Rottweiler Names: 200+ Best Dog Name Ideas For Your Rottie

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Rottweilers are strong, bold, and beautiful dogs and they deserve a name that reflects their striking appearance and courageous, obedient, loving personality. 

We have some excellent rottweiler names for you coming up, but if you’re wondering where the name Rottweiler itself comes from, we can answer that, too.

A Rottweiler laying down on the grass wearing a silver chain
A Rottweiler enjoying the outdoors

According to the AKC, the name Rottweiler comes from the town of Rottweil, Germany, where they were first bred.

What is a good name for a Rottweiler?

When picking a name for your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, don’t pick a name that sounds similar to a common command that you give dogs.

Mitt sounds a lot like “sit,” and Beau sounds very similar to “no.”

You also don’t want to pick a name that you’d feel weird calling out across the dog park.

A name like Piddles might sound fun at home, but try calling that out when your dog is misbehaving off-leash or you’re working on dog training.

Because of the Rottweiler’s fierce reputation, it’s always trendy to pick a tough-sounding name. But there are so many other options out there, from silly to serious and creative to common.

While some dog names are universal (think Fido), there are other names that seem perfect for one breed of dog and not so good for another.

For instance, you might name a Golden Retriever Goldie, but that might not be quite as catchy for a black Rottweiler. 

The perfect name for a German Shepherd might not be perfect for a Chihuahua. You get the idea.

What’s in a name? Meet Some Famous Rottweilers

Of course, just as there are famous Instagram influencers, there are also famous Rottweilers who have gained a massive following on social media. 

Fabulous has appeared in TV and movies and has over 82 thousand followers. Winston and Ronnie and Motsi are also insta-famous rotties.

Will Smith and Bruno Mars are both fans of this dog breed and have owned several dogs. So has Hayden Panettiere, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robbie Williams, and Miley Cyrus. 

This video shows Will Smith along with his four gorgeous dogs:

The Most Popular Rottweiler names

Curious about what some of the most popular Rottweiler names are and what they mean? Here are some of the most famous names and their meanings.

  1. Apollo: Roman God of the sun
  2. Axel: Peaceful
  3. Berta: strong
  4. Boris: fighter
  5. Flora: Goddess of Flowers
  6. Gunther: Battle warrior
  7. Greta: little pearl
  8. Kaiser: King
  9. Leta: Glad
  10. Klaus: Victorious
  11. Olga: holy
  12. Marcius: the God of Mars
  13. Raina: Mighty
  14. Otto: Prosperous
  15. Utta: rich
  16. Vulcan: God of Fire
  17. Wilma: bold protector

Rottweiler puppy names

Just got your new puppy and you’re looking for some good name ideas?

Remember that your dog will eventually be an adult, so picture using the same name for your rolly polly puppy and a large, muscular adult dog. 

Below you’ll find some of the most popular names for your new pup, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

The most popular Female Rottweiler names 

While there are lots of gender-neutral names out there, you might want to pick a name for your dog that reflects her femininity. 

These are the top ten names for a female Rottweiler:

  1. Bella
  2. Roxy
  3. Luna
  4. Stella
  5. Nala
  6. Coco
  7. Zoe
  8. Sadie
  9. Lucy
  10. Piper

If none of those stand out to you, here are some other great names for a female rottie:

  1. Angel
  2. Ava
  3. Coco
  4. Cara
  5. Daisy
  6. Jojo
  7. Lara
  8. Lucy
  9. Luna
  10. Nala
  11. Roxy
  12. Stella
  13. Storm
  14. Piper
  15. Trinity
  16. Ripley
  17. Vixen
  18. Zoey
  19. Zelda

Ten of the most popular Male Rottweiler names

A male Rottweiler sitting in the wilderness
Source: @rocky.rottweiler18 / IG

Have a boy dog and want something popular to call him? These are the top ten male rottweiler names:

  1. Zeus
  2. Bear
  3. Rocky
  4. Max
  5. Harley
  6. Moose
  7. Diesel
  8. King
  9. Brutus
  10. Charlie

Looking for something a little different than those popular options? Here are some great male rottie names:

  1. Thor
  2. Appollo
  3. Leo
  4. Beau
  5. Shadow
  6. Bruno
  7. Titan
  8. Rex
  9. Tank
  10. Tyson
  11. Duke
  12. Bane
  13. Kobe
  14. Aldo
  15. Koda

Rottweiler names for big dogs

Rottweilers are notable for their large, muscular bodies. Why not pick a name that reflects their size? 

  1. Goliath
  2. Maximus
  3. Hercules
  4. Hulk
  5. Moose
  6. Atilla
  7. Kong
  8. Boss
  9. Apollo
  10. Axel
  11. Admiral
  12. Erebus

Popular & traditional Rottweiler names

No need to reinvent the wheel when you can pick a name that is tried and true. These names are classics for a reason.

