40 Australian Shepherd Mixes You Should Get to Know

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Love Australian Shepherds? Then you should know about these amazing Aussie mixes.

When combining an Aussie with other purebred dogs, the result is often an incredible mix that only improves on the Aussie’s already impressive characteristics. Ready to learn more?b

Australian Shepherd Merle mix dog portrait

What is an Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is a popular dog in the United States for a good reason. They are one of the smartest dogs out there and they have graceful agility that makes them perfect for sports like flyball and agility. 

Purebred Australian Shepherd dog portrait

Plus, they’re absolutely loyal and loving to their people. They are the typical “velcro dog,” always wanting to be right by your side. 

They’re so intelligent and good at reading their people that they can even be a little too smart, fooling their owners with their clever antics. 

This dog was bred to herd, so you can often find them trying to corral their family or herding other animals. With lots of socialization and training, they can become the ideal family pet. 

They originated in the US, not Australia, and can either be hard workers or happy family companions with equal talent. Just be sure to give them plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them entertained. 

So who should take home an Aussie or an Aussie mix? Anyone who lives an active lifestyle and can handle a dog that is so smart, it can seem unbelievable should consider one of these impressive pooches.

1. Australian Retriever

Australian Retriever mix dog lying on the deck
Source: @leothegoldenaussie / IG

An Australian Retriever is a mix of a Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd. They’ve been around since 2007 or so, and grow to be anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds and 19 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder.

They can be black, brown, white, or somewhat golden, with a range of pattern mixes of the four. 

They are wonderfully loyal dogs that have all the smarts of an Aussie, plus all the friendly goofiness of a retriever. 

They love children, so they make the perfect family dog. Once they fall in love with you, you have a loyal companion for life. 

2. Aussie Pitbull (Aussie Pit)

Aussie Pitbull mix dog walking outside
Source: @happilyever_harlow / IG

The Aussie Pitbull combines the intelligence of the Aussie and the courage of a pitbull.

To be clear, a pitbull is a general term for any of the dogs who are descended from Bulldogs and Terriers, but the most common one used to create this mix is the American Staffordshire Terrier.

They weigh between 30 and 85 pounds and get about 17 to 23 inches at the shoulder. Typically, they look more like an Aussie than a Pittie, with a medium to short double coat that sheds.

These are energetic dogs who need plenty of mental and physical stimulation and need training to be careful around kids since they can be very boisterous!

3. Aussie Beagle (Sheagle)

Aussie Beagle mix dog portrait
Source: @aussiebeagle / IG

The Sheagle combines two dogs that seem like they could be more different. Beagles are good-natured and laid back, while Aussies crave a job and are always trying to solve any puzzle you throw at them. 

But combined, they make great family pets that are easy to train. The one thing you should watch out for, though, is that they retain that urge to hunt and track, so don’t let them run off in an unfenced area!

These mixes can vary in size, from 20 to 65 pounds and anywhere from 12 to 24 inches at the shoulder. 

They come in a range of colors, including tan, white, black, brown, fawn, lemon, red tick, blue tic, and merle, with a short to medium-length double coat. 

4. Sheepnees (Aussie Pyrenees)

Aussie Pyrenees mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @lily_and_kirbs / IG

If you want a dog that really stands out, look for the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd, also known as the Sheepnees.

These dogs can get big! Anywhere from 40 to 110 pounds and 25 to 32 inches at the shoulder. 

They have a long, double coat that can be merle, white, black, gray, brown, or a mix. 

This mix inherits the strong protective instinct and loyalty of the Pyrenees, combined with the sweet, smart traits of the Aussie. 

A well-socialized Sheepnees will get along with just about anyone, but they’re big and need a lot of exercises. That means they might not be perfect for apartment living.

5. Australian Shepherd Rottweiler

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix dog portrait

This combination might not be the first one that comes to mind, but an Australian Shepherd combined with a Rottweiler makes for an incredible pet. 

