Greyhound Mixes: 28 Different Greyhound Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Greyhounds are known for being fast, lithe, graceful, and elegant. Many people don’t know they’re also cuddly lovebugs that want nothing more than to curl up with you on the sofa. 

When you combine this speedy dog with another breed, you get a greyhound mix that combines the personality and appearance of both dogs. You might just fall in love!

Two running Greyhound dogs on field
Red and Brown Greyhound dogs racing

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What is a Greyhound?

First, a little bit of breed information about the Greyhound dog. Greyhounds are perhaps most famous for their ability to race around a track at high speeds.

This ancient breed of sighthound was developed for speed, and you can tell by its sleek, powerful, aerodynamic body. 

Sighthounds hunt by sight rather than scent, so when they see something worth chasing, like small animals, they’ll be off in a flash running at more than 35 miles per hour.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) reports that they are the fastest dogs in the world. 

Just watch a Greyhound paired up against a Cheetah in this video to see how fast they are!

These dogs are anywhere from 27 to 30 inches tall and weigh about 60-70 pounds. 

When they’re at home with their people, though, you get to see the other side of their personality.

These are loving, sweet, gentle, docile dogs when they aren’t racing around. They’ve even earned the nickname as the 35-mph couch potato

Unlike some breeds such as terriers, which like to be active for a good part of the day, greyhounds are energetic in short bursts.

They spend the rest of the day snuggling and hanging out with you, which makes them a great family dog. 

When you combine these incredible characteristics with a second breed, you can get a mix that is the perfect combination of the two.

For instance, breeding a greyhound with a labrador may make them less likely to take off and ignore your calls to return.

Keep in mind that while mixes might have fewer health issues than purebred dogs, they still might have issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and heart issues. 

As with all mixed breeds, you can often find breeders who are producing these dogs, but you will also likely find many dogs at shelters or in rescues looking for a home, so be sure to check there. 

Ready to learn more? 

Here are some of the most popular greyhound mixes out there. 

1. Labrador Retriever and Greyhound mix (AKA Greyador)

A beaming Greyador close-up image
Source: @max_the_black_greyador_ / IG

What do you get when you cross a Labrador Retriever and a Greyhound? A Greyador, of course! 

These beautiful dogs might sometimes be called lurchers or greyhound labs, but whatever you call them, these dogs are happiest with somewhere to run and play. They need at least an hour of exercise each day. 

They’re sweet, gentle, and even-tempered, as well as smart enough to learn just about anything – though they have a stubborn streak when they don’t feel like it.

2. Pitbull and Greyhound mix (AKA Greybull Pit)

A Greybull Pit standing on the grass with one leg up
Source: @hunter_themutt1/ IG

The Greybull Pit is a mix between a Greyhound and a Pitbull, or American Staffordshire Terrier. These mixes are brave, confident, and eager to please.

They’re powerful dogs thanks to the pitbull side, and super quick, thanks to the greyhound side, so they need a confident, experienced owner who can ensure they behave well.

3. German Shepherd and Greyhound mix (AKA German Greyhound)

An adorable German Greyhound laying on the stairs and tilting head
Source: @cuddlyciridog / IG

You guessed it, this mixed breed is a Greyhound combined with a German Shepherd. Also known as a Shephound, these large dogs have a medium-length coat of hair and tons of personality.

Greyhounds can be a challenge to train because they get bored and distracted, but German Shepherds are eager to please and easy to train, so the combination can be a bit of a challenge.

You never know which side will come out.

Still, they are loyal, athletic, loving dogs who are totally focused on their humans, though they may ignore strangers at first. They can also be rough players, so watch out! 

4. Corgi and Greyhound mix (AKA Greygi)

This is an uncommon crossbreed, combining the Pembroke Welsh Corgi or the Cardigan Welsh Corgi with the Greyhound. 

It’s hard to predict what they’ll look like, but they often have a fox-like face and a long, lithe body with short legs. 

5. Doberman and Greyhound mix (AKA Doberhound)

A Doberhound loving its trip and wearing a life vest

The Doberhound combines the Doberman Pinscher and the Greyhound. This combo might inherit a range of traits from their parent breeds, but they typically have short coats and lots of energy. 

They are gentle, sweet, and usually protective of their families. Give these dogs lots of socialization starting at an early age.

6. Poodle and Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Poohound)

A Grey Poohound standing with pink background
Source: @tom__kong / IG

When it comes to mixed-breed dogs, almost every recognized breed has been mixed with the poodle (think of all the doodles out there). 

In this case, the greyhound and the poodle combine to create a smart, graceful dog with a fuzzy, wavy, medium-length coat.

They may be solid or come in typical greyhound patterns like brindle, which poodles don’t come in.

Keep in mind that some poodles are bred with Italian Greyhounds instead of the larger version. They may also be called grey poohounds or pootalians. 

