Akita Mixes: 25 Different Akita Inu Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Hailing from Japan, the massive Akita is a sight to see. These dogs are enormous and well-known for their guarding and hunting abilities. They are courageous and dignified.

In Japan, they have been venerated as protectors of health and happiness. 

Beautiful Akita Inu dog posing in a public park
Akita Inu

Over the years, many Akita mixed breeds have been developed. Some of these mixed breeds are more popular than others. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most popular Akita mixed breeds on the market. 

What is an Akita Dog?

Akitas are an ancient breed that is well-known for their loyalty. In fact, Hachiko is a famous Akita that loyally waited for his owner for years at a train station.

A statue of this dog currently stands in Japan and is a cherished symbol. 

Akitas are one of the larger Japanese dogs. They can stand at 24 to 28 inches and weigh over 100 pounds in many cases. They are burly and big-boned.

Their head is massive, and they have a full, curled-over tail. Their dark eyes are a hallmark of the breed. 

In most cases, these dogs are usually very quiet and fastidious. They clean themselves like cats. They are not particularly friendly and are very wary of strangers and often intolerant of other animals.

They require early socialization and training because of this. They do like the companionship of their people, but not necessarily that of strangers. 

An Akita mixed breed can take the best traits of an Akita and tone-down the less-than-stellar characteristics.

Of course, you never know exactly what you’re going to get with a mixed breed, which is why it is essential to choose the best mixed breed for you. 

Typically, they have a double-coat, which helps protect them from the elements. 

1. Shiba Inu & Akita mix (AKA Shibakita)

Shiba Inu and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @sukikbd / IG

The Shiba Inu is basically a smaller version of the Akita. So, when you mix the two breeds together, you basically get a dog that is somewhere in the middle of these two.

They usually act very similar to Akitas and Shiba Inus, so don’t expect any striking personality differences. 

In general, this mixed breed is not terribly different from a purebred Akita. If you met one on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. 

2. Siberian Husky & Akita mix (AKA Huskita)

Portrait of a Siberian Husky and Akita mix dog
Source: @doktorstein / IG

Huskies are fluffy and large like an Akita, so they are a popular mixed breed option. These dogs will likely be medium to large and can be an array of different colors.

Because huskies are decently friendly, this breed is often friendlier than other Akita mixed breeds. However, they do tend to be one-person dogs and do not bond intimately with strangers. 

Because the Husky and Akita were bred to work, this mixed breed will likely have high energy needs. They do best in active families. 

3. German Shepherd & Akita mix (AKA Akita Shepherd/ Shepkita)

German Shepherd and Akita mix dog portrait

German Shepherds are not the friendliest dogs out there. They tend to be protective and territorial. This can be lessened by early socialization and training, however.

When combined with an Akita, you’re likely to get a great guard dog – but perhaps not such an awesome family dog. 

This mixed breed is not suitable for all owners, especially if you don’t have much experience with larger dogs. Early socialization and training are going to be key to making this mixed breed manageable. 

4. Corgi & Akita mix (AKA Corgita)

Corgi and Akita mix dog waiting for treats
Source: @corgeouscorgis / IG

When you breed a dog with a Corgi, you often end up with a short, stubby version of the original purebred dog. Akita Corgi mixes are often no different.

These dogs can have short legs, or they can not. It just depends on how the genes are inherited. 

Corgis are usually decently friendly. This may temper the Akita’s territorial behavior. However, this is not always the case, since you never know what a mixed breed puppy is going to act like.

Corgitas can be just as territorial as other Akita mixes.

5. Labrador Retriever & Akita mix (AKA Labrakita)

Labrador Retriever and Akita mix dog wearing camouflage harness
Source: @qirathelabrakita / IG

Labradors are known for being extremely friendly and outgoing. Because of this, they are a great dog to mix with an Akita to temper down the later’s aloof and sometimes aggressive behavior.

Of course, this isn’t fool-proof, since you never know what kind of genes a particular puppy is going to inherit. 

However, this mixed breed is likely to be more friendly than a purebred Akita. They can look like just about anything thanks to the large variety of physical features shared among the parent breeds. 

6. Chow Chow & Akita mix (AKA Akita Chow)

Chow Chow and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: delta_and_arai / IG

Chow Chows are not a Japanese breed. However, they are surprisingly similar to an Akita. Because of this, when you mix these two breeds together, you get a puppy that isn’t terribly different from your average Akita.

They will likely look a bit different and have unique patterns and color combinations. 

However, temperament wise, these dogs are likely going to be very similar to an Akita. Early socialization and training are going to be important to ensure that these canines become good companion dogs. 

7. Pit Bull & Akita mix (AKA Akita Pit)

Pit Bull and Akita mix dog in a sofa chair
Source: @loki_pitmix / IG

Despite some of the rumors out there, Pit Bulls are not particularly more aggressive than your average dog. Therefore, when mixed with an Akita, you may find yourself with a less territorial canine.

However, like always, this isn’t necessarily the case. It depends on the genes the particular dog inherits. 

