Basenji Mixes: 21 Different Basenji Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

An active, fiercely independent dog, Basenji owners need to know just how to handle this breed.

However, this purebred dog’s intense hunting personality is often watered down by adding another breed to the mix, such as the loving Labrador or reliable Boxer.

A Basenji dog standing magnificently on the grass
A portrait of a Basenji dog standing

With various Basenji mixes out there, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites to see which would be right for you. 

What is a Basenji?

A medium-sized hound dog that comes in many colors from brindle to tan or even black.

Basenji stands between 16 and 17 inches (41 and 43 cm) tall and weighs between 22 and 24 pounds (10 and 11 kg), the Basenji is one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world.

The Basenji Club of America was formed in 1942, and the AKC first recognized them in 1944.

Hailing from Africa, this ancient dog has been showcased in artwork from Egypt and Babylon.

The Basenji is also known as the African Bush Dog, Congo Dog, Zande Dog, African Barkless Dog, Congo Terrier, and Ango Angari. 

These skilled hunting dogs were initially used for flushing out small animals.

With an excellent sense of sight and smell, strong prey instinct, and smart, energetic nature, this primitive breed has secured their place in history through the ages.

They have also been likened to an undersized racehorse with a lean and graceful appearance and a distinctive, fast run.

This unique breed is also known for its vertical jumping skill and quiet, bark-free personality, although Basenjis have been known to yodel.

Aloof and independent, and cat-like in many ways, the Basenji can be tough to train.

With hybrid dog breeding growing in popularity over the years, many Basenji mix dogs are available today.

Keep reading to discover more about some of the top Basenji cross breeds and discover which one is right for your home.

1. Chihuahua Basenji mix (AKA Chisenji or Basenji Chi)

An adorable Chisenji dog portrait
Source: @crispykristin / IG

Cross the tiny Chihuahua with the Basenji, and you’ll end up with Chisenji, a small but muscular dog that weighs between 3 and 24 pounds (1 and 11 kg).

Although small in stature, the Basenji Chi packs a punch, with a big, super-friendly personality. With an alert nature, the Chisenji also surprisingly makes an excellent watchdog

2. Labrador Retriever Basenji mix (AKA Labrasenji)

A cute bi-eye Labrasenji smiling and wearing a black harness
Source: @diegothedingo / IG

The Basenji Labrador Retriever mix is not a very reliable guard dog but is an excellent family pet.

The Labrador Retriever adds a loving, intelligent side to the Basenji, making them a perfect choice for active families that can attend to their high-energy needs.

First-time owners must be warned the Labrasenji can have a problematic, stubborn streak, which makes training a challenge, while these dogs are also known to shed a fair amount. 

3. German Shepherd Basenji mix (AKA German Shepenji)

A happy therapy German Shepenji on a hike
Source: @christymarshallwellness / IG

With both parent breeds known for their independent spirits, the Basenji German Shepherd mix can come across as aloof, particularly towards strangers.

With early and consistent socialization and training, the German Shepenji can make for a fantastic watchdog

Just be aware, this particular Basenji mix is guaranteed to shed a lot! Also, due to the German Shepherd parent, this cross can be prone to developing hip dysplasia. 

4. Beagle Basenji mix (AKA Baseagle)

A close-up image of a Baseagle wearing a brown sweater
Source: @menemena16 / IG

Cross a Beagle with a Basenji, and you’ll end up with a dog with epic hunting abilities.

As both the hound-type parent breeds are known for their great noses and excellent hunting instincts, the Baseagle should never be trusted off a leash when out for a walk. 

When it comes to human interactions, the Basenji breed is wary of strangers, while the Beagle is super friendly, so you can expect this Basenji mix to sit somewhere in the middle.

This Beagle mix breed will grow to around 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 14 kg) and will resemble the Beagle predominantly when it comes to appearance, often exhibiting the tricolor coat and shorter legs. 

5. Whippet Basenji mix (AKA Whippenji)

A brindle Whippenji resting after a walk
Source: @laneeslane / IG

The Whippet Basenji mix inherits the hound-like skills and super fast running abilities of both parent breeds.