7. Husky and Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Houndsky)

A lounging Grey Houndsky on a chair
Source: @goose_greyhound / IG

When you combine two purebred dogs like the Greyhound and the Siberian Husky, the result is an unpredictable but adorable mix. 

They will likely have short, wiry hair and may have the familiar Husky pattern, combined with the lean, muscular body of the racehound. 

These dogs have endless energy, so you need to keep them entertained and exercised! 

8. Boston and Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Boxhound)

A sunbathing Grey Boxhound laying on the grass

The dog breeds of the Boxer and the Greyhound combine to make the Grey Boxhound. Since both parents have short hair, this dog will, too. 

They will also likely have a shorter nose than a greyhound, but not as short as a boxer. 

This is another high-energy level combination, so be ready with the leash for lots of exercises. Watch out, they may also be prone to bloat.

9. Great Dane and Greyhound mix (AKA Great Greyhound)

A very long Great Greyhound laying on top of a bed
Source: @cooper_dean_the_great / IG

If you like big dogs, the Great Greyhound might be for you. They combine the Great Dane and the Greyhound for a tall pup.

Both dog breeds tend to be couch potatoes and, unfortunately, both tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller breeds. 

They also have health problems associated with giant breeds, like bone and joint issues.

But they are lovely dogs with playful, goofy personalities that you’ll fall in love with.

10. Golden Retriever and Greyhound mix (AKA Greyhound)

A Golden Greyhound sitting seriously on a couch
Source: @ingridkorgemagi / IG

The Golden Greyhound is a mix of the affable Golden Retriever and the elegant Greyhound.

They’ll likely inherit their urge to run from their Greyhound parent, combined with the desire to stick to your side like glue, as their Golden parent does.

These pooches often have long hair that is golden or perhaps brindle. 

11. Beagle and Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Houndgle)

A hilarious Grey Houndgle smiling with tongue out
Source: @remington.thedoggo / IG

Imagine the mixed puppy between a Greyhound and a Beagle. Pretty adorable, right? When these two breeds combine, you get the drive to hunt prey, as well as the goofy lovability of these two dogs. 

Be aware, this mixed breed may also be created using an Italian Greyhound and a Beagle. 

12. Border Collie and Greyhound mix (AKA Border Greyhound)

A Border Greyhound patiently laying outdoors
Source: @maxrestshisheadonthings / IG

Border collies are the ultimate athletes and incredibly intelligent. Combined with the Greyhound, you get a dog that loves to move, is ready to run, and wants to learn. 

These mixes make fantastic family pets and come in a coat color that often mimics the black and white and markings of the Border Collie, but in a shorter length like a Greyhound.

13. Mastiff and Greyhound mix (AKA Mastiff Greyhound)

A Mastiff Greyhound standing on a forest

The Bull Mastiff and the Greyhound are both large dogs, and a mix between the two retains much of the bulk while adding in some of the lean elegance from the Greyhound. 

They will have a short coat that sheds and droopy ears, along with a long tail. 

14. Chow Chow and Greyhound mix (AKA Chow Greyhound)

A good-looking Chow Greyhound close-up image
Source: @val6581 / IG

The Chow Chow has a distinctive appearance, and when mixed with a Greyhound, they bring that iconic coat and blend it with the short, sleek coat of the racing hound. The result is a shaggy, thick, often brindle coat.

This dog needs plenty of socialization thanks to Chow’s potentially aggressive personality.

15. Australian Shepherd and Greyhound mix (AKA Australian Greyhound)

Australian Shepherd, meet Greyhound! These unique mixes are smart, high-energy, and full of fun

Of course, like all mixes, it’s impossible to know what traits they’ll inherit from their parent breed, but they usually have a mid-length, double coat.

That likely means they’ll need regular brushing and they’ll shed that coat year-round.

16. Pug Grehyhound mix

a solid black Grey Pughound standing in fall leaves

Unlike some other Greyhound mixes, the Pug Greyhound is a smaller dog. It also tends to have short hair, a shorter nose than a Greyhound, and a longer body than a Pug.

These friendly dogs love their families and want to be a part of whatever activity you have going on, so be sure to include them!

17. American Bulldog and Greyhound mix (AKA American Greyhound)

When you combine an American Bulldog with a Greyhound, you get a dog with high energy that wants to be out having fun with you all day long. 

These pups have short, shedding hair and a muscular body. 

Be sure to look for a reputable breeder and socialize your dog well to make sure that they don’t have any aggressive or unwanted behaviors. 

18. Blue Heeler and Greyhound mix (AKA Blue Greyhound)

A Blue Greyhound looking left while laying on wooden floor
Source: @msyamicapeterson / IG

The Blue Heeler Greyhound mixed breed isn’t very common and you won’t find breeders breeding these dogs, so you’ll want to check with Greyhound rescue groups to find one. 

Of course, there’s no guarantee what this dog will look or act like, but they will likely be large, with shorty, wiry hair, and a muscular body. 

