Is the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix the best hybrid for you?

Last Updated on April 25, 2023

If you’re looking for an exceptional designer dog that’s a combination of two undeniably adorable and fluffy purebreds – Corgis and Malamutes – then this pooch is one to consider.

Meet the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix
Source: @kevinwmoritz / IG

Keep reading to find out more about the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix, which others call Corgimute, so you can figure out if you should get this crossbreed.

Is there an actual Corgi Malamute mix?

Yes, there is! But this hybrid isn’t that common. Most designer dogs have an unknown origin or history, and the Alaskan Corgi Malamute mix is one of them.

They may be unpredictable, but learning more about its purebred parents will help us get a better understanding on how the Malamute Corgi mix will turn out in terms of personality and appearance.

Meet the Welsh Corgi

Meet the Welsh Corgi

The Corgi, meaning “dwarf dog” in Welsh, is one of the smallest herding dogs. It was first bred in modern-day Wales, where they would navigate cattle by nipping at their heels.

Did you know that there’s two officially recognized breed types? There’ the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

There are differences between the two, like the Cardigan being slightly larger and heavier than its Pembroke counterpart.

They were first recognized as separate breeds by The Kennel Club in 1932.

This temperamental canine is known for its high intelligence and exceptional athleticism. Despite their small build and legs, they can reach up to 25 mph (40 km) when running.

Due to their herding instinct, Corgis make excellent guard dogs as well.

The breed was popularized by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself, with over 30 pure and mixed breed Corgis being a part of the UK’s royal family from the 1940s to today.

Introducing the Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute comes from the arctic dog group and is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its name comes from the tribe that first bred them, the Mahlemut Inuits.

Meet the Alaskan Malamute

Due to their high endurance and strength, they were initially bred to haul heavy freight as sled dogs. They have a dense double coat, which keeps them warm during the freezing arctic winters.

Malamutes love being in people’s presence, but the same thing can’t be said for small animals. Due to their high prey drive, they tend to chase cats, rabbits, squirrels, and even smaller dogs.

The American Kennel Club first recognized it in 1935, and in 2010 it became Alaska’s official state dog.

What Does the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix look like?

Meet Indie, the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix
Source: @indiethemalamutecorgi / IG

The issue with predicting this hybrid’s appearance lies in the lack of information about it. 

Far from being the most popular of crossbreeds, our primary source of information comes from its parents’ looks. But, there is a considerable disparity in the Corgi’s and Malamute’s physical appearance. 

In most cases, this crossbreed will retain the Malamute’s physical appearance, aside from its small, but sturdy, Corgi-like body.

How big is the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix?

Given the enormous size difference between the Malamute and Corgi, we can assume their offspring will likely be a medium-to-large sized dog.

If you live in an apartment, the Corgi Alaskan mix isn’t the right dog for you. This lovable hybrid is best suited for homes that have an abundance of space, both outdoors as well as indoors.

Coat & Color: Are they hypoallergenic?

This is not a hypoallergenic Corgi mix. Both parents are infamous shedders, and their puppies follow suit. So, if you suffer from allergies, you should consider getting a dog that’s hypoallergenic.

The Malamute Corgi has a dense, waterproof double coat, usually appearing in a combination of black, white, grey, or orange shades & marks.

If you’re finding it hard to picture what this hybrid looks like, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a video of a Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix paying a visit to the groomer!

The Corgi Malamute’s Temperament

Meet Kona, the Corgi Malamute mix
Source: @a_kona_abroad / IG

This lovable fido is highly social and loves being around humans, making them a perfect choice for family dogs. Although they’re friendly towards children, be cautious when the two are playing.

This mix means no harm, but it can easily knock over a small kid while jumping.

This is why we wouldn’t recommend introducing this crossbreed to families with children under the age of 10.

The Corgi Malamute has lots of love to give, but not towards other animals. The Malamute genes are particularly strong with this hybrid, so it doesn’t deal well with living with other animals.

