animals, be aggressive towards intruders, or wander. 

Therefore, these dogs are not recommended for apartment life or small homes. They need plenty of space, preferably on a farm or at least a large yard.

These dogs are also not recommended for first-time pet owners.

Can You Buy a Kangal Shepherd in the United States?

A Kangal standing in a field
Coba, a Kangal, loves spending days in the field – Image source

Kangals are pretty rare to find in the United States because only a handful of breeders breed these dogs.

You are also not allowed to import dogs from Turkey to preserve the pure bloodlines of dogs in the USA. 

How Much Does a Kangal Cost?

Kangal puppies from reputable breeders cost in the region of $800 to $1300.

That said, dogs from superior bloodlines or award-winning breeders can cost upwards of $1700, even fetching prices as high as $5000. 

What is the average price of a Kangal puppy?

A Kangal puppy sticking its tongue out
An adorable Kangal pup – Image source

Kangals are not well-known dogs outside the circle of breed enthusiasts; thus, one of these puppies can be challenging to find.

On average, buying a Kangal puppy costs between $1200 and $4000.

Of course, buying your Kangal puppy is only the starting point; there are many more costs to consider during your pet’s life.

How much is a full-grown Kangal?

The first year of a puppy’s life is the most expensive with all the supplies, vaccinations, and medical expenses you need to consider.

Thus, rescuing a fully-grown Kangal can help you save a significant amount of money.

As fully-grown dogs are also in less demand than puppies, you can pick your dog up for less money, even paying $500 or less.

Should You Buy a Kangal Puppy or an Older Dog?

Three Kangal puppies playing with an inflatable pool
Three Kangal pups want to go for a swim – Image source

If you are thinking of getting a Kangal dog, you might not have much say in what dog you get due to the rarity of this breed.

If you want a puppy, you may even have to go on a waiting list as there are not a lot of breeders available for these dogs in the United States. 

If you’re open to a pet of any age, you can sometimes find Kangals at rescue centers.

It must be warned, however, that older dogs adopted from rescue centers can come with various problems such as behavioral issues, aggression, or health concerns.

Are small Kangal dogs more expensive than large ones?

No, Kangal dogs are priced as livestock guardians, and most people that get these dogs are looking for big dogs that can adequately protect their homes and farms.

Of course, owning a bigger dog will also cost a lot more money in the long run when you factor in the additional costs of food, beds, and environmental needs. 

How Much Does a Kangal Cost from a Reputable Breeder?

Four Kangal puppies
Cute Kangal pups – Image source

The exact cost you will pay for your Kangal puppy will depend on the breeder.

Puppies from standard breeding farms fetch $800 to $1300, while puppies bred at famous, well-known breeding farms will cost between $1300 and $3000.

Those dogs bred from show-winning lineages can cost even more.

How to find a reputable Kangal breeder and avoid puppy mills?

Stay away from any Kangal dogs advertised on places like Craiglist.

Not only could you lose your money to a scam, but you could end up supporting a puppy breeding mill, a place that only cares about profit and not the health and well-being of their dogs. 

Believe it or not, about 10,000 puppy mills are scattered across the USA. Thankfully, very few of these focus on the Kangal breed due to the rarity of these dogs and lesser demand for this breed.

If you’re looking for a Kangal from a reputable breeder, a good place to begin your search would be on the Kangal Dog Club of America, which has a list of registered breeders on their site.

Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Chippewa Valley Kangals, Chippewa Falls, WI
  2. Skyfiber Kangals, Washington
  3. Evans Mill Cattle Company, Lexington, KY

What Does It Cost to Rescue and Adopt a Kangal Dog?

A Kangal dog lying down on the floor
Khan, a Kangal, loves the family he calls home – Image source

Getting a Kangal at an adoption center can save you significant money. You will also provide a home to a dog that has been rejected or abandoned, giving him a new lease on life.

To adopt a Kangal, you will be looking at between $300 and $400, with that money going directly to the shelter to cover the cost of their excellent work.

That said, finding a Kangal for adoption can be challenging as these dogs are not particularly common.

You can start by looking at Kangal or working dog rescue organizations such as the Kangal Dog Rescue Project, Clarkston, MI.

The Kangal Price Factors Explained

A Kangal dog in a field
A Kangal staying active outdoors – Image source

Several things will influence the final price you pay for a Kangal puppy. These include factors like your dog’s bloodline and genetics, gender, age, and even coat color.

1. Bloodline and breeder’s reputation

Kangals from bloodlines that compete in dog shows will be more expensive than those simply bred as working farm hands.

On the other hand, companion pets will be cheaper than both of these. The reputation of your breeder will also have an impact on how much you pay for a puppy. 

