Husky Mixes: 35 Different Siberian Husky Crossbreeds

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

Siberian Huskies have long since been a popular choice for families and singles alike. Between their downy coats and quirky personalities, it’s hard not to love these stunning canines.

But Husky mixes are rather remarkable, too. There are tons of Siberian Husky crossbreeds out there, so let’s look at 35 of their most popular Husky mix breeds around.

Siberian Husky and Jack Russel Terrier dogs

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Why You Should Consider a Husky Mix Dog Breed?

Siberian Husky portrait

Thousands of years ago, the Chukchi people of Siberia created an impressive sledding breed. These working dogs doubled as companions and were a key element of the tribe’s nomadic lifestyle.

Their descendant is the Siberian Husky dog, who’s famous for its endurance and howl.

With their high energy and equally high prey drive, Huskies fit right in with active owners who don’t keep little critters as pets.

Siberian Huskies don’t typically do well in sedentary homes or with cat-loving families, however. Not to mention the grooming and dog food they require, as well as health problems.

That’s where their designer dog offsprings come in.

If you love the idea of having a Husky but think that a purebred might be too much, one of these Husky mix breeds is just what you need.

35 Most Popular Husky Mixed Breeds

Thanks to advancements in breeding techniques, you can cross just about any dog breed with the Siberian Husky.

Each Husky mixed breed dog comes with a personality and appearance all its own. Which one will you be bringing home to your pack?

1. German Shepherd Husky Mix (AKA Gerberian Shepsky)

Huskies are as friendly as it gets and makes terrible watchdogs. If you need a reliable protector, the Gerberian Shepsky might be perfect for you.

German Shepherd Husky mix

Their German Shepherd genes give them enough natural wariness to be ready to defend the pack, while their Husky side keeps them from becoming too aggressive. It’s a win-win!

The German Shepherd’s trainability is a bonus. They’re much more willing to obey than the Husky.

Obedience classes may not be a total breeze, but they will go more smoothly with the German Shepherd Husky mix than with purebred Huskies.

2. Welsh Corgi Husky Mix (AKA Siborgi)

Also known as the Horgi, Corgski, or Corgsky, the Corgi Husky mix is warm-hearted and spunky–with a striking appearance.

Welsh Corgi Husky mix portrait
Source: @bellahuskycorgi / IG

These pups often have squat Corgi legs with Husky coat patterns, making them a good choice for apartment-dwelling dog lovers.

They can weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kg), though. If your Corgski comes from larger parents, they may be happier in a spacious home.

3. Pomeranian Husky mix (AKA Pomsky)

Another interesting combination is the Husky Pomeranian dog mix. This designer dog sports a fluffy coat, and its personality takes spunky to a whole new level.

Pomeranian Husky mix

Pomskies range from small to medium in size but don’t tell them that. In their eyes, they’re the most challenging dog on the block.

But be advised: this mix may not be suitable for first-time owners. Both of Pomsky’s parent breeds are notoriously stubborn. They’ll do their best with experienced pet parents.

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4. Pitbull Husky mix (AKA Pitsky)

Combining two wildly popular dogs, the Pitsky is an ideal crossbreed for active families. Exceptionally loyal and fun-loving, you’ll never be bored with these goofballs around!

Pitbull Husky mix portrait
Source: @keepingupwiththepitskys / IG

But they might get bored with you (sorry, we’re just being honest). 

Your Pitbull Husky mix will love you dearly. It’s just that playtime is their favorite time, and with all their energy, they need regular exercise to thrive.

5. Golden Retriever Husky mix (AKA Goberian)

If you find the Husky’s willful nature to be off-putting, a Goberian might be a better fit.

Their highly-trainable Golden Retriever side tempers their Husky spirit just enough to make them more manageable.

Golden Retriever Husky mix
Source: @the_goberian_bunch / IG

Novice owners will have a far easier time corralling the Goberian than they would a purebred Husky.

Grooming will be a daily responsibility, however. Between the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky, there’s no way the Goberian won’t have dense, woolly fur. Keep your undercoat rake at the ready!

6. Labrador Retriever Husky mix (AKA Labsky)

Another eager-to-please Husky hybrid is the Lab Husky mix, otherwise known as the Siberian Retriever.

Labrador Retriever Husky mix

Labrador Retrievers are known for being excellent hunting companions and quintessential family dogs.

