Pomeranian Mixes: 39 Different Pom Crossbreeds

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

Pomeranians are a great dog breed that is perfect for owners who enjoy having a furry shadow. These small dogs have amazing temperaments, perfect for creating a designer dog. 

Perhaps you’re in the market for a hybrid dog, or perhaps you’ve adopted a Pomeranian crossbreed from the shelter and would like to learn more.

A full-body photo of a Pomeranian
Pomeranian standing happily with wooden background

Whichever the case, you’ve come to the right place! We have 40 popular Pom mixes below.

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What is a Pomeranian Mix Dog?

Pomeranians are an independent little dog that has stolen the hearts of many, from royals to celebrities. These dogs were popularized by Queen Victoria.

They used to be small to medium-sized dogs but now have become miniaturized into a toy breed. Teacup Pomeranians are smaller still, and you can read all about them here.

The Pomeranian dog comes from a complicated background. They started as a spitz-type dog from the Arctics and moved to Pomerania, now known as Poland and a part of Germany.

Their ancestors include the German Spitz, Malamute, Samoyed, and many others. Today, they are part of many designer breeds. They add a layer of fluff and attentiveness to any breed.

Quick Choices for Top Pom mixes

  • Best low-shedding Pom mixes: Pomapoo, Shiranian, Yorkie-Pom, Peek-A-Pom
  • Best Pom mixes for families: Pomimo, Pompitz, Labranian, Golden Pom
  • Best Pom mixes for kids: Smooth Pom Terrier, Aussie Pom, Pom-A-Pug
  • Best Pom mixes for apartments and small spaces: French Pomerdog, Pomchi, Paperanian 

39 Most Popular Pomeranian Mixes

One thing you should know about crossbreed or designer dogs is that they don’t have a fixed standard. Their temperament or appearance won’t be split 50/50 between two parent breeds.

If you’re not comfortable not knowing how your pooch will grow up to be, you might want to check out purebred dogs instead. Mutts are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. 

However, most dogs will inherit the Pomeranian breed’s thick double coat and possess the self-confidence of the Pom-Pom. Here are the top 40 Pom mixes in 2020.

1. Husky Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomsky)

A little Pomsky puppy sitting on wooden floor
Source: @imwillowthepomsky / IG

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix

A meme propelled this mixed breed pup into popularity by marketing the Pomsky as a forever puppy. The truth is Pomskies can grow up to 15 inches (38 cm) and can be as heavy as 38 lbs (17.2 kg).

Apartment life can suit this little tyke, but be warned, Huskeranians have a tendency to be very vocal. They also aren’t the best for first-time owners.

Take a look at cute Kai getting a bath: 

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2. Chihuahua Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomchi)

An enchanting Pom-Chi standing on a rock
Source: @pomchihaven / IG

Breeds: Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix

Want a tiny dog with a bigger-than-life attitude? This is the perfect combination for you.

This Pomchi will shower you in affection and guard your house, all with the demeanor of a diva.

These tiny tots seldom grow past 9 inches (22 cm). They are quite long-lived and will make a great companion dog for people who are often home.

3. Poodle Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomapoo)

A Pomapoo laying on the grass enjoying the dayout
Source: @nala.thepomapoo / IG

Breeds: Poodle and Pomeranian mix

Smart little critters who will excel at training, the Pomapoo is usually mixed with a Toy Poodle and will usually be smaller than 14 inches (35.5 cm).

Their small size and demure nature make them great apartment dogs. Plus, they might shed less than a purebred Pomeranian. 

4. Maltese Pomeranian mix (AKA Maltipom)

A gentle Maltipom wearing a blue sweater
Source: @nilladog2010/ IG

Breeds: Maltese and Pomeranian mix

Maltipoms often have pure white coats. These little fluffballs tend to be 7 – 8 inches (17 – 20 cm) tall and are gentle souls.

They are eager to please and need proper socialization, especially if you have other pets. They do best in small households without any children. 

5. Pomeranian Spitz mix (AKA Pompitz)

A happy Pompitz sitting on a couch
Source: @bbo._.0816 / IG

Breeds: Spitz and Pomeranian mix

The Pompitz is often mistaken for a White Pomeranian because of their pristine coats and similar features.

