Dog Breed 101: Is the Husky Poodle mix a great Doodle to have?

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

The Poodle and Siberian Husky mix, also known as Siberpoo, Huskydoodle, Huskypoo, and Poosky, is a designer dog breed that’s loyal, bright, and loveable.

Though it’s an excellent fur buddy, this crossbreed can be quite a handful.

Handsome Husky Poodle mix relaxing on the grass
Source: @poppythe_ / IG

Are you up for the challenge? Read on to find out everything about the Husky Poodle mix’s appearance, temperament, health, care, and more.

What is a Poosky?

Most mixed breeds have little to no information about when and where they originated. But we’re sure that this fido is a cross between a Siberian Husky and Poodle.

Poodles are often used in creating hybrids, called Doodles, because of their hypoallergenic coat.

It’s an attempt to produce a low- or non-shedding dog combined with the other purebred parent’s traits.

Some say that Siberpoos may have existed for longer than we know, but designer dog breeders intentionally started breeding this pooch in the late 1990s in North America.

It’s the same case with other Poodle mixes where many people thought they were created in the same period.

What most dog lovers don’t know is that Labradoodles have been around since the 1950s, and Goldendoodles in 1969.

Even if Huskypoos are a combination of a non-sporting breed and a working dog, it’s still a crossbreed, so they’re not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other major dog clubs.

However, they’re recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

We can still get a clear idea of how this mixed breed is like by getting to know its parent breeds.

Meet the posh Poodle

Posh Poodle posing outdoor
An apricot Standard Poodle –  Image source

Poodles are known as the flamboyant national dog of France with pretty tufts and pom poms.

They originated from 16th century Europe where sat on the lap or beside royalty and French aristocrats surrounded by attention and adoration.

Contrary to being stereotyped as high-strung, this purebred was originally bred to hunt ducks in Germany.

Not a lot of people know this, but their fancy haircut has a purpose — to keep specific body parts warm while hunting.

Poodles also have a skillful nose that landed them a job as a truffle hunter.

Meet the hardworking Husky

Adorable Siberian Husky in an autumn park
Siberian Husky in an autumn park

Siberian Huskies are believed to have first appeared in Siberia’s Chukchi region where it was bred for different tasks.

Its main duty was to transport people and deliveries by pulling sleds across Arctic lands using their speed, strength, and stamina.

The Husky breed have accomplished feats over the years which helped boost their popularity.

One example is their role in delivering medicine to Nome. It saved the entire town from being wiped out by a massive diphtheria epidemic.

This mischievous yet loyal canine with a pack mentality is now an adored family pet and is AKC’s 14th most popular dog breed.

What does a Huskydoodle look like?

Playful Husky Poodle mix on a snowy outdoor
Source: @walkwithkoda / IG

The Huskydoodle has no standard appearance and can resemble both parent breeds equally, or one could overpower the other. 

With that in mind, the Siberpoo will typically have a fluffy head and a long muzzle.

They have long and floppy ears that hang past their eyes, but if the Siberpoo inherits their ears from the Husky, they will be tall, short, and upright.

This mix often inherits the piercing blue eyes from their Husky parent, but brown eyes are just as common. As standard for both breeds, the broad nose will be black. 

While standing on all four legs, the Huskydoodle will look tall and long with a broad chest. They may have the short curled Husky tail, or it could be long and straight like the Poodles.

The Poodle Husky mix’s fine to moderate bone structure makes them great runners and workers.

Size: How big do Husky Poos get?

Cheerful Husky Poodle Mix playing snow
Source: @koda_the_huskydoodle / IG

The Poodle and Siberian Husky mix falls into three categories: small, medium, and large. A toy Poodle parent will keep the Huskydoole on the smaller side.

On average, the Huskypoo will stand at 12-25 inches (30.4-63.5 cms) and weigh 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg).

Think of the medium Huskypoo being about the size of a Golden Retriever, while a large one sitting as high as a Pitbull. 

Females tend to be smaller than males, regardless of who their family pet takes after.

Female Huskies and Poodles are often 10 pounds lighter than males unless the Poodle is a toy or miniature. It’s likely your Huskypoo will follow the same rule.

A Husky and Poodle mix will reach maturity anywhere from 12 to 24 months and won’t grow another inch.

