Pitbull Mixes: 40 Different Pittie Crossbreeds We Adore

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

The American Pitbull Terrier is a smart, confident, and good-natured dog that packs a lot of power in its muscles. They are also courageous, loyal, and active.

These qualities make the Pitbull a popular parent for many designer breeds, with most of their children inheriting a mix of guard dog and lapdog qualities.

Happy Pitbull dog playing coconut on the grass

Read on to learn which of these Pitbull crossbreeds is right for you!

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What Does a Pitbull Look Like?

American Pitbull Terrier dog standing on the grass
A muscular American Pitbull Terrier dog standing on the grass

A muscular, stocky dog with a cute face and short coat, the American Pit Bull Terrier is well known for its stamina, strength, and tenacity.

Found in practically every color, this purebred large dog is a catch-all term for several breeds or hybrids designed for fighting and baiting.

The Pittie breed is a versatile type of dog that is popular for its protection of children and property.

40 Most Popular Pit Bull Mixes

There are plenty of Pit Bull mixes to go around! Here are the 40 most popular Pit Bull designer breeds you can find from a breeder, adoption center, or rescue.

1. The Labrador Retriever and Pitbull mix (AKA Labrabull)

Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @facetimewithbo / IG

A popular hybrid between the American Pit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever, you get a tough, agile, and muscular pup that is fit with a strong head and a muscular neck.

The Lab parent makes the Labrador Pitbull mix a low-maintenance pup that remains cheerful and pleasant.

If you have children, your Labrabull will feel right at home as a family dog, but they may become protective if you’re not careful. Socialize them early to avoid unhealthy attachment.

2. The Siberian Husky and Pitbull mix (AKA Pitsky)

Siberian Husky and Pitbull mix dog
Source: @kyaraytristan / IG

Another famous mutt, the cross between a Siberian Husky and Pitbull, creates a gorgeous pup that usually inherits its Husky parent’s striking blue eyes.

Pitskies can either receive a short hair coat or a double coat, so be prepared for a dog that may shed all over your carpets.

High-energy and good-natured, these playful dogs don’t like to stop once they get going. The Pitsky is perfect for older children, but they may need supervision around children.

3. The German Shepherd and Pitbull mix (German Pit) 

German Shepherd and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @katiebarrettbrown / IG

Mixing the German Shepherd and the Pit Bull is a no-brainer: these courageous and intelligent doggies are truly a sight to behold.

Fearless, hard-working, and true, the German Pit is the recipe for the ultimate guard dog, watchdog, and guardian of homes and children.

German Sheppits are also not fond of young children, even with the Pit Bull parent, but they are fine interacting with teenagers or young adults.

4. The Boxer and Pitbull mix

Boxer and PitBull Mix dog portrait
Source: @seawatersandy / IG

A Boxer mix that can weigh up to 22-36 kgs, the Boxbull is a strong matchup of both parents. If you want a tough and muscular dog with a lot of intelligence, this is the breed for you.

Their strength can come at a price because they’re often stubborn and difficult to train.

Pitbull Boxer mixed dogs need a lot of room to move around because of their high-energy requirements. Give them 1 to 2 hours a day of walking or other physical activity to keep them healthy.

5. The Feisty Chihuahua and Pitbull mix (AKA Chipit)

Chihuahua and Pitbull mix dog sitting near the flower garden
Source: @clydee.clyde / IG

A strange mix that is gaining popularity in the United States, the Chihuahua and Pitbull dog breed is a bite-sized muscular dog that may only weigh 6-13 kgs – half the size of an American Staffordshire Terrier.

There are plenty of size variants for these dogs.

Keep your Chipit close and allow them to participate in family activities, especially those involving children or seniors.

6. The Rottweiler and Pitbull mix ( AKA Pitweiler)

Rottweiler and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @iam_ronda / IG

Pitweilers are large dogs that have a wide weight range of 29-45 kgs. Both parent breeds are courageous, loyal, and intelligent, but their protective instincts can come out full force around their loved ones.

However, Pitweiler is difficult to train out of these behaviors.

You’ll need a lot of time and energy to ensure they don’t become aggressive towards people, but with enough patience, you can bring out this breed’s clownish personality.

7. The Adorable Corgi and Pitbull mix (AKA Corgi Pit)

Corgi and Pit Bull mix dog portrait
Source: @dylan_pescatore / IG

Usually a cross with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, this designer breed will produce an interesting-looking pup. Thanks to the Corgi mix, the Corgi Pit will have a body that looks out of balance.

