The Goberian: Fascinating Facts about the Golden Retriever and Husky Mix

Last Updated on April 25, 2023

From the Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky comes an intriguing crossbreed: the Goberian.

This hybrid is an interesting dog not only of its physical attributes, but also because of the different temperaments of its parents.

How would the loyalty of the Golden Retriever work with the independence of the Siberian Husky? Let’s find out by learning some facts about the Golden Retriever and Husky mix.

1. The Golden Retriever Husky mix has good looks in his genes.

Golden Retriever and Husky mix standing with one paw raised
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Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies are two gorgeous breeds, no questions asked.

The Golden Retriever has a friendly expression and a thick, fluffy coat in that unmistakable golden yellow shade.

The Husky, on the other hand, is just as recognizable with its wolf-like features and ice-blue eyes.

Given its parents’ features, how would a Husky Golden Retriever mix look?

It can be difficult to know how exactly this crossbreed will turn out, but it’s safe to assume it will get the good looks of its parents.

Some Golden Retriever and Husky mixes have the upright ears of a Husky and the long locks of a Golden. Like their Husky parents, many of these hybrids will have heterochromia or two eyes of different colors.

The Goberian’s appearance depends on which side of the family it leans towards.

The Golden and the Husky are similar in terms of size, so their offspring will grow to have the same build. A fully grown Goberian may reach about 20 to 24 inches (51 to 61 cm) in height and weigh 35 to 75 pounds (16 to 34 kg).

Like their parents, males may weigh about 10 pounds more than their female counterparts.

2. They’re playful and friendly, perfect for families.

Growing up, a baby Golden Retriever Husky mix finds joy in everything – from  plush toys to bouncy balls and fast little squirrels.

Most of the time, this childlike playfulness cannot be outgrown. Goberians, like their parents, love to be around people. Don’t be surprised if this crossbreed acts like a lap dog despite its size.

They’re goofy, fun-loving dogs that are gentle around kids, something they inherited from the Husky. Despite their hunting background, Huskies were raised by the Chukchi tribe of Siberia in a family setting.

Its friendly nature and even temperament make the Goberian the perfect pet for the whole family.

Look at this Golden Retriever-Husky puppy exploring his surroundings:

3. Golden Retriever Husky mixes need plenty of exercise.

The high energy levels of the Goberian shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially since both its parents are active dogs.

Originally used by hunters to retrieve game, Goldens are energetic and playful. They’re always up for fun and games with everyone they meet.

Huskies, on the other hand, were bred to be working dogs with unmatched strength and endurance.

To release their pent-up energy, Husky Golden Retriever mixes need at least an hour of exercise daily. Get your running shoes out and go for a long, leisurely jog around the neighborhood with your dog by your side.

They will also make for great canine companions for more vigorous activities like hiking and swimming. They love the water, thanks to their Golden parent, and they enjoy being in the outdoors.

This crossbreed will enjoy having a lot of playtime with its family, too. Puzzle toys and games like fetch will give them sufficient mental stimulation and prevent boredom and anxiety.

Goberian laying on a rock in the mountains

4. Golden Retriever and Husky mixes are adaptable, but they’re not for all homes.

Every dog deserves a good home that will meet their needs. When it comes to the Goberian there are two things you must consider: your house and the weather where you live.

Given its energy levels and its heritage in hunting and sledding, the Golden Retriever-Husky mix will be happiest in a home with plenty of space to move around in. Even better if you have a backyard where the dog can run and explore.

If you do have a backyard, though, make sure you have a fence. Huskies are notorious for their capabilities as escape artists, a trait they pass on to their offspring.

An apartment will do for a Goberian, but you’ll need to take him outside at least once a day for fresh air and exercise. A daily trip to the dog park, for instance, will satisfy your dog’s need to run and play.

Most Golden Retriever-Husky mixes also have the thick double coats of their parents. Huskies use their coats to keep warm during winter, while the Golden’s fur repels water and protects its organs from cold, too.