These gentle dogs are smaller than 14 inches (35 cm) and make great family dogs as they get along with everybody.

Since both parent breeds are notorious barkers, you might want to teach your Pomeranian Spitz the quiet command.

6. Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix (AKA Shiranian)

A Shiranian loving the cuddles on a couch
Source: @charlie_pomtzu / IG

Breeds: Shih Tzu and Pomeranian mix

The Pomtzu or Pomshi is one of the best companion dogs. They are unfailingly faithful and are career lap dogs.

Don’t expect to leave your Shiranian alone all day as they won’t be happy unless they are with you.

A small dog is great for retirees or homebodies. They can also be wonderful for allergy sufferers if they inherit the Shih Tzu’s hair-like fur.

7. Papillon Pomeranian mix (AKA Paperanian)

A Paperanian wearing a coat enjoying the cold weather
Source: @theotilly_thepaperanians / IG

Breeds: Papillon and Pomeranian mix

Paperanians or Papipoms are fantastic lap dogs. They are small dogs, not more than 12 inches (30 cm), and have a delicate build. Their coats need frequent brushing as they are prone to shedding.

Best for seniors or individuals who can dedicate lots of time to them, but Pomillons don’t need a lot of space so they are great apartment dogs. 

8. American Eskimo Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomimo)

A very sweet smiling Pomimo sitting on the grass
Source: @kinglouispomimo / IG

Breeds: American Eskimo and Pomeranian mix

The Eskiranian or Eskipom needs lots of exercises but also loves lounging on laps. They are great watchdogs that warm up to new friends quickly, a great family dog.

They are often small and bred with the Toy American Eskimo, and their offspring will be no bigger than 9 inches (22 cm).

9. Pomeranian Shiba Inu mix (AKA Pomshi)

A fluffy Pom-Shi outdoors
Source: @a_ponsuke / IG

Breeds: Shiba Inu and Pomeranian mix

Shibapoms grow up to an average of 15 inches (38 cm). They rarely will look like a perfect combination of the two, as pictured above.

One thing is for certain is that these dogs need an experienced hand as they can get quite stubborn.

Independent and aloof, you don’t have to worry about separation anxiety with these loyal and dedicated puppers. 

10. Jack Russel Pomeranian mix (AKA Jackaranian)

A Jackaranian lounging on top of a couch
Source: @lunazolajackaranian / IG

Breeds: Jack Russell and Pomeranian mix

Precocious and high-strung, the Jackaranian is more suited to an active family. They are great watchdogs that have a penchant for barking.

The Pom-A-Jack is a small dog, standing at a maximum of 10 inches (25 cm) but they are great with kids who know how to be gentle. 

11. Yorkie Pomeranian mix (AKA Yorkipom)

A tiny Yoranian with white dog toy on grass
Source: @chewyinthebay / IG

Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian mix

The Porkie might seem like an odd mix, but it’s an odd mix that works well. They have sweet faces and are generally no bigger than 10 inches (25 cm).

Yorkie-Poms tend not to shed much. Yoranians also do well with children, but they shouldn’t be left unsupervised with very young kids due to their small size.

12. Pomeranian Pug mix (AKA Pom-A-Pug)

A Pom-A-Pug standing on the snow
Source: @shadow_dog_photography / IG

Breeds: Pug and Pomeranian mix

This popular cross is a funny looking guy. The Puguranian is great with children because of their stocky build. These charismatic guys will keep their dog owners entertained.

They usually have floppy ears, big buggy eyes, and are only about 8 – 13 inches (20 – 33 cm) tall.

13. Pekingese Pomeranian mix (AKA Peek-A-Pom)

A Peek-A-Pom loving the beach
Source: @chewy_the_peekapom / IG

Breeds: Pekingese and Pomeranian mix

A low-shedding crossbreed, the Peek-A-Pom can be a good alternative for dog lovers with allergies. He will need frequent grooming sessions to keep his coat tangle-free, though.

They are a low-energy breed, perfect for seniors who are patient when it comes to training. These mini dogs don’t grow past 10 inches (25 cm). 

