Bulloxer: What is a Boxer Bulldog mix dog?

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

The American Bulldog Boxer mix (a.k.a Bulloxer) name wouldn’t be complete without adding: your cuddly protector, the best of both worlds.

This Bulldog Boxer crossbreed is known for its intimidating, muscular look but balancing that with affection and curiosity to keep you both loved and entertained.

Meet the adult Boxer and Bulldog mix
Meet the adult Boxer and Bulldog mix

This is a mix that can leave you feeling like you’ve won the doggie jackpot. Let’s look more into this strong-looking dog.

Where did the Bulloxer come from?

Not to be confused with the Valley Bulldog, which is a Boxer and English Bulldog mix. The Bulloxer is a Boxer American Bulldog mix.

Breeders most likely bred the Bulloxer to have an intelligent, intimidating guard dog.

Both parents come from unfortunate dogfighting pasts in 19th century Europe.

The Confident American Bulldog parent

Meet the White American Bulldog puppy
Meet the white American Bulldog puppy

The American Bulldog is a descendant of its English Bulldog breed, which had an unfortunate past of being bred and used for fighting and bull-baiting until these deplorable sports were banned in the 1830s. 

After, breeders began turning the tables and breeding these dogs as compassionate family dogs rather than fighters.

The American Bulldog dates its lineage back to 17th century America. They were probably first introduced to the United States in the 1800s as working dogs with their immigrant owners.

The breed came with farmers who used these dogs’ strength and protective mentality to guard and protect the land and animals.

The AKC recognizes these dogs as a part of the Foundation Stock Service Group.

Females weigh 60-80 pounds (27 to 36 kg), and males weigh 75-100 pounds (34 – 45 kg). They stand strong at 20-25 inches (50 – 64 cm), females on the shorter end of this spectrum. 

Their muscular stature lends to their self-confidence, as well as strength and endurance, as they were once farm-working dogs.

A Bulldog’s life expectancy is about 10-12 years.

The Goofy yet fearless Boxer Parent

The goofy Boxer Dog
The goofy Boxer dog

These sweet and playful dogs have become a favorite breed standing tall at #14 in AKC breed popularity. The AKC recognizes them as a Working dog breed.

These dogs date back to ancient times from their lion hunter ancestors– it’s hard to picture these funny-looking sweethearts hunting great big cats!

The Boxer we know today most likely originated from German Bullenbeisser dogs in the 1800s. In medieval times, these dogs hunted large game like bison and bear.

Boxers have been successfully used as military dogs, therapy dogs, herding, and guard dogs. The Boxer is a fearless, protective companion who moves with both power and grace.

A full-grown Boxer can weigh as much as 65-80 pounds (29-36 kg), with females typically weighing 15 pounds less than the male counterpart. They stand at 21.5 to 25 inches (55-64 cm) in height.

Their short coats are usually fawn or brindle with white markings. Their life expectancy is 9-12 years. 

If this lifespan discourages you, but you’re in love with the playful Boxer personality, you might consider a Boxer Lab mix, also known as a Boxador.

It’s a perfect medium-sized dog with lots of energy and love to give as a mix of two hard-working breeds. Their lifespan is a little longer than the Bulloxer’s, at 12-15 years. 

What does a Bulldog Boxer mix look like?

Meet the Bulldog Boxer mix
Source: @clairecee70 / IG

While most hybrid appearances are difficult to predict, the Bulloxer is more unsurprising as both parents have similar traits. 

The breed typically has short, floppy ears and a broad, jowly nose. They rock a thick chest and square head that adds to their intimidating look.

Their tails are medium-length but often docked. A short muzzle with a slight underbite inherited from their Boxer parent is really the cherry on top if you ask me– it brings out their goofy, gentle side in their overall appearance.

How big do these dogs get?

These dogs are large, weighing in at 70-90 pounds (31-40 kg) and stand tall at 22-27 inches (56-69 cm). 

While these are large dogs, they are adaptable to apartment living as long as they have access to a park or yard nearby and receive the proper amount of exercise. 

Coat and color of this crossbreed

These dogs typically have short, dense coats– good news for owners on the hunt for a breed with low maintenance grooming needs.

Although they’re low-shedding, they’re not hypoallergenic.

Their coats will come in colors such as white, light brown, brindle, or fawn. Since Boxers tend to have white markings along their chest and face, the Bulloxer may inherit this stylish appearance.

Pros and Cons of the Boxer Bulldog personality

The Gentle Guard Dog: The Pros

They have an intimidating look and make excellent guard dogs as they are incredibly protective of their owners. 

Don’t let their tough appearance fool you– they’re giant piles of mush who adore their masters and are exceptionally gentle and patient with children.

Meet the Boxer Bulldog
Source: @audrey_ricks_thedogtog / IG

Their intelligence makes them easily trainable and may catch on quickly to necessary early obedience training and socialization to help keep their leader of the pack mentality more manageable. Clicker training is an excellent choice for this breed.

They’re fun, energetic companions to play games with during the day. They’re natural athletes!

For a better idea of how entertaining these dogs are, check out this video of Kimble, an American Bulldog Mix with musical talent: 

Bulloxer or Bulldozer?: The Cons

These dogs can’t be trusted home alone for too long. They may become destructive if bored– talk about a rebellious streak!

The crossbreed is susceptible to separation anxiety, which may be the cause of these behaviors. It’s difficult for them to accept you’re coming back when you leave– they’d rather have you to themselves 24/7.

Bulldog Boxers need more than an owner; they need a boss. They’re so strong-willed that if you aren’t confident enough, they’ll rule –or roll– right over you.

A Bulloxer may have more energy than it can handle. They can get super rowdy, jumping and running around. So, although they are good with children, they shouldn’t be left unattended.