These crossbreeds’ coats help them regulate body temperature during the winter and summer, but a Goberian will typically be more comfortable in cooler weather.

Coupled with their dense fur, their active nature makes them prone to overheating.

Goberian standing on a fallen tree
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5. They are surprisingly low-maintenance.

Everyone knows how a Husky’s double coat can shed mountains of fur, but, with the Husky Golden Retriever mix, grooming can be a totally different experience.

They may have a lot of fur, but maintenance is surprisingly easier because their soft undercoat reduces the formation of tangles.

However, this does not mean that this dog does not need regular grooming. A complete grooming routine ensures that this stunning hybrid always looks and feels his best.

A Goberian must be brushed at least two times a week, using a soft-bristled pin brush that will spread the natural oils in your dog’s thick coat. You’ll need to ramp up the brushing to daily sessions once shedding season – spring and fall – comes around.

Golden Retriever and Husky mix with mud all over its fur
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Bathing may be done as needed or at least once a month. During shedding season, giving your Husky Golden Retriever mix regular baths will help keep the shedding under control.

Your dog’s teeth must also be checked and cleaned daily to prevent dental issues such as tooth decay. If your Goberian is being finicky about having his teeth brushed, you can give him pet dental chews, which help keep his teeth clean.

Ask your vet for recommendations for an ear-cleaning solution. If your dog has the floppy ears of a Golden, make sure to check them at least once a day for swelling and bad odor.

Running around outdoors naturally wears down your Golden Retriever Husky hybrid’s nails, but don’t forget to check and trim his nails regularly, just in case.

6. Training a Goberian will be an interesting experience.

It’s difficult to resist the charm of a Goberian, especially with its puppy-dog eyes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train your dog.

The response to training and obedience may vary with each Golden Retriever Husky mix. This is a product of the dissimilar nature of Golden Retrievers and Huskies when it comes to following orders.

Golden Retriever-leaning Goberians

If a Goberian’s personality tends to lean towards its Golden Retriever DNA, training them will be a breeze.

Your Golden Retriever-Husky cross can quickly pick up commands even with minimal repetition. After all, he inherited the intelligence of its Golden parent, which has been ranked the 4th smartest dog in the world.

Plus, Goldens are naturally obedient dogs whose primary concern is to please their human owners. The same goes for the Goberian, who is happiest when rewarded with a treat, a pat, or even just a “Good boy!”

A firm “No” is often all that’s needed for this crossbreed to snap back to his senses and refocus, even if distractions are present.

But be careful – he might ‘puppy-stare’ his way out of training sessions! Make sure to be firm and consistent in teaching your dog commands and proper behavior.

Golden Retriever and Husky mix sitting and looking up at its owner
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Husky-leaning Goberians

If he gets most of its personality from his Husky parent, training requires a little more patience.

Huskies are known to be free-spirited and independent. Did you know that, once the winter was over, these dogs were allowed to roam free in the wild and hunt?

If your Husky-Golden Retriever mix tends to be stubborn, one of the most effective ways to make him obey is to establish that you are the alpha.

Once you’ve established your role in the pack, you’ll find that your Goberian won’t hesitate to follow your commands. It also helps to start training while your dog is still a puppy.

Leash training is also recommended for Husky-leaning Goberians, as it helps in managing their prey drive. This crossbreed won’t be able to resist chasing after smaller animals, so it’s essential that you can stop him in his tracks with a command.

Like its Husky parent, this dog may make a lot of noise, whether it’s ‘talking’ or howling. This habit can be entertaining for a while, but consider training it out of your dog if it becomes disturbing to the household.

Whatever parent this crossbreed favors, though, it tends to excel at agility training. Their bodies are active and athletic, well-suited to running and jumping.

7. They’re prone to their parents’ health issues.

Like most crossbreeds, the Golden Retriever and Husky mix is susceptible to the health problems that affect its parent breeds.