Even at a smaller size, they don’t adapt well to apartment living because they love to run and play in open spaces.

The Siberpoos single or double coat

As mentioned, the primary purpose of breeding the Huskydoodle was to reduce the Huskies’ double coat‘s mass and weight.

This doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods; it’s still possible for your Siberpoo to inherit seasonal shedding characteristics.

If the stars align and your new family member has the Poodle’s single-layer coat, it will be curly, dense, and shed minimally.

Your pup is also more likely to have hypoallergenic fur. Both the low-shedding and seasonal shed coats will often be medium length.

A Huskydoodle can have mixed or solid coats and often take after the Husky parent for their color.

Coat colors such as Black, grey, and white are more common, while apricot, cream, red, or brown can appear but are less likely to show.

It’s not uncommon to find distinct white marks on the head, chest, and paws since this mixed breed seems to favor Husky coat traits over the Poodles.

Adorable Husky Poodle mix on a morning walk
Source: @dexter_charleston / IG

Temperament: Is the Husky Poodle mix a good family pet?

The standard Poodle and Siberian Husky are intelligent, hardworking large dogs that latch onto one person in the household.

The Huskydoodle shares that trait, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get along with the rest of the family or strangers. Overall, they make for friendly family dogs.

Despite their size, they love young children but watch how your Siberpoo acts during playtime. Due to their energetic nature, they could overpower them by accident.

They work best in a one animal household, but they can get along with cats and other pets through proper socialization.

Their intelligence could be a downfall if your high energy Huskypoo doesn’t get enough mental stimulation.

Unless you want them to eat your couch out of boredom, keep them entertained with plenty of exercise, so unwanted destructive behavior doesn’t arise.

Your dog will need affection most of the time and are unlikely to bite or get aggressive unless they’re pining for your love.

This pining comes from their loud barks and their signature long, droning howl inherited from their Husky parent. 

Don’t keep them alone for too long. It’s common for Huskydoodles to get separation anxiety because they have high-social needs.

Their protective nature makes them a great fit as a service dog, therapy dog, or guard dog.

With that said, obedience training is an absolute must for the Huskydoodle due to their stubbornness.

While they aren’t the easiest to train, they will adjust quickly to commands if you’re consistent.

How to take care of your Poodle Husky Mix

It would be difficult to find a more high maintenance breed than the Poodle Husky mix, even if they don’t take after the Poodle parent.

Let this section act as a disclaimer for what you’re in for because a neglected Husky or Poodle mix of any variety will be temperamental.

Even your country’s climate can be an issue because a Huskydoodle will function better in colder weather most of the time.

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to live with a new Poodle Husky mix puppy, watch the video below:

Working out with your Husky Poodle

If you’re looking for an exercise buddy, the Poosky is the dog for you.

The Husky parent is a sled dog that can go for miles with little rest, while both the Husky and Poodle are too intelligent to stay bored for too long.

Both parent breeds have high exercise requirements

You can expect this mix breed, high energy level dog to need 60 minutes of exercise per day split between walking and playtime. They will love any game that involves running and rough play.

Playful Husky Poodle mix running in an autumn park
Source: @mara.and.reagan / IG

Keep plenty of chew toys available that will hold up against their strong jaws – or they’ll rip up your shoes instead. 

Is a Husky Poodle mix hypoallergenic?

Your Husky Poodle mix can have a hypoallergenic coat if it takes after their Poodle parent.

Single coated dogs don’t shed much, but you should still brush them 2-3 times a week to prevent their curls from matting into tight knots.

The grooming frequency depends on whether your Husky Poodle mix inherited the double coat of the Husky or the Poodle’s single-layer coat.

Unfortunately for this mixed breed dog grooming can either be a walk-in-the-park or a hassle.

Poodle coats have specific grooming needs, so invest in a quality groomer that can trim their coats at least every 4-6 months.

Huskydoodles with a double coat requires less brushing than Poodles. About once a week is more than enough to keep their fur shiny.

Be aware that double coats do shed much more than single-layer coats and will blow out every season.

Regardless of coat type, you should bathe them once a month, or they could start to smell.

Trim nails once or twice a month and check their ears daily – but don’t clean them that frequently. Try to clean your Huskydoodles ears at least once a month.

How much should a Husky Poodle mix eat in a day?

