How Small is a Mini French Bulldog and Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on April 21, 2023

The Frenchie is a small dog with bat ears and the face of a pug. They go by many names, Mini Frenchie, Teacup French Bulldog, Toy Frenchie.

These Tiny French Bulldogs did not happen by chance but were created with intention and selective breeding.

A Mini French Bulldog puppy posing for a picture
Source: @roscovdashh / IG

Yes, these dogs are uber-cute, but do they suffer from more health problems than the French Bulldog? Are they a separate breed? Find out below!

Where did the Mini French Bulldog originate? 

French Bulldogs are descended from the English Bulldog, a dog breed with a bloody history in bull baiting.

The small size of the Toy English Bulldog appealed to lace workers and they became their companions and were used to chase mice from their wares.

When the industrial revolution disrupted the lace industry in Nottingham, the lace makers relocated to the French countryside along with their furry pals.

That was where the French Bulldog was developed with Pugs and terriers.

Frenchies are considered to be a small breed, but smaller dogs became trendy and so the Teacup French Bulldog was born. It also doesn’t help that they are a popular dog breed on social media.

Here’s little Chloe at the pool: 

A Mini French Bulldog enjoying pool day while lounging on chair
Source: @emmatheminifrenchie / IG

Most miniature breeds are less robust than their standard-sized counterparts. For instance, Teacup Yorkies have shorter lifespans and Teacup Chihuahuas are more fragile.

For the Tiny French Bulldog breed, they are often bred from runts of the litter or suffer from dwarfism which distorts their bone structure.

A more ethical method of achieving healthy Mini Frenchies is by crossbreeding them to a smaller breed.

Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, and Chihuahuas are all optimum choices for crossbreeding. But this is a rare practice as people want purebred miniature dogs instead of a mixed breed.

Regardless of how the Toy Frenchie is achieved, they are not accepted by the AKC or the EKC. 

Appearance: Miniature vs. Standard French Bulldog

A purebred, miniature version of the French Bulldog means that the Micro Frenchie looks exactly the same, save for their size.

They have the same bulging big brown eyes and oversized bat ears. Their heads should also have that unique flat-domed shape.

A portrait of Bulldog with heterochromia
Source: @pitfallkennels / IG

They have cute little tails that can come in three distinct shapes but they should hang over their butts. You have the short and stumpy, pointy, or the curled tail.

Regardless of which tail they have, they are still a purebred Frenchie puppy. And don’t worry, they aren’t docked. They’re naturally born like this!

Another key feature of the Frenchie is their folds. Those expressive folds all over their faces and around their neck area. It can really look like they are smiling. 

Size: How big do Mini French Bulldogs get?

These small-sized Frenchies rarely go over 18 lbs (8 kg). According to one of the leading breeders of Micro French Bulldogs, their average is between 12 – 22 lbs (5.4 – 9.9 kg).

Clearly, these compact dogs can live in a house or an apartment. Space is not an issue. Standard Frenchies are also known to be great apartment dogs.

Is a Miniature Frenchie’s coat different from a Standard Frenchie?

Micro Frenchies have the same type of coat as a Standard Frenchie. It’s sleek, smooth, and single coated.

Since these Teacup French Bulldogs aren’t recognized by kennel clubs, they often come in an array of colors outside of the breed standard, including blue eyes.

A French Bulldog puppy looking so cute posing for a photo
Source: @scarlettfrenchies_eric / IG

You can find Mini Blue French Bulldogs as easily as a Micro Merle Frenchie or a Lilac! These are non-conformational colors and you can read all about them on our French Bulldogs colors post. 

According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs should only be a handful of colors such as fawn, white, and cream. Although, they are allowed to have brindle, sable, or other such markings. 

Do Toy and Standard French Bulldog have different personalities?

Frenchies are companion dogs that are often described as a free thinker. They can be slightly stubborn and might not be the easiest to train because they prefer lazing around rather than jumping through hoops.

If you want a dog that’s always ready to please you, a Golden Retriever or even a Pomeranian would be better suited to you.

This doesn’t mean that Frenchies aren’t great at cheering up their owners. Quite the contrary, these dogs are often the center of attention for their chatty nature and funny behaviors.

They are sure to charm every family member, including kids. 

While the Standard Frenchie might be a great companion for small children, Teacup Frenchies might have fragile constitutions and might not be able to keep up with a child.

Aside from that, their size does make them the ideal playmate, especially when carefully supervised.

Frenchies, whether mini or standard, need to be well socialized from a young as they can become quite possessive over their family.

With proper socialization, they can be accepting of other dogs and even cats. While their possessiveness can lead to them developing separation anxiety, these dogs aren’t meant to be alone for long periods of time anyway.

Don’t forget that French Bulldogs are companion dogs and they sure would love to live up to that classification.

How to take care of your Mini French Bulldog

Due to the Mini Frenchie’s size and single coat, they don’t do well in the cold. They can’t handle too much heat either as their short muzzles make them quite intolerant to hot weather.

This means you will need to bundle them up for winter and keep them shaded and cool in summer.

Exercising your Miniature French Bulldog 

A Miniature French Bulldog looking fierce standing while wearing a pink harness
Source: @lilytheminifrenchbulldog / IG

Toy French Bulldogs aren’t exactly toys and will need their daily exercise too. You might want to take your cues from your dog but you should keep exercise sessions short so your dog doesn’t overheat. 

You shouldn’t neglect their walks because these little fellas can be prone to obesity which isn’t great on their bones and organs.

But the good news is, they don’t need a whole lot of stimulation. Their idea of a great time is laying next to you.

A 15 – 30 minute walk a day should be more than enough. Just make sure to keep an eye on your dog. If he’s wheezing, you should probably cut him some slack and carry him the rest of the way. 