14. Pomeranian Sheltie mix (AKA Poshie)

A Poshie dog loving the summer
Source: @bidibidipompoms / IG

Breeds: Shetland Sheepdog and Pomeranian mix

Poshies might sound like they will be high maintenance, but the truth is that they are an independent crossbreed. They do like to curl up with their owners, but they don’t need constant supervision.

What they do need is a good romp to burn off their energy. Standing at 16 inches (40 cm) and with a tendency to herd, they aren’t great for little children.

15. Pomeranian Dachshund mix (AKA Dameranian)

A Dameranian dog portrait
Source: @herboozytails / IG

Breeds: Dachshund and Pomeranian mix

These puppies are hard-headed and have a high prey drive, although they can get along just fine with other family pets.

The Dameranian loves to cuddle but also loves to work up a good sweat. They have high energy, despite their small size that rarely exceeds 15 inches (38 cm). 

16. Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix (AKA Aussie Pom)

An Aussie Pom puppy with the captivating eyes
Source: @aussiepom_loki / IG

Breeds: Aussie and Pomeranian mix

An Aussie Pom is a high-energy dog for the adventurous or outdoorsy owner. These mixes usually have very interesting coloring paired with blue eyes.

This affectionate and eager to please doggie is a great option for families with young children. They are usually under 30 lbs (13 kg) which is the perfect size for a toddling playmate.

17. Pomeranian Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix (AKA Cavapom)

A Cavapom wearing a bandana enjoying her first grooming
Source: @theo_the_cavapom / IG

Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Pomeranian mix

An uncommon Pom mix, these beauties are a friend to all. Often in a shade of gold, they can also be brown and white.

They are affectionate and great with kids, although they often only weigh 8 – 16 lbs (3 – 7 kg), so children must be taught to treat them gently. 

18. Cocker Spaniel Pomeranian mix (AKA Cockeranian)

A disappointed Cockeranian wanting to swim
Source: @ellieyyc / IG

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel and Pomeranian mix

A high-energy crossbreed that does better in landed properties. They require lots of exercise and grooming. This will be one of the friendliest and most outgoing Pomeranian mixes you’ll ever meet.

These calm and easygoing dogs can grow up to 27 lbs (12 kg) and will make a great playmate for children or other pets at home.

19. Boston Terrier Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomston)

A relaxed Pomston laying on the ground
Source: @lokithepomston / IG

Breeds: Boston Terrier and Pomeranian mix

These puppers are prone to inheriting an underbite. They are low maintenance and don’t require much grooming.

The Pomston is a friend to all and a great option for all households, even those with small kids. 

20. Miniature Pinscher Pomeranian mix (AKA Pineranian)

A tiny Pineranian dog portrait
Source: @cookie_thepinpom / IG

Breeds: Miniature Pinscher and Pomeranian mix

Pinneranians or Pin Poms are small dogs with a zest for life. These intelligent pooches are also intuitive creatures and are often used in therapy.

Be warned though, without proper socialization, they are prone to nip… especially at grubby little fingers that tug too hard.

21. Pomeranian Terrier mix (AKA Pom Terrier)

An active Pom Terrier on a hike
Source: @busterthebombpom / IG

Breeds: Toy Fox Terrier and Pomeranian mix

If you’re looking for a courageous companion, look no further. The Pom Fox Terrier will be your tiny little bodyguard.

He’ll never leave your side, so don’t expect to leave him unattended for long periods. They might be only 12 inches (30 cm) tall, but they will require more than 60 minutes of exercise a day. 

22. Corgi Pomeranian mix (AKA Corgiranian)

An adorable Corgiranian standing on the grass
Source: @ninothecorgipom / IG

Breeds: Corgi and Pomeranian mix

A feisty little thing that can cause quite a ruckus. These mischievous little pups can be monstrous shedders.

Corgiranians won’t grow past 30 lbs (13 kg) but they tend to be pushy, which means they don’t play well with little kids. Also, Pomgis tend to get quite barky, but they are affectionate and fun dogs.

23. Beagle Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomeagle)

A Pomeagle wearing a fabulous scarf
Source: @dogstartrio / IG

Breeds: Beagle and Pomeranian mix

Don’t let this darling face fool you, the Pomeagle packs a punch and requires lots of exercise and stimulation.

