Newfypoo: A Complete Guide to this Fluffy, Huge Companion

The Newfypoo is a fluffy, giant dog that is a mix between a Newfoundland and a Poodle.

They are quite large and very smart, which they get from both their parents. They tend to be very devoted to their people and take well to training. 

A Newfypoo sitting on dried leaves
Meet Guz, a Newfypoo loving the fall season and leaves – Image source

However, this giant dog isn’t great for every family. Continue reading below to figure out if this dog is suitable for your family. 

What kind of dog is a Newfypoo?

The Newdle is a mixed breed. It is bred by mixing a Newfoundland with a Poodle. Because of this, they can inherit traits from either of their parents.

They can differ quite a bit from each other because of this. You will never know what a puppy will be like until they are older! 

There is some controversy over “designer dogs.” These are dogs that are the result of two different breeds that are bred on purpose. This is not a new phenomenon. Most purebred dogs today were once designer dogs. 

However, over time, purebred dogs were inbred with other dogs of their breed – which eventually created all the dog breeds we know and love today.

This inbreeding leaves them with some health problems, so many purebred dogs are often unhealthy. 

Hybrid dogs are often much healthier than their purebred counterparts, as they come from a broader gene pool. 

There are no kennel clubs that currently recognize this breed, as it is a newer mixed breed. However, they are recognized by the Dog Registry of America and the International Designer Canine Registry. 

Get to know the Newfoundland Dog

A standing black Newfoundland dog standing
A beautiful purebred Newfoundland dog smiling while standing

Newfoundland dogs, affectionately known as Newfies, were bred to work alongside fishers. They are natural swimmers and even have webbed feet to help them go through the water.

They are strong enough to save men from drowning and have been used in dramatic water rescues. They can haul nets to shore and help fishers while out at sea as well. 

One of the most famous Newfoundlands was Seaman, who went on the Lewis and Clark expedition. He was used as a hunting and guard dog, saving lives multiple times on the journey.

Lord Byron’s Newfoundland Boatswain is also famous and even has his own statue in England. 

These dogs are known as “gentle giants” due to their calm nature. 

Meet the Poodle

A white Poodle standing on a garden
A white Poodle standing on a garden

The Poodle is the national dog of France. They were bred as duck-retrieving birds, and much of their body is adapted to this profession.

Their fur is designed to keep them warm in cold water, for instance. They are great swimmers and extremely intelligent. 

The Poodle is an ancient breed, so no one knows exactly when they were developed. 

Eventually, the Poodle grabbed the eyes of nobles due to their unique coat and trainability. They are natural entertainers and were used in circuses as well.

At some point, the breed was bred down to the Miniature Poodle. The Toy Poodle was first bred in America in the early 20th century. 

All Poodles are the same besides their size. They are bred following the same standards and have very similar personalities. 

What does a Newfoundland Poodle Mix Look Like?

A Newfiepoo relaxing on the rocks
Meet Eddie, a Newfiepoo relaxing on the rocks – Image source

Newfoundlandoodle mix is huge and muscular. They were bred to work and are built accordingly. They often have large, broadheads, which matches their massive body.

Their overall body size can be thin and sleek like the Poodle or much more burly like the Newfoundland. 

It really just depends on what traits they inherit from their parent breeds at the end of the day. 

Height and Weight: How big is a Newfypoo?

Both Standard Poodle and Newfoundlands are large dogs. Because of this, the Newfydoodle will always be in the very large to giant category. However, their exact size can vary quite a bit.

While both of their parents are quite large, the Newfoundland is still quite a bit larger than the Poodle. This means there can be quite a big difference between one Newfypoo and the next.

Newfiepoos usually weigh anywhere between 70 to 150 pounds (32 to 68 kg). That is a huge range. However, you can rest assured that they will be quite large. 

They can reach between 22 to 30 inches tall (56 to 76 cm). Once again, it largely depends on the parents’ size and the specific traits the puppy inherits. You won’t know their exact size until they get older. 

Because F1b Newfypoos are so large, they need quite a bit of space. They are recommended for larger homes with yards that they can roam in. Everything needs to be bigger with these canines, so plan accordingly.

What is the Newfypoo coat like?

The Newfypoo can have the dense, curly coat of the Poodle or the Newfoundland’s straight coat. In most cases, they will have a coat that is somewhere in between.

It can be somewhat wavy or have a fleece-like texture. Each dog is going to be unique. 

They may shed a lot, or they may not shed at all. This will affect how hypoallergenic they are.

You can never tell how hypoallergenic a canine will be until they reach maturity, so don’t buy one of these dogs assuming they will be hypoallergenic or low-shedding. 

These dogs come in many different colors. Black, brown, and grey are all ubiquitous. However, white, pied, cream, blue, red, and silver are possible as well.

The color of the coat may affect how much dog hair is apparent on your clothes and such. However, it will not directly affect the amount of hair they shed.

Temperament: Is the Newfoundland Poodle mix a good family dog?

These dogs are generally quite friendly. They may not be as excitable as other dogs, but they should not be aggressive in the least. They are often quite docile and calm, especially indoors. 

A behave Newfiepoo laying on a wood floor
Meet Dolly, a behave Newfiepoo crossing her legs while laying down – Image source

The Newfypoo tends to be a people-pleasing dog. This makes training easy and makes them very well-behaved in general.

They usually want to do whatever their family is doing, so plan on having them inside as much as possible. They are not a dog that you leave outside at all hours of the day. 

Usually, these dogs get along well with children. They can have the calm and patient temperament of the Newfoundland, which makes them perfect family dogs.

However, on other occasions, these dogs can be a bit stressed by smaller children’s loudness. It is dog-dependent. 

