Is the exuberant Aussie Pom the right dog breed for you?

Last Updated on April 25, 2023

The Aussie Pom is a high-energy fella perfect for active families who want a big dog’s temperament in a more manageable size. They do well with consistent training and lots of love. 

These eager to please pooches will have the sweet loving temperament of the Pomeranian and the hardworking nature of the Australian Shepherd.

Blue eyed Aussie Pom sitting on grass
Source: @aussiepomlink / IG

When matched with the right lifestyle, they can be great for first-time dog owners.

What is an Aussie Pom?

The Aussie Pom is a crossbreed between two notable purebred dogs.

The Australian Shepherd is well-loved in Australia and used as a cattle dog but they were developed in the United States when Australian shepherds and settlers immigrated to North America. 

With Collie backgrounds, Aussies are shepherd dogs with high herding instincts and are an intuitive breed.

They are happiest at work and can be found as all kinds of service dogs including therapy dogs, search and rescue, guide dogs, and even drug-detecting dogs. 

Australian Shepherd puppy
Australian Shepherd puppy running outdoors summer

The Pomeranian has its roots embedded in Northern Europe and sovereignty. The fluffy Spitz dogs were much bigger but thanks to Queen Victoria’s hand in making them smaller, have become a toy breed.

They are largely used as companion dogs but were once sled dogs and herders, with close relations to the Samoyed and other arctic breeds.

A Pomeranian smiling and sitting on a flower field
A Pomeranian smiling and sitting on a flower field

It’s believed that these Aussie Pom dogs were first bred somewhere in the early 2000s, making them a relatively new breed of designer dogs.

They are often first-generation crosses which means that their parent breeds are purebred. 

Second-generation or F2 crosses are the results of two Aussie Pom parents. This is generally created to have more consistent temperaments and appearances but seldom practiced unless the breed is recognized by the AKC. 

What does an Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix look like?

The Australian Shepherd has a naturally short tail and floppy soft ears. Their flowy coat accentuates its muscular and lithe build. They are solidly built without any signs of coarseness.

According to the American Kennel Club, females are much more delicate or feminine but not overly so. 

The Pomeranian looks like a small fox with a large coat. They have sharp features distinct in their erect ears and short V-shaped muzzles. Their tails are held high, curling against their topline and creating a cascade of fur. 

Their offspring can look like either parent, but they are mostly lean and muscular with a double coat and heavy feathering around the tail and hind legs.

While their overall physical appearance leans towards the Aussie, their faces often have Pomeranian features. Pricked ears and big soulful eyes, as well as their signature fox-snouts.

Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix tilting its head and sitting on fall leaves
Source: @missnova_theaussiepom / IG

Size: How big do Aussie Poms get?

Since Aussies come in three sizes, it really depends on the size of the Australian Shepherd parent. Generally, it would be a male Standard Pomeranian being bred to a female Standard Australian Shepherd. 

Their offspring should be around 10 to 30 pounds (4.5 to 13.5 kg) and 11 to 16 inches (28 to 40 cm), regardless of gender.

In order to create a smaller dog, some breeders will use a Mini or Toy Australian Shepherd instead. Miniature Australian Shepherds are not recognized by the AKC, so Mini Aussie Poms might be hard to come by.

Now, they don’t do well in apartments because of their energetic nature but if you’re able to meet their activity requirements, they will be happy to chill indoors with you. 

Coat / Hair

An Aussie Pom with dual colored eyes
Source: @linktheaussiepom / IG

Both the Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd come in a variety of colors. While the solid color coat is the rarest, the most intriguing color is Merle.

There’s just something so exciting about the random splashes of color and their blue eyes. 

Did you know? Aside from Blue Merles, you can also get Red Merles! But, you should never get a puppy whose parents are both Merle. We’ll explore why in the health section below.

The Aussie Pom very rarely will inherit the Pom’s large coat, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have copious amounts of fur!

These dogs will have soft, straight, medium-length hair on top of a soft undercoat. They will often inherit the Australian Shepherd markings though, such as the Tri-color coat.

This tri-color coat can be a mixture of any of the colors that Australian Shepherds come in, but don’t be surprised if your pupper turns out with splashes of orange! Some dogs even have a spot of brindling.