While the Whippenji will be a world-class racing dog, don’t expect your dog to bark a lot. Neither parent is known to bark, and as a result, this Basenji mix won’t make a good guard dog.

The Whippet Basenji mix will weigh between 22 and 40 pounds (10 and 18 kg)

6. American Pit Bull Terrier Basenji mix (AKA Pitsenji)

A Pitsenji wearing a robe standing on a red bed

The Basenji Pit Bull mix will be a healthy, muscular dog that weighs between 22 and 65 pounds (10 and 29 kg).

Inheriting the American Pit Bull’s heavy-set physicality, these dogs will require early training and socialization to ensure safety.

If given the proper attention and love, the Pitsenji can make a very loving family pet and an excellent guard dog. 

7. Welsh Corgi Basenji mix (AKA Corsengi)

A Corsengi wearing a dress and a printed leash
Source: @starlaforever / IG

The Corsenji is a cross between a Basenji and one of the two types of Corgi breeds, namely the Cardigan Welsh Corgi or Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Weighing in between 22 and 38 pounds (10 and 17 kg), the Corgi Basenji mix is an athletic hybrid dog breed that will have inherited the Welsh Corgi parent’s short legs.

The Corgi side also gives the Corsenhi an affectionate, friendly, and fun-loving nature, with this playful pooch being overly devoted to its family yet also displaying an independent streak.

This Basenji mix is also known to show the Corgi parent’s herding instincts, causing them to nip at small children.

8. Boxer Basenji mix (AKA Boxerji)

A Boxerji laying comfortably on a couch
Source: / IG

The Boxer Basenji mix is a reliable and robust watchdog that combines the Boxer’s guarding skills with the Basenji’s quick thinking hunting capabilities.

This breed can weigh anything between 22 and 80 pounds (10 and 36 kg) and can, unfortunately, present several health issues to the Boxer parent’s brachycephalic flat-face. 

9. Basenji Poodle mix (AKA Basenjipoo)

Two adorable Basenjipoo on a car seat
Source: @the2basenjipoos / IG

Cross a Poodle with a Basenji, and there’s no telling exactly how your crossbreed will turn out. The Basenjipoo dog could have the curly hair of the poodle or the straight coat of the Basenji. 

Also, with Poodles coming in toy, miniature or standard size, a fully grown Basenjipoo could weigh anywhere between 4 and 70 pounds (2 and 32 kg).

Either way, with these intelligent parent breeds, you are guaranteed one super-smart pup!

10. Shiba Inu Basenji mix (AKA Shibenji)

Fox-like Shibenji walking near a lake
Source: @todd_thefoxdog / IG

The Shibenji is a cross of two ancient hunting breeds of dog, namely the Basenji and the Shiba Inu.

The Basenji’s jackal like face and the Shiba Inu’s fox-like appearance come together to create an attractive looking mix breed. 

These dogs love to self-groom with a cat-like personality, and thus owners who don’t like having that typical dog smell in the home will love this Basenji mix.

On the other hand, as this cross is not very easy to train, they aren’t the best choice for novice dog owners. 

11. Border Collie Basenji mix (AKA Border Basenji)

A Border Basenji adorably sitting down
Source: @todd_thefoxdog / IG

With a weight of between 22 and 55 pounds (10 and 25 kg), the Border Collie Basenji mix is guaranteed to shed consistently, blowing out with the seasons’ changing.

A Border Basenji will have an enthusiastic personality, inheriting both parent breeds’ hunting and chasing skills. 

12. Akita Basenji mix

Cross the Akitz spitz-type breed of dog with the Basenji, and you will end up with a powerful and brave dog.

Although robust, active, and fiercely independent, the Akita Basenji also loves people and is exceptionally loyal, making them excellent guard dogs

Although this crossbreed won’t leave your house covered in fur year-round, you can expect them to shed during the changing of the seasons.

13. American Eskimo Dog Basenji mix (AKA Eskenji)

The American Eskimo Basenji mixed breed is difficult to predict when it comes to size due to the American Eskimo Dog being bred in three standard sizes. Thus the Eskenji can weigh anything from 6 to 35 pounds (3 to 16 kg)

This vibrant and energetic Basenji mix will have a strong hunting drive and will need regular exercise to avoid setting in destructive tendencies.

