The Afghan Hound: A Huge Dog, An Eccentric Mystery

The beautiful Afghan Hound dog

The Afghan Hound is a peculiar dog breed. You’ll see that Affies are relatively tall and thin, yet have thick, long hair. They’ve got contradictory behavioral habits and can be quite lazy, but also quite lively. They’re incredibly quirky with a mind of their own.  We’re going to be telling you a bit more about … Read more

Understanding Your Beautiful Briard Dog

Beautiful White Briard dog

To bring out the best, admirable qualities from your loving Briard puppy, you need to learn as much as you can about them.  This old and regal breed is known as Chien Berger de Brie in their homeland, France. The Briards are hardworking family dogs. Their remarkable trainability and performance skills are displayed in sitcoms … Read more

Is the Flat-Coated Retriever the right canine companion for you?

Flat-Coated Retriever

Though they’re not as popular as their Golden cousins, Flat-Coated Retrievers, also called Flatties or Flat-Coats, are worth the attention and affection. With their cheerful and eager-to-please attitude, they’re absolutely a great fur buddy to have! Ready to meet the Peter Pan of AKC’s Sporting Group? Keep scrolling and find out if you should add … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the High-Spirited Boxer

Smiling Boxer dog posing sideways

Despite their muscled exterior and worried wrinkled expression, Boxers are lovable, high-spirited, energetic family dogs. Also known as the German Boxer or Deutscher Boxer, these purebred dogs are a perfect blend of protective watchdog and sweet-tempered cuddler, making them great with kids.  Is the Boxer the family guardian you need? Read on to learn all … Read more

Is the all-American Boston Terrier a good dog for you?

Cheerful Boston Terrier dog relaxing in the park

Also known as a Boston Bull or Boston Bull Terrier, the small but muscular Boston Terrier is much loved not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world. This endearing dog breed is also known as “The American Gentleman” because of its adorable tuxedo-style coloring. Are you thinking of getting … Read more

The Border Collie — What to Expect of This Dog Breed

The most outstanding characteristic of Border Collies is their desire to work above all other things. They herd with their heads lowered, eyeing the sheep with an intense stare. They notice every movement of the livestock, and they react by moving, at times almost imperceptibly, to take advantage of or counter it. Movement of both … Read more

Big, lovable goofball: Is a Bernese Mountain Dog right for you?

Happy Bernese Mountain dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog, commonly referred to as Bern or Berner, is a stunning, easygoing dog. They make great family dogs and are best suited for homeowners so they have space to roam.  These large dogs need daily exercise and weekly grooming. They particularly love the outdoors. If you have space, Bernese Mountain Dogs make … Read more

Your Bouncy Bearded Collie

Cute Bearded Collie close-up

Vibrant and highly intelligent, Bearded Collies have minds of their own. They are the ideal loveable and entertaining companion for children and adults in active households.  Known initially as Highland Collie and Mountain Collie, the energetic Bearded Collies were rugged herding dogs that helped control cattle and drove them to market. Where Did the Bearded … Read more

The Beagle: An energetic dog and a great escape artist

Beagle puppy sitting on the grass

The sweet, adorable Beagle is one of the most hard-working pooches around. With a naughty streak, this small breed can be quite a handle to live with but give this dog enough time and energy, and you’ll always be entertained. Discover all you need to know about the Beagle below, from how best to care … Read more