Boxer Mixes: 35 Different Boxer Dog Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

The Boxer has a playful, goofy personality that is sure to capture your heart forever. Boxer mixes are a common crossbreed, and there is a wide range of doggies to choose from!

Which Boxer mix is the best dog to adopt as your family pet? Read on to learn more about these lovable pups!

Smiling Boxer dog relaxing on the grass
A brindle Boxer laying on the grass

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What is a Boxer?

You will recognize the Boxer by its tough, muscled exterior, wrinkled expression, and high energy antics. But, did you know that Boxers are sweet-tempered family dogs?

They are protective and loyal and love to follow their owners everywhere. This affection pup will greet you with excited, slobbery kisses!

Boxers are a medium to large purebred dog that comes from Germany. The American Kennel Club recognized the Boxer breed in 1904, and its popularity skyrocketed in the United States.

Boxers have smooth, short coats that are typically fawn, brindle, or white. Their faces often have a black mask with a few white markings. 

Boxers are energetic and need daily exercise, including fetch, games, and long walks. Boxer puppies take a few years to fully mature, so their puppy energy is endless for around three years.

Remember to limit treats with Boxers and Boxer mixes, as this can cause obesity.

Boxers are prone to health issues, including hip dysplasia, but oftentimes these health concerns are lessened with a crossbreed dog.

Feeding your Boxer high-quality dog food, along with daily exercise, can help your pup reach a lifespan of 10-12 years.

Your Boxer mix will inherit many of the Boxer traits in addition to the other parent dog breed.

If you are looking to be a dog owner of a Boxer mix, you will need to be prepared for a medium to large sized dog full of playful energy. Check out 35 of the most lovable Boxer mixes below.

1. Labrador Boxer mix (AKA Boxador)

A black Boxador wearing a red body harness and sitting on the grass
Source: @chiko_679 / IG

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Boxer

The Boxer Lab mix is medium to large breed dogs. They are playful, energetic, and intelligent family pets. Boxadors tend to have a mix of colors on their coat and inherit short, shiny coats.

They are adorably devoted to their owners. If you are an active, outdoorsy dog owner, this mix might be perfect for you! 

2. Pitbull Boxer mix (AKA Bullboxer Pit)  

A serious looking Bullboxer sitting on a grassland
Source: @dexi_potato / IG

Parent Breeds: Pitbull and Boxer

The American Pitbull Terrier Boxer mix, or Pixoter, is a large, strong dog. They are protective and loyal but need early socialization to feel comfortable around other dogs and strangers.

With training and a dose of love and tender care, Pitbull Boxer mixes make good family pets.

3. German Shepherd Boxer mix (AKA Boxer Shepherd)

A golden Boxer Shepherd standing on a river
Source: @nalainthenorth / IG

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd and Boxer

These large dogs are the best guard dogs around! Shepherd Boxers are devoted to their owners and take their watchdog role seriously.

Boxer Shepherds inherit short, dense coats, short, floppy ears with a long body and straight tail.

4. Poodle Boxer mix (AKA Boxerdoodle)

A Boxerdoodle sitting all smiles
Source: @beantheboxerdoodle / IG

Parent Breeds: Poodle and Boxer

Also known as Boxerpoos, these happy dogs make friendly family pets. They will range in size depending on the Poodle parent.

Their coats will range in colors and usually are curly or wavy. They are outdoor adventure seekers, always ready to jump in the puddles or take a muddy hike.

5. English Bulldog Boxer mix (AKA Valley Bulldog)

A sweet Bulloxer sitting inside a car
Source: @sweetie_the_bulloxer / IG

Parent Breeds: English Bulldog and Boxer

These stern-looking dogs are surprisingly full of silly, high-spirited joy. Also known as the Bull Boxer, these dogs are suited for indoor living, so there is no need for a large yard.

They look like a mix of their parents, with short coats that are easy to groom.

6. Beagle and Boxer mix (AKA Boggle)

A Boggle strolling in the forest
Source: @martincherie3 / IG

Parent Breeds: Beagle and Boxer

Also known as the Boxle or Bogle, these medium pups are intelligent, easy to train, and completely devoted to their families.