Mesh their intelligence and work ethic with the Husky’s endurance and playfulness, and you’ve got the perfect working-family dog combo on your hands!

7. Poodle Husky mix (AKA Huskydoodle)

With names like Huskydoodle, Huskypoo, and Siberpoo, this hybrid can’t be anything but adorable!

Poodle Husky mix
Source: @christopherstephenson / IG

Huskies have a reputation for shedding their weight in fur twice a year. Hypoallergenic Poodle genes help reduce that amount drastically.

If you have allergies or could think of 1000 things you’d rather do besides sweeping up loose dog hair, the Husky Poodle mix is just right for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Siberpoo’s size can vary greatly. Miniature and toy Poodles, of course, will result in a smaller pooch. Standard Poodles, on the other hand, will give you a sturdier pup.

8. Australian Shepherd Husky mix (AKA Aussie Husky)

For a dynamic doggo, check out the Australian Shepherd Husky mix. With nonstop energy and stamina for days, the Aussie Husky is a herding pro!

Australian Shepherd Husky mix
Source: @akinotheausky / IG

Because it has no off switch, this isn’t the best dog for couch potatoes or owners with limited mobility. We recommend this crossbreed only for owners with large yards and plenty of energy themselves.

9. Husky Chow Chow mix (AKA Chowsky)

If hefty canines are your jam, you’re going to love the Chusky!

A cross between the Siberian Husky and the Chow Chow, this walking floof exists in a blanket of dramatically dense fur. Prepare for round-the-clock grooming!

Husky Chow Chow mix
Source: @lunathechowski / IG

You’ll also need to devote plenty of time to training. With Chow and Husky parents, Chuskies are exceptionally stubborn.

10. Husky Border Collie mix (AKA Husky Collie)

Looking for a running mate? Or perhaps you need a robust herding dog? The Border Collie Husky mix is just the ticket.

With a Border Collie parent who’s considered the smartest dog breed, this pooch is also highly intelligent and full of energy.

They’ll need regular, intensive physical and mental exercise to be at their best. Without it, they can become destructive–or worse, experience mental distress.

You can see how good-looking and clever Husky Borders are by watching Bruin in this video:

It’s worth noting that Husky Collies have an impressively long lifespan. This Husky mix has been known to stick around for up to 20 years!

11. Husky Shiba Inu mix (AKA Shiba Inu Husky)

Also called the Husky Inu, the Shiba Inu Husky has an incredibly captivating appearance.

Shiba Inus are often described as fox-like, while Siberian Huskies resemble their wolf ancestors. The Shiba Inu Husky combines both of these striking physiques.

Husky Shiba Inu mix
Source: @shuskyshadow / IG

Like the Chusky, Husky Inus lean toward dominance. They typically only weigh 18-30 pounds (8-14 kg), but they pack a large personality in a tight frame.

Because of their fierce personalities, we suggest novice owners look to other Husky mixes. This one requires strong leadership and ample experience with commanding canines.

12. Husky Chihuahua mix (AKA Husky-Chi)

What happens when you cross a tiny pooch with a medium-sized doggo? You get the Chihuahua Husky mix!

Husky Chihuahua mix
Source: @gracejoycefaith / IG

Huskyhuahuas (as they’re sometimes called) are just as feisty as their Chihuahua parents, only with longer legs.

They’re sturdier than purebred Chis, making them a better fit for homes with kids. You’ll still want to supervise them during play, just to be safe.

Huskies won’t win any awards for obedience, and Chihuahuas certainly won’t win any for patience. Usually, this mixture of personality traits is entertaining. But every once in a while, it can lead to unpleasant surprises.

13. Husky Doberman Pinscher mix (AKA Dobsky)

Husky Doberman Pinscher mix
Source: @humanesocietyofbouldervalley / IG

Siberian Huskies are known for being everybody’s best friend–guard dogs they are not. To give them a protective edge, why not mix them with a Doberman Pinscher?

Dobskys–or Siberian Pinschers–strike a balance between social and standoffish. They’ll keep you safe and shower you with affection.

All they ask in return is a measly 1-2 hours of exercise a day. Just think of the dog park as your home away from home.

14. Husky Great Dane mix (AKA Great Danesky)

Husky Great Dane mix
Source: @humanesocietyofbouldervalley / IG

Did anyone ask for a large dog? Well, the Great Dane Husky mix is exactly that!