Because pit bulls can look like practically anything, Akita pit bulls can look like just about anything as well. The appearance of this dog breed varies widely. 

8. Poodle & Akita mix (AKA Aki-Poo)

Poodle and Akita mix dog lying on the floor
Source: @roscoe_and_leeroy / IG

This is a truly unique dog. The Aki-Poo may have the fur of a poodle or the fur of an Akita. They will likely be aloof. However, they may or may not be territorial.

Like most Akita mixes, we highly recommend early socialization. Puppy classes are perfect for this mixed breed. 

As far as appearances go, these dogs can look like just about anything. They may have the coloration of an Akita, but the fur of a Poodle.

Alternatively, they could look exactly like a Poodle or Akita. You just never know what you’re going to get. 

9. Alaskan Malamute & Akita mix (AKA Alaskan Akita)

Alaskan Malamute and Akita mix dog walking on snow

Of course, Akitas come from Japan – not Alaska. However, this name refers to an Alaskan Malamute and Akita mix.

This dog is going to look very similar to an Akita – big, burly, and fluffy. Their tail will probably be curved just like an Akita as well. They may even act like an Akita since Malamutes can be a bit territorial as well. 

These dogs need quite a bit of training and have high exercise needs. They are best for experienced, active families. 

10. Boxer & Akita mix (AKA Boxita)

Boxer and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @agouraanimalslaco / IG

Boxers are known as the “All American dog”. They are known for being friendly and affectionate dogs. They are also quite energetic, which means they require a lot of exercises or they can become destructive.

When combined with an Akita, they may either be friendly or territorial. We still encourage early socialization to curb any territorial drives they might have. 

Like many of these mixed breeds, the Boxita can look like many different things. It may or may not have long, fluffy fur. It may be quite large or more medium-sized. 

11. Saint Bernard & Akita mix (AKA Saintkita)

Saint Bernard and Akita mix dog in a grooming salon
Source: @shaythegroomer / IG

Saint Bernards are gentle giants. When you mix them with an Akita, that may be exactly what you get. However, you could also get a huge, territorial dog.

It really just depends on the genetics the particular puppy inherits as well as how the puppy grows up. Introducing your pooch to a variety of people and animals at a young age can help. 

This dog is often very large. It can be even larger than a regular Akita. Early training is very important for this reason. 

12. Samoyed and Akita mix (AKA Samkita)

Fluffy Samoyed and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @rijk.de.samkita / IG

Samoyeds are a rarer breed of dog in the United States. However, Samkitas are not absolutely unheard of. These canines are often extremely fluffy.

Some owners even call them “polar bears” for this reason. They do require a bit of coat maintenance because they are so fluffy. Plan on a daily brushing session. They can have a brindle coloration. 

These dogs are usually aloof. However, they are not usually particularly territorial. They just prefer the company of their owners to strangers.

Introducing them to many people at a young age can curb any fear they have of other people. 

13. Golden Retriever & Akita mix (AKA Golden Akita)

Golden Retriever and Akita mix dog sitting on the sand
Source: @mellonichtbello / IG

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly. When crossed with an Akita, the puppies may be just as friendly. However, they may also gain some protective instincts from their Akita parent, which can make them a bit aloof.

These dogs often look very similar to Golden Retrievers, though they may be a bit fluffier and have curly tails. 

They can also be a bit larger than the typical Golden Retriever. They will likely need quite a bit of exercise and activity to stay happy and healthy. 

14. Pomeranian & Akita mix (AKA Pomkita)

Happy Pomeranian and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @shiro_the_pomkita / IG

This is a very rare crossbreed. Pomeranians are very small, and Akitas are very large. Typically, some sort of help is required to produce crossbred puppies.

Artificial insemination is necessary in practically every case. Because of this, these puppies are usually not accidents. 

Because of the Pomeranian parent, these dogs can be quite smaller than other mixed breeds out there. It really just depends on the genetics the puppy inherits, however.

These dogs typically look like extra-fluffy Akitas. They have lower energy levels than other dogs on this list. 

15. Dalmatian & Akita mix (AKA Dalmakita)

Dalmatian and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @hoosier / IG

Dalmatians are adorable. They can have some territorial instincts, though. When combined with an Akita, this can result in a dog with significant territorial instincts.

They can also have a strong prey drive thanks to their Akita blood. 

These dogs may or may not have spots. They may be fluffy or have short hair like a Dalmatian. It really just depends on the genes a specific puppy inherits.

Different puppies from the same litter can have a variety of different traits. Like most of these mixed breeds, early socialization is essential. 

16. Australian Shepherd & Akita mix (AKA Aussiekita)

Australian Shepherd and Akita mix dog chewing an autumn leaf
Source: @jacky._.yi / IG

Australian Shepherds are famous for their herding ability. They are basically Australia’s herding dog – a mix of many different breeds over a long period of time.

They are quite friendly but need a lot of exercise because of their high activity level. 

When mixed with an Akita, they may lose some of these herding instincts and gain a bit of a prey drive instead.

Instincts are genetic, not necessarily environmental. Different puppies may have different instincts, even in the same litter.