They can weigh up to 130 pounds and top out around 25 inches at the shoulder. They have lots of energy and are nearly fearless when it comes to protecting the people and animals that they love. 

They can be a bit reserved at first, but once they warm up to people, they are incredibly loyal and protective

They also have a reputation for being leaners, which means they like to walk right up to their people and lean in against their legs. 

6. Aussie-Chi

The Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua mixed?! Yes! These adorable dogs look like someone shrank an Aussie and combined it with a purebred Chihuahua.

That usually means they’ll have a medium-length coat, prick ears, and big, loving eyes. 

Sometimes breeders combine a mini-Aussie, but a standard size dog might be used as well. 

These dogs have lots of energy, so be prepared for non-stop fun! They like to play, explore, and run around – especially with their humans. 

This is definitely a dog that won’t want to leave your side. This video shows an adorable Aussie-Chi having a blast at the beach. 

7. Boxherd

Boxherd mix dog portrait
Source: @jameson.the.puppy / IG

Boxherd might sound like a funny name, but you’ll fall in love with the result of combining a Boxer with an Australian Shepherd. 

They typically have short, smooth fur and get to be about medium-sized. They come in brown, brindle, chocolate, golden, merle, and any combination of those.

When it comes to personality, they are devoted, confident, protective, intelligent, and ready to work. Just be sure to give them a good job to do, whether that’s herding or just fetching a ball.

Otherwise, they might decide to entertain themselves in a way you won’t like! 

These pups get anywhere from 23 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 60 to 80 pounds.

8. Border-Aussie (Aussie Collie)

Border-Aussie mix dog standing on the rocky hill
Source: @kimchi_theaussie / IG

What do you get when you combine two of the best-known herding dogs out there? The incredible Border-Aussie. There’s not much not to love about this highly intelligent and energetic dog. 

They stay medium-sized, anywhere from 30-75 pounds. They have a medium to long double coat that sheds and can come in just about any color, including red, liver, tan, merle, tricolor, brindle, and sable.

These dogs love to work and they are great with families. 

Remember, this is a working dog who was bred to herd, so they may try to corral you and your family. Just be sure to teach them that nipping while herding is unacceptable.

9. Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle mix dog sitting on the street
Source: @growin.basil / IG

What do you get when you cross the playful poodle and the hard-working Australian shepherd? An Aussiedoodle!

When it comes to so-called designer dogs, poodle mixes are some of the most popular dogs, for good reason.

This mixed breed dog is incredibly smart and loving. They have plenty of energy, so they’re perfect for people who love to hike, swim, jog, and otherwise be active.

The downside? Don’t expect them to be a couch potato! These are high energy dogs.

They generally weigh somewhere between 25 to 7- pounds, depending on the size of the parents. They can get anywhere from 10 to 15 inches tall, but some get much taller. 

Even better, they may be light shedders or not shed at all depending on what coat they get from their parent breeds. 

10. German Australian Shepherd

German Australian Shepherd mix dog resting on the mini bridge
Source: @summer.the.woofer / IG

The German Shepherd dog is a fierce protector and a loyal friend with a high work ethic. The Aussie intelligence, enthusiasm and energy level that makes them ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

Combine the two, and you get a dog that combines the best of both worlds. 

Not only does this Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix make a good watchdog, but they are a dependable friend for all your family members, as long as they have good socialization and training. 

They shed year-round and have a straight, thick, long coat. They come in just about any color, with blue or brown eyes.

Make no mistake, this is a large dog, getting anywhere from 45-80 pounds and 20-25 inches at the shoulder. Females are usually smaller.

11. Texas Heeler

Blue Heeler Australian Cattle mix working as service dog
Source: @thatkidwiththedog / IG

A Texas Heeler combines the purebred dogs the Blue Heeler and the Australian Shepherd. Lots of people confuse the cattle dog with an Australian Shepherd, but they are distinct breeds. 