These dogs can make good watchdogs, though they are not typically very aggressive. They do take well to training, though, and can be a bit protective of their family.

How to Care for a Newfoundland Poodle Mix

Newfoundlandpoos are often considered high-maintenance dogs. They require quite a bit of exercise and usually need grooming as well.

You need to have plenty of time to dedicate to these dogs to keep them healthy and well-cared for. 

How much exercise does a Newfypoo need?

This is another question that depends largely on the dog. Some may need as much exercise as a Poodle, which is quite a bit. Others may not need very much at all – like a Newfoundland. 

With these dogs, your best bet is to plan on exercising them a lot. Plan for at least two walks a day, as well as a bit of playtime in between.

Your dog might not need this much at all. If they don’t, you’ll be able to tell based on their worn-out and calm attitude. 

It is always better to plan for too much rather than too little. 

Do Newfypoos shed?

Some do, and some do not. As we previously discussed, it really just depends on the Poofoundland’s coat-type and what traits they inherited from their parents.

Some will have a Poodle-like coat, while others will have a straight coat like a Newfoundland. Some may shed just a little bit, while others may shed a lot. 

Do Newfypoo dogs drool?

Most will drool a little bit. However, they will not drool as much as a Newfoundland does. Some may only drill a minute amount. You may not even notice. 

However, others may drool a bit. None of these dogs are going to drool profusely, though. 

How much food does a Newfypoo eat?

Two adorable Newfypoo patiently waiting for their meal
Image source

As you might imagine, these large dogs need quite a bit of food. They will need anywhere between 4 ½ to 6 cups of food every day. That is a lot!

You need to keep the cost of this much food in mind as you plan to adopt this pooch. We also recommend getting some sort of dog food subscription service, as you may find yourself running out to get them food often. 

Wondering if Newfypoo dogs are healthy?

A Newfie-Doodle mix wearing a dog cone and sitting comfortably on a fluffy blanket
Meet Hermes, a Newfie-Doodle mix wearing a dog cone – Image source

Typically, Newfypoos are healthier than either of their parents. However, there are a few health conditions you need to be aware of. Some major concerns include things like:

  • Cataracts: This is a common disorder in both dogs and people. It involves the retina becoming cloudy, which makes the dog’s vision blurry. This can cause bad eyesight, which can sometimes worsen to blindness. Luckily, this condition is quite treatable with surgery and medication.
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia: It is quite common amongst larger dogs – and these dogs are huge. Hip dysplasia happens when the joint does not form correctly, which causes the ball and socket to rub against each other and slowly erode. This causes pain and can affect mobility, especially with old age. It is not curable, but the pain can be managed through the help of medication. 
  • Sebaceous Adenitis: This is a recessive gene disorder, which makes it extremely rare in mixed breeds like this one. It is a skin disease caused when the immune system attacks specific glands found in a dog’s hair follicle. This can lead to hair loss and skin lesions in severe cases. There is no cure, but bathing treatments can reduce the effect of the disease. 
  • Subaortic Stenosis: This is a severe heart condition that involves narrowing the aortic valve, which negatively impacts the heart’s ability to supply the body with blood. Symptoms include fatigue, breathing difficulty, and fainting. Not all dogs show symptoms, however. Some may appear to be completely healthy. Medication is available to control the disease, but there is no cure. 

How much is a Newfypoo puppy?

A cute Newfiepoo puppy sitting
Meet Dolly, a five-week-old Newfiepoo puppy – Image source

You can expect to pay around $1,400 to $2,000 for Newfypoo in most circumstances. Because these are a newer breed of dog, the price can vary quite a bit.

A Newfypoo can vary in price depending on its coat and gender. Typically, dogs with wavy or curly coats will be more expensive, as they are more sought-after. Smaller Newfypoos are much more expensive.

Some breeders call these smaller dogs “miniature” Newfypoos. However, how small a puppy is is mostly a game of chance.

You also don’t necessarily know how big a puppy will grow just based on its starting size. Of course, most small puppies will grow up to be small. This is not always the case, though.

Females are sometimes more expensive than males, but it generally depends on the breeder.

Newfypoo Breeders

There are quite a few Newfypoo breeders out there. As these dogs become more popular, there will likely be even more breeders popping up.

We recommend searching for breeders close to you first, as transporting puppies can be complicated and costly across long distances.

For example, Prize Poodles and Doodles is one such breeder that produces very high-quality puppies. Newfiedoodle is another similar breeder.

There is currently no organization that collects the name of all the breeders. Because of this, the best way to find a local breeder is to check Google and whatever social media you like to use.

Newfypoo Rescues

Newfypoos may occasionally show up in your local animal shelter or rescue. It is a good idea to let these organizations know what sort of dog you’re looking for so that they can contact you whenever one comes in.

Many of them also have online websites that you can go to for information.

Some breed-specific rescues include the Newf Rescue and NCA National Rescue Network. For Poodle-specific rescues, the Caroline Poodle Rescue and the Poodle Rescue site are both solid options.

You may be able to check these rescues if they serve your area to find the sort of dog you’re looking for.

Is a Newfypoo dog right for me?

A Newfy Poodle sitting outdoors during sunset
Meet Gus, a Newfy Poodle watching the sunset – Image source

Newfypoos are devoted companions that are quite smart. They can learn many different commands and are typically very friendly towards almost anyone. 

However, these dogs require quite a bit of maintenance. They need a lot of exercises and have high grooming needs as well.

Because of this, they are best suited for families that have plenty of free time to take care of them. They can be a great dog for families who have extra time, however. 

If you have a Newfypoo, tell us what your fur baby is like by leaving a comment below!

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