Is the Lab Pointer mix the best pet for your family?

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Cross the beloved Labrador Retriever with any Pointer breed of dog and you will get a mix that is also known as a Pointerdor.

Most of the time, when looking for a Lab Pointer mix you will find that this crossbreed is a mix of a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Labrador.

Black Labrador Pointer mix dog
Source: @toby.the.pointador / IG

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this intelligent breed.

History of Pointing Labs

The Lab Pointer mix has become popular in the last decade or so. This new crossbreed is created by the breeding of two beloved gun dogs.

Both parent breeds, namely the Pointer and the Labrador are both parts of the sporting dog group and serve roles both as family companions and working dogs. 

Despite only receiving recent fame, it is likely that Labradors have been bred with Pointers in the past to introduce the pointing instinct into the retriever.

This would have made them better hunting companions but also good all-round family pets.

Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labrador Retriever standing in the green grass lawn
Gorgeous yellow Labrador Retriever dog

With a history that dates back to the 19th century, the Labrador Retriever originally hailed from Newfoundland Canada where they were originally known as the St John’s dog, after the capital of the area. 

Labradors in old-world Canada were favored by the fisherman who used the retrievers to help them haul in their nets and ropes in order to catch fish.

Sportsmen visiting Canada took the labs back to England where they were used for hunting and earned their current name. 

Due to new breeding and tax laws, Labradors began to disappear from Canada towards the end of the 19th century.

Today, Labrador Retrievers are used in many countries as a guide, service, and therapy dogs as well as in search and rescue operations and drug detection.

Their loyal, eager to please nature makes them easy to train and well suited to this type of work.

They are also the most popular companion dog in the USA and are extremely popular in many countries around the globe.


Pointer breeds have been used throughout the years to point at the game when hunting, giving hunters the opportunity to get close to the game.

Purebred Pointer dog near the river
A purebred Pointer dog with an amazing coat

These deep-chested dogs are capable of covering large areas and were used in the past to search large areas for the scent of game. 

Many old paintings picture pointers performing this task. They were particularly popular in England before the use of breech-loading guns.

There are three main types of Pointers with differences as follows:

  English German Shorthaired German Wirehaired
Hair Type Short and Smooth Short and Coarse Wiry
Color Variety of whites, browns, and oranges Typically white and brown White, Brown or Black
Info Larger
Versatile gundogs
Most popular and common variety today
More manageable
More manageable

What does a Lab Pointer mix look like?

A Lab Pointer mix will typically be a medium-sized dog with a long muscular body with a slight slope at the shoulders.

These dogs carry themselves proudly with a powerful stance, especially in the chest and long legs which are built for strength and speed.

The muzzle is of medium length with a stubby end, while the ears of the Pointador are wide and hang down to the upper jaw, sitting on a broadhead.

The Lab Pointer mix will typically have almond-shaped eyes which can vary in color, some Pointadors even have very light eyes.

Labrador Pointer mix lying on the couch
Source: @rufus_the_pointador / IG

How big do Lab Pointers get?

The Lab Pointer mix is typically a medium to large size dog with the males being larger than females.

This crossbreed pooch will stand around 22 to 28 inches (55 to 71 cm) tall and weigh in at between 35 and 80 pounds (16 to 36 kg)

As a large athletic breed, the Pointer Lab mix will require a fair amount of space and thus is better suited to rural areas and a house with a large outdoor space than apartment-style living.

Color of your Labrador Pointer mix

Pointers are found in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow and brown to black. Most Pointers will also have distinctive markings in white on their face and chest.

Labradors, on the other hand, are typically found in three colors, namely chocolate, black and yellow.

The Lab Pointer mix dog therefore can have a mix of all of the above colors with one litter of Pointadors often having a variety of different colored puppies.

The most common colors for a Pointer Lab mix puppy are white, brown, or black.

As both Labradors and Pointers have short to medium-length fur, the Lab Pointer mix pup will also have short fur which is normally quite thick and straight

Black silky Labrador Pointer mix lying on a haystack
Source: @pointador_remus / IG

The personality of a Lab Pointer mix

The Labrador Pointer mix will generally have a loving, sociable, and very sweet temperament.

These loyal dogs will form strong bonds with their family members and will want to be around you and take part in all of your activities.

They may be a sturdy, energetic breed but the Pointador is a big softy at heart that is easy to please and gets along well with everybody, including children.