These dogs are smart and very hard-working. They need lots of mental stimulation to stay happy. 

They weigh 25-50 pounds and get 16-22 inches tall at the shoulder. They come in black, blue merle, blue ticked, white, or fawn coats. 

Since both parent breeds are herders, they can get nippy as they try to herd kids around. 

12. Ausky

Siberian Husky Australian Cattle dog mix
Source: @rhea_the_ausky / IG

Another Australian Shepherd mix, this time with the Siberian Husky. Ausky is a fairly new crossbreed in the United States that isn’t necessarily easy to find. 

They get medium-sized, anywhere from 18-25 inches at the shoulder and anywhere from 40-65 pounds. 

A sporty dog, they need lots of playtime and plenty of work to stay happy. Watch them around young children, because they can get pretty boisterous. 

13. Aussiedor (Shepradors)

Aussie Labrador Retriever mix dog
Source: @heywilms / IG

What could be better than a smart, loving Aussie crossed with a friendly, playful Labrador Retriever?

Weighing in between 40 to 80 pounds and getting anywhere from 22 to 25 inches high at the shoulder, this is a medium to large size pooch that needs plenty of brushing.

Their thick, wavy coat comes in black, brown, chocolate, tricolor, or spotted. 

If you’re looking for a guard dog, this isn’t it. They want to meet new people and might be more inclined to invite a burglar in rather than chase them off. 

But they are extra loving towards their families and they will want to stick to you like velcro. 

14. Auggie

Aussie Corgi mix dog standing on the street
Source: @franklin_theauggie / IG

This smart dog may be short in stature, but they make up for in personality. 

They are curious, friendly, and love to be with their family. They won’t be happy to sit in their kennel and watch all the action from the side. These doggies want to get all the attention and have lots of playtime. 

15. Bossie (Baussie)

Boston Terrier and Aussie mix dog wearing pink harness
Source: @thelightofdog / IG

A funny name for a funny breed, these adorable Boston Terrier and Aussie mixes are as loyal as they come. New and experienced dog owners alike will find lots to love about this intelligent (and sometimes stubborn) pooch. 

As their name suggests, they can be bossy sometimes, but they’re also loving willing to please… with the right motivation. 

16. Auberman

Doberman Aussie mix dog standing near the swamp
Source: @dobermann_aussie / IG

The Auberman combines the protective instincts of a Doberman with the graceful energy of the Aussie. 

They’ll be the first to protect your property, but they’re also incredibly loving. A medium-sized pooch, this is a highly intelligent dog that needs a strong, authoritative hand. Obedience training is a must.

17. Chow Australian Shepherd

Chow Australian Shepherd mix dog standing on the colorful fallen leaves
Source: @mischathechaussie / IG

This rare crossbreed is a beautiful dog, with a coat that looks like the Chows in the coloring of the Aussie. These dogs are strong and powerful!

You’ll need to hop on Amazon and buy lots of tough chewing toys or you’ll quickly go through your supply! 

They can get BIG. Anywhere from 90-140 pounds and 22 to 25 inches at the shoulder. 

18. Dachshund Aussie Shepherd

Dachshund Aussie Shepherd mix dog portrait
Source: @milo_and_moose_the_weenies / IG

As you might have guessed, this is a short dog that is big on personality. They are smart, friendly, and a little bit goofy. They can also be quite stubborn, like their dachshund parent.

Depending on the parents, they might have a somewhat short or long and flowing double coat. 

19. Dalshep

Funny Dalmatian Australian Shepherd mix dog portrait
Source: @gabby_and_loki / IG

The Dalshep is a newer crossbreed that is a high energy, playful, and a bit sensitive. 

They have a short to medium coat that sheds. Weighing in around 35-55 pounds and getting 22-25 inches tall, this dog has a big presence. Because of their energy levels, they may not be suited to apartment life. 