Expect this pup to follow you everywhere you go! They have short, easy-to-groom coats that range in colors.

7. Husky Boxer mix (AKA Boxsky)

A happy tri-color Boxsky with blue-eyes
Source: @brodytheboxerhusky / IG

Parent Breeds: Husky and Boxer

These pups aren’t as popular as other Boxer mixes, but they sure are gorgeous! Many Boxskys inherited the light blue eyes from their Husky parent.

They are known for being affectionate and goofy but also have a protective side. They are moderate to high shedding dogs and their sizes may range from 35-80 pounds.

8. Boxer Mastiff (AKA Boxmas)

Close-up image of a Boxmas dog

Parent Breeds: Mastiff and Boxer

These large dogs may look intimidating, but they possess the sweetest souls and serve as excellent protectors and watchdogs for your family.

They are larger than a Boxer but less high-energy. They still need a lot of space, so keep that in mind before choosing a Boxmas.

9. Great Dane and Boxer mix (AKA Boxane)

A black and white Boxane standing on the middle of the field
Source: / IG

Parent Breeds: Great Dane and Boxer

Looking for a large, lovable but chill dog? This mellow tempered family dog inherits the lovable devotion from both parents and is known as gentle giants.

They have large floppy ears, big brown eyes, and short coats of different colors. They will shed but are easy to groom.

10. Boston Boxer

A sassy Boston Boxer wearing a bow and flower

Parent Breeds: Boston Terrier and Boxer

This popular crossbreed is referred to as a Miniature Boxer because they often resemble their Boxer parent but in a smaller size.

Picture the tough build of the Boxer but in a more medium-sized body. They are cute and make the ideal family pet for Boxer lovers needing a smaller dog.

11. American Bulldog Boxer mix (AKA Bulloxer)

Red sweater wearing Bulloxer sitting on the grass

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog and Boxer

Medium to large with a muscular build, these dogs look tougher than they are! They are sweet-tempered, calm, and make great family pets.

Because the parent breeds look similar, you can expect your Bulloxer to have a strong, square jaw, floppy ears, and a short muzzle. 

12. Rottweiler Boxer mix (AKA Boxweiler)

A handsome Boxweiler in a lavender field
Source: @bustertheboxweiler_ / IG

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler and Boxer

Also known as a Boxer Rotty, this Rottweiler mix produces large dogs that might not be the best choice for first-time dog owners.

They need a lot of training and socialization to ensure they don’t show signs of aggression towards strangers. If properly trained, these dogs can be extremely sweet.

13. Golden Retriever Boxer mix (AKA Golden Boxer)

A Golden Boxer enjoying the summer day
Source: @_thefurtasticfour_ / IG

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever and Boxer

This intelligent mix is ideal for families who want to teach their pup some tricks! This large breed dog excels in agility training and loves to please their owners.

They might resemble either parent breed, with either a short dark coat or a double coat that is tan in color.

14. Basset Hound Boxer mix (AKA Boxset)

A Boxset walking on a roadside wearing a red collar

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound and Boxer

The result of crossing these two parent pups is a short, stocky body that is heavy and strong!

They tend to be lazier and less high-energy than Boxers, and you’ll need to ration the treats because these pups love to eat. They are mild to moderate shedders, and their coats will range in color. 

15. Rhodesian Boxer

A sad Rhodesian Boxer standing
Source: @rhodesianboxer / IG

Parent Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer

Your Rhodesian Boxer will be the companion guard dog of your dreams. This large dog is athletic and strong with a medium coat length that is easy to groom.

They may look like either parent breed (which means they will be beautiful!) and will inherit a sweet, devoted temperament.

16. Pug Boxer mix (AKA Box-a-Pug)

A chubby Box-a-Pug sitting on a bed
Source: @ktl_colorist / IG

Parent Breeds: Pug and Boxer

These smooshy-faced cuties can be either small to medium in size. They will inherit a short coat that is usually tan, brown, or brindle and are only light shedders. Also known as a Poxer, these dogs love to cuddle!

17. Australian Shepherd Boxer mix (AKA Australian Boxherd)

A bi-eye Australian Boxherd standing and wearing a black collar
Source: @skeletonbee / IG

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boxer

The Australian Boxherd is a medium to large sized pup with a medium coat that is soft and dense.