Despite their looks, they are cheerful and happy companions that have a fun spirit.

If you instill this confidence in them early, you’ll have a funny, courageous, and intelligent pet that can be a little competitive.

8. The Dachshund and Pitbull mix (AKA Dox-Bull)

Muscular Dachshund and Pit Bull mix dog

Another mixed breed that often looks out of balance, the Dox-Bull usually has a Dachshund body and a big Pit Bull head.

Still, this designer breed has some fantastic qualities, like calmness, intelligence, and kindness. The Doxie Pit truly loves people.

Dachabulls don’t have high exercise requirements or the need for excessive training because their temperament makes them adapt well to positive reinforcement.

9. The Large Great Dane and Pitbull mix (AKA Great Danebull)

Great Dane and Pit Bull mix dog wearing Christmas scarf
Source: @laylaskingdom/ IG

The Great Dane and Pit Bull mix creates a massive dog with a docile spirit. Unfortunately, this large breed will only live 7-9 years.

Use the short time you’ll have together hugging, playing, and petting them because these lap dogs are eternally attached to their owners.

This crossbreed is easy to train and loves to participate in dog sports, so give them plenty of exercises, toys, and attention throughout their lives.

10. The Poodle and Pitbull mix

Poodle and Pit Bull mix dog with a purple highlights on its coat

The always popular Poodle usually finds its way into the gene pool of multiple dog breeds, and the Pit Bull is no exception.

However, the Poodle and Pit Bull mix hasn’t caught on in popularity, but they were likely bred for their intelligence, strength, and trainability.

This designer breed needs a strong trainer with the right personality, or else they’ll likely develop behavioral issues, including barking and biting.

11. The Beagle and Pitbull mix (AKA Beagle Pit)

Beagle and Pitbull mix roaming near the lake
Source: @carmen_the_one_eyed_doggo / IG

Beagle Pits will likely have a low maintenance, brindle coat thanks to both parents’ tan and brown spots, but good luck finding these pups.

This relatively new mixed dog breed isn’t popular yet, but they will likely find their tribe once owners warm up to their good looks and sweet temperament.

Overall, they are a playful, loving, friendly, and protective breed that excels as a companion and guard dogs, so don’t leave them alone for too long.

12. The Massive English Mastiff and Pitbull mix (AKA Pit Mastiff)

Huge English Mastiff and Pitbull Mix with the owner
Source: @no1_mastiff / IG

The Mastiff, or English Mastiff, is a massive dog breed that can have a maximum weight of 104 kgs. These massive dogs were useful for fending off whole islands against invaders.

For this reason, it’s easy to see why the Pit Mastiff became a mixed breed: their incredible strength.

Though they look intimidating, they are giant sweethearts that don’t need a lot of exercise despite their size. Overall, you’ll have a kind, low-maintenance dog breed.

13. The Cane Corso and Pitbull mix (AKA American Pit)

Cane Corso and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the floor
Source: @rockerbuilt / IG

The Cane Corso is a large dog breed with a lot of personalities that also received a bad reputation for its aggression. Similar to the Pit Bull: appearances are deceiving.

The American Pit is actually affectionate, intelligent, and majestic in the way they move and act.

American Pits are energetic and need an owner that isn’t a couch potato because they are willing to play at a moment’s notice.

14. The American Bulldog and Pit Bull mix (AKA Bully Pit)

Dressed American Bulldog and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @benzybenzo / IG

Despite their Bully Pit name, this designer breed is anything but a bully! They are actually cuddly and gentle, love kids, and make perfect companions for most families.

Their glossy, smooth, and short coats are low-maintenance, but their exercise needs are high at 1 -2 hours per day. 

The American Bulldog and Pit Bull cross can look fierce because of their large head and mouth, but their small body makes them appear less intimidating.

15. The Golden Retriever and Pitbull mix (AKA Golden Pit)

Golden Retriever and Pit Bull mix dog lying near the pool

The popular Golden Retriever is a frequent purebred dog that crosses with others because of their spirit.

Golden Pits are likely to be aloof around strangers, but with socialization, they will expand their great demeanor to everyone they meet. Golden Pitbulls are bundles of energy.