20. Aussiel (Cotralian)

Young Cocker Spaniel Australian Shepherd mix dog portrait
Source: @nutmegthecotralian / IG

Just when you thought a cocker spaniel couldn’t get cuter, along comes the Aussiel. These pooches have big, fluffy ears and a wide snout. 

They come in just about any color under the sun, with blue or brown eyes. 

This pooch is outgoing, cuddly, and friendly. They probably won’t ever be far from your lap. 

21. Australian Eskimo

Eskimo Australian Shepherd mix dog portrait
Source: @darling.poe / IG

This beautiful crossbreed comes in white or cream coats with black or brown markings. They have a thick, double coat that needs frequent brushing. 

An active, affectionate, and friendly dog, they love to be part of the action. They’ll come running anytime you call and they’ll be happy to go hiking or swimming alongside you. 

22. Bull-Aussie

Bulldog Aussie mix dog sitting on the chair
Source: @maple.syrup.cetina / IG

Bull-Aussies are muscular and strong-headed, with a ton of personality. They are usually lower energy than a purebred Aussie and they have a short, dense coat. 

They are generally mostly white with ticking, merle, or spots in black, blue, gray, or brown.

23. Aussiekita

Akita Aussie mix dog lying on the couch
Source: @marilyn.dash / IG

While the Aussie can get along in just about any household, the Akita takes a stronger hand. They can be large and bold, so they need an owner who can prove they are in charge. 

That said, they make wonderful companions and will be intensely loyal to their person. 

Just make sure you have a large home or yard. They’ll be miserable in a small apartment.

24. Berner Aussie

Happy Berner Aussie mix dog portrait
Source: @dsmith817 /  IG

If you want a family companion that is happy to go along on whatever adventure you have planned, the Berner Aussie is the right dog. They are loving, smart, loyal, and they do well with kids. 

That said, they shed a lot, get very large, and they drool a ton. 

Still, it’s hard to beat that sweet personality.

25. Aussie Pug

Aussie Pug mix dog lying beside the apples
Source: @elliotbrianthedog / IG

Looking for a smaller Aussie mix? An Aussie Pug might be the thing! They’re full of personality in a tiny package. 

Like the pug, these dogs may have shortened noses and a short coat. They’re hard to come across, so check your local rescue to see if one is looking for a home.

26. French Bull-Aussie (Aussie-Frenchie)

French Bull-Aussie mix dog portrait
Source: @rox_frenchbulldogaussie / IG

This pooch is a rare crossbreed and combines two dogs that really look nothing alike. The combination is pretty adorable, however. 

Depending on the traits that your dog inherits, they might have slightly folded ears or standing, batlike ones. They might have a short coat or something more in the medium length. 

They will likely weigh between 35-45 pounds and be 14-17 inches tall. 

27. Auss-Tzu

Young Auss-Tzu mix dog portrait
Source: @bean_young_the_pup / IG

The Auss-Tzu is a small, friendly dog that wants to be in the middle of the action. 

They have a long, silky coat and generally are medium-sized, but this can vary. 

They are often stubborn and always ready to snuggle.

28. Aussietare

Bull Terrier Australian Shepherd mix dog

When a Bull Terrier and an Australian Shepherd combine, the result is an active, loyal dog of medium intelligence. 

They can be silly, but they have a stubborn streak that you need to watch out for. 

They can get big at 50-70 pounds and 20-23 inches tall. 

29. Cairn Australian Shepterrier

Cairn Australian Shepterrier mix dog
Source: @rosaleethepup / IG

To say “Cairn Australian Shepterrier” is a mouthful, but don’t let that deter you from this excellent family companion. 

Both parent breeds are working dogs, so this pooch is happiest when it has a job to do, even if that job is hanging out with you.

30. Aussalier

Aussalier mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @acetheaussalier / IG

The Aussalier is new on the crossbreed scene, but they’re sure to make a splash. Generally, on the small to medium size, they weigh 15-35 pounds and get up to 16 inches tall, but are usually much smaller. 