These dogs may not get along with other larger dogs, so if you have others in your household or plan on having multiple dogs in your house, this breed may not be for you.

What to Expect for a Bulldog Boxer’s care

Low Maintenance Grooming

These dogs are relatively low maintenance and will be okay with brushing their coats once a week as well as bathing only when needed. 

Due to their short coats, these dogs aren’t tolerant of extreme cold weather conditions.

Regular teeth cleaning is essential. Ideally, this should be done every day. But begin with brushing as often as possible– some dogs hate this!

Many dog owners tend to overlook their canine’s canines, but poor dental hygiene may cause much more serious issues like heart disease.

Don’t neglect your Bulloxer’s ears! Clean them out once a week with a cotton ball and dog-specific ear solution to avoid wax buildup, which can cause infection.

As these dogs like to run at playtime, it’s vital to pay close attention to their nails. They could easily break which can not only be quite painful but also cause infection.

Playful Exercise Needs

Bulloxers are energetic dogs who need 30-45 minutes of active play a day to maintain their strong, athletic builds.

I want to note that large-chested dogs are prone to a serious and deadly condition called bloat, usually brought on from too-quickly eating large amounts of food or too much exercise right after eating. 

For this reason, it’s important that you give your bulloxer some digestion time (30 mins-1 hour) after they eat before letting them run around.

The Food-loving Dog Diet

A full grown Boxer Bulldog mix needs about 3-4 cups of dry food a day, split between 2-3 meals.

These dogs are prone to joint issues, to make sure to pick a dog food rich with vitamins and both chondroitin and glucosamine.

These dogs are prone to obesity, so stick to a strict feeding schedule and keep snacks to a minimum, with a healthy balance of food and exercise.

Boxers have specific needs, so it may be best to feed a Boxer-specific diet.

Are they healthy dogs?

Crossbreeds may inherit any of its parents’ health issues. In the Bulloxer’s case, both parents have a long list of health risks you should be aware of, so early screening for these issues is vital for both preventative measures and early treatment. 

That’s not to say your beloved Bulloxer will inevitably end up with these health problems, but it’s always best to be aware of the possibilities for awareness.

Boxers are prone to major health risks like cancer (prevalent also in Bulldogs) and Epilepsy. Others include: 

  • arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
  • hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Bloat, as I’ve mentioned, which is a major risk for large-chested dogs.

Bulldogs have their own impressive list of health risks. Since they’re Brachycephalic dogs, they’re prone to issues linked with their short snouts such as breathing difficulties and overheating.

Bulldogs are susceptible to allergies and various skin issues, like eczema. They also suffer from these issues:

  • Degenerative Spine Disease
  • idiopathic head tremors
  • digestive issues
  • fold dermatitis

The Bulloxer’s average lifespan, considering the short lives of both parents and a laundry list of potential health issues, is unfortunately only 10-15 years. 

Where to buy Boxer Bulldog mix puppies

Meet the Boxer Bulldog mix puppies
Source: @peytoncprice93 / IG

Sadly, many crossbreeds end up in shelters. I urge you: adopt; don’t shop! There are plenty of loyal, healthy dogs deserving of good homes.

Breeder options if you must

If you absolutely must buy from a breeder, I recommend doing a great deal of research beforehand and asking the right questions– many breeders are just disguised puppy mills.

Some questions to ask a potential breeder are:

  • What are your adoption application procedures and requirements?
  • Where do you get your dogs?
  • What are your health screening procedures?
  • Who is your working veterinarian?
  • What are your follow-up procedures and requirements after adoption? What kind of follow-up resources will you offer me?
  • How many times will you or have you bred mom and dad from this litter? (this is an important question because the answer for any responsible, reputable breeder will be only one time.)

Bulloxer puppies are typically $900-$1000. And Bulloxer litter sizes are typically 6-10 adorable little puppies.

Here are some reputable Bulldog and Boxer breeders I’ve found:

  • Amy’s Southeast Boxers (Florida) 
  • Grand Future American Bulldog Kennel (Ohio)

Bulldog Boxer Mix Rescues

I have found a few reputable rescues where you can find these adorable mixes.You may be able to find either Bulldog or Boxer mix rescues of all types:

  • New Life Boxer Rescue (NJ)
  • Ohio Boxer Rescue
  • GO Boxer Rescue
  • Connecticut Humane Society

The healthy options menu of Bulldog mixes

After extensive research on both Bulloxer parents, I wouldn’t recommend this as one of the healthier breed choices.

This is mainly due to the array of health issues from its Bulldog parent. But if you’re set on the fun-loving and protective personality of a Boxer, then you might want to check out some of these other common mixes with much better health certificates:

  • Antebellum Bulldog Boxer mix – the Antebellum Bulldog is very similar to the American, but with an even broader head and stance and generally less health problems. They can weigh 55-120 pounds and stand at about 18-26 inches. The breed is so rare that there is little information about them, but their lifespan is 12-15 years.
  • Boxer Victorian Bulldog mix – The victorian Bulldog was specifically bred to have a healthier Bulldog breed, which turned out to be a huge success. They’re 55-75 pounds and 16-19 inches tall. Although they shed moderately, these intelligent, loving dogs’ lifespan is longer than the Bulloxer at 12-14 years.

Check out this adorable Victorian Bulldog Boxer mix howling:

The best of both worlds… with some serious consequences

It’s no question the Bulloxer is a perfect mix of gentle and an unmatched protectiveness– but I don’t think that’s enough.

They love people and can not only adapt to living situations but guard your place and children like it’s their job.

However, with their short lifespan and health, I can’t consciously recommend them– you may end up with heartbreak for both you and your beloved best friend. 

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