These doggies will be devoted, intelligent, and friendly to their owners and are the perfect nanny dogs for children and the elderly.

16. The Blue Heeler and Pitbull mix (AKA Pit Heeler)

Blue Heeler and Pit Bull mix dog inside the car
Source: @dave.the.dogg / IG

A cross between the Blue Heeler and Pit Bull, this pup gets the best of both worlds from their parents.

Pit Heelers have hyper personalities and need a lot of exercises. Playful and hardworking, they prefer to guard the home rather than stay planted on your lap.

The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle dog, exudes utility. Their strong prey drive may come out during training, but these mutts have high intelligence and learn quickly. 

17. The Australian Shepherd and Pitbull mix (AKA Aussiebull)

Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull mix dog portrait
Source: @micha.and.zoey / IG

Australian Shepherds excel at shepherding livestock and are easy to train. Their instinct drives them to hunt rats and travel long distances, which means they have a high energy output.

Put these dogs in sports and give them plenty of toys to play with.

Aussiebulls have a hardworking and loyal personality, but they need socialization to play well with others. Pitbull parents only enhance their intelligence and guarding abilities.

18. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix

Big Rhodesian Ridgeback Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @southern_man_travels / IG

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dignified, affectionate, and even-tempered breed with trademark backward-growing hair.

Many Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pit Bull mix puppies will inherit this feature, including the Ridgeback’s strong prey drive and independence.

Prioritize training and socialization at an early age, or they could develop aggressive behavior, but it’s likely this pup will retain most of their affectionate qualities.

19. The Shar Pei and Pitbull mix (AKA Sharpull)

Shar Pei and Pit Bull mix dog lying on stairs
Source: @kylo_sharpull / IG

The Chinese Shar-Pei and the Pit Bull make the charming Sharpull, a strong and independent pup with a frightening appearance.

Although they often have black coats and muscular bodies, they are really sweet if you can get past their stubbornness through training.

Thankfully, they’re intelligent and a low-maintenance dog that rarely barks or makes a fuss. Use consistency while training to enforce good habits, and you should have a kind family dog.

20. The Pug Pitbull mix (AKA Pug Pit)

Pug and Pit Bull mix dog wearing orange outfit
Source: @puppingtonpalace / IG

While they look funny, especially in the face, this mix produces a designer breed with a low-maintenance smooth coat.

Pug Pits adapt well to many environments and thrive in apartments, but they prefer homes with a fenced yard so they can run around and play.

Unfortunately, the Pugit has a squashed in the face that will give them breathing issues. To keep them healthy, stay up on vet visits. Be sure to train out their territorial behavior.

21. The French Bulldog and Pitbull mix

French Bulldog and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the owner's lap
Source: @malibu.chewchew / IG

French Bulldogs are a tiny companion dog that is adaptable, smart, and playful. With the combination of the Pit Bull parent, the puppy becomes incredibly intelligent and playful.

Most dog lovers find this cross irresistible thanks to their adorable face and calm nature.

The French Bulldog and Pit Bull mix are agreeable during training, and with their alert temperament teaching the tricks will be a breeze.

22. The Spotty Dalmatian and Pitbull Mix (AKA Pitmatian)

Dalmatian and Pit Bull mix dog sitting on the deck
Source: @indyanna_mcdonald / IG

Dalmatians have recognizable spots that often appear on their designer breed offspring, including the Pitmatian.

Dignified, smart, trainable, and outgoing, the Pitmatian is a lover of dog sports and needs frequent exercise to tire out their energetic legs.

Pitmatians have a frequent shedding short coat that needs weekly brushing. Expect a lot of hair to pile up on your floor that you’ll need to sweep.

23. The Boston Terrier and Pitbull mix (AKA Boston Pit)

Boston Terrier and Pit Bull mix dog standing on the grass
Source: @nalarose.thepit / IG

A new designer dog, the large Boston Terrier, will shrink down to a medium-size when crossed with the muscular Pit Bull body.

Although the American Bull Terrier is adaptable, they do need regular exercise away from an apartment building if you live in a smaller place.

Boston Pits are fantastic with children because they love to please their owners. Watch out for their stubborn streak, which can make training a bit of a challenge.

24. The Jack Russell Terrier Pitbull mix

Jack Russell Terrier and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the red sofa
Source: @arielle.michele.hair / IG

Cute and lively, the Jack Russell Terrier has incredible bursts of energy throughout the day. Even the Pit Bull mix won’t be able to level them out.