They just work well for rottweilers because they capture that spirit and look that these dogs are famous for.

  1. Butch
  2. Bella
  3. Fang
  4. Harley
  5. Gracie
  6. Holly
  7. Outlaw
  8. Tugger
  9. Rex
  10. Maximus

The Best German Rottweiler names

Rottweilers originated in Germany, so it’s no surprise that some people opt to go with a German name for their dog. Some of these names are classics, while others are lesser-known.

A happy Rottie leaping on the grass
Source: @annika_and_rocky / IG

Here are some cool German names for male dogs:

  1. Henrik
  2. Jaeger
  3. Bruno
  4. Alfred
  5. Bernard
  6. Bismark
  7. Damian
  8. Dieter
  9. Gunther
  10. Keene
  11. Max
  12. Otto
  13. Theobold
  14. Arnold

And these are interesting German names for female dogs:

  1. Schatzi
  2. Wilhelmina
  3. Sigrid
  4. Annika
  5. Elsa
  6. Heidi
  7. Helga
  8. Katrin
  9. Matilda
  10. Petra
  11. Sonje
  12. Gretchen

Rottweiler puppy names highlighting authority

Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs. Why not emphasize that by choosing a name that reflects their authority? Here are some names you might consider:

  1. Ammo
  2. Athena
  3. Bane
  4. Bolt
  5. Bullet
  6. Fang
  7. Hera
  8. Justice
  9. Khan
  10. Magnus
  11. Rocky
  12. Sheba
  13. Sultan
  14. Viper
  15. Tank
  16. Sarge
  17. Rogue
  18. Jinx

Dog names for Rottweiler puppies highlighting their strength

Rottie dog lovers know that these animals are incredibly strong! They are tall, muscular, and have a large, strong jaw. If you want to scare off intruders, one of these names will certainly do the job!

For a strong girl rottweiler, you might go with something like:

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Xena
  3. Ursula
  4. Katniss
  5. Leia
  6. Rebel
  7. Elektra
  8. Mystique

And here are some names for your strong male rottweiler pup: 

  1. Rambo
  2. T-bone
  3. Bones
  4. Anax
  5. Bane
  6. Brutus
  7. Wrath

The best Tough Rottweiler names

Looking for the perfect name for a police dog or other tough rottweiler dog? These names capture the essence of a bold, brave Rottie.

A serious Rottweiler walking during a snowy day
A Rottweiler not minding the cold weather

Here are some male names:

  1. Admiral
  2. Atlas
  3. Bear
  4. Boss
  5. Caesar
  6. Cujo
  7. Hero
  8. Khan
  9. Kong
  10. Ryder
  11. Wolf
  12. Blitz

And for a tough female, one of these names should fit the bill:

  1. Elektra
  2. Hawk
  3. Andromeda
  4. Callisto
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Storm
  7. Apache
  8. Blaze
  9. Harley
  10. Liberty

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Some of the best Cute Rottweiler names

You don’t have to go with something tough or authoritative just because you have a rottweiler, of course.

A cute name can showcase your dog’s personality and might be a bit more unexpected than the usual strong dog names. Think:

  1. Wags
  2. Lol
  3. Loki
  4. Diva
  5. Applejack
  6. Bubbles
  7. Brownie
  8. Ewok
  9. Fergus
  10. Hobbit
  11. Maple
  12. Porkchop
  13. Spud
  14. Babe
  15. Cha-cha
  16. Cookie
  17. Penny
  18. Petunia
Cute Rottweiler wearing a costume sitting on hospital floor
Source: @dogtor.loki / IG

A few Cool Rottweiler names

Want something that is just a bit more cool? These names have a certain air about them that just seems chic. 

  1. Alsa
  2. Anka
  3. August
  4. Blaze
  5. Cougar
  6. Gladiator
  7. Hannibal
  8. Ida
  9. Jaws
  10. Rolf
  11. Ursula
  12. Wolfgang

Unique Rottweiler names

You don’t have to go with one of the most common rottweiler dog names. After all, your dog is unique, and their name should be, too! These unique names will make your dog stand out from the pack:

  1. Adler
  2. Albern
  3. Bach
  4. Dedrick
  5. Ulf
  6. Anka
  7. Liesel
  8. Ocean
  9. Arwen
  10. Moon
  11. Valkyrie
  12. Zora
  13. Coffee
  14. Scotch
  15. Rock
  16. Gumbo

What should I name my Rottweiler?

Two cute Rotties smiling while laying on the grass
Source: @rotty_rocs / IG

When it comes down to it, the best dog name is the one that you like the most. It doesn’t matter if it is a classic or something totally unique.

You could even make up your own name. So long as you like it and your dog seems to, too, that’s all that matters. 

That said, there are some classic options out there that will always be a favorite for a good reason. Hopefully, you got some great ideas off this list of best Rottweiler names for your new family member. 

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