Imagine if someone took a Husky body and stuck it on those long Great Dane legs. Basically, the Great Danesky is a Husky on stilts.

As intimidating as they look, they still inherit their parent breeds’ strong sense of devotion.

But Great Danes, like many bigger dogs, have shorter lifespans. To ensure a healthy hybrid, it’s imperative that you only buy your Great Dane Husky mix from a reputable breeder.

15. Husky Boxer mix (AKA Boxsky)

Husky Boxer mix
Source: @humanesocietyofbouldervalley / IG

Boxsky, Busky, Bosky–whatever you call the Boxer Husky mix, one thing’s for certain: they’re pretty darn precocious.

Boxers and Huskies are two rambunctious canines, so you can expect a heaping helping of enthusiasm with this pooch.

The Boxsky is always up for an adventure. They’re the perfect running companion or hiking buddy!

You’ll need to be careful, though. Their intensity can turn into aggression in the wrong situations. Early socialization is a must, and don’t forget to reinforce those good manners at every opportunity.

16. Akita Husky mix (AKA Huskita)

Akita Husky mix
Source: @officialkyle2a / IG

This blend of two ancient dog breeds, one from Russia and the other from Japan, gives us the fierce Husky Akita mix.

Unlike the Husky, Akitas are relatively robust in size. It’s not unheard of for Huskitas to top the scales at 120 pounds (54 kg)!

Because of their gigantic stature and independent nature, you should only bring this pup home if you have an alpha leadership style.

These dogs need a handler they can respect. Otherwise, they could be too much to handle.

17. Husky Dalmatian mix (AKA Dalmatian Husky)

Husky Dalmatian mix
Source: @thedalmatianhusky / IG

Dalmatian Husky mixes aren’t as well known as some of the other Husky crossbreeds, but they’re just as great.

Filled with energy from the tips of their noses to the pads of their paws, Dalmatian Huskies are perfect for homes with older, raucous kiddos.

(Emphasis on “older.” Toddlers may find themselves knocked down more often than they’d like.)

Note that both Huskies and Dalmatians can be on the clingy side. Separation anxiety is a possibility for the Dalmatian Husky.

Be proactive, and take steps to prevent this in your pup if you have to be away from home for long periods.

18. Husky Italian Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Houndsky)

Husky Italian Greyhound mix
Source: @goose_greyhound / IG

This fido is undoubtedly one of the more unique mixes on our list. Italian Greyhounds are sleek and slender, while Huskies are fluffy and sturdy.

With yet another contradiction, Greyhounds are eager to please. Huskies, meanwhile, couldn’t care less how you feel about their antics.

And let’s not forget to mention that Greyhounds are famous runners.

If your Italian Greyhound Husky mix inherits the Siberian’s escape-artist tendencies and the Greyhound’s super speed, you could have a real Houdini on your hands!

19. Husky Australian Cattle Dog mix (AKA Ausky)

When you cross the Australian Cattle Dog with the Siberian Husky, you’re bound to get a vocal canine athlete. Also called the Blue Heelsky, the Ausky could spend all day herding, learning tricks, or solving canine puzzles.

Don’t believe how expressive they are? Watch Ami, the Blue Heeler Husky mix, talking to her owner:

Consider yourself warned, though: Blue Heelskies will make their own fun if you don’t provide it.

Go beyond basic obedience training, and teach this pup not to nip at heels or herd smaller humans. Keeping them busy is another good way to reduce inappropriate herding.

Auskies will have full-on conversations with you. If you were afraid of your Husky mix losing the Husky howl, rest assured that this trait is alive and well with the canine!

This can be cute, but it can also get annoying. You might also want to train them to use their inside voice on command, just for your own sanity.

20. Alaskan Malamute Husky mix (AKA Alusky)

Alaskan Malamute Husky mix

The Alusky is a half-sled dog. Don’t mistake this pooch for the Alaskan Husky, but with Alaskan Malamute and Husky parents, this designer pooch is also built for endurance. Husky Malamute mixes love to accompany you on a stroll or a long run.

You could even teach them how to pull sleds or wagons! Not only will this be great fun come wintertime, but you’ll also have an extra set of paws to help out with yard work.