They might only be 11 inches (28 cm) tall but they will run circles around you and dig up the yard when you’re not looking. Best for experienced owners who enjoy agility and obedience. 

24. Bichon Frise Pomeranian mix (AKA Bichonaranian)

A Bichonaranian after grooming with toys
Source: @dogstartrio / IG

Breeds: Bichon Frise and Pomeranian mix

These cute critters are also referred to as Pomachon or Pom Frise. They are affectionate and love children, with a maximum weight of 12 lbs (5.4 kg).

The Bichonaranian should be an easy-going dog that is highly receptive to training. A sweet-natured additional to the family, they might even be hypoallergenic if they take after their curly-coated parent.

25. Lhasa Apso Pomeranian mix (AKA La Pom)

A cuddly La Pom smiling while on a walk
Source: @pineneedlesandpoppies / IG

Breeds: Lhasa Apso and Pomeranian mix

Anybody says, cuddle buddy? These small 12-inch dogs (30 cm) just want to snuggle. They are great for all families, but preferable without little kids.

These loyal, sociable, and playful pups can live happily in tiny homes or apartments. They do need constant grooming and vigorous exercise so active families work best.

26. Japanese Chin Pomeranian mix (AKA Chineranian)

A serious lounging Chineranian dog
Source: @g_isfor_gizmo / IG

Breeds: Japanese Chin and Pomeranian mix

Crossed between two companion breeds, you can be sure they can’t deal with loneliness very well.

These small dogs don’t grow more than 12 inches (30 cm) and shouldn’t be left unsupervised with toddlers who don’t know how to handle them gently.

They are affectionate and love children, so they can do well in households with older kids.

27. Havanese Pomeranian mix (AKA Ewokian)

An Ewokian dog laying lazily on a blanket
Source: @ewokianqueen / IG

Breeds: Havanese and Pomeranian mix

Ewokians get their nickname from how similar they look to the bear-like creatures on Star Wars. That’s where the similarities end because Ewokians are affectionate and hate solitude.

They don’t do well on their own and should be treated with tender loving care.

28. Schipperke Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomerke)

A happy Pomerke laying on grass

Breeds: Schipperke and Pomeranian mix

Also known as the Schip-A-Pom, the Pomerke will be well suited to families with older children. They are inquisitive and need consistent training.

Their intelligence coupled with their free-thinking attitude makes them susceptible to their moods. 45 minutes of exercise a day is enough for this small dog that rarely grows past 10 inches (cm).

29. Schnauzer Pomeranian mix (AKA Pom-A-Nauze)

A cuddly Pom-A-Nauze on a fur rug
Source: @teddy_bear_pomapoodauchtzu / IG

Breeds: Schnauzer and Pomeranian mix

The Pom-A-Nauze is a sensitive soul that is prone to separation anxiety. They love their humans and will make sure you know it with lots of affection.

These pooches can be territorial and protective, so early socialization is a must. Because both parents present barking traits, it’s important to teach them to be quiet, especially if you live in an apartment.

30. Keeshond Pomeranian mix (AKA Pom Kee)

A fresh Pom Kee on a grass field wearing a bandana
Source: @pomsquad.cle / IG

Breeds: Keeshond and Pomeranian mix

Poms and Keeshonden are cousins and look very similar. The only difference being their size. The Pom Kee will usually clock in at around 17 inches (42 cm).

They are sensitive dogs that hate being alone. Prone to barking, they aren’t the best option for apartment dwellers. They do great with kids but will require lots of grooming to keep their coats under control.

31. Brussels Griffon Pomeranian mix (AKA Brusselranian)

A Brusselranian loving the winter day out
Source: @realcheekynando / IG

Breeds: Brussels Griffon and Pomeranian mix

The Brusselranian can only be described as a tiny Wookie. They are furry little dogs that have the Brussels’ signature monkey face.

Depending on the coat they inherit, they might not need much grooming at all. These companion dogs do well in any settings and only require moderate amounts of exercise. 