Typically, they’re easygoing and playful with their family, but they do have the energy to burn, so keep them busy with games and tasks.

31. English Cotralian

English Cotralian mix dog portrait
Source: @cinco.fausti.zoli.purdey / IG

With a straight, dense coat of medium length, they can handle a range of weather conditions (but they don’t like to be out in the freezing weather for too long). 

They’re extremely affectionate and smart. They love their family, so don’t expect to be able to leave them behind all day while you’re off having fun without them. 

32. Confetti Australian Shepherd

Confetti Australian Shepherd mix dog
Source: @kenjithemighty / IG

Smart, energetic, affectionate, and adorable, there really isn’t much not to like about this crossbreed. 

They have a medium-length coat and get about medium-sized, with floppy, triangular ears that give them a ton of personality. 

They’re usually white, black, silver, gray, or blue with a combination of patterns, including spotted, tricolor, and merle. 

33. Aussie Newfie

Aussie Newfie mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @boomertheaussienewfie / IG

Want a big dog that will be just as happy jumping into icy water as they are to curl up on the couch and snuggle? Check out the Aussie Newfie. 

With a thick, medium-length coat that you can be sure sheds a ton, and constant drool, they aren’t the cleanest dogs, but they have a personality to spare. 

They are incredibly friendly, sweet, and want nothing more than to be right next to you.

34. Austi-Pap

Aussie Papillon mix dog portrait
Source: @zoe.explores / IG

This dog can be a combo of the standard or mini Aussie mixed with a Papillon, so they vary widely in size depending on their parents. 

Confident, independent, loyal, and smart, this pup is pretty rare, but they’re worth seeking out. 

35. Aussie Pom

Aussie Pomeranian mix dog playing on the couch
Source: @inky_grams / IG

Relatively new on the scene, this pooch makes a great family pet thanks to their friendly nature and sharp intelligence. Lapdog lovers will fall in love with the Aussie pom. 

36. Shel-Aussies

Shetland Sheepdog and Australian Shepherd mix puppies
Source: @lovinggood.minipuppies / IG

A Shetland Sheepdog and an Australian Shepherd (either standard or mini) seem like a natural combination. 

They have similar coats and are both herding dogs. They both have long, dense coats. 

The best part is their personality, though. With medium to high energy, they are eager to please, easy to train, and always ready to play.

At the end of a busy day, they want nothing more than to snuggle up with you and relax. 

37. Aussie Shiba

Aussie Shiba mix dog portrait
Source: @kimmyneutron / IG

A mixed-breed dog that isn’t very common, this dog can inherit the adaptable, good nature, confidence and fox-like appearance of the Shiba Inu parent, along with the intelligence and playful personality of the Aussie parent. 

38. Aussie-Flat

Aussie Flat Coated Retriever mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @cptxnemo / IG

This rare combination makes for an excellent family pet. Happy, confident, willing to please and easy to train, they seem to stay puppies for their entire lives. 

39. Aussie Wheaten

Aussie Wheaten mix dog sitting on the grass
Source: @frodo.the.aussie.wheaten / IG

Wheaten terriers are companion dogs, so you can be sure that this crossbreed is going to want to be by your side. They can be a bit stubborn, since they are, after all, a part terrier. 

They also need lots of exercises, but if they get that, they’ll reward you with their affable, affectionate nature. 

40. Yorkie Aussie

Yorkie Aussie mix dog playing on the field
Source: @westhefluff / IG

Energetic, curious, smart, playful, and protective, there is little not to love about this mixed breed. 

They can have lots of energy and they usually absolutely hate being away from their people, so be ready to get lots of exercises to keep this pup happy. 

Which Australian Shepherd mixes are your favorites?

It’s hard not to fall in love with an Aussie mix. From the silly Aussie-Flat to the imposing Aussiekita, they all have their unique qualities and combinations. So which mix is your favorite?

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