Except for your Jack Russell Terrier Pit Bull mix to stay upbeat and friendly, but they may start digging or barking at strangers.

Train this out of your pup by training them daily to burn off energy, but use positive reinforcement because they respond better to kindness.

25. The Greyhound and Pitbull mix (AKA Greybull Pit)

Greyhound and Pit Bull mix posing on the lake
Source: @hunter_themutt1 / IG

Greybulls are the ingenious combination of the Greyhound and Pit Bull, despite the look of their elongated body.

What counts here is their personality, which is often sweet, gentle, and noble. Greybulls are also very intelligent but are independent and challenging to train.

It’s a bad idea to put them in a home with cats because of their strong prey drive, but they thrive in families with teenagers or adults.

26. The Whippet and Pitbull mix (also known as the Pit Whip)

Whippet and Pit Bull mix dog portrait
Source: @kona_the_pippet / IG

Whippets have the nickname “Poor Man’s Racehorse” because they’re lightning quick and have a lot of energy.

When mixed with the Pit Bull parent, you’ll have a fast-paced cheetah dog, but they don’t have high exercise requirements. Pit Whips are typically affectionate and playful.

Pit Whips will look more skinny than muscular, but they don’t lack strength. Place this dog breed in a home with children for them to play with.

27. The English Bulldog and Pitbull mix (English Pitbull)

English Bulldog and Pit Bull mix dog portrait

English Pitbulls are incredible guard dogs that can weigh as much as 36 kgs and have tall, long legs.

They’re easy to maintain straight and short coats usually come in white or black, but there are plenty of combinations possible. English Pitbulls also make for great watchdogs.

Thanks to both the English Bulldog and Pit Bull, they are alert and courageous and have a strong love for their families, but they are often independent and reserved.

28. The Weimaraner Pitbull mix

Weimaraner and Pit Bull mix dog wearing Christmas Scarf
Source: @yoloanimalshelter / IG

The Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix can either be a Pittmaraner (Weimaraner American Pit Bull Terrier Mix) or a Weimar Bully (Weimaraner Bull Terrier Mix).

Either way, these large dogs are friendly, fearless, and obedient and take well to positive reinforcement in training.

Apart from needing a lot of exercises, the Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix also needs plenty of attention and love from their family.

29. The Chow Chow and Pitbull mix (Pit Chow)

Chow Chow and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @caesarthechow/ IG

When the always cute Chow Chow and the Pit Bull cross, they produce an adorably strong muscled dog that excels at most working tasks.

Pit Chows usually live long and healthy lives at 10-15 years and don’t grow past a medium-sized breed.

Overall, this breed is obedient, smart, and sweet but terrified of strangers. Socialize them as puppies to prevent aggression.

30. The Border Collie and Pitbull mix (Border Pit)

Border Collie and Pit Bull mix dog posing in the woods
Source: @_full.of.furr_ / IG

Border Collies are popular for their intelligence and herding skills, but their trainability becomes a little easier when they mix with the Pit Bull.

Healthy and sturdy, you won’t need to bring these pups to the vet often. Border Pits are energetic dogs that are great with kids.

Watch out for their mouthiness; they can become stubborn without proper socialization. Unless you want a loud watchdog, teach your Border Pit to keep quiet.

31. The Akita Inu and Pitbull mix (AKA the Akita Pit)

Akita Inu and Pit Bull mix dog portrait
Source: @cleotheakitamix / IG

Akitas are one of the most intelligent breeds alive, so it’s no surprise they would mix them with another intelligent dog.

Adding the Pit Bull parent makes this breed courageous, loving, and loyal, but the Akita Pit often inherits the dense fur, which makes them lower maintenance.

Pitkitas have dominant personalities, but they’re usually excellent with children. They typically listen to the Alpha personality in the home.

32. The Mountain Cur and Pitbull mix (Cur Pitbull Mix)

Massive Mountain Cur and Pit Bull mix dog sitting on the abandoned stairs

The Mountain Cur looks similar to a Begeal and has a similar temperament, except they are often black.

Strong-willed and intelligent, the Cur is usually afraid of strangers but is a courageous fighter with animals. The Cur Pitbull inherits these qualities.

Cur Pitbulls need a lot of activity to stay healthy, and training can be a pain for first-time owners, but they love to stay close to their owners.

