Dalmatian Mixes: 27 Different Dalmatian Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Dalmatians are favored family dogs, known for their unique black and white coat and sweet-tempered natures. However, with several health issues and large size, they don’t always make the best companions.

That is why breeders have been crossing Dalmatians with many other dog breeds to create hybrid mix-breeds better suited to the home. Keep reading to discover some of the top Dalmatian mixes here.

A half-body portrait of a purebred Dalmatian outdoors
A beautiful Dalmatian dog portrait in a field

What is a Dalmatian?

Made famous in the children’s books and Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians, lots of little kids have dreamed about owning a Dalmatian at some point.

These spotted beauties are best known for their smart, friendly personalities and their ability to learn new tricks in real life.

These purebred dogs were historically used as coach dogs, running alongside horse and dog-pulled coaches to guide the coach and provide protection to the owners inside.

They are also famous for their work with fire departments, guiding firefighters through the smoke and warning any residents trapped inside. 

Dalmatians were first recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as far back as 1888.

Dalmatians stand between 19 and 24 inches (48 and 61 cm) tall and weigh between 45 and 70 pounds (20 and 32 kg), with a strong, muscular build.

They have a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years with deafness, urinary tract issues, and allergies, all problems with this breed.

Although great companions, they have a high energy level and can be wary of strangers; thus, adding another breed of dog to the Dalmation through crossbreeding can result in a more relaxed, calmer dog.

27 Most Popular Dalmatian Mixes

There are many super cute Dalmatian mixed-breed dogs out there with Huskies, Poodles, Labradors, Boxers, and Corgis, all adding a unique flair to your favorite polka-dot companion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Dalmatian crosses and see what sets each one apart:

1. Siberian Husky Dalmatian mix (AKA Daluskies)

A black and white Dalusky sitting in a forest

The Husky Dalmatian mix, also called Huskmatian, will be a large dog with a high energy level that needs an hour to an hour and a half of exercise every day.

Just be careful when walking this energetic dog as they can tend to escape when off the leash. 

Early training and socialization and an active lifestyle will be vital to keeping this hybrid in check.

Still, with the right training, Daluskies can make excellent watchdogs, and with the talkative nature of the Husky parent, this dog can be pretty entertaining too.

With a longer coat than a Dalmatian, this pretty crossbreed will also need a fair amount of grooming.

2. Pitbull Terrier Dalmatian mix (AKA Pitmatian)

A playful puppy that always wants to be active, the Pitbull Dalmation mix can be a real handful. He is super protective of his family but also loveable and sociable if given lots of praise and attention from a young age.

Owners need to establish they are the owner to prevent aggressive tendencies from setting in.

As a result, these dogs are best suited to young owners without children who have time to give them the mental and physical stimulation they require.

The happy, smiley face of the Pitmation sits on a large, muscular frame. The coat will be short and sleek, requiring minimal maintenance.

The color of the Pitmatian is unpredictable; however, black and white will likely appear somewhere.

Watch this video to meet Snoopy and see what a spotted Dalmation Pitbull mix might look like:

3. Poodle Dalmatian mix (AKA Dalmadoodle)

Also known as the Dalmadoodle, the Dalmatian Poodle mix is another energetic Dalmation mix. These dogs will love to play and show off, perhaps even in the water.

His fun-loving personality requires plenty of space and lots of playtime to keep his intelligent mind stimulated. 

A Dalmapoo standing on a wooden plank and wearing a peace scarf
Source: @ksdoodletrio / IG

Due to the Poodle parent, the Dalmadoodle is likely to have a wavy or curly coat that is black, white, or grey. These dogs will typically shed a lot less than most of the other Dalmatian crosses. 

4. Welsh Corgi Dalmatian mix (AKA Corgmatian)

A cute Corgmatian on a walk wearing a leash
Source: @brittneysmokes / IG

The adorable Welsh Corgi Dalmatian cross, also known as the Dorgi, Dalcorgi, or Corgmatian, features an elongated body on short legs.

The short coat will typically be covered in those famous Dalmatian spots. 

As both the Welsh Corgi and Dalmatian are smart, working breeds, this mix will also be highly intelligent with a need to work.

Despite their shorter stature, this crossbreed also loves to be exercised and needs plenty of stimulation to avoid the development of destructive tendencies.