Here are some diseases that your Goberian may suffer from:

Joint Dysplasia

One of the most common diseases in large breed dogs is hip dysplasia. This is a skeletal disorder that is caused by underdeveloped hip joints. A dog with a hip or joint dysplasia may experience osteoarthritis later on in life.

Some symptoms of the condition may include stiffness of the affected area, limping and difficulty in movement, lameness of the hind area, and reluctance in doing strenuous activities due to pain.

Eye Problems

The Siberian Husky is known for becoming more vulnerable to certain eye problems as they age. Some of the most common eye conditions are:

Juvenile Cataracts

A formation of cloud-like matter can disrupt a dog’s vision and may sometimes cause blindness. This disease may be caused by a recessive gene in the Husky’s DNA and might develop as early as puppyhood.

Corneal Dystrophy

Typical among Husky females, this eye disease causes the cornea to become opaque. It’s a progressive condition that may be inherited and without any known symptoms.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Another inherited disease in Huskies, PRA causes rod cells located in the retina to die. Symptoms include poor vision at night or in dim light.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix standing on a deck and looking to the side
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Heart problems

Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers are susceptible to heart problems, so your Goberian may be vulnerable to these, too.

Avoid feeding your Husky and Golden Retriever mix high-sodium food to help reduce the risks of heart disease.


Golden Retrievers are known to have a higher rate of suffering from certain types of cancer, like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. Your Husky and Golden retriever cross can inherit this predisposition, so make sure to have your vet screen your pup for early detection.

But, If properly taken care of, a Husky and Golden Retriever mix can live over a lifespan of 10 to 25 years.

8. Goberians don’t come cheap, but they’re worth it.

To some, getting this breed as a pet can be a luxury. The Goberian comes with a price tag of about $250 to $1500 for each puppy.

A Husky and Golden Retriever mix might cost more if his parents have won championships at dog shows. Expect to pay a premium if he has a show-quality Siberian Husky for a parent.

Purchase your first Goberian pup from quality breeders

Aside from this crossbreed’s hefty price tag, finding quality Goberian breeders can be a challenge in itself. You may be able to find Goberian puppies for sale through breeders of the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky:

Loyal Siberian Husky – Their tradition of breeding Siberian Huskies has been alive since 1992. If you’re in the South Carolina area, contact this breeder to see if they have Husky Golden Retriever mixes as well.

Aruff Siberian Huskies – This AKC-registered quality breeder operates in Minnesota. They’ve been in this family-run business for years and have consistently been producing high-quality Husky dogs.

Golden Meadows – If you’ve been watching the Youtube channel Dogumentary, you might have seen some of Golden Meadows’ pups in the ‘All About Golden Retriever’ video. Quite the charmers, aren’t they?

Ryan’s Goldens – This breeder offers an impressive line of Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles that come complete with microchips, AKC registration papers, Certificate of Good Health, and a 2-year health guarantee when purchased.

goberian puppies for adoption

Adopting this dog can be your best option

They can get crazy expensive, but don’t lose hope because you can always get them for a cheaper price through adoption.

If you’re dying to get your hands on their soft fur and be their ultimate ‘hooman’ forever, try finding adoption shelters like:

Pet Your Dog – A non-profit project that works closely with puppy shelters to provide dog owners with more access to puppy adoption. They’ve got some photos of good-looking Goberians that you will want to instantly welcome into your home too.

You can also contact rescues focused on Goldens and Huskies to see if they have any Golden Retriever Husky mixes that you can rescue:

  • Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin
  • Free Spirit Siberian Rescue
  • Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue

The Goberian: charming yet stubborn

The Goberian combines the best characteristics of the friendly Golden Retriever and the intelligent Siberian Husky.

This hybrid will charm everyone he meets, especially with his fun-loving and playful personality.

However, you have to make sure its charm won’t dissuade you from giving the Golden Retriever Husky mix the consistent training it needs.

This dog can be stubborn, thanks to the Husky’s independent nature, so you’ll have to be patient when teaching him proper behavior.

Do you own a Goberian? Or do you want one for your family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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