Rottweiler Price: How Much Will You Pay for a Rottie Puppy?

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

Rottweiler Price Guide

The Rottweiler breed is known as a gentle giant, and these beautiful pups are famous not only for their striking handsome looks but also for their temperaments.

While these big dogs might look intimidating, they are also known to be incredibly loyal, affectionate, and even great with kids, making them popular guardians of the family home.

But just how much will a beautiful Rottweiler puppy cost, and how much can you expect to pay year after year raising this breed? Keep reading to learn more.

How Much Do Rottweilers Cost?

A Rottweiler puppy walking on the grass

The initial price of buying a Rottweiler puppy will cost anything from $600 to $2,500, with most of them going for around $1,425.

That said, if the puppy comes from a champion, award-winning show lineage, you could even pay up to $9,500 for this dog due to his exceptional heritage. 

Should you buy a puppy or an older Rottie?

If you consider adopting an older Rottweiler, you will be giving new life to a dog in need. However, you will need to carefully consider any health problems a senior dog may have, as these can be pretty expensive. 

Purebred Rottweilers laying
Adult and young purebred Rottweilers

Also, older canines that have not been adequately trained may have temperament problems that require considerable time, money, and effort to sort out.

Are small Rottweilers more expensive than large ones?

There are two sizes of Rottweilers, Standard, and Giant Rottweilers, sometimes known as Roman Rotties, although official kennel clubs do not recognize these.

Despite this, most owners prefer bigger dogs, so you can expect to pay about $100 more for larger puppies than smaller ones.

How Much Does a Rottweiler Cost from a Breeder?

Two Rottweiler puppies leaning on a wooden fence
Two Rottweiler puppies looking through a fence

Getting a Rottweiler from a breeder is one of the most common ways of getting this breed and a surefire way to ensure that the pup you are getting is a purebred Rottie without any health problems.

However, this is also the most expensive way to get a Rottweiler, as most breeders sell these puppies for between $1,500 and $2,500.

How to find a reputable breeder and avoid puppy mills

Be careful of backyard breeders selling puppies for a cost that appears too good to be true. These breeders may not perform the expensive health certifications that reputable breeders do.

While this may be cheaper initially, it can cost you much more money and heartache later down the line. 

Puppy mills also don’t often pay a lot of attention to their dogs’ health and living conditions as they are only in it to make a quick buck. 

An ethical breeder will show you where their pups live and provide background into the pedigrees and temperaments of the parent dogs and even the grandparents.

This is because they would have done a lot of research to determine a proper pairing.

Adoption Fee for a Rescue Rottweiler

Smiling Rottweiler dog sitting on the grass
Source: @simbatherottweiler2021 / IG

Adopting a Rottweiler from a rescue organization can be considerably cheaper than buying a pup from a breeder, and you will be providing a pooch with a much-needed new home. 

You can expect to pay between $350 and $550 for a Rottweiler from a rescue shelter, with the fee typically also covering any registrations, vaccinations, and deworming.

Sometimes, it also covers neutering or spaying of your pet.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Rottweiler Puppy

Veterinary doctor with a Rottweiler puppy
A veterinary doctor cuddling the adorable Rottweiler puppy

Various factors influence the selling price of a Rottweiler puppy, including the following.

  • Health certificates – Always check what health certificates your dog comes with. Ethical breeders will charge more to cover the fees of these expensive checks, but they are worth it in the long run. Standard health checks include the hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and even DNA coat checks.
  • Shipping – Check if shipping your puppy to your state is included in the fees. If not, you’ll want to check these out first, as different airlines have different prices for shipping pets.
  • Origin – The origin and lineage of your specific Rottweiler will also influence the cost. Rottweilers whose parents came from Germany or who are show champions will be more expensive.
  • Registration – Dogs registered with the AKC are confirmed to match the strict breed standards and thus are more expensive. These doggos are suitable for breeding purposes and can also be entered into show competitions.
  • Gender – The gender of your Rottweiler puppy has a minimal impact on the price you will pay for your dog. On average, you can expect male Rottweiler puppies to cost around $100 more than females.

Long-Term Expenses

Rottweiler dog got a nutritious homemade dog meal
Source: @king.rotti429 / IG

In addition to the price of purchasing your Rottweiler puppy, there are other expenses that you need to consider when it comes to pet ownership.