Interactive games are a great way to keep the Dalmatian Corgi mix entertained.

You may find your Corgmatian wary of strangers first, but once used to any new people, they will be pleasant and friendly.

5. Labrador Retriever Dalmatian mix (AKA Dalmador)

A dripping Dalmador sitting under the sun
Source: @holz.haeuschen / IG

Also known as the Labmation, this is one of the more popular and common Dalmatian mixes.

Although the Labrador Retriever adds a more friendly side to this hybrid, they can still get a touch territorial around strangers, thanks to the Dalmatian breed.

The outgoing Labrador Retriever Dalmation mix is one breed that needs lots of exercises, mental stimulation, and affection, especially if you want to avoid any destructive behaviors.

With both breeds having a similar look, you can expect a well-proportioned breed with a short coat that can come in various colors.

6. Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix (AKA Goldmation)

A fuzzy Goldmation laying on wooden floor with owner holding
Source: @mixedbreeddogs / IG

The Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix is said to have been created about thirty years ago, making them one of the first modern designer dogs.

Although typically having the long, thick coat of the Golden Retriever with feathering around the head and legs, the color usually is black with some white markings. 

The Golden Retriever parent adds a fun-loving, friendly, and tolerant side to the Dalmatian, making this cross an excellent choice for families.

Although affectionate to those they love, the Goldmation may also have a protective side. This intelligent breed needs lots of exercises, loves to swim, and can tend to bark and howl, so training is essential, as is space.

7. German Shepherd Dalmatian mix (AKA German Dalmatian)

A German Dalmatian on a walk

If it’s a hard-working, protective guard dog that you are after, then the German Dalmatian may be the perfect breed for you.

The German Shepherd Dalmation combination results in a strong dog with an intense working drive.

You need to be a dominant owner if you want to reign this breed in, but you’ll end up with one of the most loyal companions if you are.

This intelligent breed will excel at agility and canine sports and needs plenty of mental activities performed with their owner to stay stimulated.

The German Shepherd parent gives the Dalmatian a thicker, longer coat on a strong, muscular, large-sized body.

8. Border Collie Dalmatian mix (AKA Bodacion)

A smiling Bodacion sitting near a lake
Source: @ashploussard / IG

A unique crossbreed, the Dalmatian Border Collie mix is an active dog with high energy levels. They need long walks daily and will thrive in a property with lots of space where they can run. 

Their herding instincts, thanks to the Border Collie parent, can cause them to herd small children and other pets, so they are better suited to active families with older children or no children at all.

That said, as an intelligent breed, they are easily trainable. The coat will have the longer length of the Border Collie, with a unique blend of black and white markings. 

9. Chihuahua Dalmatian mix (AKA Chimation)

A cute Chimacion licking its face and sitting down
Source: @tinkernoel / IG

Although an unlikely, scarce breed, the Chimation does exist.

Cross a Dalmatian with a Chihuahua, and you will end up with a medium-sized doggy that resembles a bigger Chihuahua with bug-like eyes, a short coat, and the spots of a Dalmatian.

Thanks to the Chihuahua parent, this Dalmatian mix is very protective and makes an excellent watchdog despite their size.

This does mean that consistent training is necessary when it comes to getting along with strangers. 

Because of the unusual mix and massive size discrepancies with the parent breeds, the Chimation is likely to have many health issues.

10. Great Dane Dalmatian mix (AKA Great Dalmatian)

A Great Dalmatian running on a field happily
Source: @sunnythegreatdalmatian / IG

A loving and loyal giant-sized family pet, the Great Dane Dalmatian mix is one intimidating watchdog, with the size of a Great Dane and the Dalmatian’s alert personality.

Despite their size, this dog doesn’t need excessive exercise due to the Great Dane parent’s more relaxed demeanor. 

11. Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix (AKA Australian Dalmatian)

An Australian Dalmatian sitting on Salt Flats
Source: @ashploussard / IG

As both the Dalmatian and Australian Shepherd are working dogs, the Australian Dalmation will need lots of stimulation and will love to be given a job to do. They are very intelligent dogs with a fun nature and a playful side. 

In terms of looks, you can expect the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix to be a unique breed with a coat that has a mix of patterns, spots, and patches in a variety of colors.

