Golden Retriever Names: Best & Unique Dog Names For Goldens

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Long before you even bring your puppy home, you’re sure to have thought about what to call her. A name just as sweet and charming as the breed, something that’s unique or meaningful.

We’ve put together some of the most popular and uncommon names. We’ve also included some tips on how to choose one that fits. 

Meet the Golden Retriever puppies

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a name all picked out!

What’s a good name for a Golden Retriever?

A name is for life, and you want to make sure it’s something you’ll never grow sick of. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best name for your Golden Retriever.

It should be personal

First, decide what you want to name her for. It can be after a person, for her appearance or personality.

A smiling Golden Retriever

Oxymoronic names such as calling a dog “Pony” or “Kitty” might be fun if you love jokes. But if you enjoy the great outdoors, perhaps “Sunshine” or “Meadow” is more fitting. Or maybe you’re a foodie – go with “Cookie” or “Cheeto”, why not?

Look to inspiration from your favorite songs or books. Name your new companion after something you love.

Avoid confusing names

You’ll want to train your dog, and if her name is too long, it might take a while for her to recognize it. 

One or two syllable names are the best. But you want to avoid names that sound like commands such as “stop”, “no”, “sit”, etc.

Say it aloud

Some names look good on paper but can feel awkward when you use it. Try the Backdoor Test and call out the name. Get your family members to do it too.

Does it feel right? Do you like the way it sounds?

Don’t be stubborn

Some names just aren’t meant to be. You might bring home your puppy and realize that the name you’ve chosen doesn’t fit her.

Stay flexible and observe your puppy before you get her collar emblazoned with the name you had in mind.

Allow your dog to choose!

Don’t you ever wish you had a say in your name? You can get your dog in on the naming process.

Pick out a few names and write them down on flashcards. Put treats on each one and see which treat your new puppy eats first.

You can also call out a couple of names and see which one she responds to. You can do this with the whole family, get everyone to make a circle, and call out the names they think she should have.

She’ll go to the person who is saying the name she likes.

What’s in a name? Famous Golden Retrievers

Names don’t have the power to change a puppy’s characteristics, but iconic names are too hard to pass up. Everyone remembers Balto and Hachiko, but those aren’t Goldens.

Here are some Golden Retrievers that have made a lasting impression on the world.


This is the Golden Retriever that helped the breed gain its fame. 

Meet Liberty, the Golden Retriever
Meet Liberty, President Gerald Ford Golden Retriever – Source: @Ford / Flickr

Owned by American President Gerald R. Ford, gifted to him by his daughter, Susan Ford. He would signal her during meetings in the Oval Office, and she’ll go up to his guests.

Her friendly face and wagging tail is the best distraction a president could ask for.

Other celebrity Golden Retriever names:

Bambi – Kyle Richards
Billie – Ryan Reynolds
Birdie – Jennifer Garner
Nash – Shawn Johnson
Charlie & Frankie Girl – Adam Levine
Oliver – Nicollette Sheridan
Cooper – Chris Colfer
JJ & Jones – Jackie Chan
Coco – Conan O’Brien
Jojo – Pamela Anderson
Elvis – Nick Jonas
Plum – Colbie Caillat
Emmie – Diane Keaton
Poker – Neymar
Howie – Erin Andrew
Pontiac – Betty White
Tucker – Denise Richards
Rumpy – Lisa Vanderpump
Gary – Jimmy Fallon
Renn – Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
Gracie, Luca, Luke & Layla – Oprah Winfrey
Sully – Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price
Leo – Joey Lawrence
Waylon – Miranda Lambert
Moses – Mike Sorrentino
Victory – President Ronald Reagan


She is famous for two things. She won “Best in Breed” at a Westminster Dog Show and became a surrogate mom to three tiger cubs. You can see her in action below:

Isabella is another Golden Retriever who adopted tiger cubs. These loving dogs are accepting of everyone.


Duke is portrayed by many different dogs in Bush’s Baked Beans commercials. The rascally character is beloved by many, just take a look at him!

The dog actor has also gained recognition as a goodwill ambassador.

