The Best Corgi Names For Your Furry Friend

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Corgis are undeniably adorable. That characteristic waddle, that jester-like personality, and that amazing floof… what’s not to love?! 

If you’re getting a Corgi of your own, you’re going to need the perfect name to fit your disarmingly delightful dog. We’ll help you find the perfect one with this guide. 

A charming Corgi standing outside on a snowy day
Welsh Corgi dog standing outside on a snowy day

How do you pick the right name for your Corgi?

The corgi has a pretty distinctive look, with those short legs and heart-shaped butt that you’ve no doubt seen wiggling on Tik Tok videos and Instagram snaps. With a unique dog, they need a name that suits them.

Sure, you could go with something adorably straightforward like Shorty, or something that captures their spirit like Rascal, but there are lots of other options out there. 

It’s important to pick something that not only suits your particular pup, but when it comes to pet names, some people don’t think about practicality. Choose a name that is easy for the dog to understand. 

If you name your dog Sir Nicholas Wigglebutt of Buckinghamshire, you’re either going to need a nickname or your poor dog is going to get confused when you call them for dinner or try to work on dog training.

That’s why short names are usually better than long. It’s hard to address a dog with a long name unless you give them a nickname.

Also, think about how the name sounds. A silly name might sound fun at home, but will you be able to keep a straight face when scolding them for misbehaving at the dog park?

Don’t pick something that rhymes too closely with a command that you might give your dog, either. 

May rhymes with “stay,” and Joe rhymes with “no,” so you might confuse your dog when you try to teach them their name and these common commands.

Choosing the right name matters because it’s going to be a part of you and your dog’s life for years to come.

It’s hard to change a dog’s name if you end up not liking it, and you want something that helps your pet understand when you’re referring to them. 

Plus, a name can sure change the way people see your pooch. A dog named Killer will get a different reaction from strangers than one named Cuddles. 

Finally, keep in mind that if you want to buy items with your dog’s name on them from a place like Amazon or Petsmart, you’ll want to choose a more common name. 

Some people forget this and end up disappointed when they can’t easily buy a cute little shirt with their dog’s unique name on it. 

That said, don’t take it all so seriously. It’s not impossible to change a dog’s name if you end up not liking it, and sometimes happy accidents happen that you’ll end up being glad about.

An appealing Corgi laying on grass and closing eyes
A Welsh Corgi looking adorable with paws up

What’s in a name: Who is the most famous Corgi?

These days, it seems popular to pick names that capture the corgi’s adorable personality. These dogs are playful, sweet, and full of attitude, so a name that reflects that is a popular choice. 

Many names these days are a play on refined British sounding monikers, such as Winston, Oliver, Bentley, Tucker, Oscar, and Penelope. 

That’s because Corgis became more famous thanks to their status as royal pets. Queen Elizabeth II has owned 30 of the dogs since she came to the throne in 1952 and she breeds them.

She has usually had Pembroke Welsh Corgis rather than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 

She has also had Dorgis, which are mixes of Corgis and Dachshunds. 

The Queen’s last royal Corgi, named Willow, died in 2018. She still has one Dorgi named Candy after her other Dorgi Vulcan died in 2020.

You can meet some of her past Corgi’s here in this video from Vanity Fair:

All of her Corgis descended from one she owned named Susan, which she was given when she turned 18.

She has also owned Corgis named Sugar, Whisky, Sherry, Honey, Tiny, Foxy, Brush, Monty, Emma, Linnet, and Holly. 

The Queen has never spelled out exactly why she loves these adorable dogs, but she has never been far from them and they get treated extremely well.

Some of her dogs appeared in a James Bond film, and they all got their own special Christmas supper.

The most popular Corgi dog names

So what are the most popular and best names for Corgis? There are lots of options out there, from cool to silly, and playful to tough.

A happy Corgi standing with white background
Source: @padmethecorgi / IG

Female Corgi Names

The best corgi names for a female dog reflect their appearance, personality, or history. So Dixie, Ivy, Maple, Minnie, Bonnie, Roxy, Gigi, Honey, Pippa, Poodle, Maisy, Dottie, Queenie, Sassy, and Sophie are all good options.

According to Rover, over the past year, these have been the top 10 names for female corgi dogs in order of popularity: Luna, Lucy, Bella, Daisy, Stella, Piper, Lola, Zoe/Zoey, Willow, and Millie.

Male Corgi Names

According to Rover, the top 10 names for male dogs are Charlie, Cooper, Winston, Milo, Bailey, Louie, Bear, Oliver, Max, and Bentley. 

The best dog corgi names for males, as with females, fits their adorable personalities or appearance.