32. French Bulldog Pomeranian mix (AKA French Pomerdog)

A French Pomerdog with fox-like ears
Source: @adventures_with_tater / IG

Breeds: French Bulldog and Pomeranian mix

With their fuzzy coat, oversized ears, and miniature 11 inches (28 cm) stature, we can’t help but compare French Pomerdogs to plush teddy bears.

They are a healthier alternative to the purebred Frenchie, without sacrificing temperament. These furballs are low-energy yet fun-loving and love entertaining their owners.

33. Pitbull Pomeranian mix (AKA Pit-Pom)

A sweet Pit-Pom in a garden playing ball

Breeds: Pitbull and Pomeranian mix

The Pitbull and Pomeranian complement each other nicely in the Pit-Pom crossbreed. Their offspring are often calmer and make great family dogs.

Their small but sturdy size makes them an ideal candidate for families with small kids, especially when paired with the Pittie’s patience and tolerance.

34. Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix (AKA Golden Pom)

A fleecy Golden Pom standing on the sand
Source: @bad.boy.baloo / IG

Breeds: Golden Retriever and Pomeranian mix

The Pomeranian adds a little more spunk to the calm Golden, which is well-known for his affable nature.

Golden-Poms usually look like an overgrown puppy at 15 inches (38 cm), with their fluffy coats and overgrown ears which can be either folded or erect.

They will thrive in large families that have a penchant for the great outdoors.

35. Samoyed Pomeranian mix (AKA Pomoyed)

A super fluffy white Pomoyed dog laying comfortably
Source: @millerkiddienova / IG

Breeds: Samoyed and Pomeranian mix

Samoyeds are beautiful dogs with high-energy needs. Both are from the spitz family and will blow out their coats seasonally.

Samoyed Poms usually looks like a miniature Samoyed, with their white coats and fun-loving nature. They are great for active couples or individuals. 

36. Border Collie Pomeranian mix (AKA Border Pomeranian)

A brown Border Pom puppy with blue eyes

Breeds: Border Collie and Pomeranian mix

These pups usually have the extreme intelligence and high energy of their Border Collie Parent, while retaining the Pomeranian’s hardy persona.

While their coats are not so profuse, they do need a good brush twice a week to keep it shiny. This medium-sized dog will need lots of stimulation and will not do well in an apartment at all.

37. German Shepherd Pomeranian mix (AKA German Pom)

A beaming German Pom laying down wearing a harness
Source: @callmeladypupsi / IG

Breeds: German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix

This crossbreed is rather rare, but they are reminiscent of how the Pomeranian used to look in its early days.

Weighing in at 30 to 40 lbs (13 – 18 kg), they make great watchdogs and great hiking partners. An active crossbreed, they’ll need 60 – 115 minutes of exercise daily. 

38. Rottweiler Pomeranian mix (AKA Rottie-Pom)

A magnificent Rottie Pom wearing a plaid dog vest
Source: @chestnut.unleashed / IG

Breeds: Rottweiler and Pomeranian mix

An unlikely pairing of a fearsome guard dog and a cute little fluffer. These dogs can grow up to quite large, depending on which parent it takes after.

But they are sweet and affectionate dogs that need proper training. Pomeranians naturally come in the black and tan coloring of Rottweilers, and they are adorable! 

39. Pomeranian Lab mix (AKA Labranian)

A contented Labranian sitting on steps wearing a dog harness
Source: @happypomlab / IG

Breeds: Lab and Pomeranian mix

The Pom Lab or Labranian often looks like a small Labrador with feathering. They are family-oriented dogs that will alert you to any comings and goings.

Labradors can struggle with separation anxiety but when paired with the Pomeranian, they will be more accepting when their family leaves them at home for short intervals.

Which Pomeranian Mixes are Your Favorites?

Two Pomeranians smiling and sitting in the middle of the road
Source: @mikiandjasper / IG

Pomeranians are hardy dogs and often add years to a breed’s lifespan, along with a profuse coat. Which of these designer dogs is your favorite?

Do you have one? Let us know all about him or her in the comments below.

Make sure you share these delightful crossbreeds with your friends and make sure to adopt, don’t shop. You should be able to find plenty of Pomeranian mixes at shelters.

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