These dogs are usually solid brown or black and have small areas with these patterns. 

Temperament: Are Aussie Poms good family dogs? 

High-energy dogs tend to be rather destructive when left to their own devices, even more so when the breed is as fond of people as the Aussie Pom is.

A social breed, these dogs are affectionate creatures that cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They absolutely adore their family members and are the best dogs for companionship.

A smiling Aussie Pomeranian wearing a jersey
Source: @freddie.auspom / IG

They might be small dogs, but they are incredibly energetic and protective of their family. You will need to spend time on a lot of exercises as well as train them to be more accepting of perceived threats.

Socialization is extremely important if you want them to be a great family pet. They usually bond closely with just one person in the family.

Aussie Poms are devoted pets that can get slightly neurotic if not trained properly. They might bark for your attention, due to separation anxiety, as a greeting, or simply a form of compulsive behavior.

Their tendency to bark does make them a good watchdog, though. 

Known for their trainability, they should be able to learn commands rather quickly. However, patience and consistency are key to an obedient dog.

It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, because both genders have the same sweetness

You do have to take note of how you’re treating them because they can be quite sensitive as puppies. Confident dogs have been known to be forced into submission and become meek.

They need to be treated with kindness and only use positive reinforcement in your training. 

These dogs are often great with kids and rarely aggressive and will enjoy the company of other dogs.

However, they might exhibit some herding behavior so it’s crucial to ward it off when they start bumping into kids or even yourself.

How to take care of your Aussie Pom

The Aussie Pom doesn’t generally smell or drool and is considered relatively clean. They will require an occasional grooming session to keep their coats healthy and matt-free.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog, this isn’t the one for you. They might not have the fluffy coats of the Pomeranian, but it can still blow out seasonally. 

Aussie Poms usually have a medium-length coat and a dense undercoat, courtesy of the Pomeranian parent. Despite their profuse coats, they are adaptable to all climates.

Their double coats provide insulation and protection against the heat and they should never be shaved under any circumstances.

Take a look at how cute this litter of Possie puppies is: 

Exercising your Aussie Pom

Aussie Poms are energetic little dogs that will need upwards of 30 minutes of exercise, twice a day. They would appreciate romping around the great outdoors and going hiking with you.

You can also enroll them into agility or obedience classes which they will definitely enjoy. 

Even if you have a big yard, you will still need to exercise your dog. Walks are a way to strengthen the bond between owner and dog.

The most important thing about having a dog and owner do physical activities together is to stimulate your pup. If you don’t work their noodle, you’ll find that they can become quite destructive indeed.

Grooming: Do Aussie Poms shed?

Since these dogs shed copiously at least twice a year. Females might shed more often if they aren’t fixed. When it’s not shedding season, you should brush their coat once every 2 – 3 days.

Their coats are prone to tangles and require constant attention. If you aren’t comfortable grooming your Aussie Pom, you can send them to the groomers.

They will usually deal with everything and clip their nails as well as cleanout their ears.

Allowing the groomers to handle your puppy from a young age is important to acclimatize your pup to their strange sights and sounds that come with grooming. 

If you’re more of a hands-on owner, you can bathe your pupper no more than once every three weeks. This is to ensure that you don’t dry out his coat.

These dogs don’t need regular baths and if they don’t get dirty or muddy, you can stretch them for as long as you like.

One thing you need to do regularly is to brush their teeth. Plaque can cause gum problems and mess with your pup’s gut health, so make sure you keep his teeth sparkling white.

You can also provide him with dental chew toys.

Feeding / Aussie Pom Food Consumption

An Australian Pom patiently waiting for dog food
Source: @thepuppybear / IG

Feeding is subjective to every dog’s energy levels. As a rule of thumb, an adult Aussie Pom needs approximately 1 ½ – 2 ½ cups of high-quality kibble daily. They should be fed a kibble specially formulated for small breeds.

Also, they can be prone to obesity so it’s best not to overfeed with treats. 

They aren’t gorgers that will simply inhale everything like Labrador Retrievers. On the contrary, these dogs are quite picky and you might feel the need to supplement their diet with table scraps.