Take heed if you live in an area that sees high temperatures, however. Aluskies are cold weather canines with low heat tolerance. Save prolonged outdoor exercise for cooler months.

21. Husky Rottweiler mix (AKA Rottsky)

Husky Rottweiler mix

Another great guard dog to round out our list is the Rottsky. Their Rottweiler side makes them more cautious than the Husky, so you can depend on them to hold down the homefront.

The Rottsky also inherits a serious love for exercise. Both its parent breeds are full of energy. Another key ingredient for the Rottsky? Affection.

Tire out your Huskweiler with a jog (or two), and then cozy up on the couch for Netflix and doggie snuggles.

22. Beagle Husky mix (AKA Beaski)

Beagle Husky mix
Source: @goose_greyhound / IG

The Beaski, sometimes spelled Beasky, would be unreliable as a watchdog. Will they sound the alarm? Absolutely. Every chance they get. Will they do anything else about the threat? Nope.

The Husky Beagle mix is much better suited for lounging about. Sure, they’ll retain some of the Husky’s liveliness, but Beagles are pretty lazy. It won’t take much effort to exercise this pooch.

What will take effort is Beaski’s training regimen. With two ornery parent breeds, obedience and housetraining might feel like an uphill battle.

23. Husky Sharpei mix (AKA Sharberian Husky)

Husky Sharpei mix
Source: @lolabearslookbook / IG

Who says you have to choose between Shar Pei ears and Husky eyes? You can have both with the Sharberian Husky!

This sizable hybrid forms strong bonds with their humans, but they’re rather selective. Sharberian Huskies are also quite tolerant of overly-excited kids, strangers, or other dogs.

To give them the best shot at friendliness, start your Husky Shar-Pei mix off with early socialization and firm yet positive training.

24. Husky Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Husky Jack)

Husky Jack Russell Terrier mix
Source: @huskyjackmickey / IG

Nearly every Husky mix packs some serious energy, but the Husky Jack is a different story. This designer hybrid takes hyper and cranks it up a notch.

The Jack Russell Husky mix, while on the small side, has demanding exercise needs. Because of their energy levels, apartment life might not be ideal.

To keep them happy and calm, give them plenty of time to let out their zoomies, preferably in a place with room to run.

25. Husky Great Pyrenees mix (AKA Pyrenees Husky)

Husky Great Pyrenees mix
Source: @kinley_nicole_bacsa / IG

In the market for a canine with luxurious fur? Look no further than the Pyrenees Husky!

A cross between the Great Pyrenees and Siberian Husky, this designer breed comes complete with a thick, luscious double coat.

While their grooming needs are higher than other mixes on this list, they’re certainly worth the upkeep.

26. Husky Cocker Spaniel mix (AKA Siberian Cocker)

Husky Cocker Spaniel mix
Source: @charlie_the_siberian_cocker / IG

The Siberian Cocker is one of those crossbreeds that can have a totally random appearance. They might have long, wavy Cocker Spaniel fur. They could also have a straight Husky double coat.

Siberian Cockers tend to be calmer than purebred Huskies, though they do still require regular activity. They’re a bit smaller than Huskies, too, making them better candidates for apartment dwellers.

27. American Eskimo Dog Husky mix (AKA Huskimo)

American Eskimo Dog Husky mix
Source: @bali.the.huskimo / IG

In addition to having a fun-to-say name, Huskimos have a fun-loving personality. These playful pooches are jam-packed with energy and good spirits!

A cross between the American Eskimo Dog and Siberian Husky, Huskimos get along with everyone. Kids, adults–you name it.

That said, Huskimos prefer active families over couch potatoes. They can be difficult to train like their Husky forebears, especially if they’re bored and restless.

Do yourself a favor, and only get this breed if you’re ready for daily activity and daily training.

28. Husky Boston Terrier mix (AKA Siberian Boston)

Husky Boston Terrier mix
Source: @hazel_thebostonsiberian / IG

Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance dog? Well, you’re going to treasure the Siberian Boston!

Some people call this mixed breed a Buskton Terrier, so you might hear both names. You’ll also hear how easy they can be to train.

With their shorter coats and a desire to please, this pup is an excellent choice for first-time owners.

The Boston Terrier Husky mix isn’t optimal for workaholics, however. This crossbreed is prone to separation anxiety. If you spend a lot of time away from home, steer clear.

