The Best Dachshund Names for your New Doxie

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

You’re bringing home a little Dachshund puppy, and one of the first things you need to think about is a name. It can be hard to pick a moniker for your new dog because it’s a big decision, right?

If you don’t want something too silly or boring, you’re in the right place! We made a list of Dachshund names that include the best, funniest, and coolest name options out there. Check it out!

A long-haired Dachshund laying on a carpet
A charming Dachshund on a carpet

What is a good name for a Dachshund?

The best name for your dog is the one that you like the best, of course. But there are some tips that you should keep in mind.

While it’s fun to choose a name that plays on your wiener dog’s unique shape, don’t pick something that you’ll eventually hesitate to use when calling or correcting your pup.

Try to imagine yelling your dog’s name outside at the dog park. Would you feel embarrassed if anyone hears her name? Don’t pick that name.

Also, avoid anything that sounds like a common command. Mitt sounds a lot like “sit,” and Trey sounds very close to “stay.” It will just confuse your fido.

So what should you call your sausage dog? There are plenty to choose from! It can be something playful or serious, one that reflects their history, or something inspired by your favorite famous dachshund.

Some people opt for German names, since Doxies originally hails from Germany, while people get inspiration from food.

Not sure what you want? Let’s look at a few of the best options out there.

What’s in a name: Famous Dachshund names worth mentioning

Several celebrities own Dachshunds, so if you love a particular actress or singer, why not get inspiration from their pet names? Singer Adele has a wiener dog named Louie. The video below shows her with her Dachshund.

Billy Joel named his pupper Piano Man after his own famous nickname.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel share two dogs named Meatloaf and Zoe.

The last emperor of Germany loved his dachshunds, as well. He had many over the years, but the most famous were his dogs Wadl, Hexl, and Senta.

Because they practically beg to have their photo taken, Doxies have gained a lot of attention on social media. Crusoe has over 800,000 followers.

A cute Dachshund puppy sitting on the grass
Source: @crusoe_dachshund / IG

Sherman the Sausage shares his adorable snaps with nearly 12,000 followers, while Winnie the Wiener boasts nearly 7,000.

Dachshunds have been made famous in popular culture through films and television shows, too. A movie from 1966 called The Ugly Dachshund introduced this breed to many new fans. 

Who can forget Slinky Dog, the dachshund from the Pixar film Toy Story? While he didn’t make it to the final film, Toto’s role in The Wizard of Oz was initially played by a wiener dog. Buddy from The Secret Lives of Pets stole the scene with his adorable antics.

Best Dachshund names

It may be challenging to pick the perfect name for your Doxie, but this extensive list of names for Dachshunds are categorized to help decision-making easier for you.

Whether you have a boy or girl Dachshund, you’ll be able to pick a top 5 or 3 names that you’ll like!

Top 30 female Dachshund names

A female Dachshund dog wearing a light blue dog harness
Source: @bella.dachshund_ / IG

Here are the popular name ideas for girls or female Dachshunds:

  1. Bella
  2. Daisy
  3. Lucy
  4. Lily
  5. Lola
  6. Luna
  7. Coco
  8. Penny
  9. Sophie
  10. Zoe
  11. Molly
  12. Maggie
  13. Millie
  14. Ruby
  15. Sadie
  16. Chloe
  17. Gracie
  18. Ellie
  19. Heidi
  20. Rosie
  21. Abby
  22. Stella
  23. Winnie 
  24. Lulu
  25. Mia
  26. Lady
  27. Izzy
  28. Roxy
  29. Zoey
  30. Ava

Top 30 male Dachshund names

If you have a fur baby boy, here are the popular names for Dachshund males:

  1. Charlie
  2. Oscar
  3. Max
  4. Frankie
  5. Jack
  6. Bailey
  7. Sammy
  8. Buster
  9. Cooper
  10. Loki
  11. Winston
  12. Milo
  13. Rocky
  14. Harley
  15. Bentley
  16. Dexter
  17. Tucker
  18. Joey
  19. Gus
  20. Finn
  21. Jake
  22. Jasper
  23. Remi
  24. Willie 
  25. Rex
  26. Otis
  27. Archie
  28. Murphy
  29. Odie
  30. Roscoe

Unisex German Dachshund names

Maybe you’re on a waiting list for a Dachshund puppy, and you’re not sure whether you’ll get a boy or girl doggo?