They are protective pups and love to watch over their family. Keep in mind that they are high energy and need lots of exercise.

18. Chihuahua Boxer mix (AKA Boxachi)

A small Boxachi wearing a colorful scarf
Source: @fetchingly_finley / IG

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua and Boxer

This mixed breed is new to the crossbreed world. This small pup tends to resemble a fuller stockier Chihuahua.

They may need lots of socialization to feel comfortable around strangers, but they sure will be devoted to their owners. They don’t need much exercise and do well in smaller homes.

19. Border Collie Boxer mix (AKA Boxollie)

A fluffy Boxollie laying comfortably

Parent Breeds: Border Collie and Boxer

The Boxollie is a medium to large-sized dog with a short to medium-length coat of many colors. These pups are full of affection and energy.

They are highly intelligent but come from working dog parents who need energetic tasks to not get bored.

20. Doberman Pinscher Boxer mix (AKA Boxerman)

A proud Boxerman laying on a carpet
Source: @selah_the_boxerman / IG

Parent Breeds: Doberman Pinscher and Boxer

This large dog is a great guard dog who also does well with children. Despite their large build, they inherit a playful and protective temperament.

Their coats are short and fine and typically black, brown, or white. They are highly intelligent and alert.

21. Saint Bernard Boxer mix (AKA Saint Boxer)

A charming Saint Boxer close-up photo
Source: @howstellagothergrooveback / IG

Parent Breeds: St Bernard and Boxer

These large dogs are full of love and drool! They are loving pups and do well with families.

Saint Boxers will inherit a short, thick, moderately shedding coat that is usually brown or fawn with white markings and a black mask around their eyes. They are suited to homes with outdoor space to run and play.

22. American Staffordshire Terrier Boxer mix (AKA Bullboxer Staff)

A carefree Bullboxer Staff outdoors
Source: @dumastyle / IG

Parent Breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer

These large, muscular dogs usually have a Boxer face and a less stocky American Staffordshire Terrier body.

They have a short, low-shedding coat that ranges in colors and typically has a square muzzle. They tend to have a stubborn streak and a dominant nature.

23. Cane Corse Boxer mix (AKA Cane Corxer)

A lovable Cane Corxer with bright eyes sitting

Parent Breeds: Cane Corso Italiano and Boxer

These pups come from a line of hunters and love to play fetch. They are large, tall dogs with a smooth coat that moderately sheds.

They are protective dogs and need proper socialization to feel comfortable around strangers.

23. Blue Heeler Boxer mix (AKA Box Heeler)

A Box Heeler standing on the snow
Source: @breannadanielle15597 / IG

Parent Breeds: Blue Heeler and Boxer

Box Heelers are medium to large in size and will vary in appearance depending on which breed they inherit more dominant traits from.

Expect a short, dense coat that is either blue or brindle in color. They will need good training and exercise and are recommended for experienced owners.

24. French Bulldog Boxer mix (AKA French Bulloxer)

A very comfortable French Bulloxer laying on a cushioned chair
Source: / IG

Parent Breeds: French Bulldog and Boxer

These small to medium sized pups are full of cheerful love and devotion. They make great family pets but need proper socialization around other dogs and young children.

Their coat is minimally shedding and short in length.

25. Shar-Pei Boxer mix (AKA Box-a-Shar)

A Box-a-Shar on a rock enjoying the day-out
Source: @dogs_anddonuts / IG

Parent Breeds: Shar-Pei and Boxer

These large breed pups are good watch dogs and sweet-tempered around children.

They have short to medium coats that vary in color and usually only shed with the change in seasons. They will have short muzzles and flat faces and only need mild amounts of exercise.

26. German Boxapoint

A German Boxapoint sunbathing on the grass
Source: @miss_penelope_the_rescue/ IG

Parent Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer and Boxer

These lovable dogs are always ready to play a game of fetch. They are medium in size, but they are bursting with energy and need lots of exercise. Their short coats are easy to maintain.