33. The German Shorthaired Pointer and Pitbull mix (Pointerbull)

German Shorthaired Pointer and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @zebandlayla / IG

A pup that is smart, friendly, and willing to please, the Pointerbull is the offspring of the popular German Shorthaired Pointer and Pit Bull.

They thrive on vigorous exercise and play, and neglecting this need will cause them to develop aggressive habits.

Since Pointerbulls are heavy shedders, they aren’t hypoallergenic. They are straightforward to train thanks to their happy-go-lucky temperament.

34. The Doberman Pinscher and Pitbull mix (Doberman Pit)

Doberman Pinscher and Pit Bull mix dog
Source: @ashl3ypv / IG

The resulting Doberpit hybrid is a combination between the Doberman Pinscher and Pit Bull. These pups can be a handful, even with proper training and socialization.

The Doberpits stubbornness can be frustrating, but they are overall friendly and affectionate.

Doberman Pitbull mixes are a high-energy breed with an overabundance of intelligence, so allow them to participate in dog sports.

35. The French Mastiff and Pitbull Terrier Mix (French Pitbull)

French Mastiff and Pitbull Terrier mix dog sitting on the bed
Source: @ashxa3 / IG

The French Mastiff has a similar temperament to the English Mastiff, which means they’re dignified, courageous, and good-natured.

French Pitbulls have low exercise requirements, but they still like to play a round or two of fetch. 

French Pitbulls are heavy droolers and are agreeable. They train easily but be patient with them because they are usually slow-moving.

36. St. Bernard and Pitbull mix (Saint Pitbull)

St. Bernard and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the couch
Source: @pawedpiper_ / IG

The big burly St. Bernard is popular for their playful personality and charming looks. The Saint Bullnard also has these qualities, but their intelligence is heightened thanks to the Pit Bull parent.

Saint Pitbulls are big dogs with huge muscles and a lot of strength.

Saint Pitbulls are more mellow than the rest of the breeds on this list, making them agreeable and easy to train.

37. The Bull Mastiff and Pitbull mix (Pit Bullmastiff)

Wet Bull Mastiff and Pit Bull mix dog posing on the sea
Source: @tom.s.black / IG

Pit Bullmastiffs are giant dogs capable of weighing 68 kgs or more, but despite their large and intimidating stature, they’re sweethearts that love their family and will always have their backs.

Bull Pistiffs are more on the skinny side due to the Pit Bull.

Bull Pistiffs approach most work with confidence because few things scare them. They make perfect guard dogs and companions.

38. The Alaskan Malamute and Pitbull mix (Alaskan Pit Bull) 

Alaskan Malamute and Pit Bull mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @aspen_alaskanpit / IG

Alaskan Pit Bulls have massive amounts of stamina, thanks to their Alaskan Malamute parent, and need a lot of exercises to keep them healthy.

They typically have a long lifespan and suffer from few chronic health conditions. Alaskan Pit Bulls are very playful and loyal to their owners.

This designer breed has an easy-to-maintain coat and is independent, confident, bold, and make great guard dogs for small children.

39. The Great Pyrenees and Pitbull mix (Pyrenees Pit)

Great Pyrenees and Pit Bull mix dog sitting on the sofa chair
Source: @opal_the_jumper / IG

Patient, calm and intelligent, the Pyrenees Pit combines the best of both the Great Pyrenees and Pit Bull parent.

These hard workers are happy to act as hunting dogs, shepherds, or companions if you live in a large home.

The Pyrenees Pit needs a lot of exercises to stay healthy, so it’s important to give them plenty of outdoor time. They usually thrive better in packs of 2.

40. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pitbull mix

Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pit Bull mix portrait
Source: @opal_the_jumper / IG

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are tenacious and brave, but they’re also incredibly clever and take to training easily.

It’s likely the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pit Bull mix will inherit the Staffordshire black and grey coat as well as their stubborn attitude.

Overall, they’re friendly, outgoing, and energetic. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pit Bull mix needs a lot of exercise throughout the day.

Which Pitbull Mixes are Your Favorites?

No matter which Pit Bull mix you pick, you can expect a confident, good-natured, and smart companion that thrives off of your love and support.

To avoid aggressive behavior toward other animals, it’s important to socialize and train them early, so they’re also comfortable around strangers.

Which Pit Bull mix is your favorite? Let us know below!

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