Other fictitious Golden Retriever characters are Dug, from Pixar’s Up (2009), and Shadow, from Homeward Bound (1993). You can watch that touching scene when he reunites with his human here: 


The basketball playing Golden in the movie Air Bud (1997). He appeared in the film as himself. Aside from that, he was also FullHouse’s resident Golden Retriever, Comet.

Meet Buddy, the Golden Retriever
Source: @airbudofficial / IG


Indisputably the most famous dog on Instagram, with 2.6 million followers.

Meet Tucker, the Golden retriever
Source: @tuckerbudzyn / IG

Other IG-famous dogs include:

  • Watson & Kiko – 991k followers
  • Lizzie & Ally – 407k followers
  • Glee – 311k followers
  • Chester – 226k followers

Bretagne & Riley

Meet Bretagne, the Golden Retriever
Meet Bretagne, the 9/11 search and rescue dog -Source: @TX-Tf1-25/ Flickr

These two Golden Retrievers are the search and rescue heroes of the 9/11 attack.

Best Golden Retriever names

The fun thing about naming a furry friend is that it doesn’t have to make sense. Nobody’s going to make fun of her at school.

Best Golden Retriever names

Unusual names are currently in vogue, and it can even be unisex. If you prefer a more gender-specific name, we’ve got you covered.

Female Golden Retriever names in alphabetical order

Autumn Nala
Bella Oakley
Cookie Piper
Daisy Queenie
Emma Ruby
Fendi Savannah
Grace Tanya
Usa (Japanese for “Dawn”)
Indy Venus
Jewel Willow
Kiara Xena
Lady Yoyo
Maverick Zoey

Male Golden Retriever names in alphabetical order

Apollo Nova
Bailey Oscar
Cooper Parker
Dancer Quinn
East Rusty
Feroz (Persian for “Lucky”) Simba (“Lion” in Swahili)
Gunner Tanner
Harvey Uther
Ice Vulcan
Jake Whiskey
Kai Xia (“Summer” in Chinese)
Logan Yves (“Yew tree” in French)
Miles Zeus

40 one-syllable Golden Retriever names

The best names are short and sweet. If you need some inspiration, take a look below.

Belle Rue
Dawn Rose
Dot Star
Gem Peach
Gwen Pearl
Jade Sage
Jin (“Gold” in Chinese) Skye
Joy Snow
Kat Spy
Moon Tess 
Ace Frost
Bear Jude
Blaze King
Buns Kyle
Boo Link
Cash Max
Champ Sam
Cloud Thor
Dash Troy
Flame Zane

40 Golden Retriever names in Scottish Gaelic

Pay homage to the Golden Retriever’s Scottish ancestry. Here are a few Scottish Gaelic names you can consider.

Ailith: Seasoned warrior Lassie: Young woman
Alana: Beautiful Lilias: Lily
Arabel: Lovable Maighdlin: magnificent
Beira: Queen of the winter Mysie: Pearl
Beitris: Voyager through life Nighinn: Young woman
Blair: Battlefield Scotia: Mythical Scottish Goddess
Catriona: Pure Sorcha: Radiance
Davonna: Beloved Selkie: Mythical marine creature
Ealair: Cheerful Sidhe: Gaelic name for fairies
Greer: Watchful, vigilant Zena: Helper of mankind
Aidan: Fire Errol: To wander
Aodh: Fire, sun god in Celtic mythology Glenn: Valley
Aodhagán: Little fire Kelpie: Mythical water spirit from the lowlands
of Scotland
Balfour: Grass, pasture Kester: To spring up, grow, thrive
Beathan: Life Laddie: Young man
Benneit: Blessed Mungo: Dearest friend
Cailean: Young pup, whelp Naomhán: Little saint
Cináed: Born of fire Somerled: Summer traveler
Cuddy: Bright fame Valan: Healthy, strong
Davy/Daw: Beloved  

What should I name my Golden Retriever?

The name should reflect both you and the dog’s personality. She’ll show you who she is eventually, so don’t stress.

A Golden Retriever puppy walking on a grass

Once she has a name, help her get used to it quickly with lots of love and treats. Never use her name to reprimand her. Associate her name with good vibes only.

Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below which Golden Retriever name you like best.


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