With this crossbreed, you can expect year-round shedding with seasonally based blowouts. 

14. Australian Cattle Dog Basenji mix (AKA Basenji Heeler)

A majestic Basenji Heeler wearing a flower collar and standing on the grass

Cross the dingo-like Australian Cattle Dog with a Basenji and you’ll end up with Basenji Heeler, an energetic breed that weighs between 22 and 50 pounds (10 and 23 kg).

These hardy, healthy dogs can have a lifespan of around 16 years, with the Blue Heeler holding the Guinness World Record as the oldest dog.

Inheriting both parent breeds’ intense hunting and herding instincts, this complex cross can be a challenge, particularly with first-time pet owners.

Due to these innate instincts, families with small children may also want to avoid this particular Basenji mix. 

15. Cocker Spaniel Basenji mix (AKA Cocker Spanenji)

The Cocker Spaniel Basenji mix will weigh between 20 and 30 pounds (9 and 14 kg) and shed consistently.

This crossbreed will have intense hunting and sporting instincts that need consistent, reward-based training to keep in check. Be sure never to be too harsh with this sensitive breed that can shut down quickly. 

16. Great Dane Basenji mix (AKA Great Dasenji)

An affectionate and loving crossbreed, the Great Dane Basenji mix will form lasting bonds with family members, particularly children, but may be more reserved when it comes to strangers.

An active and sensitive crossbreed, the Great Basenji will also benefit from plenty of exercise. 

17. Greyhound Basenji mix (AKA Greysenji)

A Greysenji sitting on a couch
Source: @shelby2016 / IG

Cross two hound dogs renowned for their speed, and you’ll end up with the Greysenji – one super fast Basenji mix.

This crossbreed weighs between 22 and 70 pounds (10 and 32 kg) and will have a sleek, athletic appearance. You can expect some light shedding with the Greyhound Basenji mix. 

18. Italian Greyhound Basenji mix (AKA Italian Greysenji)

An Italian Greysenji puppy on a walk

Another Basenji mix, build for speed, the Italian Greyhound Basenji mix will have a classic hound look and temperament with a sleek gait.

Exhibiting determination and endurance, this Basenji mix will excel in rally, obedience, and agility challenges.

Due to the Italian Greyhound parent side of this cross, the Italian Greysenji can be a touch clingy. 

19. Jack Russell Terrier Basenji mix (AKA Jack Basenji)

A beaming Jack Basenji sitting on a wooden bridge
Source: @dustythejackrussellmix / IG

The Jack Russel Terrier Basenji mix weighs between 14 and 24 pounds (6 and 11 kg) and is stocky and muscular in appearance.

Due to the Jack Russell parent, the Jack Basenji can show an aggressive side, particularly towards other canines. That is why it is best that this dog rather be the only dog in your home. 

20. Saluki Basenji mix

The graceful and lean Saluki Basenji mix breed is a handsome natural athlete with both parent breeds developed in ancient times as hunting and racing dogs.

These dogs can have difficulty adapting to life as a companion dog in a family home and thus need specialized and dedicated training and socialization from a young age.

21. Basenji Rat Terrier mix

A small Basenji Rat Terrier standing
Source: @dustythejackrussellmix / IG

The Rat Terrier Basenji mix will be a small breed, with the Rat Terrier parent typically standing around 2 inches (7 cm) shorter than the Basenji.

With both parent breeds requiring low maintenance, the cross of these two is easy to care for with a short, smooth coat that sheds a little. 

The hybrid dog is likely to have an alert, curious personality with high energy levels.

However, they will also have a friendly and affectionate side as well, making them a good choice for active families with older children. 

What is the Best Basenji Mix For You?

With so many mixes out there, it can be challenging to choose the perfect Basenji puppy.

With some better suited to guard dog duties, others will make loving companion pets, while others still will love to run with energetic owners.

An excellent place to start your search for a crossbreed to call your own is at a Basenji rescue center.

Do you have a Basenji mix? Let us know below.

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