Grooming: Do Miniature French Bulldog shed?

The Mini Frenchie’s small size makes them easy to handle and groom. They shed minimally, which adds to their allure.

However, make no mistake, you will have to spend a fair amount of time cleaning out their folds and making sure their anus stays clean.

You should avoid bathing your Tiny French Bulldog too often as it can dry out their skin as well as put them at risk.

These small dogs won’t regulate their temperature well and so extra care should be taken when bathing them. You want to keep them in a comfortably warm environment that isn’t exposed to the elements.

Feeding: How much does a Mini French Bulldog eat?

You should think that Mini Frenchies don’t need much, and you’re right. According to their weight range, they should only be eating 1 cup of food daily.

However, you need to adjust it as you see fit. If your puppy isn’t growing, you should up the intake. If he is packing on the pounds, you might want to decrease the amount a little to find that sweet spot.

They need to be fed a high-quality kibble, preferably with a joint supplement to keep their bones nice and strong. It also shouldn’t have too much fat or carb content as they aren’t horribly active dogs.

Are Mini French Bulldogs healthy?

A Micro French Bulldog smiling sweetly on camera

These dogs aren’t known for their health, and when you have a Toy Frenchie, the risks of developing health problems increase.

That’s not to say that every Mini French Bulldog will come with a disorder, but a large scale survey done in the U.K found that three-quarters of all Frenchies that participated had at least one hereditary health issue.

The problems that plague the breed also affect the miniaturized version. The most common issues come from their shortened muzzles.

This can cause brachycephalic obstructive airway system (BOAS) or elongated palates which results in breathing problems. Cataracts are also a common ailment.

Mini Frenchies with dwarfism rarely live long as there can be complications arising from their bones and joints. They often suffer from pain due to their malformed limbs and do not have the best quality of life.

Such dogs should not be bred

Even without dwarfism, Tiny Batpigs are predisposed to skeletal disorders such as hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia is also not uncommon. These joint problems can cause chronic pain and in extreme cases, paralysis. 

Hemivertebrae is another form of the skeletal disorder, which can cause incontinence. It can also be extremely painful or make them paralyzed from the back to their hind legs.

Some cases are so severe that the owners have them put down.

The smaller Micro French Bulldog usually has smaller bladders as well, which might make potty training slightly challenging since they have to go so often.

Other than that, these small dogs are prone to brain inflammation, hydrocephalus or fluid in their brain, psychological problems, or liver and heart issues. 

Here’s Auggie, an ultra Tiny Frenchie who has some neurological problems that caused him to have some developmental delays

How much does a Teacup French Bulldog puppy cost?

Mini French Bulldog puppies can be pricey. They often come in rare colors which adds to their price tag. This kind of behavior is looked down upon but since many are willing to pay for it, the practice continues to thrive. 

You are looking at $15,000 for a rare colored Mini Frenchie or $5,000 for a micro pup.

Now, you might be able to find bargains of $2,000 or less, but you have to be wary of puppy mills that churn out puppies without a single care about their well-being.

That’s how they can afford to sell their pups at such low prices.

Breeding Frenchies don’t come cheap, especially when you factor in the C-section that the dam will be getting, the artificial inseminations, health checks, and their general healthcare. 

A Teacup French Bulldog puppy sitting on grass

How to find reputable Mini French Bulldog breeders

Be extremely cautious when shopping for a mini dog of any breed. When it comes to a breed fraught with health issues, you should be doubly careful.

If a breeder doesn’t seem to care much about the breed but only focuses on their size, it should be a warning sign. 

Reputable breeders always want to know more about their potential buyers because they want to make sure their pups are going to a good home.

Unscrupulous breeders just want to hear the sound of a cash register. All they care about is closing the deal.

We suggest contacting breeders of the Standard Frenchie and seeing if they have any smaller pups, as this is more ethical than selectively breeding for tiny pups:

  • North Star French Bulldogs (Wasilla, AK) –
  • Batpig Frenchies (Canton, TX) –
  • Tato’s Frenchies (West Palm Beach, FL) –

Too many specialty breeders act like their puppies are commodities and focus on maximizing their profits – this is true all over the world, whether you’re in the United States or searching in France.

If you see sites promoting their dogs at discounted prices or sites that offer financing options, it’s best to exit instead. 

Responsible breeders will only sell their puppies to families that are able to afford the pup. If they need a loan to buy the puppy, it is unlikely they are able to give their puppy the kind of care it deserves.

Mini French Bulldog rescues near you

French Bulldogs come at a steep price and most teacup pups are more expensive still. Adopting a Frenchie is not only easier on the wallet, you’re also giving an adult dog a second chance at life.

Some of them are surrendered due to a change of lifestyle, but most are just unable to keep up with the effort and care that a Frenchie requires.

They might seem like a low-maintenance breed, but as we’ve detailed above, they really aren’t.

There are plenty of French Bulldog rescues and you can try your luck at finding a Mini French Bulldog at one of these shelters:

  • French Bulldog Rescue Network –
  • French Bulldog Village (Conshohocken, PA) –

Who should get a Miniature French Bulldog dog?

A Mini French Bulldog squinting due to sunlight

We wouldn’t suggest going out to procure a Teacup Frenchie for the sake of having a teeny dog because they are seldom well-bred.

The Standard Frenchie is small enough as it is, or how about other tiny breeds such as the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, or Pug

If you do come across a Mini Frenchie up for adoption, at least you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how to care for one.

Further reading: Mini French Bulldog mixes

It’s clear that French Bulldogs are a pretty popular breed, regardless of whether they are a teacup or a normal-sized version. Thanks to their charm, they have also been involved in a couple of interesting mixes.

You can find the most notable French Bulldog designer mixes at the following:

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