Low-key love: have you heard of the loyal Basset Hound?

Basset Hound sits on the ground

Simply called Bassets, this purebred hound is a low-riding canine companion that is hard to miss. You might’ve seen one in different movies, such as 101 Dalmatian and The Smurfs, with their staple sad-face look. But aside from their personality and easy care requirements, there are many reasons why Basset Hounds are a household favorite. … Read more

Is the American Water Spaniel your dream pet?

American Water Spaniel portrait

If you have an active lifestyle, preferring to spend most of it in the great outdoors, the American Water Spaniel dog breed is the perfect furkid for you.  These little brown dogs are a setter spaniel, specialized in hunting and retrieving.  They’ll comfortably retrieve grouse, quail, and pheasant from boats as their double layer water-resistant … Read more

Dog Breed 101: The small yet brave Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier puppy

Australian Terriers are smart, spirited, and lionhearted little hunters that were bred to hunt rodents and snakes. They have all the old-time terrier curiosity and make excellent watchdogs, as well as devoted companions. Falling in love with an Australian Terrier is easy. However, if you’re looking to buy or maybe adopt one, learning everything you … Read more

Affenpinscher: Everything you need to know about the monkey dog

The Affenpinscher is a toy-sized terrier dog known for being one of the world’s oldest toy breeds. It’s also called the Monkey Dog, African Terrier, Ape Terrier, Affens, Affies, and Diablotin Moustachu.  This article explores what makes this toy breed such a charming first-time pet and lively companion. So you’ll know what to expect from … Read more

Are you energetic enough for an Australian Cattle Dog?

Australian Cattle Dog lying on wooden floor with a smart look

Also known as the Blue Heeler, Australian Heeler, Red Heeler, Halls Heeler, or Queensland Heeler, the Australian Cattle Dog is a unique breed known for its mottled coat. With a strong working nature and headstrong personality, these beautiful dogs are not the perfect companion for everyone. Keep reading to discover more about this dog breed … Read more