Happy Husky Poodle mix enjoying its drink
Source: @hemithehuskydoodle / IG

Any medium to large size pup with a lot of energy like the Siberpoo will need a large amount of kibble to keep them happy and healthy.

Don’t overfeed them or leave food out during the day, or obesity could arise even with activity.

For a pup weighing 40-49 lbs (18.1-22.2 kgs), 2 cups of an 8 OZ measuring cup of dry food will work just fine, but add another 1/4 cup for Huskydoodles weighing 50-59 lbs (22.6-26.7 kgs).

Your dog’s calories should range between 969 to 1313 per day, depending on their weight.

Even with those numbers, no two Pooskys are alike. Dogs under 15 inches may require special formulas for small breeds. Ask your veterinarian before putting your pup on a diet.

Your Husky Poodle mix puppies will require less dog food and should be fed four meals a day. Build good habits by feeding them only what they need and limit treats for training only.

You can spoil your pet on some occasions, but limit dog-specific treats throughout the day.

Feed them both high-quality kibble and wet food, and never feed them human food unless your veterinarian confirms it’s safe for your family member to eat.

What health problems do Huskydoodles have?

Unlike purebred dogs, mixed breeds can develop more health problems over time because they inherit complications from both parents.

As a positive, both the Poodle and Husky are generally healthy but could suffer from a few illnesses.

The most common health issues for a Siberian Husky Poodle mix are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies, skin issues, bloat, and allergies.

Most of these are manageable with a healthy diet and enough exercise.

Other possible and less common health issues are:

  • Basal cell tumors
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney disorders
  • Patellar luxation
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Renal disorders

Huskydoodles have an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Smaller dogs often live longer than larger breeds, so if your pup is less than 17 inches tall, it may live another 2 years longer.

How much is a Huskypoo?

Cute Husky Poodle mix puppy on the car seat
Source: @koda_the_huskydoodle / IG

You can find Husky Poodle mix puppies for sale in your local shelter, from a breeder, or on a rescue website in the United States.

Many factors determine the puppy’s price, such as the breeder’s location, shipping fees, the parents’ bloodline, the popularity of the kennel, and the size of the litter.

An average litter can range from 6-8 puppies, but a litter can be as high as 10.

On average, the cost of Husky Poodle mix puppies is $800 to $1500. They can be a difficult breed to find, so a single puppy could cost you more than $2000 from the right breeder.

How to find Siberpoo puppies for sale

Be sure to do your research before purchasing a Siberpoo puppy to ensure they are legitimate and health screen your new family member.

Always go to a reputable breeder and watch out for puppy mills as they often mistreat their dogs.

Take a trip to the kennel and see if their facility is clean and the dogs are healthy.

Ask a lot of questions about your new potential family member, and be suspicious if they withhold essential information like breeding certificates and the parents’ health conditions.

To help with your search, check out these breeders and marketplaces that may have Husky Poodle mixes for sale. There aren’t many dedicated Siberpoo breeders in the USA.

  • Greenfield Puppies (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Lancaster Puppies (Ohio, USA)

Husky Poodle Mix rescue/adoption

If you prefer an older dog, or you’re not picky about your Husky-Poodle mix puppies, rehoming will be an excellent option for you.

Check for rescues in your area that house either Huskies or Poodles because the Huskydoodle breed will have a listing under “mixes.”

Be sure to ask questions, such as their age, temperament, and how they respond to strangers and pets before adopting them.

Since the Husky-Poodle mix is a recent breed, it may be challenging to find one available for adoption.

You can also find other mixes on these marketplaces such as the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle as well.

  • Adopt A Pet (California/Worldwide)
  • Husky Rescue (Harvard, IL)
  • Picket Poodles (Elk River, MI)

Should you get a Huskydoodle?

Cheerful Husky Poodle Mix ready to play
Source: @archie.the.huskypoo / IG

The Huskydoogle is the perfect exercise companion for active adults.

Although they are prone to detachment issues and can be stubborn, they are also sharp as a whip, sweet and loving companions.

Beware first-time or inexperienced dog owners; the Husky Poodle mix isn’t for you. Not only are their grooming needs too unpredictable, but they are difficult to train.

Still, if you’re up for the challenge, the Siberpoo will be the perfect family pet. What do you think of the Siberpoo? Do you have a cute picture of your own to share? Tell us about it below!


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