However, do be warned that this hybrid is prone to several health issues, including eye and skin problems and hip dysplasia. 

12. Doberman Pinscher Dalmatian mix (AKA Dobermatian)

A proud Dobermatian wearing a blue neck band sitting on a green field

The Doberman Dalmatian mix is a muscular, tall dog that needs a firm owner. They will have a short and sleek, easy-to-maintain coat, with a triangular-shaped, pointy face and large ears.

Thanks to the Doberman Pinscher parent, this cross will have strong protective instincts and makes an excellent guard dog.

However, with weak owners and incorrect training, their aggressive nature can take control. If handled properly, the breed’s softer, loving side can make the Dobermatian a very loyal companion. 

13. Boxer Dalmatian mix (AKA Boxmatian)

A tired Boxmatian laying down with tongue out
Source: @adventures_in_the_dog_house / IG

What do you get if you cross a Boxer with a Dalmatian? A Boxmatian, a large, athletic breed with the Boxer’s square face and short hair that does shed consistently.

As one of the most common Dalmatian mixes, this crossbreed is relatively easy to find.

The Boxmatian will have an energetic, playful personality and daily exercise is essential. They will also need to be well socialized from a young age as they do have very protective instincts.

14. Beagle Dalmatian mix (AKA Beaglemation)

A handsome Beaglemation wearing a blue bandana
Source: @zeusthewondermoose / IG

The adorable Beagle Dalmatian mix is a high-energy breed with a happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Also known as a Beaglemation or Dalmeagle, these dogs are characterized by their floppy ears and long, wagging tail. Their very friendly personality makes them loved by everyone. 

The Dalmatian Beagle mix will love long walks and will like to follow their nose; a trait inherited from their Beagle parent. 

15. Dachshund Dalmatian mix (AKA Dalmachshund)

A Dalmachshund tilting its head while sitting on a rug
Source: @charlesandmoose / IG

The super sweet Dalmachshund is a floppy-eared, medium-sized puppy that doesn’t have high grooming needs.

A cross between a Dalmatian and a Dachshund will be very intelligent but with a stubborn side. This can make training a challenge, and as a result, they need a firm, but consistent owner.

16. Pug Dalmatian mix (AKA Pugmatian)

A proud Pugmatian standing
Source: @logibear189 / IG

The Dalmatian Pug mix is a medium-sized, heavy shedding breed.

Owing to the Pug parent’s being a short-nosed brachycephalic breed, these dogs should not be pushed too hard when exercising as they can quickly get short of breath. 

This loyal breed can be very affectionate, but early socialization is essential when it comes to interacting with strangers and other animals.

17. Rottweiler Dalmatian mix (AKA Rottmatian)

A Rottmatian looking up and laying on the sand wearing a yellow collar
Source: @dogtorwatsychops / IG

The Rottweiler Dalmatian mix is a huge breed that can weigh as much as 135 pounds (61 kg). These dogs shed seasonally and will typically be the black color of the Rottweiler parent.

They are a robust and powerful breed and will easily take the household’s alpha role if their parents do not show dominance from a young age.

18. Bulldog Dalmatian mix (AKA Bullmatian)

A charming Bullmatian sitting
Source: @riothebullmatian / IG

The Bullmatian is a blend between a Dalmatian and an English Bulldog or an American Bulldog.

Either way, this crossbreed will have a short, smooth coat with a black and white coloring and a robust and sturdy build. Although they won’t need much grooming, these dogs are known to drool. 

The Bullmatian will have a brave and protective side as well as a sweet, loyal side, making them a great all-around companion. 

19. Blue Heeler Dalmatian mix (AKA Blue Dalmatian or Dalmatianheeler)

A Dalmatianheeler sitting on a hay during halloween
Source: @casie1031 / IG

The Blue Heeler Dalmatian mix is a blend of two intense working breeds, namely the Dalmatian and the Australian Cattle Dog.

As a result, they won’t be content to lie around all day. This dog will be happiest on a farm where they can put their herding skills to the test.

They need a robust and active owner who can give them the exercise and training they need. 

These dogs also make good watchdogs but do tend to bark and howl. The coat of the Blue Dalmatian will be short and thick with a mottled black and white spotted coloring. 

20. Greyhound Dalmatian mix (AKA Greymatian)

A cute Greymatian smiling big

Crossing the super-fast Greyhound with a Dalmatian result in an intelligent, loyal breed that is, of course, very quick.