Squirt, Carys, Loki, Einstein, Spick, Rusty, Gordon, Marley, Simba, Zeus, Watson, Gizmo, Bandit, Oakley, and Benji are all popular and playful options.

But why not go in a food-focused direction, instead? Waffles, Spud, Tot, Cheddar, Biscuit, and Nugget are all good name ideas for these doggies, whether male or female.

A Few Corgi Names Inspired by Appearance 

It’s always fun to pick a name that suits your dog’s appearance, and a Corgi’s short stature is just begging for a clever moniker. 

Think of names like Spud and Tater Tot as a joke on their potato-like shape. Honey, Coco, Biscuit, Maple, and Cheddar are great names to play on their coloring.

PeeWee pokes fun at their short little legs, as do Squat, Shorty, Smalley, Tiny, Squirt, Mite, Mini, and Junior.

Welsh & English Corgi Names

If you want a name that reflects their British heritage as royal dogs, pick something that is common in Wales, England, or Scotland. For instance, for a female dog, think Phoebe, Cari, Elena, Anwen, Sian, or Megan. 

Some excellent male names are: Dylan, Hari, Jac, Lewis, Rhys, Tristan, Corban, Aidan, Alfred, Baird, Chester, Murray, Archie, Gareth, Gordon, Ian, Idris, or Ladd.

Cowboy Corgi names

Remember that Corgis are herding dogs, so a cowboy sounding name is totally appropriate.

Blue, Bo, Buck, Buster, Duke, Maverick, Levi, Texas, Wellington, Smokey, Shadow, Rocky, Ranger, Sundance, Dallas, Dixie, Colt, Pardner, and Spur are perfect. 

Tough Corgi names

You don’t have to go silly or playful, of course. Why not choose a tough corgi name? Some female name options include: Athena, Juno, Dakota, Jinx, Xena, Freya, or Ronan. 

Tough male corgi names could be Beast, Bruiser, Brutus, Spike, Tank, Fang, Major, or Wolf. 

Many of these names can be unisex, or try Sniper, Saber, Blitz, Alex, or Harley.

A beautiful Corgi sitting near water
Source: @lara_is_thecorgi / IG

Cute Corgi Names

Want to go with a cute name? For males, Shorty, Squat, Squirt, Elf, Amigo, Champ, Clancy, Ernie, Murphy, Opie, Scrappy, Skip, Rascal, and Teddy are all adorable. 

For females, think of something like Angel, Bella, Daisy, Ellie, Gigi, Gizmo, Gracie, Clover, Mimi, Petunia, Pumpkin, or Violet. They’re all so cute that they’ll bring a smile to any face. 

Cool Corgi Names

Another option is to give your dog a clever, cool name. Rocky, Nero, Max, Faulkner, Digger, Bruno, Argos, Angus, Courage, Gatsy, Gulliver, Marley, Rex, Shiloh, and Trapper all have a certain cool appeal to them. 

Funny Corgi Names

Such adorably funny-looking dogs, with their long and low bodies and short legs, much like an oversized dachshund, practically beg for a funny name. 

Banana, Pizza, Blueberry, Sasquatch, Scribbles, Slinky, Squeak, Goldilocks, Goober, Gumdrop, Tinkerbell, Whoopi, Loco, and Ladybug are all silly and playful. 

Unique Corgi Names

You don’t have to choose a name that is popular or trendy. In fact, why not go with something a little more unique and special? 

For a female pupper, choose something like Moana, Ophelia, Tahiti, Kendall, Etta, Avalon, Mixie, Gadget, Lottie, Breeze, or Birdie.

Unique male dog names could be something like Conan, Reese, Fletcher, Xander, Ash, Cinder, Atlas, Puck, or Roo. 

What should I name my Corgi puppy?

With all these options, you’re probably wondering, what the heck do I name my dog? Only you can choose what works best for you, but remember a few points. 

First, make sure that when you get a new dog you take into account their appearance and personality. You could name a black dog Whitey, of course, but you may want to go with Shadow or Smudge, instead. 

A Corgi laying on a couch comfortably
Source: @lara_is_thecorgi / IG

Don’t forget that you want a name that is easy to say and isn’t easily confused when training. You also don’t want to be shouting something ridiculous when your dog is doing something naughty. 

Also, keep in mind the dog breed. What’s right for a Beagle or a Collie isn’t necessarily right for a Corgi. A greyhound would look silly named Spud, but that’s perfect for a rolly polly Corgi. 

Some new pet parents choose several names and write them on a dog treat using peanut butter. Then, they let the dog pick a treat.

Whichever name they choose, that’s the one they give the dog. It’s a fun way to take the decision-making process and make it a bit more fun.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a new name in your life for years to come, so make sure you love it!

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