Early socialization and obedience training can offset their prey-like instinct, but we’d advise against introducing another animal into your household.

Separation anxiety is a big issue with the Corgi Malamute mix, so when their favorite human isn’t home, they become restless and destructive.

Though they can be trained to minimize their negative behavior, this can be a long & complicated process and will likely cost you several pieces of furniture.

Sometimes you have no choice but to leave your Malamute Corgi mix alone. Rather than hoping for the best but expecting the worst, here are some things you can do to stop it from wrecking your home.

Don’t make a huge deal out of your arrival and departure. Your dog’s brain goes haywire every time you come back home (even if you were only gone for 5 minutes), and consequently, gets stressed when you leave the house. 

Don’t pay attention to your canine for the first few minutes, and only start petting it when it calms down. By doing this, you’re reinforcing calm behavior, and your hybrid will understand that they’ll get pets only if they are calm.

Another tip is leaving your dog with your recently-worn clothes or letting the TV run while you’re out. Your Corgi Malamute mix will be distracted, and its brain won’t be focused on coping with the stress of your absence.

The minute you come home, again, wait for it calm down and then go on with your daily pets.

When it comes to training, the intelligent Malamute Corgi doesn’t lack the intelligence to understand your commands; it’s just very stubborn and refuses to listen to you. If you want an obedient canine, you’ll have to start with training from the earliest age. 

The secret to training a Corgi Malamute mix is lots of persistence, positive reinforcement, and satisfying its activity needs. You’ll need to check all three of these boxes before you can even think of starting with obedience training.

This mix can be challenging to train, so if you’re unhappy with the results, consider taking it to doggy obedience school.

How to care for the Malamute Corgi mix

For proper doggy coat care for this hybrid will need regular combing, two or three times a week. They are active shedders, but during their coat-changing season, they’ll need more thorough coat care. 

Caring the Malamute Corgi mix
Source: @indiethemalamutecorgi / IG

The Malamute Corgi will mostly clean itself, so its wool-like fur should be left unbathed, except for extreme cases of dirtiness.

Before bathing your Corgi Malamute, make sure you brush its coat as this removes hair clumps that are otherwise difficult to remove from wet fur.

Although often forgotten, dental and nail care are crucial aspects of this canines hygiene.

The Malamute Corgi mix’s teeth will need brushing at least once a week, and bi-monthly nail trimming.

Because its ears aren’t folded, this mix doesn’t suffer from ear infections as often as other designer dogs. This fido’s ear care requirements are simple, as gently cleaning its outer canal with a cotton ball is enough.

If you notice redness or a bad smell coming from its ears, take your dog to the vet immediately.

Make no mistake; this hybrid is not an easy dog to take care of, so we’d advise taking your Corgi Malamute mix to the vet or groomer for its hygienic needs. It’s very easy to mess something up like cutting a nail too deep by accident.

While this isn’t a dangerous health issue, it can leave you with a big headache and a costly vet bill.

The Corgi and Malamute are one of the most active breeds, and their mix is no different. No dog is the same, and the amount of exercise this mix needs will vary from the individual dog.

But, as a rule of thumb, we recommend 1 to 2 hours of daily physical exertion for your Corgi Malamute mix.

Meet Indie, the Corgi Malamute mix
Source: @indiethemalamutecorgi / IG

The Corgi was bred as a herding dog, while the Malamute started off as a sled dog.

Given their dynamic nature, they respond best to activities utilizing the body rather than the mind.

The Corgi Alaskan Malamute will love any sort of physical activity but will take a special interest in running, hiking, or playing fetch.

As medium-to-large sized dogs, the Corgi Malamute mix will need 3 to 4 cups of dog food per day, depending on their size and activity levels. Remember that this crossbreed is prone to bloating, so make sure you don’t overfeed it.

Because they spend loads of energy every day, a high-protein diet consisted of dry and canned food is best suited for this mix. You can additionally use vitamins and minerals to strengthen their orthopedic development and boost their immune system.