A great athlete, the Greymation will need lots of exercise and will excel at agility and, of course, running. As a result, they need a home with a fair amount of space.

21. Basset Hound Dalmatian mix (AKA Bassamatian)

A jolly Bassamatian sitting on the floor
Source: @mikeythebassmatian / IG

Cross the low-slung Basset Hound with the Dalmatian, and the result is a shorter Dalmatian that will shed year-round.

The Bassamatian will be super smart and very driven with moderate exercise needs.

They will be gentle and loving dogs around their family but can be a bit food-obsessed, so be sure to observe them, or they could end up developing obesity.

22. Great Pyrenees Dalmatian mix (AKA Great Pyrmatian)

A patient and happy Great Pyrmatian sitting and wearing a bandana
Source: @robin_the_dalmix / IG

A scarce Dalmatian mix, the Great Pyrmatian is half Dalmatian, half Great Pyrenees. These large dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds (45 kg).

Because of their large size and working nature, they are best suited to life on a farm, or at the very least, a house with a large yard. They also need daily exercise and plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

23. Newfoundland Dalmatian mix (AKA Dalfoundland)

Rare to find, the Newfoundland Dalmatian mix is a large crossbreed with the black and white coat of a Dalmatian that can be slightly shaggy.

They are dominant and protective of their family, but despite their large size can be very gentle and docile around children and other pets.

24. Pointer Dalmatian mix (AKA Pointermatian)

A peeking Pointermatian standing and wearing a pink collar
Source: @donttrustthesoapbubbles / IG

This breed is typically created by crossing a Dalmatian with a German Shorthaired Pointer.

The Pointermatian will look very similar to a Dalmatian but with larger spots and slightly smaller size. 

A very intelligent breed, the Dalmatian Pointer mix will have a strong hunting drive and can be slightly fixated with birds and other small animals.

They will need daily exercise to stay happy and healthy; however, they will also love a good snuggle on the couch at the end of the day.

25. Fox Terrier Dalmatian mix 

As both the Dalmatian and the Fox Terrier have charming and loving personalities, a cross of these two dogs will be a small friendly companion that will always greet you with a wagging tail.

They love to be around their family and will be eager to please. Just be sure to reward them with positive reinforcement as their gentle natures can cause them to shut down quickly.

Also, don’t leave the Dalmatian Fox Terrier mix alone for long periods; they thrive on being part of the pack and can suffer from separation anxiety.

With a playful nature, they will want to be involved in everything you do.

26. Shar Pei Dalmatian mix (AKA Sharmation)

A delightful Sharmation laying on a blanket
Source: @oreo_the_sharmatian / IG

Super cute and wrinkly, the Dalmatian Shar-Pei mix is a medium to large unique breed.

Since both parent breeds thrive on being around their family, this cross is likely to be a very affectionate, people-orientated, friendly pet. 

If given the required exercise, this breed can adapt well to a range of living environments, even apartments.

The Sharmation will likely have the Shar-Pei’s wrinkled face with the body of a Dalmation, a mixed coloring from both parent breeds, and a short coat that requires minimal grooming.

27. Schnauzer Dalmatian mix

A Dalmatian Schnauzer standing on a grooming table
Source: @smylies_mobile_pet_grooming / IG

This designer dog is created by breeding a Schnauzer with a Dalmatian. With Schnauzers available in mini, standard, and giant sizes, the parent Schnauzer’s height will determine this Dalmatian mix’s size.

These dogs will typically have a wiry coat that can be a salt and pepper color or black, depending on the Schnauzer parent, with some Dalmatian spots thrown in.

This active breed will want to be a part of the action and will be very protective of their families, to the point of aggression is not appropriately trained.

However, training won’t be easy as the Dalmatian Schnauzer mix is very strong-willed and mischievous, thanks to the Schnauzer in them. 

Which Dalmatian Mixes are Your Favorites?

Now that you know a bit more about some of the most popular Dalmatian mixes out there, have you got a favorite?

All the different breeds add something unique to the Dalmatian’s personality, creating well-rounded, beautiful dogs that will add character to your home. It is just about choosing the right one for you.

Already own a Dalmatian mix? Please let us know in the comments below.

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