Due to their desire to be included in all goings-on, they can suffer separation anxiety if left alone for too long. 

While they are very loyal, their gentle and loving nature means that the Lab Pointer mix does not make a good guard dog.

As they are smart and easy to train they are well suited for new or inexperienced dog owners. However, due to their history as hunting dogs, the Pointador can have a strong prey drive so start socialization early. 

This tendency to hunt small animals could lead to these dogs being a problem around other pets and they shouldn’t be left unsupervised when other animals are around.

Caring for your Labrador Pointer

The adaptable Lab Pointer mix requires little maintenance.

This breed does well in a range of environments and climates however if you live in a particularly frosty area you may want to invest in a doggie jersey for those chilly days. 

Exercising the Pointer Lab mix

Exercise and mental stimulation are necessary to keep your Lab Pointer mix happy and healthy.

This breed will enjoy long walks and an area where they can around off the leash, so it’s important to have a safe space where they can stretch those long legs. This retriever crossbreed may also love to go for a swim!

In addition to a half an hour or hour walk every day, your Pointer Lab mix will also love interactive toys that keep their prey drive and intelligent nature satisfied.

Just be sure to provide your pooch with a shady area and plenty of fresh water when exercising, particularly in hotter months.

Young Labrador Pointer mix on the brushland
Source: @bluethegwp / IG

Do Lab Pointers shed?

The Pointer Labrador mix is a moderate shedder, however, during hotter times of the year this dog will tend to shed more.

Typically a quick brush two or three times a week will be sufficient while the use of a de-shedding tool can help to thin the coat. 

In addition to grooming your Pointador’s coat, you will also want to brush your dog’s teeth every week and also check their ears regularly, particularly after outdoor sessions.

Also, be sure to check their pads and nails and trim your pup’s nails regularly. 

Bathing is only really necessary when dirty and as these dogs have a water-repellent coat they don’t need as much washing as other breeds. 

Pointer Lab mix food

The Labrador Pointer mix will need to be fed between one and a half and two and a half cups of kibble every day. This food should be top-quality and specifically formulated for medium-sized breeds with high energy. 

Look for food that has meat as the first or main ingredient as the glucosamine in this type of diet is good for protecting the joints of this breed.

The Labrador parent can cause your mix-breed pup to be prone to obesity and overeating and so free-feeding is discouraged. Also, be wary of unnecessary fillers like grains and carbohydrates.

As a medium to large breed, the Lab Pointer mix is susceptible to bloat so be sure not to exercise your dog straight after mealtimes. 

How long do Lab Pointers live?

Lab Pointer mix dogs tend to live longer than their pedigree parents, typically living between 10 and 15 years. This crossbreed is considered to be a generally healthy breed.

Some of the common health issues to be aware of apart from obesity include epilepsy, hip and elbow dysplasia, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

In addition, both Pointers and Labradors can suffer from eye problems such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy and so these degenerative eye disorders could also affect your Lab Pointer mix. 

Pointador puppies for sale

Labrador Pointer mix puppy
Source: @cooperthepointador /  IG

If you are looking for a Lab Pointer mix to call your own be sure not to buy your puppy from a pet store where you aren’t sure of the history of the parent breeds or their breeding conditions.

You can try and search for a puppy at hunting dog sites or organizations.

You can expect to pay between $250 and $600 for a Lab Pointer mix. 

Lab Pointer mix breeders

Reputable dog breeders will be able to provide you with the health history of your puppy’s parents.

However, even experienced breeders won’t be able to predict what your Lab Pointer mix will look like in advance, due to the fact that you can get a variety of different looking dogs in one litter.

Here are some places to start your search for a Lab Pointer mix:

  1. Hybrid Retrievers
  2. Gundog Central
  3. Roland Ranch

Lab Pointer mix for adoption

You may be lucky to find a Lab Pointer mix in a shelter or you can try Labrador or Pointer adoption centers as many breed-specific rescues also care for crossbreeds. 

Here are a few to set you off:

  1. PointerRescue.Org, Inc.
  2. Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption
  3. Mile High Rescue

Should you get a Pointer Labrador?

Black Lab Pointer mix posing in the field
Source: @bluethegwp / IG

A Lab Pointer mix can be a good choice for an active household and a family that is prepared to play with this dog.

Although sweet-tempered this energetic breed requires a physically and mentally stimulating environment with space to exercise. 

Do you have a Lab Pointer mix? Let us know what you love about this breed in the comments below.


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