This is a breed with lots of energy, so a home with a yard where they can run and burn their energy is best.

19. Dalmatian and Greyhound mix (AKA Grey Houndmatian)

A cute Grey Houndmatian dog

Another rare mixed breed, the Grey Houndmatian is a blend of a Greyhound and a Dalmatian.

This medium-sized dog has high energy and short hair. Give them a brush every few days to help control the shedding. 

20. Catahoula and Greyhound mix (AKA Greyhoula)

A lounging Greyhoula in a couch
Source: @cheesepupsinthemitten / IG

Although they are rare, you may see the Catahoula dog bred with the Greyhound.

This dog has a strong prey drive, so you’ll want to keep them on a leash when you are out and about so they don’t take off when they see prey (like a cat or squirrel). 

This dog has a multicolored coat that is short and wiry. They may inherit the aggression of the Catahoula, so be sure to train and socialize your dog well. 

21. Treeing Walker Coonhound and Greyhound mix (AKA Walker Greyhound)

A Walker Greyhound closing eyes and enjoying the wind
Source: @ariellovewild / IG

Although extremely rare, you may come across a mix of the Treeing Walker Coonhound and Greyhound. 

This is another dog that loves to hunt. They are highly trainable and have a high desire to work, so they’re better for an active family with a well-fenced yard.

22. Pointer and Greyhound mix (AKA Greyster)

A Greyster standing on snow
Source: @_pajakgreysters_ / IG

The Pointer and Greyhound have a long history together. Pointers were used in hunting to point out the prey.

After it was flushed out, a Greyhound would be released to chase it down. Then, the Pointer would retrieve it. 

These dogs have short hair and a high desire to work, so they are best for an active family. 

23. Belgian Malinois and Greyhound mix (AKA Malinois Greyhound)

a happy Malinois Greyhound laying on the ground

When you mix a Belgian Malinois and Greyhound, you get a medium to large dog with a dense, wiry, short coat. 

Both breeds are muscular and have a regal bearing, and they both enjoy running and being active, so be sure to give them an hour or so of exercise ever again. 

24. Chihuahua and Greyhound mix (AKA Greyhuahua)

A lovable Greyhuahua standing with one foot up
Source: @spoileddoggy / IG

You’re probably wondering how on earth a Greyhound could be mixed with a Chihuahua, but it’s possible!

This is a rare combination and you won’t find breeders out there who are intentionally mixing the two, but you may come across them at rescue shelters. 

Depending on the parent, their hair may be short or medium in length.

They may also take after their Greyhound parent or their Chihuahua parent more, or they may have a combination of traits. They are likely to be small or medium in size. 

Keep in mind this is another breed that is usually a combination of an Italian Greyhound and a Chihuahua. 

25. Whippet Greyhound mix

A beautiful Whippet Greyhound on a couch
Source: @docklandhounds / IG

Both the Whippet and the Greyhound are lithe, athletic, regal dogs. Both are sighthounds and both are prone to bursts of energy punctuated by lazing about on the sofa. They have similar personalities and coats. 

Where they differ from their parent breeds is that they’ll likely be a size in between the Greyhound and the Whippet.

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26. Cocker Spaniel and Greyhound mix (AKA Cocker Greyhound)

A Cocker Spaniel and Greyhound mix are rare, but you may see them from time to time. Because there is no breed standard, every litter is different. 

They may have the Cocker parent’s playful, silly personality and sweet face, or they may have more of the Greyhound parent’s traits. 

They may also have a short coat like the Greyhound or a longer, silky one like the Cocker.

27. Irish Wolf Greyhound

A side portrait of an Irish Wolf Greyhound smiling

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds out there, so a mix with a Greyhound is likely to be very tall and muscular, but sleek and aerodynamic.

Both breeds are sighthounds and both are used as coursers. Both are capable of running at great speeds. 

This rare combination may have a short, wiry coat.

28. Saluki Greyhound

A Saluki Greyhound wearing a black harness
Source: @jettthehound / IG

The Saluki is one of the oldest breeds in the world and was bred to chase prey and race, just like the Greyhound. In fact, some believe that the Saluki was used to breed the Greyhound. 

Both are regal, slender, muscular, and love to run at high speeds. While both dogs look similar, Salukis have longer hair and wider, long ears.

They are gentle, and somewhat more reserved than a Greyhound. A mix of the two will likely have some of these traits. 

Which Greyhound Mixes are Your Favorites?

Black Greyhound portrait
A Black Greyhound half-body portrait

As you can see, Greyhounds can be mixed with a huge range of other breeds, from teeny tiny Chihuahuas to towering Irish Wolfhounds.

No matter what they’re mixed with, the puppies are likely to have some of the beautiful Greyhound’s appearance and personality. 

So what combination appeals to you the most? Which would you like to see or even bring home? 

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