Make sure not to go overboard with your canine’s mineral consumption, as this mix suffers from a genetic pathology that over absorbs zinc in particular.

This overabsorption can lead to a variety of skin conditions with the Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix.

Is the Corgi Malamute a Healthy dog?

Designer dogs are commonly bred to eliminate one or more of their parents’ genetic diseases. Luckily, breeders managed to succeed in this task, and this fuzzy hybrid is considered healthy, with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

The most common health issues this mix faces are bloat, hip dysplasia, and cataracts. Other known health concerns are hypothyroidism, eye & skin issues, cystic stones, and epilepsy.

Although there are plentiful conditions your Corgi Malamute could inherit, the glass is half-full rather than half-empty. Most of these conditions can be easily treated, and aren’t life-threatening

For example, up until a few years ago if your fido developed cataracts, surgery was the only option. But, as science & medicine have advanced, non-surgical treatment options are now available, using eye drops to clear its doggy vision.

Finding Corgi Alaskan Malamute mix Breeders & Rescues

An Alaskan Malamute Corgi puppy will cost between $1200 and $1700. Because of this crossbreed’s rarity, we couldn’t find any official Malamute Corgi breeders.

If you’re insistent on getting this mix, our best advice would be to check with your local Malamute and Corgi kennels.

We couldn’t find any rescues specializing in this hybrid either, which is why we’ve included some Corgi and Alaskan Malamute shelters. Check these doggos out and adopt your new forever friend!

  • Adopt a Pet – Odin (Alaskan Malamute Mix AZ)
  • Adopt a Pet – Mika (Alaskan Malamute Mix CA)
  • Southeast Corgi Rescue (Corgi Mix NorCal)
  • Texas Corgi Rescue (Corgi Mix TX)

Breeds Similar to the Corgi Malamute mix

Corgi Samoyed mix

Meet Komi, the Corgi Samoyed mix
Source: @komi_the_corgoyed / IG

The Corgoyed is the beautiful result of crossbreeding the Arctic Samoyed with the Welsh Corgi.

This Corgi Samoyed mix is not considered aggressive, with owners saying it has a much more mellow Corgi-like temperament.

These dogs have thick coats and love zooming through the snow, so they’re best suited for living in colder climates.

Alaskan Malamute Samoyed mix

Meet Ylva, the Alaskan Malamute Samoyed mix
Source: @ylvathemalamoyed / IG

The Alaskan Malamute Samoyed mix, also known as the Malamoyed, is a scarce hybrid, and you probably won’t be able to find any official breeders for this hybrid. You may occasionally come across this crossbreed in shelters.

The Malamute Samoyed mix will likely have a dense double coat, coming in a combination of white, black, and grey.

While there’s no telling what kind of temperament it will have, judging by both parents, this hybrid will likely be a physically powerful dog with high activity requirements.

Corgi Husky mix

Meet Bella, the Corgi Husky mix
Source: @bellahuskycorgi / IG

The lovechild of the Welsh Corgi and Arctic Husky goes by several names such as Horgi, Corgski, and Siborgi.

This crossbreed boasts a thick, waterproof double-coat, which can be either medium or long.

The Horgi is a nightmare when it comes to coat care, as both its parents are notorious shedders. Daily brushing and monthly grooming sessions are a must for this hybrid.

Summing Things Up: Should You Get a Corgi Malamute Mix?

The Corgi Alaskan Malamute Mix makes for an excellent family dog, and bonds deeply with its favorite humans.

The crossbreed is best suited for families with active lifestyles, as they need 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise.

This crossbreed has a dense wool-like double coat, which isn’t hypoallergenic and requires daily brushing. You’ll also need to take your Corgi Malamute mix to a professional groomer every couple of months.

The Malamute Corgi is considered to be a healthy dog breed, but one thing to note is the hybrid’s zinc levels.

This mix overly-absorbs this mineral, causing various skin conditions.

Would you like to be the proud owner of a Malamute Corgi mix? Or maybe you already have one? Drop any of your questions or experiences about this breed in the comments below!


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