Then these puppy names that work for both genders might do the trick:

  1. Henny
  2. Janis
  3. Luka 
  4. Robin 
  5. Toni
  6. Marlo 
  7. Sasha 
  8. Jule
  9. Nino

Proper names for Dachshunds

A smiling charming Dachshund standing on a forest
Source: @misskittydachshund / IG

Sometimes a proper-sounding name perfectly captures a Dachshund’s spirit. These are names that sound refined and regal. Think names that start with Sir, Miss, or Mister.

Some adorable options include:

  1. Miss Schnitzel 
  2. Mr. Crumbles 
  3. Mr. Fez
  4. Mr. Wiggle
  5. Miss Kitty
  6. Princess Buttercup 
  7. Princess Peanut
  8. Queen Puddles
  9. Sir Oliver
  10. Sir Longbottom

Dachshund names inspired by size

Part of this dog breed’s charm is their diminutive size, particularly those stubby little legs. If you want to go for a size-related name for your sausage dog:

  1. Minnie
  2. Baby
  3. Nugget 
  4. Weenie 
  5. Slinky
  6. Bean 
  7. Chico
  8. Pixie
  9. Shorty
  10. Gizmo

Dachshund names based on color

If you’d rather play off your dog’s color, there are lots of options! Doxies come in a vast range of colors, and so do the names that you can use. 

  1. Mocha 
  2. Bleu
  3. Cayenne
  4. Cocoa
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Licorice
  7. Ginger 
  8. Oliver
  9. Peaches
  10. Pepper
  11. Ruby
  12. Whiskey
  13. Apricot
  14. Amber
  15. Blondie
  16. Brick
  17. Brownie 
  18. Cherry
  19. Coffee
  20. Ebony 
  21. Fawn
  22. Honey
  23. Jet

Red Dachshund names

A red Dachshund looking on the left
Source: @amberanddaisy_dachshund / IG

Red dogs call out for a color-based name. Think:

  1. Amber
  2. Annie
  3. Apple
  4. Autumn
  5. Brandy
  6. Cayenne
  7. Coral
  8. Foxy
  9. Paprika
  10. Raspberry
  11. Rose
  12. Salsa
  13. Zinnia

Dapple Dachshund names

A Dapple Doxie outdoors with a tennis ball
Source: @dotty.dachshund / IG

Dapple Dachshunds stand out, and so should their names. These are all perfect for your spotted friend:

  1. Atom
  2. Checkers
  3. Cheetah
  4. Dotty
  5. Freckles
  6. Marbles
  7. Patches
  8. Pebbles
  9. Pepper
  10. Smudge
  11. Stipples
  12. Tabby
  13. Sparky

Long-haired Dachshund names

For long-haired wiener dogs, why not choose something that picks up on that luxurious coat?

  1. Shaggy 
  2. Bear
  3. Fuzz
  4. Teddy
  5. Silky
  6. Grizzly
  7. Wookie
  8. Cashmere
  9. Lamb

German-inspired Dachshund names

A Miniature Dachshund on the grass
Source: @liesel_the_dachshund / IG

Since Dachshunds originate from Germany, where their name is adapted from weiner dogs, giving them a German name is an excellent choice.

Here’s our top picks for female Dachshund names:

  1. Britta
  2. Brunhilde
  3. Greta
  4. Gretchen
  5. Gretel
  6. Liesel
  7. Mischa
  8. Schatzi
  9. Wanda
  10. Wilma

And you might like these male Dachshund names for your good boy:

  1. Bruno
  2. Dieter
  3. Fritz
  4. Gunther
  5. Hans
  6. Heinrich
  7. Jager
  8. Kaiser
  9. Klaus
  10. Otto
  11. Rolf
  12. Schwartz
  13. Sigmund
  14. Zeppelin

There are excellent German surnames that can work as Dachshund names, too!