Breeders take years to earn a good reputation, and they also need to pay memberships to the different kennel clubs, which will no doubt increase the cost of your puppy.

A breeder known to produce championship-winning dogs will charge a higher price for their puppies. 

You can also request a DNA test on your puppy if you want to know more about his bloodline, ancestry, and origin. 

2. Registration papers and pedigree

Kangal Shepherd dogs are typically divided into two types.

Those that come with limited registration, meaning they are purebred dogs but can only be raised as pets, and those that come with a complete registration which means that they can be used for breeding and entered into dog shows. 

Those Kangals with full registration will be significantly more expensive than those sold with a limited registration. 

3. Health screenings and medical expenses

Reputable breeders should provide you with a health guarantee for your puppy.

These screenings will ensure your new puppy is free from congenital birth defects or common canine diseases.

These health certificates will, of course, also be added to the price of your puppy.

4. Kangal Age

A Kangal looking up at its owner
A Kangal giving his hooman all his smiles – Image source

Naturally, bigger dogs require more food, grooming services, and larger beds, and the cost of your dog insurance will begin to inflate.

As your pup ages and grows in size, your monthly costs are bound to increase too. 

You’d be right in thinking that your month-to-month expenses will also begin to balloon depending on your dog’s health and your food and entertainment preferences.

So you can save a lot of money adopting an older dog, and as puppies are more in demand, they will also have a lower purchase price.

5. Kangal Gender

Female Kangals are often more expensive than male dogs because they can be bred further to create more puppies.

Many new Kangal breeders are born through dog owners who choose not to spay their female Kangals but instead breed them and sell the puppies for a profit. 

6. Coat color and markings

Coat color, markings, and appearance will all impact the final price you will pay for your Kangal puppy.

According to the breed standards, Kangal Dogs should have a black mask and black ears that stand in contrast to the rest of their coat which can be a light golden yellow, tan, or gray.

Those who match the breed standards will obviously fetch a higher price than those who don’t due to their winning potential if they enter a dog conformation show. 

7. Others

Some breeders will decide to provide essential socialization and puppy training to their dogs before they send them home to their new owners.

While you will likely end up with a more well-rounded puppy this way, it can mean your new puppy will be more expensive. 

In addition, some breeders may also provide microchipping services, which can also increase the upfront price you will pay for your Kangal puppy.

Initial Cost of Kangal Ownership

A Kangal with a toy
Dunya, a Kangal, got a toy on his birthday – Image source

Purchasing your Kangal puppy is just the first cost of pet ownership. You need to budget for many other things when you get a new dog.

This includes purchasing food and water bowls, getting dog food, buying a leash and collar, getting your dog a bed or crate, buying grooming essentials, and supplying your pet with toys. 

All these combined items can set you back a further $300 or $400.

Kangal Long-Term Ownership Costs

You will need to budget for various things during your pet’s life.

Some of the most important ones include veterinary costs and medical care, toys and entertainment costs, grooming and feeding, and essential supplies your pet needs.

1. The Veterinary Costs for a Kangal 

A Kangal puppy lying down on a brick floor
Dunya, the Kangal, receives his vaccines since puppyhood – Image source

Your puppy must be taken to the vet for regular checkups, all his essential vaccinations, and deworming.

You can expect to pay around $100 for your dog to get vaccinated, plus another $50 or so in deworming medication.

Some breeders will include these initial expenses in their price, so be sure to check.

You’ll also need to give your dog preventative flea and tick medication, particularly as a working breed that spends a lot of time outdoors around other animals.

These preventative medications will set you back around $200 a year.

You’ll likely also want to spay or neuter your Kangal dog when they are old enough.

Again, this is something your breeder may cover, but if not, you’re looking at around $200 for a vet to perform this procedure. 

Common Kangal health issues and estimated costs to treat them

Kangals are known to be very resilient dogs with few health problems. That said, some common diseases can affect this breed. 

These include hip dysplasia which causes deformation of the hip joint and can lead to problems with mobility.

If this condition is severe, your dog may need replacement hip surgery which can cost between $3500 and $7000.

Kangals are also susceptible to entropion, a genetic eyelid deformation that can irritate your dog’s cornea.

Getting this rectified through corrective surgery will cost between $500 and $1500.

Finally, lipoma is a disease that can affect your Kangal in middle age and causes fat tumors to form on your dog’s body.

While not life-threatening, these benign tumors can cause severe discomfort for your Kangal. Removing them will cost about $200 to $500 per lump.

2. The Cost of Feeding a Kangal 

A Kangal puppy eating
A Kangal puppy having its snack – Image source

Your puppy will need high-quality dog food that provides all the supplements he needs to build strong muscles and bones.

Additionally, as a large breed, you’ll want to invest in puppy food specifically made to ensure slow growth. 