17. Bulldog & Akita mix (AKA Bullkita)

Bulldog and Akita mix dog roaming on field
Source: @scooby_the_bullkita / IG

When you mix a Bulldog with an Akita, you’ll likely end up with a large family pet with a somewhat shorter snout than usual.

The head will likely be massive, and you can expect that they will be quite burly as well. They may be a bit shorter than your average Akita, though they may weigh just as much due to their stocky build. 

These dogs are likely going to a bit friendly than an Akita. However, this isn’t necessarily set in stone. Early socialization is still important. 

18. Shar Pei & Akita mix (AKA Sharpita)

Shar Pei and Akita mix dog lying on the floor
Source: @indigoveganmama / IG

Shar Pei mixes almost always have some wrinkles. However, they are not as prominent as they are on a purebred dog. This canine will likely be quite large and burly.

They are usually aloof, but should not be aggressive when properly raised. Different puppies can be more aloof than others, depending on their genetics. 

Shar Peis does not have an extremely high activity need. Because of this, these dogs will probably not need as much exercise as a purebred Akita. Still, they may need a bit more exercise than some other breeds. 

19. Beagle & Akita mix (AKA Beaglekita)

Happy portrait of a Beagle and Akita mix dog
Source: @monica_maob_ / IG

Beagles are very friendly dogs. They aren’t necessarily as outgoing as Labradors. However, they are friends to all and very laidback.

When mixed with an Akita, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. They could be friendly like a Beagle or territorial like an Akita. 

They are probably going to be a bit smaller than an Akita, though this isn’t necessarily always the case. Some puppies may rarely be the same size as an Akita.

These dogs may have the coloration of a Beagle and the fluffy coat of an Akita. It all just depends.

20. French Bulldog & Akita mix (AKA French Kita)

French Bulldogs are quite burly by themselves. Akitas are burly as well. Their puppies are very likely to be burly as well with massive heads and big feet.

These dogs can be beasts. They are extremely thick. They can be a bit shorter than other mixed breeds, though, since French Bulldogs tend to be a bit shorter for their weight. 

These dogs are likely to be aloof, though some are extremely friendly. Their environment makes a big difference in their temperament. 

21. Catahoula & Akita mix (AKA Akihoula)

Catahoula and Akita mix dog lying on his bed
Source: @robbiethepup / IG

Catahoula dogs are unique and make great companion dogs. They are also commonly used for hunting, especially in the southern states in the United States. They are quite friendly and can be decently outgoing.

Their puppies might be as well, or they may be territorial like an Akita. It really depends on the genetics of the puppy and the environment they’re raised in. 

Appearance-wise, this mixed breed often has shorthair, though it can be a bit fluffy. Their coloration can be practically anything.

Often, they have some sort of pattern like a Catahoula, though this isn’t necessarily always the case

22. Pug & Akita mix (AKA Pugita)

Pug and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @ahs_tintonfalls / IG

Similar to other very small mixed breeds, this one requires a little bit of help. Usually, artificial insemination is required, as these dogs are simply too different to reproduce when left to their own devices.

Usually, their puppies are quite small when compared to an Akita. 

They tend to be a bit territorial. Socialization often helps. 

Out of all the mixed breeds we’ve reviewed, this one is likely one of the unhealthiest. Pugs are notoriously unhealthy because of their body shape and short nose. 

23. Great Pyrenees & Akita mix (AKA Great Pyrenkita)

Great Pyrenees and Akita mix dog portrait
Source: @moosetheakitapyrenees / IG

When you combine two big dogs, you end up with another huge dog. This mixed breed is big and burly. Their head is huge. They may or may not have a curled tail. They can have all sorts of patterns and colorations. 

These dogs are often decently friendly. They can be a bit territorial in some cases. Early training and puppy classes are highly recommended. 

24. Bernese Mountain Dog & Akita mix (AKA Bernakita)

Bernakita mix dog portrait
Source: @fudgemeister_supremo / IG

Bernese Mountain Dogs are huge, just like Akitas. Their puppies are likely going to be huge as well. These dogs are going to be quite burly and massive.

They need a lot of room. However, they also don’t need too much exercise and tend to be quite lazy. 

Early socialization is absolutely required on top of early training. These dogs are massive. You want to get a handle on them before they get full grown. 

25. Blue Heeler & Akita mix (AKA Blue Akita)

Blue Heeler and Akita mix dog playing tennis ball outside
Source: @blackdogrescuesocietybc / IG

Despite the name, these dogs are not actually blue. However, they may have some blue ticking, which is common in Blue Heelers.

However, not all puppies have this pattern. Some puppies in the same litter may have this popular pattern and others may not. 

This dog is very active. They need a lot of exercises. Otherwise, they can become a bit destructive. 

Which Akita Mixes are Your Favorite?

There are many Akita mixes out there. From those that are massive to surprisingly small ones, like the Pug Akita Mix.

Most of these mixes have some territorial instincts. However, others are more protective than others. 

Let us know which breeds are your favorite in our comment section below!

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