  1. Muller
  2. Schmidt
  3. Schneider
  4. Fischer
  5. Weber
  6. Meyer
  7. Wagner
  8. Becker

Dachshund names inspired by food

Known as sausage dogs and wiener dogs, there’s no reason you can’t take some inspiration from food that you can find in your pantry or while grocery shopping.

  1. Andouille
  2. Banger
  3. Bean
  4. Boudin
  5. Brat or Bratwurst
  6. Frank
  7. Jimmy Dean
  8. Link
  9. Pepperoni
  10. Smokey
  11. Vienna
  12. Weenie
  13. Hot Dog
  14. Weiner

Have a sweet tooth? Naming your Dachshund after candies or desserts is like the cherry on top of your little cutie pooch.

  1. Beignet
  2. Biscotti
  3. Brownie
  4. Butterscotch
  5. Cocoa
  6. Cookie
  7. Fudge
  8. Hazel or Hazelnut
  9. Hershey
  10. Honey
  11. Milk Dud
  12. Peanut
  13. Reeses
  14. Toffee
  15. Truffle
  16. Twinkie
  17. Twix
  18. Waffle
  19. Snickers
  20. Tootsie
  21. Pretzel

Disney-inspired Dachshund names

A brown Mini Doxie looking up

Disney fans will prioritize this impressive list of dog names. You probably know these female Disney pups:

  1. Lady
  2. Nana
  3. Penny
  4. Perdita
  5. Stella
  6. Peg
  7. Raksha
  8. Rita
  9. Georgette

Let’s not forget the notable male Disney dog characters:

  1. Bolt
  2. Bruno
  3. Copper
  4. Freckles
  5. Goofy
  6. Max
  7. Napoleon
  8. Pluto
  9. Pongo
  10. Toby
  11. Tramp

If you want to choose a Disney name that doesn’t come from a dog, consider these great names for boy Dachshunds that even every kid and kid-at-heart will recognize:

  1. Arlo
  2. Flit
  3. Olaf
  4. Pascal
  5. Oliver
  6. Flynn
  7. Stitch
  8. Nick
  9. Basil
  10. Beast
  11. Chester
  12. Mowgli
  13. Rex
  14. Doc
  15. Wilbur

For female dog names inspired by Disney characters, you have lots of cute choices:

  1. Ariel
  2. Elsa 
  3. Jane 
  4. Lilo 
  5. Mulan
  6. Tiana
  7. Wendy
  8. Bambi
  9. Nala
  10. Kida
  11. Nani
  12. Dory
  13. Colette
  14. Kiara
  15. Stella

Music-inspired Dachshund names

Music is such an inspiring art, and many of us want to name our dogs after our favorite singers or songs:

  1. Adele
  2. Alice (as in Cooper)
  3. Amadeus
  4. Axel
  5. Bach
  6. Bowie
  7. Elvis
  8. Hendrix
  9. Zappa
  10. Penny Lane
  11. Ozzy (as in Osbourne)
  12. Ziggy

Let your imagination run wild!

Top Southern Dachshund names

An active Dachshund puppy running on a garden
An energetic Dachshund puppy leaping and running in the garden

Live in the South or want to bring a little Southern inspiration home? Pick a name that reflects the Southern way of life. 

For female Dachshunds:

  1. Celia
  2. Maribelle
  3. Annabel
  4. Georgia
  5. Constance
  6. Imogen
  7. Virginia
  8. Eloise
  9. Tallulah
  10. Florence
  11. Clementine

Southern male Dachshund names:

  1. Harley
  2. Walker
  3. Smokey
  4. Deacon
  5. Huck
  6. Dawson
  7. Calvin
  8. Beau
  9. Roy
  10. Atticus
  11. Fenton
  12. Orson
  13. Tucker

Country Dachshund names 

A Daxie sitting on the grass with easter eggs
Source: @annabelle_the_dachshund / IG