27. Cocker Spaniel Boxer mix (AKA Cocker Boxer)

A Cocker Boxer wearing a blue harness and standing on the sun
Source: @sailor_the_spanielmix / IG

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel and Boxer

The Boxer Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized pup that varies in appearance but you can expect cuteness. They are known for having an affectionate and cheerful disposition.

28. Akita Boxer mix (AKA Boxita)

A sweet Boxita standing outside
Source: @bab__zi / IG

Parent Breeds: Akita and Boxer

This dog does well with families looking for a large, powerful pup. They are protective family dogs but need lots of exercise and attention.

They are adorable puppies but need early socialization to ensure they don’t become aggressive and dominant adults.

29. Dalmatian Boxer mix (AKA Boxmatian)

A Boxmatian sitting on dirt and wearing a black collar
Source: @patrick_cant_hear_you / IG

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian and Boxer

These high-energy pups are goofballs and need lots of training to keep them obedient.

They have short coats that are black or white in color and adorable floppy ears. These dogs aren’t great around children and do best in homes with large yards to play in.

30. Chow Chow Boxer mix (AKA Boxer Chow)

A Boxer Chow wearing a cute bandana
Source: @bella.luna.jack / IG

Parent Breeds: Chow Chow and Boxer

These medium sized pups have short moderately-shedding coats that are tan, brown, or white, with distinct black muzzles.

While they are good family dogs, they can be distrustful of strangers. They need frequent daily exercise but don’t do well in hot weather.

31. Weimaraner Boxer mix (AKA Boweimar)

An adorable Boweimar sitting and waiting for food
Source: @dreidel.dreidel.dreidel / IG

Parent Breeds: Weimaraner and Boxer

These obedient dogs are ready to learn new tricks! They are large dogs but more slender than purebred Boxers.

They have short coats that rarely shed and sweet, obedient temperaments. They will bark excessively to demand attention.

32. Corgi Boxer mix (AKA Coxer)

A Coxer with big ears with a purple toy laying on a bed
Source: @hildi_the_lowrider / IG

Parent Breeds: Corgi and Boxer

These medium pups tend to look like a mix of their parents, with a range of coat colors and short to coarse, thick coats. They make great family dogs and are social and outgoing in nature.

33. Schnauzer Boxer mix (AKA Schnoxers)

A shaggy Schnoxer close-up image

Parent Breeds: Schnauzer and Boxer

There aren’t many of these mixes around, but they sure are cute. The Schnoxer or BoxSchnauz will look similar to their Schnauzer parent and will need regular brushing and grooming.

34. Hungarian Vizsla Boxer mix (AKA BoxViz)

A Box Viz standing on a field with a rugby ball
Source: @bruno_the_boxer_x_vizsla / IG

Parent Breeds: Hungarian Vizsla and Boxer

BoxVizs are medium sized, short-haired dogs full of energy. They may love to “point” at every bird and their hunting side will show.

35. Jack Russell Boxer

A patient Jack Russell Boxer sitting on a carpeted floor
Source: @josieboxerjrt / IG

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Boxer

Cute as can be, these small to medium sized pups are full of energy and need consistent training and exercise to mellow out their hyper nature.

They don’t shed much but need lots of attention to keep them out of trouble.

More Boxer mixes to love!

If you still are uncertain, check out these additional Boxer mixes:

  • Bullmastiff Boxer mix
  • Catahoula Boxer mix
  • Boxer Dachshund mix
  • Plott Hound Boxer mix
  • Greyhound Boxer mix
  • Black Mouth Cur Boxer mix
  • Great Pyrenees Boxer mix
  • Basenji Boxer mix
  • Bloodhound Boxer mix
  • Redbone Coonhound Boxer mix
  • Boxer Shih Tzu mix
  • Boxer Yorkie mix
  • Boxer Pomeranian mix

What is the Best Boxer Mix For You?

Boxers are beloved and popular dogs! It’s hard to resist their fun-loving and sweet temperaments. If owning a purebred dog isn’t your thing, consider adopting one of the popular Boxer mixes listed above.

You are sure to find the right designer blend of lovable traits that is right for your family. 

What do you think after reading about these Boxer mixes? Which one is your favorite? Do you already own a Boxer mix? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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