These include food, training, vet bills, grooming, and any accessories you need for your pet. 

According to the American Pet Products Association, these products add up to around $1,641 per year.

Feeding Consumption

Rottweilers are large dogs that need high-quality food to sustain their strong muscles and lots of it. These canines also love to eat and will readily eat you out of house and home if given the opportunity. 

The exact amount your pet will eat will depend on his age, gender, and energy level, but if you work on the fact that the average Rottweiler consumes four cups of food a day, you would expect to buy a 30-pound bag of food every month.

That’s a monthly expense of plus-minus $55. 

You’ll also want to factor in giving this breed the odd treat or two now and again, especially if you’re still trying to train him. You could look to spend an additional $10 to $20 a month on treats.

Grooming Fees

When it comes to grooming, Rottweilers are low-maintenance dogs. They do not need regular trips to the parlor, and as long as you brush them regularly, you can help maintain their silky, shiny coat. 

You may need to take him to get their nails trimmed every few weeks, but if you are confident doing this at home, you won’t spend much money grooming your pet.

Vet Expenses

Rottweiler dog having a vaccine
Animal healthcare professional about to inject vaccine on a Rottweiler

If your Rottweiler is provided with a high-quality diet and exercises regularly, you should be able to avoid too many trips to the vet.

But unfortunately, like most breeds, Rottweiler is prone to developing certain health conditions, and these health problems can be expensive to rectify.

Then, of course, there are also puppy vaccinations, deworming, and annual checkups, for which you will need to pay.

There are also regular flea and tick prevention medications you will give your pet. You can budget between $15 and $50 a month for these.

Pet Insurance Costs

To help you cover some of your Rottweiler’s health expenses mentioned above, it’s advisable to take out pet insurance. This will also help you to be able to pay for any large unforeseen medical bills in the future. 

For the best possible rates, be sure to sign your Rottweiler up as young as possible as puppies will cost around $25 a month, but an older pup could set you back as much as $100 in pet insurance expenses.

Other Expenses to Consider

Portrait of a Rottweiler dog
A side view portrait of a Rottweiler

Aside from the above monthly expenses, there are some other expenses to owning a Rottweiler. One of the most important ones is training.

Rottweilers are large, strong, and sometimes stubborn dogs that need regular training to avoid any bad habits from developing. 

The training fees for group lessons can range from $50 to $125 for four to eight weeks, but regular initial training will be much cheaper in the long run than trying to rectify habits later on as your Rottweiler matures.

Then there is also the price of supplies to consider, such as a pet bed, crate, leash, collar, food and water bowls, and pet toys. 

Common Rottie health issues and costs to treat them

Sad Rottweiler leaning on his crib
Source: @kaarethode / IG

The most common health issue that affects giant breeds is hip dysplasia, which affects the joints. Treating this could be between $1500 and $6000.

Another joint disease that this breed can develop is osteochondritis dissecans. This is particularly common if puppies grow too quickly and can range between $2000 and $4000 in vet bills.

Rottweilers can also develop other diseases, including entropion at the fees of between $300 and $1,500, sub-aortic stenosis, which can set you back $500 to $1,500, and elbow dysplasia, which can cost between $1,500 and $4,000.

You’ll also need to spend between $250 and $500 spaying or neutering your dog.

Before buying any puppy, be sure to check that they come with all necessary health checks so that you avoid any nasty surprises later in life. You can look up your Rottweiler’s health certificates on the OFFA database.

Why Should You Get a Rottweiler?

At first glance, Rottweilers can look intimidating, and it is this scary appearance that makes them such formidable guard dogs. But there is much more to the Rottweiler than what meets the eye.

They are also known as gentle giants because of their good-natured, calm, and gentle temperaments, and with the proper training, they can be wonderful family dogs.

If you can afford all of the expenses mentioned above, then the Rottweiler can make a fantastic addition to your home.

Just make sure you’re aware that there are many more fees associated with pet ownership than just the initial purchase price of your pup.

Also, always look for a reputable breeder when buying a Rottweiler puppy. These puppies should come with specific health checks so that you know you’re buying a happy, healthy Fido that will live a long life. 

Do you have a Rottweiler at home? We would love to learn more about him in the comments below.

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