As your dog ages, he will likely need a high-protein diet for working dogs with high-energy needs.

These types of premium dog foods will cost $85 a month in the region. You’ll also want to set aside around $25 a day in dog treats for your Kangal.

3. Dog Grooming Prices for Kangal 

While Kangals don’t need regular visits to the groomers, they are heavy shedders and must be brushed regularly to get rid of any excess hair.

You will want to buy some pet shampoo and a dog brush to keep at home so that you can care for your pet.

Shampoo can cost about $10 a bottle, while a good quality dog brush will set you back at around $15. 

4. Kangal Pet Insurance Costs

Investing in pet insurance is essential as it will help cover any unforeseen medical expenses that might arise during your dog’s life.

Some pet insurances also pay toward regular vet checkups and preventative medications.

Depending on your chosen policy, you should look at spending around $240 a year on pet insurance.

5. Environmental Maintenance for a Kangal 

An 11-month-old Kangal puppy
Khan, the Kangal, likes spending time outdoors – Image sources

You’ll need to clean up after your puppy when he is still in the potty training phase if you want your environment to look and smell great.

A good urine stain and odor remover will cost around $25, while a poop scooper can be bought for about $20. 

6. Kangal Entertainment costs

Robust and quality chew toys will help keep your Kangal Shepherd entertained and help with jaw and muscle development.

They will also save objects around your house from being destroyed. Make sure you invest in quality toys that can last a while. These will cost around $25 a toy.

7. The Cost of Supplies for a Kangal 

Some of the supplies your Kangal will need will include a good quality food and water bowl, costing around $20, a strong and sturdy leash and collar, which also costs about $20, and a large, sturdy dog crate or a dog bed which can cost around $45.

What are the Additional Costs that Come with Owning a Kangal?

A Kangal dog sitting
Khan, the Kangal, graduated at the top of his class – Image source

Other things that can cost money during your Kangals life include dog walking, puppy daycare, registration, and training.

If you walk all day or travel a lot and can’t be at home to exercise or look after your dog, you’ll want to set aside a bit of money for a dog walker, daycare, or pet sitter. This can cost around $15 a day.

If you decide to sign your pet up to compete in agility or conformation shows, you must register him with the official kennel club. This registration will cost around $90.

Finally, if you want to invest in your pet’s behavioral or special skill training, you’re probably looking at a monthly cost of about $100.

Kangal Average Monthly Cost

Knowing the average monthly cost of owning a Kangal is worthwhile so that you can work out if this falls within your budget.

When you add up the costs of food, training, toys, treats, and vet visits, you’re likely to spend around $150 to $200 a month on your dog.

First-Year Expenses as a Kangal Owner

A Kangal puppy playing with a rope
Khan, the Kangal, loves to play with his toys since he was little – Image source

As a new pet parent, you need to budget for medications, regular vet visits, dog licenses, and supplies, as well as leave a bit of money aside or take out insurance for any unforeseen expenses. 

When you factor all of these costs on top of the initial purchase price of your Kangal puppy, you’re likely to spend between $3500 and $4000 in the first year of pet ownership alone.

Lifetime Expenses of Owning a Kangal 

Getting a pet is a big commitment; you must ensure you can afford it before getting a puppy. Kangals have a life expectancy of between 10 to 13 years.

During your pet’s life, you can spend between $21500 and $35000 on your dog. 

The exact amount you will spend will depend on if you always opt for premium brands or if you can find cheaper alternatives and how healthy your dog is.

High Kangal Prices VS. Low Kangal Prices

A close-up image of a Kangal
A healthy and trained Kangal – Image source

While paying a Kangal from a breeder may be more expensive, your money is going to worthy things like training and health checks to ensure that the puppy you’re getting at the end of the day is well adjusted and medically sound. 

Always be careful of Kangal Shepherd dogs advertised for a price that seems too good to be true as these dogs could come from puppy mills.

Are Kangals more expensive than other dog breeds?

Yes, the Kangal is not a cheap breed of dog. The rarity of this breed works to drive up prices.

As these dogs are also sought after by farmers as working ranch dogs, they tend to be more expensive than your average companion animal.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Kangal Dog?

Kangals are not a good choice of dog for first-time owners. These large dogs need plenty of socialization and a lot of space.

But if you’re looking for a hard-working farm hand that can provide a good deal of protection while being good with the family, then you can’t go wrong with a Kangal.

Because they are pretty rare, you may struggle to find a Kangal breeder in your area, and you could end up paying a pretty penny for your Kangal puppy, particularly if he comes from an award-winning lineage.

You’ll also need to factor in all the expenses to look after your dog during his life.

Do you have a Kangal? Does he help you out on the farm, and where did you buy him? We would love to hear all about you and your dog in the comments below.

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