29. Husky Dachshund mix (AKA Dusky)

Husky Dachshund mix

Like the Siborgi, Duskies often wind up the stubby legs and long body of their Dachshund parent. Pair that with the Husky’s solid torso, and you get one eye-catching canine!

Duskies usually have brown coats, ranging from deep chestnut to a burnished copper. Their coat length varies, depending on if they come from a long-haired or short-haired Dachshund.

One thing’s for sure, though: the Dachshund Husky mix isn’t a good fit for homes with cats. Smaller pets won’t appreciate their high prey drive, not in the least.

30. Husky Belgian Malinois mix (AKA Belusky)

Husky Belgian Malinois mix
Source: @sherlocks.adventure / IG

Sturdy and muscular, Beluskies are the embodiment of agility.

The Belgian Malinois is used all over the world for competitions, police work, and military service. Renowned for their trainability and physical prowess, there’s not much these dogs can’t do.

And then there’s the Husky. Equally capable, but far less interested in people-pleasing.

When you combine these two dog breeds, you get a hybrid that falls somewhere between its parents’ Type A and Type B personalities. Beluskies give you the best of both worlds!

31. Siberian Husky Pug mix (AKA Hug)

Siberian Husky Pug mix
Source: @alanagroover / IG

When you hear the word “hug,” you probably don’t think of a Pug Husky mix. But you should.

Hugs are the result of two seemingly contradictory canines.

Huskies are much bigger and fluffier than their Pug counterparts, but their hybrid offspring is the perfect, lower-maintenance balance between these breeds.

Note that Pugskies can adopt the smushed Pug face. If your Hug has a flatter face, take care not to overexert them during exercise. The shorter muzzle, the greater likelihood your pup will have breathing issues.

32. Bernese Mountain Dog Husky mix (AKA Bernese Husky)

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky mix
Source: @samsonthebernsky

While many Siberian Husky crosses take on Husky coat colors and patterns, the Bernese Husky often resembles the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Large and stocky, expect your Bernese Husky to need a good deal of space. An open, Husky-proof yard is ideal, but you should limit this breed’s outside time in warmer climates.

Bernese Huskies are fairly rare, but if you’re lucky enough to find one, you won’t regret it.

33. Husky Samoyed mix (AKA Samusky)

Husky Samoyed mix
Source: @team_polarpaws / IG

There’s nothing better than a versatile dog, so there’s nothing better than a Samusky!

Combining the Samoyed’s working dog mentality with the Husky’s stamina and mischievous personality, Samuskies are ideal for active yet easygoing households.

Whether you live alone or with a motley crew of human loved ones, your Samusky will feel right at home.

34. Shih Tzu Husky mix (AKA Shih Tzusky)

Shih Tzu Husky mix
Source: @team_polarpaws / IG

If you enjoy a good grooming session, you’ll love the Shih Tzusky! That long Shih Tzu fur coupled with the Husky double coat gives us one of the fluffiest hybrids on our list.

Sometimes called Shihsky, Husky Shih Tzu mixes are exceptionally interesting, as they come from both companion dog and working dog stock.

You can expect a reasonable amount of energy from this pooch, but they’ll be just as content to curl up beside you.

It’s worth noting, too, that the Shih Tzuski is often much smaller than a Husky. Owners who prefer petite dogs may find their forever fur baby with this hybrid.

35. Husky English Mastiff mix (AKA Muskiff)

Husky English Mastiff mix

On the opposite end of the size spectrum, we have the Muskiff. These gigantic good doggos can weigh anywhere from 60-110 pounds (27-50 kg)!

Most of the time, Muskiffs are sweet as can be. But that Husky stubbornness mixed with the English Mastiff’s mighty strength can be a dangerous combination if you’re not careful.

Without a doubt, this hybrid needs an experienced alpha leader.

(If the Muskiff’s size intimidates you, you can always look for a Bullsky instead. The Bull Mastiff Husky mix is slightly smaller than the Muskiff and might be easier to manage.)

Which Siberian Husky Mixes are Your Favorites?

Siberian Husky mixes run the gamut from playful and friendly to cautious and protective. They come in every size and coat color imaginable to boot.

If you’re on the fence about a purebred Husky, surely one of these hybrids will fit the bill. We’re sure that there’s a Husky mix for every home.

So which Husky mixes are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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