This can create bad eating habits and you might find your dog refusing to touch anything in their food bowl so it’s best not to start. You need to teach your dogs that they should eat what they are given.

Try to feed them on a schedule and remove any remaining dog food if they don’t finish their meals in 15 – 30 minutes.

Aussiepom Health and Hereditary Conditions

This mixed breed is pretty healthy and has an average life span of 12 – 15 years. As previously mentioned, all dogs with Merle parents have increased health issues such as organ failure, deafness, and blindness.

That’s why it’s important never to support breeders who practice breeding two Merles together.

While Aussiepoms is a crossbreed, they can be predisposed to either parent’s health problems.

One of the most prominent problems faced by Pomeranians is kneecap dislocations. They can also inherit hip or elbow dysplasia or patellar luxation and are susceptible to dental and gum issues. 

Other health concerns to look out for are skin allergies or skin-related problems such as black skin disease. Eyes should be checked regularly for signs of infections or cataracts.

Bloat might sometimes be an issue if your dog eats too quickly. This is rare in Aussie Poms but it’s been known to happen.

How much are Pomeranian Australian Shepherds? 

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix puppies on a crate
Source: @aussiepom_loki / IG

These designer dogs are often priced around $500 – 700, but some breeders might let them go at $1000 – 1200. It depends on their pedigree and also the type of care they are given.

Sometimes litter size also plays a part in determining their price. 

There are usually 2 – 5 Aussie Pom puppies a litter. Puppy color might also play a part in their price. Coat colors that are considered rare or higher in demand are often sold for higher.

Pricing a puppy according to their color is not a commendable practice, but it hasn’t stopped breeders from doing it. 

Also, don’t sacrifice the quality of your puppy at a better price. Puppy mills often mass-produce puppies at a lower cost.

What many don’t see is the conditions of the kennels and the treatment of dogs at these puppy farms. They are often neglected and treated as a puppy-making factory.

Pet stores might look clean and pristine, but their animals often come from puppy farms because reputable breeders will not sell their puppies to pet stores.

Aussie Pom breeders

Mini Aussie Pom mix smiling candidly while sitting on grass
Source: @itsme_junib / IG

When it comes to selecting a breed, you should always be picky. It’s especially true when you’re purchasing a designer breed like the Aussie Pom.

Some breeders breed these puppies for the sake of a quick buck and aren’t passionate about the hybrid’s potential.

The Aussie Pom is a crossbreed and isn’t recognized by any official kennel clubs. This makes it hard to find relevant and legit organizations with reputable breeders.

You will need to do careful research prior to committing or ask around. If you have a friend who can recommend a breeder, all the better.

One key thing to keep in mind when you’re meeting prospective sellers is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable approaching them in the future should you have any problems with your puppy.

They should make you feel welcomed and by bringing home one of their puppies, part of their family.

You can go through the AKC marketplace and see if any Pomeranian breeders or Australian Shepherd breeders have any crosses up for sale.

It’s hard to find a reputable specialized breeder but you can give Aussie-em-Poms (Lawrence, NJ) a try.

Aussie Pom rescue / for adoption

Possies can sometimes be found at a shelter due to accidental breedings or other unhappy situations. You can make a difference by rescuing one.

You can check out the shelters near you or keep an eye out for mixes in parent breed rescues like these below:

  • Recycled Poms (Dallas, TX)
  • Second Chance Poms (Santa Fe, TX)
  • New Spirit 4 Aussie (NYC)
  •  AussieRescue & Placement Helpline (St. George, UT)

Who should get an Aussie Pom?

Pom Aussie puppy on a garden
Source: @mason_aussiepom / IG

The Aussie Pom is a great choice for first-time owners who are active and enjoy a good challenge. They need lots of stimulation and won’t be happy cooped up in an apartment.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance lap dog, you’re better off with a Dachshund or French Bulldog. But if you’re sold on the idea of a Pomeranian mix, here’s a list of the top 40 Pomeranian crossbreeds.

Further reading: Aussie mixes

If you’re more interested in getting an Australian Shepherd crossbreed, you can check out the following hybrids to find one that’s best suited to you.

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