Country Western music and culture is always a ripe source to mine for good names. Plus, imagine your little wiener dog in a cowboy hat and bandana. Cute, right? Here are some country name ideas for female dogs:

  1. Allie
  2. Annabelle
  3. Annie
  4. Blanche
  5. Daisy
  6. Dolly
  7. Faith
  8. Georgia
  9. Gypsy
  10. Paisley
  11. Sally
  12. Stella
  13. Sugar
  14. Trixie

Any one of these country monikers would be the perfect name for a male Dachshund:

  1. Ace
  2. Bandit
  3. Buster
  4. Chance
  5. Cody
  6. Duke
  7. Gunner
  8. Maverick
  9. Rex
  10. Scout

Don’t miss out: Best Country Dog Names

Cute Dachshund names

When it comes to picking wiener dog names, sometimes you just want a cute name, right? 

Some of these Dachshund dog names are downright adorable. The first part is for the girls:

  1. Snickers
  2. Brownie
  3. Honey
  4. Bubbles
  5. Fifi
  6. Giggles
  7. Cuddle

And a few for the boys:

  1. Tot
  2. Biscuit
  3. Beanie
  4. Amos
  5. Scoot
  6. Squeaker
  7. Speedy
  8. Boomer
  9. Barkley

Cool Dachshund names

Want something a little more cool and less cute? These wiener dog names are as cool as they come:

  1. Atlas
  2. Briar
  3. Atticus
  4. Boone
  5. Freya
  6. Juniper
  7. Legend
  8. Raphael
  9. Ophelia
  10. Quinne
  11. River
  12. Theo
  13. Ronan
  14. Zuri
  15. Wilder

Funny Dachshund names

Dachshunds are clowns, and their diminutive stature lends itself perfectly to a range of funny wiener dog names, such as:

  1. Dobby
  2. Bologna
  3. Chorizo
  4. Salami
  5. Frankfurter
  6. Little Lady Legs
  7. Sir Sausage
  8. Long-backer
  9. Limo
  10. Banger

Unique Dachshund names

Want your pup to stand out in a crowd? Then give them a unique name. These are some of the top eccentric nicknames out there:

  1. Bristle
  2. Butters
  3. Cola
  4. Dash
  5. Journey
  6. Legend
  7. Silver
  8. Slinky

For boy dogs, consider:

  1. Alpha
  2. Atom
  3. Beast
  4. Benji
  5. Bogart
  6. Chaplin
  7. Chip
  8. Chewy
  9. Iggy
  10. Ludo
  11. Pippin
  12. Rip
  13. Sargeant
  14. Stretch
  15. Tank
  16. Thunder

For our top unique female Dachshund names:

  1. Abby
  2. Agatha
  3. Athena
  4. Betty
  5. Florence
  6. Gertrude
  7. Indie
  8. Lola
  9. Mabel
  10. Paris
  11. Olivia
  12. Sassy
  13. Shadow
  14. Sierra
  15. Sugar

Rare Dachshund names

You may have seen some of these names from the other categories, but they’re rarely used to name Dachshunds.

  1. Belle
  2. Dot
  3. Elinor
  4. Esme
  5. Giselle
  6. Izzy
  7. Luna
  8. Nova
  9. Poppy
  10. Rudy

The top ten rare names for male Dachshunds are:

  1. Archie
  2. Arthur
  3. Bruno
  4. Chip
  5. Cody
  6. Dash
  7. Flynn
  8. Frankie
  9. Gus
  10. Leo

What should I name my Dachshund?

Portrait of young Dachshund dog on a green grass
A brown Dachshund sitting on a grassfield

So what are your favorite Dachshund names from the list we provided? Do you like something a little playful and silly, or do you prefer something cool or proper sounding?

Some of our favorites are the ones that sound downright regal, like Sir Longbottom. Tater Tot or simply Tate sounds fitting, too.

No doubt, whatever you pick for your Dachshund puppy, we’re sure it will be on the Dachshund Names Wall of Fame. Your Doxie will love you for it!

Let us know your Dachshund’s name by typing it in the comment box below!

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